Laughing Through Life: 40+ Hilarious Comics About An Artist’s Everyday Struggles

By Jana I

Ari is a French digital artist who has been sharing her art and content with over 140k people on Instagram. She loves displaying the adventures of Sally & Bean: a grumpy witch and her cheerful dragon. But that’s not all the art that the artist shares.

Today we will show you Ari’s comics that represent her life and the way she tackles the problems she faces in a humorous way. We all go through this kind of stuff, so her comics are highly relatable!

Throughout her comics, the spectators can learn a lot about her. She is vegan, has a boyfriend, and has a Sphinx cat. Her audience loves her life and her ability to make it relatable and entertaining for everyone. Her art style is unique and specific. It is brightly colored and vibrant.

We are presenting 40+ of the best comics we’ve found. If you are interested, keep on scrolling!

Every Glass Has A Purpose

We are so glad to see we are not alone in this! Who in their right mind uses one glass for all the liquids they drink during the day? There is a glass for water, and there is a thin, tall glass for juice only. Then…

Image Courtesy of ari_stocrate / Instagram

…there is a wide, big mug for tea and a slightly thinner one for coffee. Latte is always in a see-through mug or just a tall glass with interesting details on it. It’s a life philosophy, so the ones that get it, get it; the ones that don’t, don’t…

A Way To Someone’s Heart Is Through Their Stomach

Grandmas have a way of making the holidays better. Is it their food, their presence, or their humor? Well, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that they bring light and sun to gloomy days. This character’s grandma makes her like Christmas.

Image Courtesy of ari_stocrate / Instagram

And if you’re thinking: how can someone not like Christmas?! Well, she is vegan, and Christmas food is not particularly vegan-friendly, as we all know. However, this is a queen grandma, and she doesn’t let down her granddaughter that easily. Kudos to her!

It’s My Sixth Sense

Before their period, women have a special aura around them. Everything seems more tense, irritating, their skin gets red, acne starts showing up unannounced, the body gets bloated and sore. It’s a nightmare experience, and only women know how bad it is.

Image Courtesy of ari_stocrate / Instagram

Men claiming they have intuition or a sixth sense for this is such a lie. They can’t even sense their socks being smelly, let alone when a woman is going through hormonal changes! But after living with a woman for a while, maybe they can tell when she’s about to get her period.

Jack Sparrow Is…Bald?

Pirates of the Caribbean was a worldwide hit when it first came out. Everyone loved the storyline, the epic music by Hans Zimmer, and the amazing acting and characters. The crew really gave life to the iconic roles they had.

Image Courtesy of ari_stocrate / Instagram

However, here is a little spin-off. Jack Sparrow is bald, and he is deeply self-conscious about it. So much so it is suspected that he got his revenge on that poor, silly monkey that exposed him. It all remains a mystery…

Dirty Human

Cats can be extremely savage. Their character is something you either like and respect or can’t stand at all; there’s no in-between. Those people usually say they are a ‘dog person’ and they hate cats. Well, buddy, newsflash: cats hate us too.

Image Courtesy of ari_stocrate / Instagram

She gently landed a kiss on her cat’s paw, and the cat immediately observed said paw and started to clean it. Well, cats like to keep things clean and pristine. They don’t tolerate dirty humans and their need to touch them, so don’t take it personally.

Tall Boy

Being a woman has its perks, but, let’s be honest, life is much more difficult if you are female. Men rarely understand this, and that’s an issue in itself. However, one thing women hate is their height, or, frequently, lack thereof.

Image Courtesy of ari_stocrate / Instagram

Look at this poor girl struggling to smooch her man due to her shortness. Her neck must be stiff and in pain from reaching so high. The girl even had to come up with a way to call her man to get him to stok kissing her!

Know. Your. Friend.

A lot of people “live, laugh, love” true-crime series or documentaries. They are entertaining in a way. There is something in human nature that seeks danger and adrenaline. No wonder there are so many out there! It’s a popular genre.

