3 Amusing Things That Kids Do

By Kanyi M

It can be fun watching children amuse themselves. When they’re bored, they’ll do their own experiments, like mixing household chemicals, building contraptions out of random objects, and creating imaginary worlds with their toys.

In this piece, we’ll delve into the entertaining things that kids do that basically explain the saying, “Kids will always be kids.”

Trying to get the same poles of a magnet to touch

The concept of similar poles repel each other and that different poles attract is one of those things that you learn in school. But children will experiment and put these scientific principles to the test.

Credit: Brightside

They’ll try to find out whether they’re true or not by using their might to push two like poles close to each other. It’s funny to see them get frustrated when what they thought is possible turns out to be impossible.

Checking for monsters

Who came up with the myth that monsters hide under the bed, behind the curtain, or in the closet? We could blame the parents for scaring children with such stories. But no matter where it came from, kids today still check under the bed and in their closets for monsters before going to sleep.

Credit: Brightside

We can laugh at them or even play into their fantasies by hiding under the bed ourselves or pretending to be a monster. We can even give examples of how there are worse things out there than monsters to scare them even more. But that’s not going to stop them from doing it because they’re just so overly curious.

Rubbing balloons on their heads and then playing with static

Making the hair stand on end is a fun way to mess with friends. Kids love the thrill of generating static electricity by rubbing balloons on their heads.

Credit: Brightside

It’s a simple yet magical experience that never fails to bring giggles and excitement.