Tattooed Toons: Sweet And Stylish Ink Of Beloved Cartoons

By Amy M

People who love body art view themselves as a blank canvas with which they can display their life’s stories and passions. Tattoos not only look super cool, but it also helps convey the uniqueness of each person or honor an important memory. If you’re looking to get something meaningful tatted, why not get your favorite cartoon character inked as these people did?

One of the best memories people have of their early life is crashing in front of the TV and watching cartoons, which most adults still enjoy doing. It would be wonderful to carry around a piece of your childhood and remind you of a happy time. Now let’s dive right into these creative tats that will inspire you to get one of your own.

Bikini Bottom Besties

Here we have the adored besties of Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star. We can tell that the characters are two peas in a pod based off of how the artist drew them. The sparkling eyes and intertwined hands are perfect!

Image courtesy of emi_inks/Instagram

Everyone knows that these two are friendship goals. When SpongeBob isn’t busy with his fry cook job, he’s hanging out with Patrick catching jellyfish or bothering Squidward. You can go solo on this tattoo or get a matching one with a fellow bestie.


It’s Bubbles, the bubbly sister of Buttercup and Blossom from The Powerpuff Girls. Bubbles is a great tattoo to get because she shows that you can be girly and strong. Bubbles’ character design also has a lot of fun colors that would complement any outfit you wear.

Image courtesy of rizostattoo/Instagram

Get this inked if you want to promote girl power. The trio might be “sugar, spice, and everything nice,” but they’re still able to protect the citizens of Townsville from evil. Don’t be fooled by Bubble’s innocent demeanor; she is also hot-tempered and strong.

Couple Goals

Searching for a couple’s tattoo? Well, look no further. We’ve got the perfect one for you and your significant other. When your holding hands side by side, the characters will be lovingly gazing into each other’s eyes, with little hearts to complete the message, if there was any doubt.

Image courtesy of Top posts/Instagram

Minnie and Mickey Mouse are the iconic Disney characters. The first couple that usually comes to mind from the magical universe is these two lovebirds. Here’s a fun fact: the people who voiced the characters were married in real life. How sweet.

Sweet Tribute

The meaning behind this tattoo will bring a smile to your face, and tears to your eyes. This person got this tat of Homer Simpson and his dad, Grampa Simpson, embracing as a tribute to their late father. We’re not crying; you’re crying.

Image courtesy of Shinobi558/Reddit

In it’s 30+ years, The Simpsons has produced some amazing characters, such as Homer and Abe Simpson. The father-son duo might seem like they don’t have the perfect relationship, but they always end up reconciling. That is a beautiful design that they’re honoring their loved one with.

Sid, the Cool Sloth

This person has a lot of cool body art, but we want to focus on Sid, the sloth from Ice Age. Before we do, can we just comment on how adorable Ice Bear from We Bare Bears is next to Sid?

Image courtesy of maximilianopwr/Instagram

There are a whole bunch of characters from the Ice Age franchise, but most people tend to favor Sid. How can you not love this sloth? He’s clumsy, friendly, and carefree. If you want to get one character from this movie tattooed, you can’t go wrong with everyone’s favorite Megalonyx.

The Happiest Place On Earth

Wow! This is one jaw-dropping work of art! It must’ve taken hours to complete, but it was clearly worth it. This magical design deserves to be shown to everyone. The details are incredible, and it has so many Disney characters, it gives us an instant wave of nostalgia.

Image courtesy of VSteeleReddit/Reddit

The person who got this absolutely adores Walt Disney and the enchanted world he created. They got the castle from Disneyland, aka “The Happiest Place On Earth,” alongside some of the classic character as, of course, the iconic image of Walt Disney and Mickey. Bravo to this artist.

Treasured Teddy

It’s the treasured yellow teddy bear that was a part of most people’s childhood—Winnie-the-Pooh. This tattoo of him snoozing is so sweet. If you’re always in the mood for a nap and love this character that author A. A. Milne brought to life, you’ll want to get this.

