40+ Hilarious Comics That Made Us Laugh Out Loud Because They’re Just So Relatable

By Jana I

Social distancing isn’t something we remember fondly. However, when you take a second look and realize how many talented people decided to create art and express themselves due to an abundance of free time and boredom, it hits you: it wasn’t so bad after all.

We are super proud and impressed by the number of artists we discovered. As you might have already figured, we love comics, and digital comics are something we particularly enjoy. Today, we compiled 45 of the best comics created by Ellen, an artist behind the Pizza Cake Comics online. She was generous enough to share her skills and humor with us, and we can’t thank her enough for that.

If funny, relatable, and cat-related content is something you especially like, you will devour this in seconds. Sit back and enjoy!

All images are courtesy of @pizzacakecomic on Instagram.

An Abundance Of Ellens

Remember Freud’s theory of the self and the whole ego, super-ego, and id thing? This is what came to our minds when we saw this first comic. That, or, you know, that same old good vs. evil shtick. Nonetheless, take a look at this piece of art.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / pizzacakecomic

Obviously, Ellen in a grey shirt is the ego, Ellen in a white shirt is super-ego, and id is, well, it’s clear, isn’t it? It’s that crazy, fun, and bubbly Ellen in a Hawaiian shirt. Hangover Ellen is something we know rather well, but we don’t know its name…

Challenge Successful

We already mentioned social distancing a bit in our introduction. We have found the topic really difficult to avoid in the past few years. It shaped all of us in a way. However, Ellen manages to make the most out of the whole experience.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / pizzacakecomic

I think we were all hoping for the best during the social distancing period. It is not up to us to say how it went for everybody, but we, as well as Ellen, certainly developed some weird habits, like, talking to ourselves out loud while in public places… Yeah.

Everyone Is A Cat Person

When someone tells us they are not a cat person or that they dislike cats, not to mention hate them, we are automatically very skeptical about them. Someone that doesn’t like cats most likely doesn’t like respecting boundaries and freedom.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / pizzacakecomic

However, we believe that everyone is a cat person; they just haven’t met the right cat that will make them love the whole species! Look at Ellen. She is doing so well, and she wasn’t a cat person at all. Now, cats are her whole life; we are certain of it.

Doctor’s Judgement

Visiting the doctor is very rarely fun and exciting. Most of the time, you feel anxious and weird, even uncomfortable. Doctors know when you’re lying, so you’re better off being honest right off the bat. Take a look at this comic.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / pizzacakecomic

Foot pain can be caused by various factors, and when we tell you we didn’t know flip-flops could cause it, we wouldn’t be lying. What can we do, then? When it’s too hot, what should we do if not wear some flip-flops and run around the beach in them? Come on!

Quizzing Time

We are suckers for doing random quizzes online. It’s very entertaining for no reason at all. How can we resist and not want to know what Disney princess we are? Or what car represents our spirit animal? We are curious, and we want to know!

Image Courtesy of Instagram / pizzacakecomic

It turns out that those quizzes can come right back and bite you. When you don’t get the result you were secretly hoping for, you can get irritated for no reason at all! It’s so funny. We think that’s what happened here. Who the heck wants to be a seagull, after all…

Queen Behavior

When we saw this comic, all we could think of was the sacrifices people used to make for gods and goddesses in ancient cultures. This is a mild version of it; however, it’s a contemporary spin-off that we definitely love. Take a look.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / pizzacakecomic

The roles are as follows: a mere man, humble and fearful, approaches his goddess and queen, bearing gifts. The queen seems pleased enough not to end his life and permits him to exist in her immediate presence – as she should!

Fun Times

Mother nature is especially cruel towards women, and we can all agree on that. They are the ones to suffer monthly, to bear children, to give birth, and bring them up. Yes, men help – but babies are most dependent on mothers for a reason.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / pizzacakecomic

So, tell us why when women feel sick, mother nature has to be like, “hehe, enjoy this!” and send a period our way. Life is so unfair sometimes towards our girlies. Stay strong, queens; it will be over soon. Well, then it’s going to come back in three weeks. K, bye!

