45 Cute Cat Comics That Portray What Life Is Really Like Living With A Cat

By Liezel L

Cats might not always get the same sunny reputations as dogs do, but as cat people say, they’re just as precious as pups. They can even be angelic. They simply have different quirks. And you won’t be able to notice by looking at cats from afar. You have to really experience life with them to know just how much love these creatures can give you. Comic artist Rita Vigovszky is giving her audience a taste of this life with her adorable comics where she illustrates her daily life with her cat Miyu.

She illustrates everything from Miyu’s weird quirks to the heartfelt moments they spend together, and her fan adores them. The artist expressed how meaningful it is that people find her art enjoyable, saying, “especially when you feel like the world is burning with all of these horrible events going around, seeing a comment where someone says my comic made them laugh, or I get heartfelt feedback for one of my commissioned illustrations – that’s what keeps you going. It’s just a very nice feeling to know you might make someone’s day a little bit better.”

Even The Cats Gained Weight

We’re pretty sure we can all relate to this cat. Before the pandemic started, we were somewhat put together and always ready to hit the road. But when lockdowns started and many of us were forced into remote work situations, that readiness just kind of dissipated. 

image courtesy of ritavigovszky/ Instagram

It’s not just us humans who let ourselves loose a little too much, though. Given that our pets accompanied us inside most of the time, they too have felt the effects of what we’ve been through. At least we’re in it together with them, right?

Cats Run At Different Clocks From Humans

Some people might think that cats are such low-maintenance pets. After all, they just sleep through most of the day. What they don’t realize most of the time, though, is that cats just run on a different clock than humans.

image courtesy of ritavigovszky / Instagram

When the cats are asleep, everything at home seems peaceful. But when they’re awake, it can get pretty wild. They can think they’re some kind of race car zooming around the house. There is even a word for that. They call it the “zoomies.”

The Bed And Everything Within Is Theirs

It’s just an undeniable fact of being a cat owner. When you get a cat, the bed and everything on it will magically belong to them. You’ll just become the guest who sleeps beside them every night, and that’s it. 

image courtesy of ritavigovszky / Instagram

They get to say if you’ll have a blanket or a pillow that night. Sometimes, if they get in a mood, they might even decide to subtly push you off the bed completely. If you get a cat, get ready to sleep on the floor or couch, or at least get your own separate blanket.

Commercials Lie!

Many women never trust period commercials. Do you know why? It’s because they’re all lies. If you’re a woman, you know what we mean. They portray having periods as something like the happiest time of the month with the right pad or tampon, but in reality, nothing can make it happy. 

image courtesy of ritavigovszky / Instagram

At that time of the month, we deal with raging mood swings we can’t control because of hormones, sudden food cravings that leave us feeling bloated for days, and a general lack of will to live. So no, there are no rainbows and unicorns present.

Bye Bye Clean Blacks

Cat and dog owners alike are very well familiar with this struggle. Once you get a cat or a dog, you can very well say goodbye to having pristine dark clothes. You won’t be able to escape the tornado of their fur. 

Image courtesy of ritavigovszky / Instagram

It doesn’t even matter what color your pet is. Hair will be on everything you wear. And no matter how many lint rollers you have, there is no way they will catch them all. So say goodbye to your once furless life and prepare to stock up on lint rollers.

They Probably Think We’re Crazy

Sometimes, cats act in such a way that makes them seem like mature adults that have all their stuff in life pulled together. And sometimes, we get the feeling from them that they’re sort of judging us for all the silly things we do. 

image courtesy of ritavigovszky / Instagram

This is one of those moments. They probably thought they taught us better than this, but the joke’s on them. Nothing can get rid of that innate human weirdness we all have. We still feel bad for giving them a heart attack every time we do something like this, though.

Pay Attention To Me, The Kitty Says

When you get a cat, you must quickly accept that it will become the center of your home life, if not your entire life, and they will demand it to be so. They won’t just be some pet sitting by the doorway. No. They will be the center of your attention. 

image courtesy of ritavigovszky/ Instagram

They will also do anything it takes to be the center of your attention. This does not exclude sitting on your laptop when you need to work or giving you an uncalled-for head massage with their nails. Good luck!