Image courtesy of spilled_ink_tattoo/Instagram

Saying that he loves honey is an understatement. If there is a jar of golden goodness placed in front of him, he’ll be sure to devour it in seconds. This drawing is probably of Pooh in a food coma after eating his precious honey.

Hashtag Relatable

While Pooh had no trouble drifting off to sleep, Stitch is wide awake. Even tucked into bed, wearing his cozy pajamas, he’s not feeling the pull of dreamland. But it’s not for lack of trying. We can see he’s even counting sheep.

Image courtesy of yurici_tattoo/Instagram

This is for all the insomniacs out there. When you’re lying awake at night, you can admire this tattoo until you drift off to sleep. Stitch is the best company one can ask for, and he’ll surely bring you comfort on sleepless nights.

Neon Delight

“Scooby Dooby Doo, where are you?” Here he is! This isn’t the classic Scooby that we know and love. This version has a whole lot of vibrant colors, styled almost like confetti. We bet it would look even more amazing under a blacklight.

Image courtesy of whanfriedtattoo/Instagram

The person who got this inked should now be inspired to solve mysteries like Scooby-Doo and the rest of the gang. Well, it’s more like they’d be inspired to eat Scooby snacks and a sandwich with Shaggy. They should also consider getting a Mystery Machine to complement their new artwork.

Disney Magic

Instead of getting either a tattoo that’s exploding with color or a black and white one, why not do a bit of both? This design, as you can see, has strips of color highlighting Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck’s faces, as well as the background.

Image courtesy of wiewiora_ink/Instagram

This idea is brilliant because color tends to fade quicker than black and white tattoos. At least with this, they will only have to worry about doing touch-ups for that small section. Plus, it’ll look good no matter how faded the color gets.


This is a beautiful eye-catching design of one of Gru’s faithful minions from Despicable Me. The balloons and watercolor background really make this yellow little guy stand out. We love the personal touch they added by including their initials on the balloons.

Image courtesy of azzurramanese/Instagram

Balloons are synonymous with cheer and joy, just like this character, Dave. This is a fun-filled tattoo that would be ideal for someone looking for a bright design. Anyone who truly appreciates this animated movie would be over the moon with this artwork.

Slay Girl

My, oh, my Marge looks chic! Instead of her usual strapless green dress, this person decided to ink Mrs. Simpson donning a Channel outfit from the episode “Class Struggle in Springfield.” The ’80s-inspired neon design complements her blue hair nicely.

Image courtesy of Top posts/Instagram

Marge Simpson is a pretty underrated character, especially when it comes to artwork. The majority of tattoos feature more well-known characters like Homer or Bart, which is perfectly okay. But if you want to show some love to this hardworking stay-at-home mom, go with this tat.

Just Chilling

There is no cat-and-mouse duo more iconic than Tom and Jerry. Jerry is mischievous and carefree, and the artist managed to perfectly capture that in this tat. He looks so cute chilling with his glasses, book, and smug look on his face.

Image courtesy of tattoo.pencil/Instagram

Tom and Jerry might be arch-enemies, but they’re also best friends. We guess you can call them frenemies. This duo is perfect for best friend tattoos. One can get this cheeky design, and the other can get one of Tom.

Down the Rabbit Hole

What a lovely tattoo of the White Rabbit this is. This Alice in Wonderland-inspired design has a delicate twist with simple lines pastel colors. Now that he’s arrived at the tea party, the White Rabbit is a lot less stressed.

Image courtesy of rhithehuman/Instagram

Instead of frantically running off, he’s found a cozy spot in the Mad Hatter’s teacup. You will love this cute design if you’re always tardy like this fellow. He’s a great reminder to slow down and take it easy, even if you’re always in a hurry.

You Ain’t Ever Had A Friend Like Me

Robin William’s Genie from the beloved Disney film Aladdin captured the hearts of many. Wearing this ink will have you bursting into song every time you see it because you’ll be reminded of those iconic musical scenes. You have to admit that Aladdin really had some catchy hits.

