3 Relatable Comics About Friday Nights

By Kanyi M

We yearn for a mini vacation after a week of hard work. We just want to relish ourselves and have a good time. We start planning for the weekend and hope to have enough free time so that we get to enjoy ourselves.

These comics perfectly depict what our Friday nights feel like!

Coordinating plans with multiple friends

Hanging out as a group of friends is great because you’re never bored or lonely. However, having to coordinate plans with three of your friends who all have their own plans on the weekend can get tiresome.

You have to find a time that works for everyone and come up with ideas if they all want something different.

Credit: Hannah Hillam/Buzzfeed

This comic by Hannah Hillam perfectly describes those moments when everyone is completely unsure of what they want to do, and someone has to make the final decision.

Not everything is as it seems

Making plans for the weekend seems to be easier than following through with them. Why? You’ve probably made plans that you knew you wouldn’t follow through with right from the start.

Credit: Charlotte Gomez/Buzzfeed

The problem lies in our busy lifestyle, where we’re constantly working and dealing with people who need your help. It’s only natural to get tired after spending a week doing all the things you need to do. Skipping the gym to take a nap on the couch is completely normal!

When we have to lie to our friends

Sometimes we have to tell our friends little white lies just to get them off our backs. We love our friends dearly, but it’s only normal that we want to spend some time by ourselves instead of going out to party on Friday nights.

Credit: Becky Barnicoat/Buzzfeed

We feel like it’s better to tell these harmless lies to our friends than disappoint them after making plans. If you do this kind of stuff from time to time, don’t feel bad at all. Just don’t make it a habit!