Smiles And Sighs: 35+ Comics That Capture The Realities Of Girlhood

By Jana I

We’re thrilled to introduce you to the captivating world of “Mouse in Bubble,” a fresh comic series that’s creating waves. The talented artist behind it has already garnered immense popularity on her social media platform, boasting an impressive following of over 150k on Instagram.

What truly sets this enchanting series apart is its unique blend of relatable, slice-of-life moments coupled with the artist’s signature humor, evident in every intricate illustration. “Mouse in Bubble’s” art wonderfully captures the intersection of young women’s dreams and the whimsical unpredictability of real life.

As you explore the curated collection of comic strips we’ve prepared for you, get ready to embrace life’s beautiful imperfections and find genuine joy in its delightful surprises. Let’s dive in!

Eating For Two!

She’s not expecting a baby, but she’s definitely indulging for two. A feeling most of us can relate to. This girlie knows how to savor life’s little pleasures and treat herself to the delights that make every moment special. With an infectious smile and a love for good food, she’s living la vida!

Image Courtesy of mouseinbubble / Instagram

The artist knows exactly how to captivate her audience. Just add a few cute desserts here and there, and there you have it! Her character’s zest for life and appreciation for the delicious moments make her a delightful presence wherever she goes.

A Tabley Table

Ah, the classic “teacher’s question evasion maneuver.” When that moment arrives, and the teacher’s eyes scan the room for a willing participant, you suddenly become engrossed in a world of deep concentration. Often, you are just staring blankly at a page, trying to avoid eye contact as best as you can.

Image Courtesy of mouseinbubble / Instagram

Whether you’re inspecting the texture of your notebook paper or studying the tableness of a table, you try your best to perfect the art of feigning intense focus. It’s all about avoiding that spotlight and maintaining the illusion of being immersed in a task of the utmost importance.

An Artist’s Troubles

An artist’s journey is an unending quest for perfection. The canvas may hold the strokes of a masterpiece, the colors may harmonize like a symphony, and the words may flow like poetry, yet the artist’s heart remains insatiable and intensely critical.

Image Courtesy of mouseinbubble / Instagram

This artist’s canvas is her tablet, yet still, she struggles with most things any other artist does. The pursuit of excellence is an unyielding flame, a driving force that propels artists to venture further, dig deeper, and embrace the challenges of their craft.

Bad Hair Day

Ah, the perilous endeavor of hair styling – a drama filled with twists, turns, and the occasional gust of wind. We’ve all been there: you dedicate hours to sculpting the perfect ‘do, only to step outside and nature rears its ugly head on us.

Image Courtesy of mouseinbubble / Instagram

But hey, isn’t that just life’s way of reminding us to roll with the punches? So next time your hair becomes a canvas for nature’s creative mischief, remember it’s all part of the adventure. Embrace your modern-day Rapunzel-spirit and brave the elements with style.

A Love Letter to the Weekend

Begging for the weekend to hurry back is a universal plea we all secretly make. There’s something magical about those two days of freedom. As Monday approaches, we yearn for the ease of lazy mornings, unhurried cups of coffee, and the luxury of doing whatever tickles our fancy.

Image Courtesy of mouseinbubble / Instagram

Weekends hold the promise of adventures waiting to unfold, whether it’s exploring new places, indulging in guilty pleasures, or simply embracing the art of doing nothing. So when Sunday starts to wane, and the dreaded Monday looms, we start writing the weekend a love letter.

When Your Skin Works Against You

Ah, the eternal mystery of skin breakouts. You never know what you did wrong! At home, it’s like a canvas of perfection, all smooth and radiant, as if it’s been sipping on some kind of magical potion. But the moment you get invited somewhere fancy, it’s over.

Image Courtesy of mouseinbubble / Instagram

It’s like there’s a secret pact between your skin and the universe: “Let’s save the unexpected breakouts, oil slicks, and random blemishes for when she has plans, shall we?” Your skin suddenly becomes a shapeshifter and transforms into a rebellious teenager.