Image Courtesy of ari_stocrate / Instagram

The artist’s friend was so confident that she was prepared for every dangerous situation that she forgot to be skeptical of her own friend. You know what they say; keep your friends close and your enemies closer. This one definitely did!

Her Child Meows

There is truly nothing to love and respect about certain people preaching how children are the only real happiness in life and how we all should strive to have one, two, three, or even more kids. The truth is that not everyone is up for that.

Image Courtesy of ari_stocrate / Instagram

He mistook her belly with pregnancy. Luckily, she didn’t get offended, and the cat showed its tail and (quite an unfazed) face. It’s obvious that the cat is very pleased with its position at the moment. The woman looks confused as to why the man rolled his eyes. The cat is like a baby!

My Little Pony, But Make It Illegal

If you ever played pretend as a child, you might have heard or uttered some crazy freaking stuff. Children are savage. They say and think of the most random, vile and juicy dramas. It’s crazy, actually. And it seems like Ari has also experienced that.

Image Courtesy of ari_stocrate / Instagram

Blue Belle has got a story to tell, and what a story that is! It’s crazy. Something about Minty double-crossing it and losing some illegal stuff?! Ari’s friend was not having this story line. It was too much for him. Ari’s stories are not for the weak.

Daddy’s Little Girl

When kids are picking on you at school, you usually share it with your parents. They are there to protect you and extend some kind words and support. In Ari’s case, things are a bit different. Her daddy loves her, but, erm, he is…he is a devil.

Image Courtesy of ari_stocrate / Instagram

This notion that gingers have no souls is silly. Of course, they do! They just misplaced it. Just kidding! However, that devil, Ari’s father, says so. Ari promised he would kick the bum of the other girl’s dad. Let’s see how that unravels.

God vs. Devil

This is the craziest plot twist ever! It turns out that the other girl’s dad is God, and now Ari’s dad, the devil, has to fight him to protect his daughter and her honor. What a fantastic, hilarious turn of events. Ari swears she didn’t know.

Image Courtesy of ari_stocrate / Instagram

They made an agreement, and we already know who won. According to the consequences and the outcome of the year 2020, it’s clear that Ari is now not someone to laugh at, and her daddy defended their family’s honor. Yay…we guess?

Men’s Shampoo

Why are cosmetics for men so simple, direct, and multi-purpose? Women have to use three different types of body lotions and creams, a few various shampoos and conditioners, plus a hair and a face mask. Don’t forget the shower lotions and gels…

Image Courtesy of ari_stocrate / Instagram

For men, it’s all in one packaging. You will often see the ads saying, “three in one, just for men.” They spend much less money, and they don’t even have periods and don’t waste their coin on pads and tampons. Life is unfair.

Hairy Situations

When making any big life decisions, you might have some anxieties. A lot of the time, we tend to ask our friends for advice in the hopes of gaining some clarity. But have you noticed that guy friends and girlfriends answer some questions completely differently?

Image Courtesy of ari_stocrate / Instagram

Poor Ari is experiencing a bit of that. While her female friends see the vision behind her haircut, her male friends want her to keep her long, fiery locks. Don’t listen to them, Ari! Go with what feels right. And besides, sometimes a little change is needed.

Challenge Accepted

The measurements on snacks or pasta packaging is super damaging and unnecessary. Don’t tell people what amount equals to one portion. Some might feel bad about themselves, while others might do what this silly woman did. Ari, we feel you!

Image Courtesy of ari_stocrate / Instagram

Mission accomplished. Her body is a machine. Her tummy is a black hole. But she has made a grave mistake. She is about to explode. Pasta is love, and pasta is life, but come on, girl. You should’ve known better than that…

Hermione’s Time-Turner Paradox

This is something that bothered us while reading the books and watching the movies. We are talking about Harry Potter now. Bear with us. Why hadn’t Hermione used a time-turner to stop Pettigrew?! Or maybe to protect Ron’s leg?! We’ll never know the answer.

