Adam Ellis Uses Comic Arts To Address Serious Social Issues In A Lighter Way

By Stephen M March 9, 2022

We are all, in one way or another, battling some sort of serious social-related issues. Talk about isolation, low self-esteem, intolerance, and neglect, among others. But, finding a proper way to address these matters has become a challenge. This is why cartoonist and illustrator, Adam Ellis, deems it important to address them in a comical way. At least to ease the stress and anxiety that accompany such matters.

The New York-based cartoonist has since gained internet popularity for his comic arts. He covers social issues and other topics, be it world news or popular memes.

Photo credit: adamtots/Instagram

How it started

As a kid, Adam became obsessed with certain activities. His love to develop things drew him closer to Legos. With time, he found a new love in building villages in the woods using rocks, sticks, and other materials. Funny enough, he would later burn what he had created.

Work as Cartoonist and Illustrator

Adam worked with Buzzfeed for some time. He later left to work independently, resulting in his 2018 release of the autobiographical comics series titled Super Chill: A Year of Living Anxiously. His arts address issues like seasonal affective disorder and struggling with self-esteem, as well as sillier issues like his obsession with crystals.

Photo credit: adamtots

He gives a brief description of himself on his websites. On a visit, you would be met with “Greetings, loved ones. I am Adam Ellis and I draw comics while surrounded by magic crystals. I like cats and video games. I’m actually just three toddlers in a trench coat. Amazon wishlist available to hot dads upon request.”