Checkout Some Interesting And Relatable Cat Comics By Vernessa Himmler

By Stephen M March 23, 2022

Living with a pet cat is very interesting in all aspects. To enjoy their cuddling and friendly traits, you need to endure all their “silly and naughty” tendencies. Cats get their attractions from their resemblance to stuffed animals, but cat owners attest that the reality is always different from their cuddly traits, says Vernessa Himmler.

Vernessa, a Hamburg-based illustrator through illustrations has described what to expect when living with a cat. Having two cats, Mikosch and Koschka, the artist has made fun illustrations of her life with the two fluffy cats. Her cat comics portray the weird and funny sides of the daily activities of the cats and her life as a “crazy cat lady.” According to her, the concepts are based on true events; nonetheless, she sometimes exaggerates a bit to make it interesting.

Photo credit: vernessahimmler

How it all started

Vernessa developed an interest in arts from childhood. She followed this passion and currently has a master’s degree in illustration from HAW Hamburg. Currently, she has developed her own style, creating works in bright illustrations. She tries to make her works relatable and less complicated for easy understanding. As such, every cat owner can relate to her cat comics. However, she says coming up with new art concepts is her greatest challenge.

Photo credit: vernessahimmler

Vernessa, who is also a sand painter, uses an hour to create one comic piece. Her area of work includes informative, non-fiction, and editorial illustrations. Her versatile art style encompasses realistic fine drawings with a touch of modern coloring techniques. Being an imaginary creator, she loves to see people smile; hence, her arts portray the comic side of serious life challenges.

Photo credit: vernessahimmler

The Hamburg artist collections include black and white comics and colorful illustrations of people and animals. You can check her out on Instagram at vernessahimmler and Facebook at VernessaHimmlerIllustration.