Cat Gets Its Revenge

We love them, but they can be really tricky little misfits. Cats are there to be spoiled, loved, brushed, and fed. They are not here to play any of our silly, little games. They want the best treatment ever, and they want it now. Otherwise…

Image Courtesy of Instagram / pizzacakecomic

Ellen got what was coming to her for a long time. She should’ve bought the best food – wet food, might we add. And also, not giving your cat a piece of your food will lead them to push you down the stairs, too. Be careful…

On Being 25 And Over

Have you noticed that once you celebrate your 25th birthday, it’s all downhill from there? We certainly have taken notice of that…in ourselves and in people around us…Nothing is as it was before. Especially your body. It starts repelling anything and everything.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / pizzacakecomic

Drinking cow’s milk or eating bread is a thing of the past. Now, your stomach and colon are like: “nope, not digesting that. Bye!” And then you have to visit a doctor, then a nutritionist, go on a diet, restrict what you eat, etc., etc. It’s a whole ordeal.

Cat Sibling Rivalry

If cats lose contact with other cats or animals and live as only pets for long enough, getting a new pet might be a problem. If done right, you can ensure that your kitty gets through it as calmly as possible. Ellen captured this well.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / pizzacakecomic

Cats will fight and quarrel from time to time, but as long as they are civil for, let’s say, 70% of the time, consider yourself lucky. Cats are quite territorial, so consider that as well. Make sure to buy them separate toys, or else…

A Personal Attack

Sometimes, you just need multiple pairs of the same leggings. They are comfy, simple, and great to wear around the house, to visit your parents, or to run errands. That being said, this man’s personal attack was not necessary at all!

Image Courtesy of Instagram / pizzacakecomic

We understand his comeback, though. He gave her a taste of her own medicine. We commend you for that, sir. However, you do realize now you’ll have to repay in heaps of sweets, a Starbucks monthly subscription, and feet rubs every night for a year? We hope you do.

Creeped Out

Cat-calling might be the only thing that has the word “cat” in it that most people. It’s so disrespectful, creepy, rude, and disgusting. Luckily for us, it rarely happens. The guys and gals would be in big trouble if they did it to us.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / pizzacakecomic

This guy was too chill about this whole ordeal. If it were us, we would protect our partner against this bird creep. “You like flying, huh? Cut that off if you want to keep flying. It’s not so funny now, is it? You creep!” Something like that, yeah.

Boring Mom Stuff, She Says

When you’re a kid, you have no idea what your parents get up to when you’re not around. It takes a while for people to realize that they’re not the center of other people’s lives. We thought parents existed just for us, but as we got older, we thought: what do they do?

Image Courtesy of Instagram / pizzacakecomic

It turns out that they just do boring mom and dad stuff, like summoning demons and giving animal sacrifices to Lilith and Lucifer. You know, the usual. We thought that this was a great depiction of real life stuff. For all we know, they could do actually be doing this.

Daughter Takes Over

Relying on children to do chores is not the best thing, we will be honest. Sometimes, when we are young and still living at our folks’ houses, we don’t want to work. When we move out, we realize how much we should’ve helped.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / pizzacakecomic

This is exactly something a wide majority of teens would do. Just leave it until they feel like doing it, which is, let’s be frank, never. So, everything is left for the parents to do, as always. We regret being spoiled little brats; we admit it, okay!

The App Knows How To Bait Us

Nowadays, it seems like you can’t escape the commercials or ads. You can install some add-ons on your PCs or laptops – but if you want to escape ads on your phone, you need to go premium. Ew. Who has the spare money to pay for that?!

Image Courtesy of Instagram / pizzacakecomic

This one is good bait for just about everyone that likes cats! Who wouldn’t like to click on this clickbait title? When you think about it, clickbait is just another form of advertisement that attracts you to click on it and consume the content. Same thing.


A little jealousy and kitty rivalry is natural, as we already mentioned. If you have two or more cats, make sure to give them equal amounts of love. Cats are extremely emotional and sensitive, even though it might not seem like that at first.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / pizzacakecomic

So, when you pick one up and coddle it and sweet talk, make sure to give the other one the same treatment and attention afterward. You don’t want your kitty to feel unwanted and unloved. Don’t make your cats fight for your attention!


If you are a content creator, overanalyzing and overthinking other people’s comments and feedback might be stressful. It is stressful when we think of it. How can it not be? Your livelihood depends on other people liking what you make.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / pizzacakecomic

We think that Ellen cares a lot about her audience, viewers, and consumers of her content. Which is only natural, don’t get us wrong! But, we believe she should take it down a notch, raise a middle finger and leave the haters to hatred. Dear artists, don’t entertain them!

