Adam Ellis: The New York-Based Cartoonist Gaining Popularity For His Social Comics

By Stephen M

New York-based illustrator and cartoonist, Adam Ellis, is having a strong impact on his social media followers for his insightful artworks. Adam’s work covers various items, including world news and popular memes. In addition, he sometimes creates original works being it single shots and story-based comics. What makes him very popular is that his comics are funny and relatable to his audience.

Image credits: adamtots/Instagram

Adam is a former employee of Buzzfeed, where he worked as an illustrator, though he left to focus on individual projects. He has since released the autobiographical comic Super Chill: A Year of Living Anxiously in 2018. His comic addresses some serious social issues, including dealing with self-esteem problems and seasonal affective disorder. This doesn’t stop him from being sarcastic sometimes, as he also produces comics on lighter issues.

How it started

Growing up, the artist went through various stages of obsession. He became addicted to building things, including Lego. He later started making small villages in the woods using sticks and rocks, which he would set ablaze. In his leisure time, he likes watching cult documentaries. His wish is to one day have a large backyard where he can raise chickens.

Image credits: adamtots/Instagram

The illustrator welcomes his website in this simple way: “Greetings, loved ones. I am Adam Ellis and I draw comics while surrounded by magic crystals. I like cats and video games. I’m actually just three toddlers in a trench coat. Amazon wishlist available to hot dads upon request.” You can follow him on Instagram on adamtots or websites like