Image Courtesy of ari_stocrate / Instagram

Okay, we know she shouldn’t change the course of actions, and she could only affect her time in classes and manage her studies. But, come on! We all know Hermione is a rebel at heart, and the series could’ve ended right then and there if Pettigrew had gone to Azkaban. Oh, whatever…

The Trouble of Being a Sherlock-Like Detective

Sometimes, on rare occasions, a character from a book becomes a trend-setter, and everyone wants to dress like them and mimic them. Long ago, people did that with Goethe’s Werther from The Sorrows of Young Werther. But it has been a while since then.

Image Courtesy of ari_stocrate / Instagram

Here, we believe the artist is implying that her detective resembles the globally famous Sherlock Holmes. The long, beige trench coat, the hat, the tie, and the pipe – that’s the hardest part of being a detective, according to Ari.

Receiving Gifts and Giving Gifts

These are two completely different things. While some love to receive gifts, when it is their turn to show attention and love, they lack initiative. However, there are also those that hate receiving gifts yet love giving them to others.

Image Courtesy of ari_stocrate / Instagram

It can be an issue of self-awareness, self-criticism, inability for self-love, and believing one doesn’t deserve gifts and attention. Ari loves giving gifts, though. She is generous and would give an arm and a leg to those she loves if she needed to.

Harriet Potter

What if Harriet Potter was a spin-off of Harry Potter, where Harry is a girl and resembles her mother much more than in the boy form? How do you think Snape would treat the chosen one? The artist created a comic to display her take on it.

Image Courtesy of ari_stocrate / Instagram

Severus loved Lily Potter, Harry’s mom. He always said how Harry has his mother’s eyes. But what if he was a mini version of her? Ari thinks he would treat Harriet like this. We can’t say we disagree. The movies would’ve gone way differently in this case!

Divorce Him

Humor is one of the most important points you should focus on when choosing a friend or a partner. If you can’t laugh with them, you can’t do anything together. Sharing joy and humor is one of the best things you can find.

Image Courtesy of ari_stocrate / Instagram

Not only should she not stay friends with him, but she should also divorce the friendship and divorce the entire relationship altogether. She should go as far as to pretend he left this Earth and seized to exist. How can someone under 60 not get a meme?!

2020: The Prologue

Remember that whole Devil and God ordeal we had a few pictures ago? Well, now, we continue with how things really went. It turns out the Devil acted as his stereotype would and kind of tricked and manipulated the old man.

Image Courtesy of ari_stocrate / Instagram

Just when he thought they were getting to a solution, the red-faced man made a move. Well, checkmate, God. 2020 was a show. A terrible show, but a show nonetheless. We expected nothing else from the ginger girl’s dad, to be honest.

Pasta is a Universal Food

English is considered to be the most universal language, one that the majority of the human population knows either as a first or as a second language. If English was food, it would be pasta. Why? Because everyone loves it, eats it, or knows how to make it!

Image Courtesy of ari_stocrate / Instagram

Her boyfriend is an omnivore; that is, he eats everything from meat to dairy. She is a vegan, on the other hand, and she eats only plants and plant-based things. Pasta is plant-based, tomato sauce is plant-based yet delicious. So yes, this is the perfect meal for everyone.

Preparing For the Future

While other women are pleased with taking a shower, washing their hair, and doing their whole skincare routine before bed, Ari has to wear a white, creepy, Victorian nightgown in case she dies. That’s because she wants to be a scary ghost.

Image Courtesy of ari_stocrate / Instagram

Her husband is kind of used to her silly actions. You can tell by the expression on his face in the last photo. He is just over it. He tried, and he failed. It’s okay, buddy. When a woman sets her mind on something, you can’t do anything to change that.

That’s Where Ya Belong!

It’s the 21st century, ladies and gentlemen, and some people still have the audacity to throw their trash on the street, grass, or in public places as if pollution doesn’t exist, as if it isn’t a real, global issue everyone is facing.