Through Your Highs and Lows

Cats are intelligent creatures, but they don’t always understand human behavior. Who does anyway, right? Despite not understanding why we might be in bed or staring into space all day. They’ll be there through it all without any objections.

image courtesy of ritavigovszky / Instagram

They’ll just keep going through their day like nothing’s happening. And with that, they kind of become this symbol of normalcy that we need in those times when we don’t feel like keeping up with the demands of life. 

People Should Have Learned By Now

By now, people should have learned that black cats don’t bring bad luck or are omens of doom. It’s the 21st century, for Pete’s sake! Just because they’re black doesn’t mean they’re related to the legions of darkness or whatnot. 

image courtesy of ritavigovszky / Instagram

These cats also deserve to receive the kind of love cats of different colors are getting. They’re just as adorable, sweet, and intelligent. To the people who still believe they bring bad luck, shame on you for being so dumb.

The Picture Of Sophistication And Goof

Cats are well-known to be graceful creatures and constantly aware of their environment. They can walk on narrow pathways like it’s a runway. They can jump from high places effortlessly. And, of course, looking good and put together while doing so is natural.

image courtesy of ritavigovszky / Instagram

There is another side to every cat, though. And for most felines, it’s a goofy side. Only their owners are lucky enough to get a glimpse of this entirely different side of them. It’s a big reason why owning a cat is so worth it.

Liquid Cats

Cats are like liquids. Present them any box, and we assure you, they’ll find a way to fit it if they choose to. It doesn’t matter if it’s round, cylindrical, or square. They’re expert contortionists and will bend their bodies whichever way just to fit. 

image courtesy of ritavigovszky / Instagram

Cats don’t even mind if the object is smaller than them and can’t completely fit into it. As long as a couple of their legs or their head can squeeze inside, they’ll sit on it and own it. They’ll only give it back to you once they’re tired of it.

The Best Kind Of Weather

While there’s joy in soaking up the summer sun and enjoying it while going out and about, there’s just nothing that compares to the opportunity to huddle down with some hot cocoa and your favorite book or movie on a rainy day. 

image courtesy of ritavigovszkyb / Instagram

For reasons we can’t explain, that kind of weather is the perfect time to rest, focus on yourself, have some bonding time with your loved ones or beloved pets, and just let everything be. There’s very little that will have us pass up that opportunity.

The Upsidedown Loaf

Most of the time, most cats can either look like classy felines, wild feral beings, or just giant goofballs. It’s not often that we catch them in moments like this when they look like they’re in their most peaceful state. 

image courtesy of ritavigovszky / Instagram

It’s a privilege to be able to see them in this state as well. Cats can always be on guard, but when they become this giant floofball, you know you’ve earned their trust, and they’re very comfortable around you. That’s one of the best feelings ever.

We Have Our Own Versions Of Summer Fun

For some people, summer is all about going out with friends or spending all day tanning at the beach. For others, though, like this artist. Summer is all about soaking up the sun on your own terms away from the crowds.

Image courtesy of ritavigovszky / Instagram

We’re definitely on her side for this one. While there’s some appeal to making the most of summer outside, there are times when we just can’t deal with the crowds at all. We’d rather stay in our own spot of sunlight with our best pal and enjoy summer in peace.

The Best Nurses

Cats may not be able to buy you medicine or make food for you when you’re sick but trust us. They’ll be with you every step of the way. They’ll be there making sure you don’t feel alone, and they’ll also guard you every minute. 

Image courtesy of ritavigovszky / Instagram

If you have a great bond with your cat, they’ll only leave your side when necessary, like when they have to eat or poo, but nothing more. Sometimes, this makes us think we don’t deserve cats. They really will show up for you!

Cat Merch

Why do fashion designers think cat designs and merch are only for kids? There are plenty of adults out there who also want to show their admiration for their pets through the clothes they wear. Thank you very much.

Image courtesy of ritavigovszky / Instagram

Designers should really think about expanding their design lines or at least coming up with a few adult versions. Cat lovers can’t just keep wearing oversized kids’ clothes forever. They need to step up their game. Come on, people!

Us Before Our First Cup Of Coffee

We know that this look or this conception of caffeine-run people has become somewhat of a meme, but hey, let us tell you. It’s very real. Some of us really can’t function in the world without that first cup of coffee when we wake up. 

image courtesy of ritavigovszky / Instagram

If you don’t want to see us like a zombie walking through the grocery isles or heading into work, you better let us have that first cup of coffee in peace. That’s the fuel that kickstarts the fire for our will to live for the day, okay?

