Comic Artist Illustrates The Delightful World Of Being A Short Girl

By Kanyi M

In a world that often seems tailored for the vertically endowed, there’s a breath of fresh air in the form of Three Under the Rain’s charming comic series, Perks of Being Short. Illustrator Brisa, standing proudly at 152 cm, gracefully weaves a narrative that celebrates the unique advantages of being vertically challenged.

Image courtesy of threeundertherain/Instagram

Her whimsical illustrations capture the essence of joy in the everyday experiences that make being short an absolute delight. Check out some of these perks below.

Small Tub? No Problem!

One of the standout joys portrayed in Three Under the Rain’s illustrations is the luxury of effortlessly fitting into tubs. For those of shorter stature, the bathtub becomes a cozy oasis, a haven where relaxation knows no bounds. Brisa’s art transports us to a world where the simple act of bathing turns into a uniquely delightful experience, unburdened by the constraints of space.

Ample Legroom

The artist also skillfully highlights the practical benefits of being short, especially when it comes to transportation. No more cramped legroom in planes, trains, or back car seats – Brisa invites her audience to revel in the freedom of space that being vertically compact affords. It’s a perspective that turns the mundane act of travel into an adventure of comfort, where the journey is as enjoyable as the destination.

Perfect Size For Forehead Kisses

In the world of romance, forehead kisses hold a special place. Additionally, the intimacy of hearing a loved one’s heartbeat while hugging is a perk that Brisa, standing at the perfect hugging height, cherishes. Her characters embody the warmth and connection that comes with being able to nestle comfortably against a loved one, creating moments of closeness that are as heartwarming as they are relatable.

Baggy Clothes Aplenty

Brisa’s keen eye for the charming quirks of being short extends to the realm of fashion. Her characters effortlessly don oversized clothes like baggy sweatshirts, turning a potential fashion challenge into a style statement. The ease with which her characters navigate the world of fashion showcases that being short doesn’t limit one’s sartorial choices but rather opens up a realm of possibilities, making the mundane act of getting dressed an artful expression of individuality.

Image courtesy of threeundertherain/Instagram

I Don’t Walk I Strut!

The series also playfully tackles the high-heeled dilemma. For those of shorter stature, the ability to don heels without towering over the crowd is a stylish advantage. Brisa’s characters confidently strut their stuff, debunking the notion that height should dictate one’s footwear choices. In her world, wearing heels is not about compensating for height but rather an expression of personal style and confidence.