Check Out The Three Fun Comics Helping People To Forget Their Worries

By Stephen M

Chicago-based artist and cartoonist Chuck Ingwersen is putting smiles back on the faces of many social media enthusiasts through comic arts. With animals as a stand-in for humans, he seeks to address some dark challenges we face as a people. His works cover daily struggles like finding a job, making decisions, and even thinking about eating. He uses animals like cats, sharks, dogs, horses, etc., to represent humans.

How did he start?

Chuck loved to draw as a kid and dreamt of becoming a cartoonist and artist in the future. “I constantly drew as a kid, and I’ve hand-drawn countless funny greeting cards for friends and families ever since I was very young.” He started as a newspaper journalist and worked as a reporter, editor, columnist, and page designer.

Photo credit: captainscratchy /Instagram

However, his desire to work as a cartoonist made him quit journalism. In 2008, he established himself as a freelance comic artist, cartoonist, and web comic. This led to creating the website “Words and Toons,” where he posted humor writings and cartoons. He later came up with another funny webcomic called “Captain Scratchy.”

Photo credit: captainscratchy /Instagram

According to the artist, he uses animals for his artworks because of his love for animals. With that said, he sometimes features humans in his work. The Chicago resident mentioned The Far Side and others as his inspiration on what influenced his arts. He also noted that his “overactive brain” makes him constantly think about great comic ideas.

Photo credit: captainscratchy /Instagram

Chuck uses one to five hours to develop a complete art piece depending on how complicated it is. At least, he completes one comic or cartoon each day. His comics are easy to understand; hence, his social media followers keep growing in numbers. He currently has about 5000 Instagram followers.