What Life is All About

You wake up all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to conquer the day’s agenda. But life, that sly trickster, has other plans. It turns out that the universe has conspired to add a dash of unpredictability to your recipe for success!

Image Courtesy of mouseinbubble / Instagram

Suddenly, there’s traffic on the day of your important meeting, a sudden rainstorm on the picnic you planned for weeks, or a WiFi outage right when you’re about to send that crucial email. It’s as if life is saying, “Hold on a minute, let me show you who’s really in charge here.”

We’d Rather Listen to Ads

We have all been tempted by the siren call of Spotify Premium and its ad-free oasis of music bliss. But then reality slaps us in the face with the cold, hard truth: the price of Premium is just a tad too steep for our playlist-loving hearts.

Image Courtesy of mouseinbubble / Instagram

Just as you’re grooving to your favorite beats, bam! Here comes an ad for some random product you’ve never heard of. So, the decision to persevere and listen to an ad here and there rather than emptying our pockets more than we need to is one we can understand.

If Only One Can Get Paid For That…

“Do what you love, and the money will follow.” This is a saying that’s been passed down over the past couple of years. A tantalizing promise of a future where your passion and your wallet are perfectly aligned. But what if your greatest love is comfort?!

Image Courtesy of mouseinbubble / Instagram

Before you dismiss your pizza-lounging escapades as unproductive, consider this: There’s value in simply enjoying the things that bring you joy. Life is a balance of responsibilities and pleasures, and finding time to relish in the simple pleasures is equally important.

All ‘Round Difficulties

Welcome to the world of adulting, where falling asleep is a nightly quest, and waking up is akin to conquering a mountain. Gone are the days of blissful slumber that embraced us as kids, replaced by the intricate dance of restlessness and grogginess.

Image Courtesy of mouseinbubble / Instagram

It is truly draining. But fear not, for you are not alone in this daily dance. Countless adults around the world share your struggle. Each morning is a reminder that being an adult doesn’t come with a manual for mastering sleep. You’re doing your best!

Two Types of Eaters

In the world of dining, there exist two distinct tribes: the swift devourers and the unhurried savorers. The first group, known for their lightning-fast consumption, could give competitive eaters a run for their money. They don’t even notice they’re doing it.

Image Courtesy of mouseinbubble / Instagram

On the flip side, we have the unhurried aficionados. Those who approach every meal like a symphony to be conducted at their own pace. Each bite is a carefully orchestrated movement and a sensory exploration of flavors and textures. Which one are you?

Adult Embarrassment

Being an adult comes with a curious mix of pride and embarrassment, especially when it comes to the state of your humble abode. In the realm of adulthood, the sight of a cluttered room can trigger a kaleidoscope of emotions.

Image Courtesy of mouseinbubble / Instagram

The moment an unexpected guest announces their arrival, you embark on a cleaning spree. The dust bunnies scatter like startled rabbits, and the pile of laundry in the corner develops an identity crisis as it vanishes into the depths of the laundry hamper.

When You Meet That Person

Meeting “the one” and then encountering anyone else can feel like comparing two sides of a cosmic coin. The universe seems to orchestrate these moments with a blend of magic and humor that offer a stark contrast that’s impossible to ignore.

Image Courtesy of mouseinbubble / Instagram

When you meet that person, you are willing to free fall for hours if that’s what you need to do. It feels like flying home, and a warm embrace is waiting for you on the other side. It’s all completely normal! Half the time, you don’t even realize you’re falling.

Being an Introvert 101

Ah, the memories of being a kid introvert dragged to a party you didn’t want to go to. Those moments when the outside world felt like an overwhelming carnival of noise and activity. The poor introverted heart within you craved the quiet sanctuary of your home.

Image Courtesy of mouseinbubble / Instagram

So, you muster your courage, sidle up to Mom, and deliver the plea: “Can we go home, please?” It’s not that you don’t appreciate the fun or the company; it’s just that your introverted soul needs a respite from the sensory overload.