Image Courtesy of ari_stocrate / Instagram

Ari dealt with it pretty well. She simply threw the woman in the trash, where she belonged. You go, Ari. Don’t be like this blond woman; don’t be trash. Be like Ari. Respect nature, and if others don’t – react and keep them accountable.


This is such a sarcastic jab at those cliché superhero comics and movies. The old-school ones, especially. The acting, the plot, and the storyline were just so cringe. It looked like this, and it had this vibe. Girls were always dense and beautiful.

Image Courtesy of ari_stocrate / Instagram

It’s like no one gets that the underdog, the shy one, the quiet one is a secret superhero. He is unusually broad, tall and strong, yet he wears heavy glasses and a tie, so he can’t be the hero even though they look like two peas in a pod.

Oh, How the Tables Turned

The ones that say they would never or have never bullied their younger siblings are lying! That’s simply not true. Kids are cruel and will bully someone weaker, younger, and more impressionable. They don’t necessarily beat them up, but they definitely mess with them.

Image Courtesy of ari_stocrate / Instagram

The trouble is when those short brothers and sisters grow up and become taller than the older sibling. That’s when the revenge starts to unravel. Who is the microbe now?! Ari has waited so long to say this that it must have felt great.

Samson Reborn

Samson was a legendary Israelite warrior and judge, a member of the tribe of Dan, and a Nazirite. His immense physical strength, which he used for 20 years against the Philistines, derived from his uncut hair. Ari is the same, apparently.

Image Courtesy of ari_stocrate / Instagram

A lot of women get emotionally attached to their hair. It’s something that gives them confidence and boosts their energy. A lot of women feel better with long, washed hair. Cutting it off seems like a punishment, so we kind of get why Ari acts like this.

She’s A Woman, Bro

Men are biologically larger and stronger than women. That is simply nature. However, there are times when women are big, strong, broad, and muscular, even more so than the average guy. It does happen, and it’s just how nature functions.

Image Courtesy of ari_stocrate / Instagram

When faced with such a woman, men can become defensive and aggressive and feel less than them. That is their problem to deal with. Is one bite enough to fill a man’s stomach? What is that sorcery? She is a woman, and she can eat it whole. Deal with it, Legolas.

Big Oopsie!

Rain is one of those types of weather that are great when you are inside, cozied up with a blanket and a warm beverage. If you have to go out and be somewhere, it becomes a nightmare. Driving is difficult; walking is difficult; your hair gets humid and all messy…

Image Courtesy of ari_stocrate / Instagram

When the skies look grey, it’s helpful to keep an umbrella in your bag. But don’t be like Ari, who got drenched in the rain only because she forgot that she had an umbrella! Well, we’ve all been there, so no judgment from us.

Marketing Trick

Lord of the Rings had all children believing in the Shire, wizards, elves, dwarves, goblins, Mordor, hobbits, and a magical ring. But it’s not any magical ring. This one has fancy writing on it, it whispers to you, and it makes you invisible.

Image Courtesy of ari_stocrate / Instagram

Who knows how many parents have unwillingly bought those awfully-made, cheap-looking Lord of the Rings ring knock-off because of their kid’s undying motivation and persuasion? That evil laugh is surely on point, though. We wonder if Ari’s ring wasn’t a mere knock-off.

The Head of the Family

If you take a minute to check out her page, you’ll see that ari_stocrate really believes in female empowerment. She is not one to not share her views on life and love for strong, bold women. If we could compare this woman with anyone, it would be Morticia Addams.

Image Courtesy of ari_stocrate / Instagram

Her husband, the Devil, is a mere marionette, a cheap trickster, just like Gomez. Ari is Wednesday; that’s obvious. God is in trouble; that is also obvious. But it’s funny how men rely on their ladies to defend them, even in comics!

