Comics That Perfectly Illustrate Life After Moving In With Your Partner

By Kanyi M

Life can be quite crazy at times. It’s weird to think that everything can change after we meet someone new, move to a new place, and adapt to everything that’s different after getting into a relationship. Some of us have been through it before, but for others, it’s all brand new, and they have no idea what to expect when moving in with their lover.

Comics are great at expressing this transition because they’re action-packed and make you laugh with fear of the unknown. Luckily, this comic artist decided to illustrate what life is like after you start living with your significant other.

Your partner wearing your clothes

“Borrowing” your clothes without your permission will become a regular thing. In the movies, this moment might be portrayed as romantic – a couple sharing clothes, symbolizing their unity and closeness.

Credit: amitycomics

But in real life, it can range from endearing to downright infuriating. You might find yourself searching for that favorite sweater of yours, only to discover it stretched out and smelling like your partner’s cologne. And don’t be surprised if you catch them strutting around proudly in your oversized t-shirt, claiming it as their own newfound fashion statement.

Expect random compliments

Love is not just about the big and obvious things. It’s also about the little things, the little moments where you feel special and appreciated.

Credit: amitycomics

Having your partner say that you look good even when you’re covered in dirt, sweat, and grime or that you’re doing a good job at work, even when you feel like crap, will do wonders for your confidence and self-esteem.

You’ll be too busy to party

Friends are the greatest thing about our lives, and we love spending some quality time with them. But that does not mean we can have intense parties every weekend.

Credit: amitycomics

When you move in together, this becomes difficult because now you’ll have to balance your time between your friends and your partner. You’ll find that it’s hard to go out with friends and still pretend to be social on Facebook when you should be cuddling on the couch with your partner.