Image courtesy of

Aladdin was lucky to have a best friend like Genie. Wish-granting aside, he knows how to be a good wingman, confidant, and backup singer. After getting this tattooed you might also receive three wishes, but a more fantastic design won’t be one of them—there’s no topping this beauty.

Badge of Honor

This tattoo shows Dumbo’s wonder. The little elephant is filled with so much love and curiosity. Just observe how amazed he appears to be with these flowers. This gentle tat doesn’t need a lot of color; a hint of pink will do the trick.

Image courtesy of alicjakotevicz/Instagram

The lovable calf taught us not to listen to the haters. Our “weaknesses” are our greatest strength. Anyone who’s watched the movie adores this little elephant and admires his appearance. People should wear this tattoo as a badge of honor.

Miss Bell

Peter Pan’s sassy sidekick is the feisty Tinker Bell. She usually wears a green dress and slippers, but this artist took a different approach and used a black and white image instead. To make up for it, though, they gave the wings a delicate, airy vibe.

Image courtesy of tatoo_delicadas_femininas/Instagram

Despite appearing innocent, Tink has a bad temper. Every time someone pays attention to Peter Pan, she gets green with envy. Don’t worry; she has some positive traits as well, like being helpful and considerate—usually regarding Peter. This fairy tattoo is a perfect fit for someone who embodies free-spiritedness, just like miss Bell herself.

Eyes Wide Open

This image is from a scene in the first episode of Rick and Morty where Rick takes Morty to an alien planet and is trying to show him the beauty of this different dimension. This is a hysterical tattoo to get, yet somewhat terrifying due to the detail given to the eyes.

Image courtesy of Rat_Basterd/Reddit

We have some great news for you if you’re struggling to pick between a Back to the Future tattoo and one from this show. Rick and Morty is a parody of the 1985 film. So, in essence, you’re expressing your love for both through a single tattoo.

Sleeping Beauty

Aurora from Sleeping Beauty is well-known in pop culture. This minimalistic design features an outline of the titular character, but without her facial features. Despite that, you can instantly recognize her by her beautiful dress, dainty tiara, and iconic curls.

Image courtesy of

This Disney princess is the personification of timeless elegance and beauty. The single rose represents love, while the birds symbolize freedom and hope. This artwork will be a daily reminder that anything is possible. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find your own Prince Phillip where you least expect him.

College Life

If you didn’t know, Monsters Inc. has a prequel called Monsters University. It tells the story of how Mike and Sulley met. This tattoo was taken from the poster of said movie. As you can see, Mike was the victim of a typical college hazing ritual.

Image courtesy of yurici_tattoo/ Instagram

This should be a fan favorite amongst college students. Just look at Mike’s expression in the tattoo, he looks exhausted and fed up. He’s ready for the shenanigans to end and for the real lessons to begin. Hopefully no one can relate to the bully, though.

Cuteness Overload

Awww this is a cuteness overload. Little Mike and Sulley look as cute as a button. Those stunning pastel shades go so well with the little creatures. If you want a smaller version of Mike and Sulley, you can take inspiration from this tattoo.

Image courtesy of bel.tattooinks/Instagram

Sulley is a kind character, though his appearance says otherwise. Yet even with his towering size, this drawing makes him look harmless. We wouldn’t even be able to tell it’s Sulley without his distinctive purple spots or baby Mike by his side.

Alien Friend

It’s our blue alien friend from Lilo & Stitch. Despite Lilo not being present in this piece of art, her homemade doll Scrump is there to serve as a reminder of her. The hibiscus flowers are a great touch for the setting—Hawaii.

Image courtesy of arliatattoo/Reddit

We simply adore the vibrant hues and blooms that surround Stitch. The Hibiscus flowers not only have a stunning appearance, but they also represent beauty and joyfulness. The cherry on top of this tattoo Is the watercolor effect behind the adorable Stitch and Scrump.