Jasper’s Bath Water

People make money in many ways nowadays. It seems like you can sell anything and get rich. You just need to be willing to have zero regrets and absolutely no morals or second thoughts about your outlook on life. It’s that easy.

Image Courtesy of ari_stocrate / Instagram

Believe it or not, some people sell their flatulence in a jar; let’s just put that out there. This one doesn’t seem as bad now, does it? Selling the water you took a bath in, and someone actually bought it. It’s beyond us why they’d do that. Go on, Jasper, make momma rich.

Living That Hagrid Life

Hagrid was obsessed with dangerous creatures and capturing them, taking care of them, and giving them the motherly/fatherly love they needed. He thought his love could change the most vicious of hearts. Oh, Hagrid, what a lovely giant man you were.

Image Courtesy of ari_stocrate / Instagram

That lizard stole her heart right away. It’s black, and it has a nice design. We can guarantee she expects it to secretly grow wings and start spitting fire. It’s not a joke. Ari also possesses Hagrid’s undying enthusiasm. It’s lovely.

How Is This Fair?

Some people truly are God’s favorites when you think of it. They have clear skin; they have nice hair; their parents love them… What?! Oh, right. They also have cats that are naturally loving and cuddly, not those tiny monsters we all know…

Image Courtesy of ari_stocrate / Instagram

When a cat looks at you and starts purring and slowly blinking, just know you are special. You are the chosen one, and that cat loves you to bits. That Charlie cat has nothing on Ari’s Jasper. Jasper is, first of all, furless, and second of all, adorbs!

What Did You Say?

Luckily, the year 2020 is long behind us. We can only hope nothing like that happens during our lifetime. However, we’ll never forget those people that refused to wear masks and protect others from possible diseases they might be carrying around.

Image Courtesy of ari_stocrate / Instagram

This is one way to make those people regret their opinion and decisions. All superheroes wear masks, and it’s the coolest thing ever! Be like a superhero, and be responsible next time this happens. We bet this woman will never say masks are for the weaklings again!

Mornings Like That

Mornings are the best part of the day. They determine what kind of day it will be, and you can set the tone for the next 10 hours by just having a nice, calm, slow, and wholesome morning. Don’t let anyone ruin it for ya!

Image Courtesy of ari_stocrate / Instagram

So what if you woke up at half past 10? It’s still morning for you, and you are entitled to enjoy it as such, especially if it’s a Sunday. Those are the best mornings! We feel Ari on this on a spiritual level. She is a mood. She is the moment.

Having a GF Be Like…

Having a girlfriend comes with its good and bad sides, let’s be honest. Girls are awesome, but girls can also be not awesome at times. It’s okay; men have their moments, too. It’s what makes us human. But has your significant other ever acted like a human-sized backpack?

Image Courtesy of ari_stocrate / Instagram

This is kind of wholesome and adorable. It shows that Ari literally can’t stay away from her man, even though she might come across as really clingy. She just wants to show how much she loves her boyfriend, but we do feel for him as he has to carry her around like this!

Rotisserie Chicken

One thing we can’t get over when it comes to hairless cats is their skin. It is always visible and reminds us of a skinned animal. We are not alone in this. Ari’s partner feels the same way about Jasper. Even Ari herself agrees with this.

Image Courtesy of ari_stocrate / Instagram

Jasper seems like he understands what they’re talking about. Look at that smug face. Buddy, you either start running, or you are threatened with being eaten! Just kidding. We hope that man will be able to resist Jasper’s juicy thighs, though…

How It Really Is

We are super delusional to think that we choose our cats. There is this thing called the ‘cat distribution system.’ It means that the universe just distributes cats equally to everyone on this planet. If you accidentally find a kitten in your yard, it’s not an accident. It’s the ‘cat distribution system.’

Image Courtesy of ari_stocrate / Instagram

Therefore, people are not the ones in control. It’s the cat. It’s in their blood, after all. They were worshiped in ancient times, and now they can’t break that habit. Ari is fully controlled by Jasper, not the other way around.