The Onslaught Of Summer Isn’t Fun

There are plenty of things to love about summer. You can go outside without an umbrella, wear all these cute fresh outfits, and don’t have to worry about being cold all the time. However, there are some downsides, believe it or not. 

Image courtesy of ritavigovszky / Instagram

One of them is when the heat just becomes unbearable. We don’t know how people can still go out when it’s boiling hot out and still have “fun.” Seriously, how can you have fun when you’re swimming in your own sweat pool?

Best Cuddle Buds

When you have a pet cat, you have one of the best cuddle buds in the whole world. You won’t need too many pillows anymore, and you won’t have to desperately search for a partner. Your cat will be enough.

image courtesy of ritavigovszky / Instagram

They’re soft, warm, and though some cats may only tolerate the hugs of their owners, at least you know that they’re tolerating it for your sake which means they truly love you. That in itself is enough to give them the best cuddle bud title.

What Cats Look Like When They Know They Look Fine

We’re not sure if animals have the same concept of self-awareness as us, but some cats just seem to know that they’re quite the looker. They literally flaunt it in front of their owners every day, and sometimes, it’s like they go a little extra just to make sure their owners know it.

Image courtesy of ritavigovszky / Instagram

When they get in trouble, for instance, they switch on their charms in the blink of an eye and pose like the cutest and most innocent cat on Earth. The problem is that it works so well. Most of the time, they get out of trouble scat free. 

They’re Hair Band Thieves

When it comes to amusing themselves, cats can get very creative with whatever is available to them on hand. And seemingly, one of their favorites is things that are nice and stretchy. Sadly, this includes things like your hair bands. 

image courtesy of ritavigovszky / Instagram

So. if a bunch of your hair bands always go missing while your cat is around, you won’t need to look for the culprit any longer. They’re right there with you. Sadly, once they’re done with those hair bands, there is little hope you’ll find them again.

She Might Be Mortified At Being Treated Like A Dog

Whenever people see cats on a leash, they “ooh” and “aah.” It’s just not yet so common to see a cat on a leash like a dog. And it’s not so easy to get your cat used to the leash as well since it’s not common for people to introduce them to it. 

Image courtesy of ritavigovszky / Instagram

In some instances, your kitten may even look so mortified at being leashed like a dog. That doesn’t mean there’s no chance for your cat to love the leash though. They’ll eventually get used to it and make your walks a lot easier and more fun for you both.

Best Bud To Hang Out With Everywhere

Having a pet to hang out with at home during any season and any time of the day is just honestly amazing. They’ll be glad to just be by your side or curled up by your feet which they can keep warm for you. 

image courtesy of ritavigovszky / Instagram

They just enjoy your company without expecting anything, which is probably one of the purest forms of love we know. That’s what makes our pets so precious and the reason that we must protect them at all costs. 

Gotta Boop The Boop

Cats are intelligent creatures to the point that they can either be a step ahead of you, or they can react fast enough even to a surprise. When it comes to boops, though, we think they just don’t know what to expect every time. 

Image courtesy of ritavigovszky / Instagram

It becomes the only time that we catch our cat unaware. They either stare in shock that they’ve been bamboozled, and if not, they immediately grab onto your finger to chew on it in revenge. Either way, the reaction is worth it.

For True Cat Lovers

There are surely plenty of cat lovers out there who would agree with this statement. Some would even say that cats are way better company than humans anyway, and with that, we also agree. Some cats are really great companions!

image courtesy of ritavigovszky / Instagram

Seriously though, once you discover what’s so lovable about cats, there is just no turning back. They’ll have their claws deep in you. And it’s not such a bad thing because cats do deserve the kind of love that would make them feel appreciated. 

Nothing Changed

We don’t know what it is about baby animals, but they’re just a thousand times cuter than adults. Maybe it’s the rounded cheeks? Or maybe it’s the Bambi eyes? We’re not sure, but maybe there’s an exception for pets. 

Image courtesy of ritavigovszky / Instagram

Just take a look at this age comparison. There is barely any difference. They’re still both adorable, and they both still want to make us take them home. Do they have the secret to the fountain of youth, perhaps?

