A Lesson In Patience

By Kanyi M

What can you learn from a tortoise that’s slow, stubborn, and a bit lazy? If you’ve ever wondered, Chris Yang has created this beautiful comic to answer that question. A tortoise confides that no one loves him because he’s slow. To the llama, this is no deal-breaker. He’s taken on the role of llama protector and takes it upon himself to teach the tortoise that anyone can love anyone. The llama hugs and kisses the tortoise, telling him that he’s an inspiration on how to be patient. With this new perspective, the tortoise feels like a winner.

Image Credits: loffyllamacomics/Instagram

Loffy teaches us that we should all be more empathetic and caring. It also illustrates the importance of being yourself and not comparing yourself with others. As the llama corrects the tortoise, saying that someone does love him, he acknowledges that he cares about the tortoise and that he wants him to find a little bit of happiness out there in the world.

The lesson for us is that there’s no need to be in a rush. One of the best ways to show your love is by being patient with those you care about. The patience and love you have for others will show that they are worth sacrificing a little bit of your time to help them fix their problems. 

Image Credits: loffyllamacomics/Instagram

By learning to see the good in everyone, we can change the world one person at a time. Our advice is to take a leaf out of the llama’s comic; have more patience and compassion for other people, and be honest if you feel your time is being wasted.

So, before you say “I do,” consider whether or not you are saying it to the right person.