Not Minding Being Bear’s Supper

Motivating yourself to work out is not easy. Building discipline is even harder. We commend all the people that have that kind of discipline and work on their health and physique in a dedicated, healthy manner. You are our heroes!

Image Courtesy of Instagram / pizzacakecomic

Imagining being chased by bears is one way to motivate yourself. However, the longer you’re running, the more you realize you don’t care about survival as much as you’d hoped for. You don’t need to survive; you’ll be chilling in a bear’s tummy. Comfy!

The Worst Of Luck

We hope we are not the only ones feeling like we have the worst of luck when it comes to games like bingo, card games, and so on. Ellen can relate to us, and that makes us feel better about our own fortune and destiny.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / pizzacakecomic

When it comes to online delivery, it honestly feels like a lottery. You can get it in a few hours or in a few weeks. It can arrive in pristine conditions, with protected packaging – or broken, destroyed, and dented. Ellen had no luck this time. Stay strong, girl.

It’s A Secret We’ll Never Tell

Sometimes, the extent to which we go to entertain our feline friends is a bit embarrassing. Sometimes, a cat’s entertainment is equal to our doom and trouble. We don’t actually mind crossing into that category if we’re being fully honest.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / pizzacakecomic

How we got this scar? You don’t want to know…We get all shy for no reason. Is it really that weird and mortifying to admit that we just might love our cats and value their life more than our own? It is a bit weird, huh? Let this secret be our secret.

Some Clothes Just Aren’t Worth It

Have you ever regretted buying something once you saw how it’s supposed to be washed and taken care of? Well, we have…and plenty of times! Like, you are a piece of fabric – why are you being so dramatic for no reason?

Image Courtesy of Instagram / pizzacakecomic

Ellen has all the experience needed to create super relatable comics, it seems. She never misses, and we are really impressed. We are starting a petition against hand-washed clothes and non-dryer clothes – we just want strong fabrics that can survive being washed and kept in all kinds of conditions!

Traveling To The Past Gone Wrong

We all imagine what it would be like to go back in time, flex with our innovative technology, and maybe get stupidly rich while doing it. But, more probable than not, we would be banned from civilization and executed point-blank.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / pizzacakecomic

Imagine how haunting TikTok would be to the Renaissance people! They’d probably think we are bonkers and burn us at the stake for being witches. It would be so weird to explain how one can record themselves doing silly things and make millions while at it!

Artists Are Humans, Too

Artists are humans, of course. They are prone to mistakes, and they are guilty of taking inspiration elsewhere and maybe overdoing it a bit. It’s all trial and error, just like for the rest of us. Give them a little break! We agree with Ellen on this one.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / pizzacakecomic

We believe that Ellen has had it enough! Being an artist at this point in time is extremely exhausting, since there is no such thing as originality anymore. Everything has been done already. Take it easy on them, and just enjoy their content if you can. If not, move along.

Caffeine Overload

We are dependent on caffeine, and we are the first to admit it. We love coffee, and we are not changing that habit for anything in this world. What is there not to like? You just need to be reasonable with it, but that goes for everything.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / pizzacakecomic

Drinking energy drinks was never our thing, but people are obsessed with it. We think that our dear artist might have had one too many of those, and now, this man is tripping her out! How rude. She is running purely on caffeine and stress. We feel you, girl!

Cute Threats

Cats do take things to another level. They are chaotic and dramatic like that. A cat might sound like it’s starving from the way it’s screaming at you in the morning or when you come back from work. They are lying in front of their bowls and everything!

Image Courtesy of Instagram / pizzacakecomic

But that’s just their manipulation tactics. They could eat at any time of day – as long as you keep feeding them. They are not stopping. So, when a cat threatens you like this, you better listen and pay attention. It’s not lying.

Hater’s Thoughts

If you have ever tried creating something of your own online, you might have encountered someone that differs from your opinion but states it nicely. And then you meet someone who’s hating on you and your personality for no reason at all.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / pizzacakecomic

And then, when you stand up for yourself, you are the bad guy, and they are victims of your erratic behavior and inability to accept criticism. What. The. Heck. Good thing the artist blocked him – as she should! Queen behavior.