Pennywise Loves Money, Too

One of our favorite things about Ari’s comics is that the artist picks certain pop culture moments, movie characters, or plots and includes them in her art. It usually has a humorous edge to it, and it’s perfect humor for millennials.

Image Courtesy of ari_stocrate / Instagram

Pennywise was here to do something else at first, but once he heard that he’d get a whole $250 for this, he quickly became the fellow, mellow, funny clown to make some balloon shapes and entertain the kids at the party. He’s just like us!

Nap Time!

Nap time is the best time, especially if you have a nap buddy. It can be a partner, a friend, a dog, or a cat. But, let’s face it, napping with a cat just hits differently. They curl up by your head or your feet and purr your heart away.

Image Courtesy of ari_stocrate / Instagram

Ari and Jasper have their napping routine. Ari picks him up, turns off the lights with a little kick, and they’re ready to sleep. Now, all that’s left is to curl up underneath a blanket and spend 2-3 hours, or business days, in Dreamland.

Artist vs. Graphic Designer

The stereotype everyone believes about artists is that they are a bit kooky and weird. That might be true for some, but not all of them believe that time is just a construct. However, when in the arts for so long, you develop ways of telling time.

Image Courtesy of ari_stocrate / Instagram

The artist tried to show the difference between those original artists and graphic designers. While the OG artists were all about coming up with different life philosophies, modern artists measure time based on how many coffees they drink in a day (they’re overworked).

What You Don’t Know Can’t Hurt You

Cats find all kinds of things around the house. You don’t even know where they found it, how, and what it is exactly. Cats are natural at that. They are detectives, and they will eat it if they want to. You can’t do anything about it.

Image Courtesy of ari_stocrate / Instagram

Firstly, who knows where he found it, and secondly, who knows what it is? It could be a thread, or it could be its intestine, for all we know. Jasper is nasty. Nas-ty, we tell you! How he is not throwing up already, we have no idea.

Fleeing The Scene of A Crime

Have you ever wondered why cats have the zoomies once they finish with their litter box? Well, we have an answer for you! It turns out they are fleeing the scene of a crime as soon as possible due to the repulsive stench they leave behind.

Image Courtesy of ari_stocrate / Instagram

He, in fact, has done something terrible. A cat’s poop can be so smelly, yet you are not even aware of what’s coming your way. Ari seems super pleased with her baby’s doing, and she is just waiting for the green cloud to reach her friend because she’s evil like that.

Hold On!

We’d love to know what happens inside a cat’s head when you force your kisses and fart kisses upon its body. This must be super effective with hairless cats, though. The sound and everything else must be immaculate. But the thing is that cats hate this kind of affection!

Image Courtesy of ari_stocrate / Instagram

In Ari’s mind, cats have an Inside Out type of system in their heads, with a few cats controlling the whole body and feelings. Agent 13 obviously wants out, but its commander is telling it to hold on. Soon enough, the kisses will go away.

Gotta Be Transparent

Anime culture is deeply rooted in everything lots of people do and enjoy nowadays. It’s either through games, shows, movies, comics, or books. The design and the lore in anime are usually amazing. No wonder children and adults enjoy it equally.

Image Courtesy of ari_stocrate / Instagram

Ari is trying every method out there to surprise attack her boyfriend with silly yet painful jabs. He is right, though; it would be much more successful if she just didn’t announce her next attack as they do in anime. We love it for her, though.

The Epilogue

For the last one, we chose one of our favorite series of Ari’s comics; it’s the one that depicts a quarrel between God and the Devil. It’s just too good not to be the last one. This is the icing on the cake. Who started it? Well, of course, God did.

Image Courtesy of ari_stocrate / Instagram

Even his daughter is ratting him out. Poor guy can’t do anything right! Technically speaking, those pointing their fingers at God aren’t wrong. But He wasn’t actually referring to creation; He just wanted to know who started their fight – it was Ari herself!