Through Thick And Thin

Cats have gained a reputation for being snobs and divas and all that jazz. And they can be such at times. It’s just part of their nature since they know they’re better than us. When you need them, though, they’ll be by your side. 

Image courtesy of ritavigovszky / Instagram

They might not offer a hug back, and there’s a chance they might run away from your loud sobbing, but once you pull them in for a cuddle, they’ll be there. And they’ll tolerate it for you. Some cats might even curl up on your lap while you sob away. That’s just how they show they care.

Best Companion For Movie Nights

Do you know those friends who excitedly suggest watching movies late into the night but are the very first ones to fall asleep? Yeah, cats are just like them. They look like they’ll stay up late beside you, but they’ll be the very first ones to curl up and fall asleep. 

image courtesy of ritavigovszky / Instagram

It’s not like you can hold it against them as well. They just look so cute, all curled up and peaceful. They look like angels! It would be a crime to wake them up. Their presence would be enough to keep you company through the movie.


We all know that cats aren’t the biggest huggers out there. They’re not always keen on physical contact with their owners. They only come to you in the moments they want to feel more love than usual. That’s why this picture is quite accurate.

Image courtesy of ritavigovszky / Instagram

If you try to take picture with a cat when they’re not in the mood for any touchy-feely things, they’ll be squirming like a worm just to get out of your grip. And they might even scream for help with some loud meows or protests. Don’t worry. They still love you, though.

One Of Life’s Biggest Loss

The pain of losing a pet is unlike any other. You’ve considered them your family, and they’ve been faithful companions that have been there through thick and thin. That’s why the hole they leave behind in your life can feel like a dark abyss. 

Image courtesy of ritavigovszky / Instagram

Getting over the loss isn’t an easy thing to do either. You can’t just get a new pet and expect the grief to pass. It’ll stay along with the memories of your old pet. But just as you learned to take care of your pets, you’ll soon learn to live life again while cherishing the memories you had with them.

The More Cats, The Better

Some of you may laugh at the concept of a cat lady, but to some people, that’s the dream life – to be surrounded by many of their favorite creatures in the world. And we think it’s a great dream. After all, to live the life you want, you have to surround yourself with people who make your life richer. 

Image courtesy of ritavigovszky / Instagram

Cats serve those who love and cherish them. When it comes to cats, every day is filled with a different adventure. Plus, they’ll provide you with a different kind of love and companionship that you won’t find anywhere else.

Most Adorable Halloween Kitty!

See? Black cats aren’t scary and aren’t bringers of bad luck. Just look at this adorable chap. Does it look like it came from some evil dimension to bring bad luck into your life? It looks like the complete opposite.

Image courtesy of ritavigovszky / Instagram

Instead of being a bad omen, it looks like it’ll chase ghosts away from you and keep bad luck even further away. It might not look ferocious enough to do so, but we think its charm can work well enough to do that.

The Heat Wave Isn’t Fun

They say the summer sun is fun and that you should soak it all up before it goes away, but nobody ever said anything about the intense heat waves that would have us all melting. That is not our definition of fun. 

Image courtesy of ritavigovszky / Instagram

If we could, we’d bring around huge fans with us everywhere we go because those tiny portable fans are just not enough. Then again, if we had the choice to just stay home and sit in front of our fans, we’d do exactly that.

Cats Get Lonely Too

If you ever catch your cat looking out the window alone like this, it can be easy for you to feel a little bit of sadness or even guilt. Because we all know that nobody is a perfect cat owner, and we can all have shortcomings with our pets too. 

Image courtesy of ritavigovszky / Instagram

Despite that, it’s always good to be reminded to treat our pets with as much love as we can. We got them for a reason, and we can’t disappoint them because all they have is us to depend on. If we consider them our life, then we’re the only family they know, so we have to love them as much as we can.

When The Weather Disagrees With Your Plans

Some days, we just want to get out and do all our errands and chores. But we all know that the weather is a tricky thing. Sometimes, it might agree with our plans but other times, it might go the complete opposite. 

image courtesy of ritavigovszky/ Instagram

We can’t do anything about the weather, so we humans have to adjust the best way we can. Plus, if we got plans to do, then we got plans to do. We can’t let a little rain and wind get in our way, right?

Finding Your Kitty Soulmate

Not every cat is the same, and you won’t always immediately find your kitty soulmate, but once you do, it’ll be like a missing part of you has been filled. That’s just how precious a bond between a human and a cat can be. 