The Peanuts Gang

In 1950, Charles Schultz published the first Peanuts comic strip. The comic centers around Charlie Brown and the rest of the Peanuts gang. This tattoo is of the mischievous, adventure-seeking beagle, Snoopy, and his best pal, Woodstock, who is loyal to the core.

Image courtesy of youngchickentattoo/Instagram

These classic characters have been inseparable since they met. The pink hearts are a sweet addition to show the love they have for one another. This tattoo of Snoopy and Woodstock serves as a reminder that no matter what hardships you face, you can always count on your friends.

Outdoor Adventures

This is another tattoo of an oldie-but-goldie comic strip. Created by Bill Watterson, Calvin and Hobbes follows the adventures of Calvin and his bestie, a tiger named Hobbes. This tat shows us the outdoor adventures that these two get up to daily.

Image courtesy of hellboy823/Reddit

Calvin and Hobbes have taught us to appreciate nature, and that we don’t need technology to have fun. This ink should encourage people to step away from their phones every now and then and have some fun in the sun with a friend.

Feeling Blue

Wear your heart on your sleeve with this Sadness tattoo from the Pixar film Inside Out. She might not have been a fan favorite when the movie started, but by the end, we all learned to appreciate and embrace our own Sadness.

Image courtesy of kylar_tattoo/Instagram

The sketch style with splashes of color are the perfect balance for this character. Having a tat of her crying is a great reminder that it’s okay to cry. It’s cathartic, and can help you slow down and assess the situation.

Goofy Pup

This Goofy tattoo design is the creation of famous French tattoo artist Mat Rule. His distinctive style involves taking cartoons and realistic images and joining them together to make an eccentric piece of artwork. Take a look at this Goofy and pup mashup.

Image courtesy of matruletattoo/Instagram

If you’re a fur parent and have a passion for classic cartoons, consider getting the two combined. Goofy is truly goofy, like his namesake. He’s clumsy and simply adorable. He’s a fun character to tattoo with your furry friend’s muzzle.

Hauntingly Beautiful

Tim Burton is a creative genius, to say the least. He has blessed us with some unique gothic horror and fantasy films, such as the cult classic The Nightmare Before Christmas. This tattoo of Jack Skellington and his love Sally is hauntingly beautiful.

Image courtesy of lovestreet_tattoo/Instagram

Sally the ragdoll is Jack’s main love interest in the stop-motion feature. The heart around this striking design is a visual representation of the love they have for each other. If you’re a sucker for Christmas time, a good romance, and a Halloween movie, then choose this tat.

Dino-mite Tattoo

This tattoo is exploding with a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors. It pays homage to the Tyrannosaurus Rex from Steven Spielberg’s popular franchise Jurassic Park. Dinos may be extinct, but if you get this inked, it will live forever on your skin.

Image courtesy of silviamoon_tattooer/Instagram

The cartoonification adds playful whimsy to the King of the Tyrant Lizards (yes, that’s the Greek and Latin translation of Tyrannosaurus rex). If you’re a fan of the franchise, you could even get the Velociraptor Blue inked instead. Either way, you’ll have a cool-looking design.


Who’s that Pokémon? You guessed it right; it’s Pikachu! The mouse-inspired electric Pokémon is the face of the franchise. Speaking of electrical, isn’t this artwork electrifying? The pixilated details give off a vintage vibe, inspired by the 8 bit design in old games.

Image courtesy of zzang.ga_tattoo/Instagram

As much as we love newer game graphics, we’ll always hold a special place in our hearts for the classics. Pocket Monsters, as it was originally known, debuted in Japan in 1996. This 8 bit art was made for you if you want to flaunt your devotion to everything retro.

Calling All Anime Fans

Few animators have given us as many beloved characters as Hayao Miyazaki has. This tattoo features the main characters of Spirited Away; from Haku to No-Face to Chihiro herself. The anime film touched the hearts of many with its lessons of friendship, love, and bravery.

