Artist Creates Captivating Illustrations That Touch The Heart

By Kanyi M

The ancient Chinese and their ancient concept of Yin Yang had a point. One could say that life is characterized by a harmonious balance between tranquility and turmoil. There’s always a little of everything, no matter how bad or good the situation may seem. Even love is a mixture of both.

Sometimes, you need a break… Sometimes, you have to go on and move forward.

It’s all about the balance. Perfectionism isn’t a prerequisite for love. If something is not malfunctioning, there’s no need to repair it. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t be able to love and see each other for the rest of your lives.

And this artist is an expert at illustrating love.

The boyfriend without a six-pack

Who says that you need to have a six-pack in order to find love? Even if you’re not her type, there’s always a chance for you. Maybe she feels like she can talk to you about things that she can’t share with anyone else.

Credit: yuvalrob/Instagram

Maybe she loves foodies. You can always be the one who loves cooking and feeding her heart with simple things – like talking about the weather, how much you missed her, how she looks so beautiful today, or how she really likes this song that was just playing on the radio.

If you want to be able to love her in a way that most of us cannot even imagine, then be ready to take the challenge of wooing her with actions instead of just your looks.

The Princess and the Frog

This is one of the most amazing love comics that you will ever see. This princess (pardon her for her appearance) loves the frog and loves him in a very special way. She is even willing to give up everything for the sake of her prince charming.

To be with him, she does not hesitate to endure limitations such as being weak and sick.

Credit: yuvalrob/Instagram

The princess’ principle: give up what you love in order to be loved by him, which is exactly what happens in this story. It’s all about love alone – no boundaries can stand between them when they’re both ready to sacrifice everything just to be with each other…

Roasting heart marshmallows together

Camping and the woods are wonderful places to spend time with someone you love. A couple can bond there, even if they’re just sitting in a tent and roasting marshmallows together.

Credit: yuvalrob/Instagram

Nature and camping go hand in hand with each other. Spending time out in the great outdoors will always result in a greater bond between two people.