All Walks Of Life Deserve Respect

By Divya G

Lainey Molnar is a professional artist who is well-known for creating relatable comics. She has designed some of the best and most unique illustrations. This one stands out amongst the rest where respect takes the forefront.

Photo courtesy of: lainey.molnar /Instagram

This illustration displays two women who are both deserving of respect. One woman likely works at a top-notch corporation. The other woman works at a café or a restaurant as a waitress. No matter someone’s financial status, career, or level of education, let’s say it loud for the people in the back: EVERYONE DESERVES THE SAME LEVEL OF RESPECT.

Photo courtesy of: lainey.molnar /Instagram

Part of respecting someone else is not tolerating but accepting them for who they are. Respecting both similarities and differences amongst people makes our world so diverse and exciting. Open your mind to learn more about others and open your world to new possibilities.

Photo courtesy of: lainey.molnar /Instagram

Showing respect for others also can come in the form of allowing them to make decisions that differ from your own without needing to explain themselves. Society is ultra-focused on women getting married and starting a family. However, it is not anyone’s business how, if, or when you decide to do so. Some women avoid family functions or social situations in order to bypass the daunting question, “So… is there anyone new in your life?”

Molnar believes that showing respect to one another strengthens relationships and also motivates people to work hard. We’re with you sis!