3 Hilarious Comics About House Plants

By Kanyi M

It’s not every day that we see comics about house plants. However, it’s unfair that artists neglect these beautiful creatures that deserve all the love in the world. For adults who live in big cities, growing houseplants is about the closest to being surrounded by nature that they can get!

If you have plants in your apartment, you will totally relate to these hilarious comics!

It starts like this…

Succulents can be addictive. After getting one, you will probably want to get another one eventually. The good thing about these plants is that they require very little attention and can survive a lot of neglect.

Credit: A Vucetic/W Varner/Buzzfeed

Every person who has houseplants starts like this. You get one succulent just to add a touch of nature to your place. Next thing you know, your entire apartment is covered in these tiny and low-maintenance plants!

When your plants won’t thrive

This comic describes the love-hate relationship most people experience just with their household plants. No matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to make sure that they thrive.

Credit: Adam Ellis/Buzzfeed

The most infuriating part is how we see them growing on crevices, walkways, and the like, but they won’t grow when they’re carefully attended to. This comic is a reminder that you’re not the problem; it really is the plant’s fault.

Keeping your plants alive is difficult

It’s easy to look at succulent art and think that their care is effortless. Just leave them in the sun, water them once in a while, and they’ll thrive, right?

Credit: Natalie Dee

The reality we find ourselves in is that some plants will die on us even if we do everything right. But efforts worth making are never made alone, so you might have to call in some help from a friend or two.