Emotional Damage

In a world that’s often full of a rollercoaster of emotions, someone who’s been through their fair share of ups and downs tries to comfort another person in their own quirky way. They might not have all the answers, but they know what it’s like to be in the dumps.

Image Courtesy of mouseinbubble / Instagram

Although drying the tears with a hairdryer isn’t what one has in mind when it comes to rushing to someone’s aid, it surely is effective. Aren’t all people a little rough around the edges, though? Well, the truth is, we are all in this together!

Good Night Message

There’s that frustrating feeling when you’re lying in bed, the world around you quiet and still, and you realize that you just can’t drift off until you receive that special goodnight message. It’s an unspoken reminder of that person’s place in your life.

Image Courtesy of mouseinbubble / Instagram

You wait, almost holding your breath, eyes occasionally flicking to your phone, hoping to see those words light up your screen. It’s not about the message itself but the thought behind it. There is nothing like a confirmation someone cares about you.

Proving Haters Wrong

Ah, the sweet taste of proving the haters wrong. There’s something oddly satisfying about that moment when someone doubts your prowess, raising an eyebrow and declaring, “You can’t possibly eat all that.” You quietly declare to yourself, “Oh, but I can, and I will.”

Image Courtesy of mouseinbubble / Instagram

It’s like having a challenge laid out before you, and you accept it with a gleam in your eye and a mischievous grin. You dive into your plate, each bite a declaration of your culinary conquest. Whenever someone says, you can’t, prove ’em wrong!

Lying To Yourself

Ah, the famous last words of anyone who’s ever thought they could be more productive if they just took a quick power nap. “Let me close my eyes for a minute,” they say as if the universe itself will magically pause while they catch some Z’s.

Image Courtesy of mouseinbubble / Instagram

It’s a statement filled with hope and a dash of naivety. You close your eyes, fully believing that you’ll open them in 60 seconds, refreshed and ready to conquer the world. But, minutes quickly turn to hours, and suddenly, it’s 8 pm!

When Hair Doesn’t Cooperate

Sometimes hair seems to have a mind of its own. You wake up in the morning, ready to conquer the day, only to be met with a tangled mess that refuses to cooperate no matter how hard you try. Your hair seems to be hellbent on ruining your day!

Image Courtesy of mouseinbubble / Instagram

But here’s the kicker: the moment you decide it’s finally time to wash that unruly mane, something miraculous happens. You glance in the mirror, and there it is – your hair, looking absolutely perfect, as if it’s been waiting for this precise moment to shine!

It’s a Kitty!

There’s something inexplicably enchanting about independent, mysterious cats that roam the streets with an air of nonchalance. As you walk down the sidewalk, you spot them perched on fences, nestled in cozy corners, or simply strolling as if they own the entire block.

Image Courtesy of mouseinbubble / Instagram

We absolutely understand her urge to snuggle the kitty! Their fur, weathered by the elements, holds tales of adventures and quiet moments spent basking in the sun. She wants to be a part of that, to give the little munchkin love, comfort, and cuddles!

When You Forget To Do Your Laundry

You’ve got a big event on the horizon, and you’re feeling all prepped and ready to take on the world. Your outfit is planned, your shoes are sparkly clean, and your excitement is through the roof. But then it hits you like a ton of bricks – you forgot to do your laundry!

Image Courtesy of mouseinbubble / Instagram

You try to weigh your options. Maybe you can pull off a last-minute ironing session or a quick spritz of fabric freshener to mask any signs of neglect. It’s a desperate person’s earnest plea to the universe. “Next time, I’ll be prepared,” you tell yourself.

Witchcraft Works!

The magical moment when those three little words become a bridge connecting two hearts is nothing short of magical. It’s as if time slows down, and the world holds its breath in anticipation. Your heart skips a beat, and everything around you seems to fade into the background.