The Perfect Time

Cats have no idea of the right and wrong time for cuddles, food, or toilet time. They are just doing what they want, and that is to be respected. They live on their own clock. So, if they don’t want pets at 11 AM but require it at 2 AM, sorry, you have to oblige.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / pizzacakecomic

Getting annoyed is a natural response, but try to be as considerate. Your kitty is showing you some love. Don’t push it away as we did. One good option is to get up and give them some food so they focus on something else rather than squishing your face.


This kitty experienced betrayal for the first time, and it’s painful to watch. The owner was generous enough to give her love to someone else, and it’s heartbreaking. Take a look at the comic and see how Ellen has nailed it yet again!

Image Courtesy of Instagram / pizzacakecomic

We feel like we shouldn’t even be here and intrude on this extremely intimate moment. However, we noticed one detail we loved about it. Can you find it? Hint: it’s a piece of clothing. We adore how the artist has her own spin on mega brands. Plump is a brand we want and need!

Revenge Is Best Served Cold

This next comic relates to the previous one: betrayal. When cats are betrayed, they want to get revenge. Don’t underestimate them! When you’re not expecting it, they will sneak up on you and give you a taste of their cold, cold revenge.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / pizzacakecomic

When domestic cats are “hunting” (i.e., when they’re imagining that they’re hunting), they resemble wild cats. We can really notice the similarities. So, Ellen, you must be careful, friend. Watch your step and watch your back. The cat is coming…

Me, Myself And I

We love cat comics, so let’s stay there for a little longer. What we value about cats the most is that they are self-sufficient, self-assured, and, well, selfish! They are out there believing the world is all theirs. To be honest, we believe them…

Image Courtesy of Instagram / pizzacakecomic

The universe is so unbelievably vast, and it’s all mine!” sounds like something a tyrant would say, but hey, who are we to judge? When a cat thinks like this, it’s fine. But unfortunately, there are people who believe in this about themselves. Can you imagine?

Disturbing Child’s Imagination

When we think about how and what we played with as kids, the stories we came up with, and our storytelling, we are somewhat worried. But, alas, those years have passed, and now it’s time for other children to disturb their parents.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / pizzacakecomic

Ellen’s main character seems disturbed to her core. She is considering a family therapist, psychologist, and psychotherapist for her daughter and her sadistic imagination. Don’t worry! We turned out just fine. We sometimes scream uncontrollably, but that’s about it. No worries.

She Has A Good Excuse

We can’t say we have never used this as an excuse in our life for different reasons, but eating anything and everything must be our favorite one. We love that Ellen included that representation in her comics. The comic husband doesn’t agree.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / pizzacakecomic

Well, truth be told, he disagrees, but he will never voice his opinion. He must know better. His wife is living for those moments of careless enjoyment. Don’t you dare ruin it for her! And for us, eventually. Let us have our chips and chocolates in peace.

Allergy Who?

We are impressed by how some people don’t treat their intolerances or allergies seriously enough. We’ve met a fair share of people that are lactose intolerant, but they eat cheese as if it’s their last day on Earth. Then, they spend the whole afternoon in the bathroom.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / pizzacakecomic

Ellen’s character doesn’t look too disturbed or rushed to get that lavender out of her face. We get it – it might smell appealing to others. But dear, if it smells like a burn to you, you better leave it for some other time. Or leave it for never, you know.

Internal Dilemma

Sometimes, it really feels like you have two voices inside your head: the evil and the good one. You know, like the angel and the devil in all those cheap movies and shows. You are always deciding between the two to see who you’re going to listen to.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / pizzacakecomic

But this situation makes us think of your friends being overly worried about you and taking any chance they get to rub their opinion and advice in your face when all you wanted was snack suggestions. Now, it turned into a life lesson. Not what we signed up for.

An Honest Mistake

When you buy something without thinking it through, it can be a hit or a miss. Most of the time, it’s a miss. Don’t make rash decisions if you don’t have money to waste. Now, when this happens, the last thing you need is someone else noticing it, too.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / pizzacakecomic

When they notice it, they will voice their thoughts, and then you’ll feel even worse about your choices. However, Ellen’s character doesn’t seem phased at all. But we know that she is boiling up inside. She’s regretting every tiny thing along the way.

Logic 101

This need for some people to voice their opinions in a rude way and ruin other people’s happiness and enjoyment is the worst thing ever. If we hate something, it’s when someone rains on another person’s parade. Like, why even waste your time and energy?

