Bottle Of Happiness

By Kanyi M

Is there a way to measure happiness? Sure, there’s the classic questionnaire for measuring subjective well-being, with questions like “On a scale of one to ten, how happy were you yesterday?” and “How anxious have you felt today?”. Loffy the llama uses a simpler method. It’s silly, but it’s not stupid if it works, right?

Mr. Penguin asks Loffy for some help to measure his happiness. Chris Yang’s adorable llama knows the answer to this: an empty bottle. Don’t worry; that’s not the whole solution. Loffy shares with us that if we fill an empty bottle a little bit every time we’re happy, we can see our progress!

Image Credits: loffyllamacomics/Instagram

In life, we often use simple ways to measure our performance. For example, marking your height on a door frame as a kid, or tracking your weight on a scale. Sometimes we don’t even need a specific measurement tool – we rely on our own subjective evaluation instead.

In another comic, a birdie is crying after falling from its warm cozy nest. Loffy comes to the rescue. Loffy stays with the birdie, comforting the birdie before Mama Birdie comes to take it back.
Mama Birdie tells Loffy, who wants to stay with the birdie, that it will be OK.

Image Credits: loffyllamacomics/Instagram

Happiness is an inside job. It’s important to surround yourself with loved ones who help you out, but at the end of the day, your happiness needs to come from within. Be happy with who you are, rather than who you’re not. Optimism is a great thing. Being positive makes you and your life better.