Image Courtesy of mouseinbubble / Instagram

The funniest thing about this script is how she’s pretending to be surprised when, the previous night, she was seeking the help of her friends from the other side to make him fall in love with her! Well, it’s a struggle girls can partially relate to. You know it!

That’s Period For Ya

Ah, the legendary battle of hormones and emotions that occasionally ensues during that time of the month. It’s like a frustrating rollercoaster ride through mood swings and debates and a phenomenon that has puzzled both genders for ages. Most girls handle it like pros, though.

Image Courtesy of mouseinbubble / Instagram

Picture this: Your typical day is chugging along, and suddenly, there’s a shift in the atmosphere. It’s as if a gust of wind has blown in from a distant land called Hormoneville. It’s an unpredictable time, so roll with the punches, baby!

Sweets Win Every Time

This is the classic tug-of-war between body image aspirations and the undeniable allure of sweets. It always feels like a dramatic dance between your desire for a flat tummy and your fondness for all things sugary and delightful. With us, sugar often wins.

Image Courtesy of mouseinbubble / Instagram

It’s a battle of desires – the longing for a body that fits a certain standard of beauty and the irresistible temptation of sugary goodness. Choose sweets, gurl! Life is too short to be obsessed with your body. Do your steps, and eat that cake!

Head Through The Wall

Picture this: You and your friends are gathered around in one room, chatting and sharing stories. Amid the laughter, someone starts talking about a stressful situation they are facing. You, being the experienced confidant, offer your insights and well-meaning advice.

Image Courtesy of mouseinbubble / Instagram

However, as the days unfold, you notice your friend veering off the course you suggested. And then, you receive a call or a message. They’re back, teary-eyed and possibly a bit defeated, facing the consequences of their choices. You go back to wiping tears and reassuring them.


You find yourself staring at your calendar, days dwindling away, the big day inching closer with each passing moment. It’s like being in a race against an invisible opponent, where every second counts. But you still have time, right? Wrong.

Image Courtesy of mouseinbubble / Instagram

The moment arrives. The deadline is here, and you hurry over the assignment, then hit that submit button to turn in your work or present your project. It’s a bittersweet feeling, a combination of relief and a touch of anxiety. Hopefully, you didn’t make any stupid grammatical mistakes.

Why, Though?

You enter the store, hopeful and excited about finding the perfect outfit. The racks are filled with potential treasures, and you can’t wait to try them on. You gather an armful of clothes, each piece promising to make you look like a superstar.

Image Courtesy of mouseinbubble / Instagram

Just as you had suspected, the clothes fit fine and make your features pop! You quickly remove them and rush over to the cashier to pay. As soon as you get home, you decide to wear the outfit again because you can’t get over how gorgeous you looked. Shockingly, nothing looks the same.

Iron Deficiency Gang Where You At?

You’re sitting down – reading, working, watching TV – it doesn’t matter. Life is good, and you’re comfortably settled. The time comes to stand up. You push yourself up, and suddenly, your legs feel like they’ve been replaced by a pair of wobbly, inflatable tubes.

Image Courtesy of mouseinbubble / Instagram

It feels like traveling to space, as the artist calls it. Iron deficiency is where it’s at, folks! If you always wanted to experience extraterrestrial life, having low iron in your blood is the way to do it! Forget about building a rocket ship!

Front-View Only, Thank You!

You are getting ready for a big night out or a special occasion, and you have managed to create a stunning ensemble that showcases your curves and angles just right. From the front, you look absolutely snatched! You go, girl!

Image Courtesy of mouseinbubble / Instagram

But then comes the moment of truth: the side view. You catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, and there it is – the chubby tummy that seemed to appear out of thin air. However, that is where your organs are, dear, don’t feel too bad about it! You’re good!

Words of Affirmation Hit Different

The common love language of words of affirmation is a delightful dance of compliments and verbal appreciation. Up next, we take a glimpse into the world of a compliment battle between two individuals whose hearts are warmed by sweet words.