Image courtesy of crybabytattooclub/Instagram

Ariana Grande got a Spirited Away tattoo of Chihiro back in 2018. She revealed that the character holds a special place in her heart. If you want to show off your fondness for the film just like the queen of pop, then this tattoo has your name written all over it.

Scaredy “Cat”

Boo! Did we scare you, or just Courage the Cowardly Dog? This design shows the poor scaredy cat, we mean dog, shaking in his boots like he usually does in the cartoon. We can thank John R. Dilworth for creating this lovable pink beagle for Cartoon Network.

Image courtesy of emi_inks/Instagram

Courage is the main character in the series. He is easily frightened, but still tries to protect his owners from all the scary things that they’re faced with. For those who can sympathize with Courage’s nervous state of being and bravado, go ahead and have this inked.

Dad’s Pride and Joy

Need something to brighten up your day? The meaning behind this dazzling tattoo of Jake and Finn from Adventure Time will make your heart melt. A father dedicated this imagery to his son to show how proud he is of him.

Image courtesy of thedavidcote/Instagram

The characters share an unbreakable bond in the show. Finn and Jake are inseparable as they were raised as brothers by Jake’s parents. In this artwork, the father who had this inked is represented by Jake the dog with tears in his eyes, and Finn as his son.

Adoring Couple

This adoring couple we see before us is Robin Hood and Maid Marian from Disney’s adaptation of Robin Hood. This particular image was taken from the moonlight proposal scene. This imagery is so stunning we’re not surprised that someone would want to immortalize it.

Image courtesy of vexed_vixen_ink/Instagram

The tattoo artist included UV accents in this artwork. How incredible is that! The stars in the night sky and part of the character’s faces were drawn with this ink. Anytime the person is in a dark room, or someone shines a black light on them, they’ll basically turn into a human glow stick.

Bunny-Bunny Bubbles

We’re laughing out loud at this Bubbles tattoo from The Powerpuff Girls. The tattoo artist captured this particular scene from the episode “Super Zeroes” perfectly. This monochromatic drawing of Bubbles in a bunny suit is so delightfully cute and funny, and it really captures her personality.

Image courtesy of

In this episode, the three crime-fighting sisters decide to draw inspiration from their favorite comics to be better heroes. Bubbles chooses to transform herself into Harmony Bunny from the comic Bunny-Bunny. It was fun to see even our favorite characters cosplay as their beloved icons.


This Disney Fantasmic! tattoo with the one and only Mickey Mouse is worthy of a chef’s kiss. One can be entranced by the array of colors for hours. We’ve seen this little mouse in so many wonderful artworks, but it’s refreshing to see a different Mickey design.

Image courtesy of

This tattoo took six and a half hours to complete! You have to be a very patient person to get a tattoo if it takes that long. In the end, it’s worth the wait when you’re awarded with artwork straight out of a movie scene.

The Bad Guys

Wowwee, this The Lion King tattoo sure is something. The spotted hyenas Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed are Scar’s loyal sidekicks in the 1994 classic film. The menacing looks on their faces, excluding Ed, have a glow to them that makes this artwork really stand out.

Image courtesy of ikostattoo/Instagram

The three hyenas from the film might be the bad guys, but there are people who love these characters. Even if you are not fond of these creatures, you can’t deny that you like this super-duper design and might consider getting it inked.

Tigger the Bouncing Tiger

This design is of one of Winnie the Pooh’s best buddies and most famous stuffed tiger. Tigger is an energetic character that is known for bouncing all over the place on his tail. To quote Tigger, this tattoo is “Bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy, fun fun, fun, fun, fun.”

Image courtesy of sarababydolltattoo/Instagram

The meaning of a Tigger tattoo can vary depending on the wearer. Some people may use it as a way to express their love for this vivacious character or to relive happy childhood memories. Others may see it as a representation of resilience and strength, as Tigger is renowned for his boundless optimism and passion.