Image Courtesy of Instagram / pizzacakecomic

What makes you so entitled to feel like your opinion is better and more correct than any other? It’s honestly mind-boggling. Take that energy and rage and do some hard heavy-weights training, or make your own art that you actually like. Use your energy for good, for Pete’s sake!

Who Runs the World? Cats!

We love Queen B for making that song about running the world. However, we feel like she made a mistake there. It’s not girls who run the world; it’s cats. Perhaps it was an honest mistake. After all, girls and cats are similar.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / pizzacakecomic

Lying around, playing, sleeping, and eating while everyone else does the work and provides the food? That sounds like royalty and their servants. So, yes, this logic makes sense. The brown tabby cat is right. Cats already rule the world.

Here To Be Cute – Not To Work

Are you expecting your cat to do something useful for you? Well, that’s hilarious. You can’t have a cat and have expectations. Cats do what they like and as they please. It’s erratic, it’s chaotic, but that’s just how it is. Take it or leave it.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / pizzacakecomic

Instead of fighting for your life or your Pokémon badge, it will rather take a nap and let out tiny farts along the way. It might wake up to scream at you for its third lunch, but, that’s about it. Do you regret getting a cat now? Exactly, neither do we.

False Advertising

This was clickbait when clickbait wasn’t even a thing yet. Sure, people use clickbait to get you to click on their videos and give them watch time (and give them more money). Now, have you thought about clickbait before the internet?

Image Courtesy of Instagram / pizzacakecomic

The pen and the eraser were advertised as smudge-free, but guess what happened? You guessed it; they smudged away and destroyed this amazing drawing. Our girl is gathering all energy in her body not to rip it out and start screaming. We feel her pain.

Adulting Is Hard

Avoiding the adulting parts of our lives is almost like a drug. Who wants to think about taxes, bills, and health insurance? Not us! We want to travel, get dogs, cats, and next-gen consoles, and spend the rest of our lives enjoying our inner child’s joy!

Image Courtesy of Instagram / pizzacakecomic

Party Ellen in the house! The serious Ellen doesn’t approve. She looks like her mother. We bet she will take care of everything while we have fun with the party Ellen. What do you think? Yeah, let’s do it! Taxes are boring!

Never Underestimate Birds

If you don’t know this about us, we have an innate fear of feathery animals. They just freak us out. They are chaotic, and you never know if they’ll just decide to land on your head and make your life a mess. Awful!

Image Courtesy of Instagram / pizzacakecomic

That’s why you should never underestimate birds. Sure, they might be going through tough times, too, but most important of all, they are evil! They look sweet and innocent with their whistles and songs, but don’t believe that one bit!

Gone In A Second

One rule about money is that no matter how much of it you have, you’ll always need more, and it will always seem like it’s gone too soon. If you make your own money, you’ll agree with us. If you are a billionaire, you probably won’t.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / pizzacakecomic

We are glad that Ellen was open with us and decided to share this part of her life as well. She portrays all parts of adult life and how life is not easy to navigate. We all have similar struggles, more or less. Liz, be happy with the parents you have!

The Nerve

Some people just have the nerve to go too far and ask inappropriate and blatantly stupid questions. We do think Ellen must stop entertaining those kinds of people. Haters should have no place in her comics. Use your energy for good!

Image Courtesy of Instagram / pizzacakecomic

Worst of all, they don’t recognize sarcasm and your attempts to get out of that situation the best possible. They ignore it and have zero respect for privacy. We are glad Ellen calls them out, but that battle can’t be won, unfortunately.

We Hate When This Happens

Some videos are super silent for one reason or the other, but then, when there is an ad break, our ears fall off. We put the volume up so high because we can’t hear anything – and then we are rewarded with blasting our ears off.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / pizzacakecomic

Ellen is here to save the day and turn that into a fun experience. What we learned while checking pizzacakecomic’s work is that all those annoying or mundane every day things are still precious and a part of life. Thank you, Ellen!

It’s Pumpkin Spice Season!

Even if, for some reason, you didn’t own a calendar or refused to check the dates, you would still be able to tell the time of year. How? Well, all you would have to do is walk outside your home and check your neighbor’s house. When it’s Christmas time, there’ll be a bunch of decorations.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / pizzacakecomic

But before Christmas, they’ll likely have something to remind you that it’s September and Fall is just around the corner. Just take a walk to the nearest cafe, and you will be able to smell the pumpkin spice latte in the air from blocks away.