Image Courtesy of mouseinbubble / Instagram

Picture this: You and your partner, both fluent in the language of affirmation, embark on a playful yet heartwarming exchange of compliments. It’s a battle, yes, but a battle of love and appreciation. It feels like you can never run out of sweet things to say about them!

When You Want Both, But Can Only Have One

On one hand, you’re drawn to the chic and sassy allure of a short bob. It’s a statement that says, “I’m confident, stylish, and ready to conquer the world!” The bob’s crisp lines frame your face, drawing attention to your features and exuding a playful vibe.

Image Courtesy of mouseinbubble / Instagram

On the other hand, there’s the enchanting allure of long, luscious locks cascading down your back like a waterfall of silk. Long hair speaks of elegance, femininity, and a touch of mystery. So, whatever you choose to do, you can’t go wrong!

It Has Pockets!!!

This is a delightful quirk that only fellow dress-wearing individuals truly understand! It’s like an inside joke whispered among the girls – a hidden secret that brings an unexpected wave of joy. Behold the universal phenomenon: a dress with pockets!

Image Courtesy of mouseinbubble / Instagram

As if by instinct, you can’t help but share this revelation with the world, even if “the world” is just your closest friends or even the empty room you’re in. It’s a declaration that says, “My outfit not only looks fabulous, but it’s also incredibly functional!”

Worth It

Picture this: You’re standing in the shower, razor in hand, ready to embark on the quest for legs that rival the smoothness of satin. As the razor glides across your skin, there’s a dance of precision and care. Sometimes, though, a wayward move leads to a tiny cut. Yikes!

Image Courtesy of mouseinbubble / Instagram

Sure, there might be a momentary sting or two, but it’s a small price to pay for the sheer joy of gliding your fingers across skin that feels as polished as a gemstone. Each time you slip into your cozy pajamas, the sensation pays off!

You Do It!

You depend on the customer’s wallets, and you daresay that they should ‘order soon?’ Aren’t you the one that should do the ordering so you can have more items in stock and your customers and buyers don’t feel anxious about the purchase?!

Image Courtesy of mouseinbubble / Instagram

At least, that’s what the average customer thinks. But the truth is, this is a highly successful way of promoting sales. Ask any digital marketer. But that doesn’t mean customers will be okay with it. We’ll buy, but we won’t be happy throughout the process.

A Creative’s Struggle!

The bewitching hour of 2 a.m. brings along many things. When the world around you is hushed in slumber, creativity always seems to awaken with a spark. As an artist, you’ve probably experienced the enchantment of this magical time when inspiration flows freely, unburdened by the distractions of daylight.

Image Courtesy of mouseinbubble / Instagram

It’s as if the universe itself has chosen this time to share its secrets with you. Ideas that have been resting in the corners of your mind suddenly awaken, eager to be brought to life on canvas, paper, or any medium you choose.

Following Tutorials 101

The noble pursuit of hair mastery through online tutorials is a journey that promises salon-worthy locks but often leads to unintended comedy. Armed with a laptop, a hopeful heart, and a plethora of hair products, you try out what you see.

Image Courtesy of mouseinbubble / Instagram

Soon, you find yourself entangled in a battle against time, gravity, and your own hair’s reluctance to cooperate. You wonder how such a seemingly straightforward process has transformed into an epic quest with an unfortunate result. You swear never to do it again, but soon enough, you’re back.

Waking Up: Expectation vs. Reality

In the realm of expectations, your alarm gently rouses you from slumber, and you gracefully rise from bed with a serene smile. The sunlight filters through your curtains, casting a warm and flattering glow upon your face, and your heart is filled with excitement for a new day.

Image Courtesy of mouseinbubble / Instagram

However, when morning comes, reality barges in like an uninvited guest, bringing with it tangled hair that resembles a bird’s nest, a face that seems to have developed its own gravitational pull overnight, and a phone to wake you up. “Tomorrow will be better,” you comfort yourself.

