Artist Vernessa Himmler Portrays The Life Of Her Cats in Comic Illustrations

By Stephen M

Vernessa Himmler, a Humberg-Germany based artist has used comic illustrations to portray the life activity of her two pet cats. In the various arts, she shows the fun and crazy daily life of her cats named Mikosch and Koschka.

The comic drawings of Vernesssa, who has a master’s degree in illustration from HAW Hamburg, portray what cat owners or people considering adopting a cat should expect. If you already own a cat, you should be familiar with the message her illustrations send.

Photo credit: vernessahimmler

To the artist, cats are adorable pets, however, they also have some weird sides, which owners should be ready to deal with. Vernessa, therefore, depicts the struggles she has through her illustrations, which almost all cat owners may relate to.

A lover of arts since childhood, she admits that her work is sometimes challenging, especially when coming up with creative ideas. She believes art is a form of communication; hence, it shouldn’t be complicated and must be relatable. She normally uses an hour to complete one comic.

Photo credit: vernessahimmler

The illustrator and sand painter majors in areas like editorial, information, and non-fiction illustrations. With time, she has been able to come up with her own modern style of painting. Vernessa believes she is a versatile artist and describes her works as realistic with modern coloring. She creates her masterpieces with her imagination and wishes to make people happy by adding comics to real-life issues.

Photo credit: vernessahimmler

The artist says her comics are true-life event but admits that sometimes, she exaggerate to make them funnier. You can check on her Instagram page vernessahimmler, for more of her comic works.