3 Comics That Every Millennial Can Relate To

By Kanyi M

Those 5-minute crafty life hacks are so hard to resist. We know that they teach us stuff we’ll never make time for in-between budgeting, cooking, and, you know, life. We know that they’re kind of ridiculous. But that’s the millennial lifestyle.

And if you’re a millennial, you’ll definitely relate to these comics created by the hilarious Admiral Wonderboat. If you don’t relate to them, are you even a millennial?

Companies that sell stuff we don’t need

Influencers are partly to blame for the DIY crafts and household organization tips that are flooding the internet. We’re a generation with short attention spans, and most people are just too scared to admit that they don’t have time for complicated DIY projects.

Credits: Admiral Wonderboat

This comic shows us how companies sell us even more useless stuff after buying things we don’t need

When we fail 999 times

Trying new stuff is great, but not when it’s bad for your mental health. It’s OK to give up after you have failed 999 times. This comic warns us of our own obsessions, and it shows us how hard we try at life and how our efforts don’t go the way we want them to.

Credits: Admiral Wonderboat

It’s OK if you fall flat on your face or if your projects or friends don’t work out the way you planned them. If you’re not good at taking selfies, don’t worry. Selfies are considered outdated these days!

Social media is the most addictive

The unseen dark side of social media is that it can be just as addictive as some chemical substances. We always check our phones because we feel like we have to and think that there’s something important on Instagram or Twitter.

Credits: Admiral Wonderboat

Other times, we’re checking them just for the dopamine rush of likes or new notifications. These comics depict the realities of social media addiction, which is not just a millennial problem.