Passwords Are Tough, Man

In an ideal world, each password would be a work of art, combining letters, numbers, and symbols in a symphony of security. But alas, reality has a way of complicating things. You stand before the login page, your mind a blank canvas.

Image Courtesy of mouseinbubble / Instagram

That’s why many users use the same password for multiple accounts and apps or make simple ones. It’s not easy to remember numerous passwords. But sometimes, the sites will send you an alert saying the password is weak and needs to be changed. So you add two special characters and move on.

Angry Tears

Imagine this scenario: You find yourself in the aftermath of a heated exchange; a storm of anger has washed over you. Now, there you stand, attempting to articulate the emotions that led to your outburst. And what’s this? Tears? Yes, indeed.

Image Courtesy of mouseinbubble / Instagram

The tears that sneak in at such times are not a sign of defeat or weakness. Rather, they are a testament to the depth of your emotional landscape. People often feel embarrassed about this, but it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

The Mime

You diligently apply sunscreen to your skin, mindful of the sun’s rays and their potential impact. But what’s this? As you rub it in, a peculiar transformation occurs. Suddenly, your skin takes on a hue reminiscent of a classic mime’s makeup!

Image Courtesy of mouseinbubble / Instagram

The artist shares her struggles being a person of color and applying her sunscreen as advised by the professionals. It is comedic how she portrayed herself as a mime afterward. But fear not, for this transformation is just but temporary.

Eyeliner is a Life-Saver

With a precise stroke of your eyeliner, your eyes can take on a new dimension, becoming windows to an enchanting world of elegance and allure. As you gaze into the mirror, you can’t help but admire the way the makeup accentuates your eyes!

Image Courtesy of mouseinbubble / Instagram

But oh, the curious paradox it brings! The confidence it grants you is matched only by the feeling of vulnerability when it’s absent. Without that line, your eyes may seem a touch too exposed, as if a veil of enchantment has been lifted.

Always Fab

One moment, you are caught in the storm of a mental breakdown, feeling like you’re navigating through a sea of uncertainty and darkness. Thoughts collide, emotions surge, and it’s as if the weight of the world is upon your shoulders.

Image Courtesy of mouseinbubble / Instagram

But hold on because, just around the corner, there is a twist in the narrative. Suddenly, those heavy thoughts feel lighter, and the emotions that were overwhelming you moments ago begin to lose their grip. Stay fab, ladies! It’s never that serious.

On Batteries

You would think that a long, luxurious slumber would guarantee you a morning of refreshed vitality. Yet, there you are, emerging from a marathon sleep session, and somehow, you feel as if you’ve been caught in a foggy dream world.

Image Courtesy of mouseinbubble / Instagram

And then, there’s the flip side of the sleep coin – the nights when sleep is a fleeting visitor. You manage just a few hours in the realm of dreams, but miraculously, you emerge from your slumber, feeling like you could conquer the world.

iPhone Users Know The Struggle

This is a pre-event ritual that is practically a modern-day commandment: Thou shalt charge thy phone before embarking on any adventure. It is a dance we all know quite well, especially those who own an iPhone. Those need charging constantly!

Image Courtesy of mouseinbubble / Instagram

There it is – your phone, pleading for some juice. It’s as if it’s saying, “I’ve got your back, but I need some energy to keep up with all the texts and emergency Google searches you’re about to throw at me to avoid talking to people.”

Boop Boop!

Isn’t it fascinating how our furry friends often find joy in the simplest of things? You could present them with a shiny, brand-new toy straight from a pet store, complete with tassels and squeals and all the bells and whistles. However…

Image Courtesy of mouseinbubble / Instagram

what they choose instead is a humble ball of crinkled-up paper straight from the recycling bin. They’ll bat it around, chase after it, and pounce on it as if they’re on a grand adventure. Little, ungrateful, fluffy beings. Can’t help but love them, though.