4 Comics That Prove Happiness Is In The Details

By Kanyi M

We all have those trivial things that bring us joy. Be it putting on a fresh pair of socks, coming home to a clean house, or taking a shower during a heat wave; it’s hard to explain why they make us so happy.

Some of you will have done something that’s on this list, and these comics will make you laugh nostalgically.

Putting on something comfy after a long day

The daily 9 to 5 grind can be rough. After a long day at work, you can finally kick up your feet and relax in the comfort of pajamas. So much better than business attire, right?

Credit: Loryn Brantz

Sweatpants and Tees, on the other hand, are much more casual. The words “Athletic” and “Casual” seem to be opposite, but these comics prove that you can be both.

The things that play hide and seek with us

Tupperware lids, remote controls, lip balm, and keys can be frustrating. It’s not in the fridge; it’s not on the coffee table, and neither is it in the car. When you finally find it, you’re already late.

Credit: Loryn Brantz

Some of you will have done this and laughed at yourself for getting frustrated over nothing. This comic reminds us of the struggle we face every day.

The little things that matter

If you’re a woman, you know how hard it is to find nice clothes that have functional pockets, and that’s why this next comic is so relatable.

Credit: Loryn Brantz

A fancy dress with pockets, a cuddly stuffed toy for the kids, or a box of tissues for when your eyes are red. These little things make you feel like you’re handling all the little details of your life.

When budgeting isn’t our forte

Some of us are better at saving our money. Others have a hard time keeping track of what they’re spending, and end up with a negative bank balance.

Credit: Loryn Brantz

This comic by Loryn Brantz makes a good point.