Add a little color to your life with this multicolored sketch tattoo. At first glance, this looks like a normal design of Rick from Rick and Morty until you realize the character doesn’t have a stache in the show. The artist cleverly transformed this mad scientist into Albert Einstein.

Image courtesy of zoiotattooartist/Instagram

Albert Einstein’s most famous photograph is of him sticking his tongue out at the camera. That’s exactly why one can tell that this Rick tattoo is of him. This tattoo will definitely be a hit with those who worship both the wacky professor and the animated cartoon.

Big Softy

This is a sweet tattoo of Sulley, or Kitty as Boo affectionately calls him, and Boo in her monster disguise. These characters have a strong bond that is shown throughout the movie. This fuzzy monster might scare kids for a living, but he has a soft spot for Boo.

Image courtesy of manuel_giaconi_artist/Instagram

Boo is a curious, dynamic toddler who won the hearts of many in Monsters Inc. including Sulley’s. He isn’t keen on her at first, but they soon grow close. This special tattoo can be a reminder of the importance of friendship.

A Whole New World

This black and white tattoo is from the legendary “A Whole New World” scene where Aladdin and Princess Jasmine soar through the night sky on the magic carpet. The imagery is contained within a heart shape to highlight the romantic nature of this tattoo.

Image courtesy of luispayacan/Instagram

Aladdin and Jasmine are Disney characters that symbolize romance and adventure. This tattoo is popular among couples as it’s a way for them to celebrate their love. This design will undoubtedly serve as a lovely reminder that true love stands the test of time.

Totes Adorbs

Well, what do we have here? This cute little creature is a Pokémon species known as Noibat. It is a purple animal that resembles a bat which you can find in generation 6. You don’t necessarily have to be a fan to get this. Nothing’s stopping you from randomly getting this cute creature tattooed.

Image courtesy of Top posts/Instagram

If you have a whole bunch of Pokémon tattoos and are searching for another one, you should consider adding this to your collection. This Pokémon that’s also known as a “sound wave Pokémon” looks so precious with the pink heart alongside it.


We present to you a tattoo of Phineas Hackenbush. He is one of the hitchhiking ghosts that haunt Disneyland. Don’t worry; it’s actually just an amusement ride called The Haunted Mansion. He’s not an actual ghost. Phineas might be a bit creepy, but he certainly looks quite radiant in this tattoo.

Image courtesy of KyleRichXV/Reddit

Phineas is known to force mortals to return to the mansion by taunting them until they agree. If they don’t, he threatens to follow them home and haunt them. In this case, Phineas really did follow this person home and lives on them in the form of a spooky design.

Pokémon Magic

Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes upon this sparkling tattoo. It features sweet little Pikachu and Raichu with all the colors of the rainbow. When you create a piece of artwork with these characters and add flowers, you are left with the most exquisite design on the planet.


Pikachu is the mascot for Pokémon and often overshadows Raichu, who is the evolved form of him. We’re happy to see that this Pokémon is being shown some appreciation alongside Pika. We just can’t get over how cute this is!

The Ghostly Trio

Here we have The Ghostly Trio that go by the names Fatso, Stretch, and Stinkie from Casper the Friendly Ghost series. They are Casper’s uncles but certainly don’t share his kind nature. These characters are eerie in the film, yet they make a fetching tattoo.

Image courtesy of ansya_got_game/Instagram

This is a fine line tattoo, meaning a smaller needle was used to create the black and white delicate lines. It also has the distinct advantage of being less painful. At least one would be walking away with a cool spooky design with less discomfort.

The Circle of Life

This is the perfect tattoo to wrap up this post. The Lion King is a great Disney movie that gifted us with some wonderful quotes and characters such as Simba. This tattoo depicts the ceremony in which young Simba was chosen to succeed Mufasa as the future ruler of Pride Rock.

Image courtesy of baranuar/Instagram

This tattoo isn’t just for The Lion King devotees; it’s also for anyone who is a Leo. It would be so cute to get one of little Simba to display your zodiac sign since lions are the symbol for it.