Image courtesy of ritavigovszky / Instagram

Although cats might not be able to speak our language or understand everything we’re telling them, they’re able to prove their care and love for you through their actions. And they’ll show it to you in their own unique ways. 

No Rain Is Going To Touch This Cat

Cats are fancy creatures, and they won’t stand getting rained on for absolutely no reason. That’s why it’s our responsibility as humans and as their slaves to provide clothing that will protect them from the rain at any cost. 

Image courtesy of ritavigovszky / Instagram

You can even have matchy-matchy ponchos with them if you want but be warned. They will look a thousand times better wearing it more than you. They can make wet streets look like a runway, whereas you’ll just look like someone trying hard not to be a wet duckling.

Cats Need A Little Comfort Too

Some people find comfort in stuffed toys, and we completely get it. Those soft and furry things temporarily fill up the hole we have in our souls or hearts, and we guess it can do the same thing for cats who can seem soulless sometimes. 

Image courtesy of ritavigovszky / Instagram

If we can give any cat out there who wants one a stuffed toy of their own, we’d probably do it in two seconds. Just look how adorable they are with it. They definitely deserve the extra pillow and the comfort it provides too!

They’re All Grace They Say

With how they move and how they look, cats can often seem like sophisticated creatures that are fit to be in royal places. Even in their sleep, they can seem like the very picture of class, but that’s not the reality of cats.

Image courtesy of ritavigovszky / Instagram

No matter how regal they are, cats will twist, turn, and squirm every way they want to get that comfy position in their sleep. After all, they got to get that beauty sleep, right? They can’t risk not getting enough good sleep, so class goes out the window in sleep. 

When We Have To Work Inside All Day Long

There are so many benefits to staying inside all day long, and many people love it. You won’t get stressed with traffic and other people, you won’t have to change your clothes, and you won’t have to put up a facade for anybody else. But there is also a limit. 

Image courtesy of ritavigovszky / Instagram

On the days when we’re forced to stay inside all day long, it suddenly becomes the worst thing ever. That’s when we get this sudden craving to be out and about and to experience the world and everything it has to offer. How weird.

Salon Perfect Hair Everyday

Do you ever look at your cat and notice just how put together their fur always seems to be? Unlike them, most of us often find our hair disagreeing with every decision we make. What is it with cats?

Image courtesy of ritavigovszky / Instagram

Is it just part of their natural born beauty and grace? Or is it because of the fact that they like to always keep themselves nice and tidy? But don’t we put in the effort to do that as well every single day? Cats must have a secret!

Music Takes You To Another World

Music does wonders not only for our ears but also for our souls. No wonder you can see people everywhere – on the bus, on the subway, in restaurants, and even at home – so stuck in their heads with their earphones in. 

Image courtesy of ritavigovszky / Instagram

Music helps us escape the real world. For a moment, it provides us relief from whatever has been filling up our minds, and it provides us an opportunity to wander into a world of our own. So when you see someone just jamming away in their heads to their music, just let them enjoy, okay?

Forever Dance Partner

We’re pretty sure cats don’t really understand the concept of dancing, and we think that some of them don’t really like it when we pick them up and sway them around. But hey, cats are amazing dance partners.

Image courtesy of ritavigovszky / Instagram

Their soft bodies would swish around with your movements. The best part would be their expressions of bewilderment or even spite at what we’re making them do. Nothing beats seeing that, and we love to savor every moment of it. That’s simply how we show our love for them.

Spot The Difference

No matter what season it is, no matter what day it is, and no matter how old you get, once you bond with a cat, they’ll forever be your partner in crime. Nothing will change that because a human’s bond with a cat is for life. 

Image courtesy of ritavigovszky / Instagram

They’ll be with you in the things you like to do and sometimes even in the things they don’t like, but you do. And they’ll be there through the good times and the hard times as long as you give them the love they deserve, of course.

Cats Are For Life

Cats are very special creatures. They won’t always bend to your wishes, and they might cause some trouble here and there, but when they give love, it’s a love so pure that you’ll rarely experience it in this world. 

Image courtesy of ritavigovszky / Instagram

And while they might have many stereotypes, each cat is different. They have their own personalities, quirks, and characteristics. And the best part about it all is getting to know each of these bit by bit as you both change and grow in each other’s lives.