Artist Explains Why Some Of Us Just Can’t Handle The Great Outdoors

By Kanyi M

Sunburn, mosquitoes, cold, heat, rain, wind, bugs, ticks – the outdoors can be a real pain. Sometimes, you’ll feel so good when you’re in the woods, and then suddenly, you’re feeling chills all over. You’re sweating like a dog, and then you’ve got scars all over your skin. You’ll have bruises, and you still don’t know where they came from.

Not everyone is built for the outdoors, and this artist shows why.

Danger lurks everywhere

Why would anyone want to go fishing in an area that is known for having wild animals, like bears? We know that some folks love to go on different adventures, but this is too much for us. We love living way too much!

Source: Denise Natali-Paine/Instagram

The guy is so invested in his fishing that he is completely oblivious to the fact that two huge bears are staring at him as if he’s their next meal. While this is just a comic, this is the kind of hypothetical situation that would make a lot of people give up on spending time outdoors.

We miss the comforts of today’s world when we’re outside

Wi-Fi, Netflix, social media, and the rest of modern things definitely give us so many conveniences. But is it worth missing them all when being out experiencing the natural world?

Source: Denise Natali-Paine/Instagram

Is it worth losing the comforts of home just because you’re spending time in the outdoors? Please, think twice before going out there when you might feel as if you’re stuck on a deserted island by yourself.

It’s all for the ‘gram

The biggest and best part of a vacation is looking back at all the good times you had during those days.

Source: Denise Natali-Paine/Instagram

That’s why some people will go to the beach just to get a good picture of what their vacation looks like. While this is not necessarily a negative thing, folks should also take a moment to appreciate what’s in front of them without the interference of a cell phone screen.