Comic Artist Creates Hilarious Stories Around Famous Characters With Unpredictable Endings

By Kanyi M

Step into a world where iconic superheroes like Thor and Hulk, as well as beloved characters such as Batman, find themselves in side-splitting predicaments that defy all expectations. Each tale in this extraordinary comic series concludes with a twist that will have you laughing until you cry. Brace yourself for a rollercoaster ride through the absurd and hilarious.

Image courtesy of spaceboycantlol/Instagram

In the realm of these comics, sensibilities, and logic are tossed out the window routinely, just as the illustrator promises. Aliens, for instance, don’t visit Earth to conquer it but instead to remind you that you’re still single, leaving you perplexed and amused by their unconventional agenda.

Meanwhile, in an unexpected twist, Hulk and Thor, the epitome of strength and heroism, decide to spend their day hanging out at a playground. But when Thor requests a simple push on the swings from the Hulk, a comically tragic mishap unfolds. Hulk’s accidental stumble results in an outrageously overpowered swing, sending Thor hurtling beyond Earth’s atmosphere, leaving both characters and readers bewildered.

The laughter continues as the comic explores a world where zombies are on the hunt for brains, but there’s an extraordinary caveat. They bypass anyone who holds up a poster declaring the Earth is flat, revealing that even the undead have their limits when it comes to choosing their prey. It’s a hilarious twist that leaves us questioning the true intelligence of the zombies and the people they decide to ignore.

Image courtesy of spaceboycantlol/Instagram

These comics epitomize the unexpected and absurd. They challenge your perceptions and lead you down paths of hilarity that you never saw coming. The illustrator’s dedication to defying the conventional and delivering side-splitting punchlines keeps readers eagerly anticipating each new installment. In a world where imagination knows no bounds, these comics prove that laughter can be found in the most unlikely places as famous characters navigate scenarios that defy both sensibility and logic.