A Visual Journey Of Love And Life

By Kanyi M

Haven’t we all come across those images with deep messages that leave us looking at life and the world around us from a whole new perspective? Yuval Robichek is an illustrator who has created his own way of communicating through art.

He’s able to connect with anybody and make them feel something, even if they have never seen one of his pieces before. We will be examining a few of those today.

Most of them are related to love. What is it about this emotion that makes us feel so much? Does love have something to do with our minds, hearts, and souls? Or is it a little bit of everything?

Finding The Right Person

The lady can now put aside all the other guys she had been on dates with before. The gentleman is erasing the images of all his previous girlfriends.

Credit: yuvalrob/Instagram

Memories of the blonde, of the brunette, of the redhead….they’re all gone now that the has found the one. And she’ll never think about that ex that made her feel bad about herself now that she has Mr. Right by her side.

Mom, Dad, and Son

Nothing gives off family vibes more than this one. The balloons they’re holding symbolize the fact that he’s grown up and will one day leave them.

Credit: yuvalrob/Instagram

The mom and the dad have both contributed to the creation of this child. The child holds a balloon that is the missing piece of the parents’ balloons. And that’s exactly what children are: the ultimate expression of love between two people!