Cartoonist Perfectly Captures What Life Is Like With A Cat In The House

By Jhoana C

This article was originally published on funcatz

The great father of psychology himself, Sigmund Freud, said that “Time spent with cats is never wasted,” and millions of cat lovers all over the world would agree with that. The delightful, furry creatures may have a reputation for being difficult or demanding at times, but they can fill your life with so much love. Having one as a pet and treating them as a family member entails a lot of responsibility, but it’s all worth it in the end when they give you so much in return.

To show everyone just what life is like living with cats, Russian artist Lingvistov has created illustrations based on her own experiences. Her art is appreciated by people who love cats, and even dog lovers get a kick out of them. We encourage you to scroll down to the bottom of this list; you might find your day a little brighter.

All images featured in this article are courtesy of Lingvistov

#1 They want to be involved in everything

If you haven’t had a cat, you have no idea what intrusive is. Felines don’t respect your private space; they are their own bosses and they pretty much go wherever they want to. Working remotely at home? They will sit on your laptop.

Image courtesy of lingvistov/Insstagram

Exercising? They won’t hesitate to join you. Having your meal? They will climb on the table and position themselves between you and your plate. If you want to take care of one, keep in mind you might need some patience.

#2 Marie Kondo in her past life

Who would have thought that Marie Kondo was a cat in her past life? This is exactly the animal form the organizer would have been in her previous life. She may be small but she doesn’t have reservations when it comes to redecorating.

Image courtesy of lingvistov/Instagram

She’ll toss anything that doesn’t belong in a space and she’ll get rid of everything that doesn’t spark joy. It doesn’t matter if you paid hundreds for that item, it will go right out the window. It makes us laugh when cats do that.

#3 They’re better than chameleons

Chameleons might be known for changing their colors according to their body temperature or to communicate with other chameleons but they don’t hold a candle to cats. Cats are the masters of blending in, even when they don’t perfectly match the surroundings.

Image courtesy of lingvistov/Instagram

They are so good that you won’t even notice where they are. One minute they look like the interior of a box, the next they look like they are part of your furniture or your rug. You best believe when we tell you they just disappear into the background.

#4 Work? What work?

If there is one thing that has happened over the past two years which people consider bad and good at the same time, it’s working from home. Being at home, typing away in your pajamas, and making sales call in your living room is the best thing.

Image courtesy of lingvistov/Instagram

It can also be a bad thing when you have a cat at home. They don’t care if you have an important meeting or if you have to finish your document soon. If they want to intrude, they will. The lady in this illustration is clearly incapussitated.

#5 Cat hair there and everywhere

One of the things that are part and parcel of having a pet – or should we say, boss cat – in your home is fur flying everywhere. You can count on it to be on your sofa, furniture, clothes, and sometimes, if you’re not careful, in your food.

Image courtesy of lingvistov/Instagram

This is the perfect illustration of how your clothes will look if you get a cat. Yes, you can get rid of all the hair but that’s going to eat into your time so if you’re in a hurry, you might end up going on your date with cat hair accessories.

#6 You’ll miss your cat

Cats can be annoying sometimes but one thing’s for sure, when they are away from you, you’ll miss them terribly. You’ll miss them disturbing you while working, making sounds when you want them to be quiet, and intruding into your space.

Image courtesy of lingvistov/Instagram

Have you ever gone on a holiday alone and had to turn your pet over to someone else’s care while you’re away? We are sure you wanted to “talk” to them while you are away and perhaps ask them how their day was going without you.

#7 They are in charge of your time

If you think you’re the boss, you couldn’t be more wrong if you have a cat. Your feline is in charge. It calls the shots and it tells you what you can and cannot do, as well as when you can or cannot leave.

Image courtesy of lingvistov/Instagram

We’re sure it’s familiar to you and we’re sure this has happened plenty of times before to cat owners. You don’t tell them to get off you. They decide when you can go. Of course, you’re listening because that’s what you really want.

#8 They own most of the space

If you have a cat in the house, you have to be ready to give up most of the space in the home to it. You can’t tell it to go away or to remain on its bed because it’s gonna find its way to the furniture, the laptop, the table, the bed.

Image courtesy of lingvistov/Instagram

Nothing is off-limits to them so if you can’t deal with having a tenth of the sofa space to yourself, we suggest you rethink your idea about getting a cat (if you had one). Your space is no longer going to belong to you alone.

#9 Don’t disturb me, human

Cats, being the royalty that they are, don’t like being disturbed. They want to wake up whenever they want to and do whatever they want. being fiercely independent and self-sufficient, they don’t obey anyone and they won’t heed anyone’s command.

Image courtesy of lingvistov/Instagram

If your cat is sleeping, you better not disturb it because we guarantee you that they won’t like it. Leave them be and let them wake up when they want to so that you’ll also have a peaceful life. Unless you like to tease them.

#10 Snow showers or hair showers

Every surface in your house will be covered with cat hair or as other people like to call it, kitty sprinkles. You’d better get yourself a reliable vacuum that can help with all the cleaning. You could make a coat with all they leave behind.

Image courtesy of lingvistov/Instagram

The moment your cat stands up from the floor or any furniture in your home, some fur is going to leave its mark. It’s best to set aside time for tidying up because it’s necessary if you want to keep your house livable.

#11 They love bags and boxes

One thing about cats that set them apart from dogs is that they enjoy playing with boxes and bags. They like crawling into things. Remember what they say, “If I fits, I sits”? That is very true of cats. Small enclosed spaces are their versions of man caves.

Image courtesy of lingvistov/Instagram

Cats are very fluid too; they fit into everything. Sometimes we wonder how small bags can fit fluffy felines. We recommend not disturbing your cat when they are in their caves. What harm are they causing, anyway? Toss that empty Amazon box in the recycling later.

#12 Notice me, human!

If they want your attention, cats will do everything they have to just to get you to notice them. They will crawl on top of you, they will purr and purr, and they will roll around if they have to.

Image courtesy of lingvistov/Instagram

If you’re reading a book, they will ensure you won’t be able to finish it if they’re feeling affectionate, we guarantee you. Your cat won’t stop bugging you until you pay attention to it and the earlier you start doing so, the better.

#13 You should go for the box

Remember what we said about cats wanting to stay in their cat caves? This is the perfect illustration of the dilemma they face when they are made to choose between boxes or bags. This is the complete opposite of what it’s like to get caught between a rock and a hard place.

Image courtesy of lingvistov/Instagram

This is getting caught between their two favorite things but we’re sure that most felines would choose the box. It’s more comfortable, we imagine, because it’s structured and it’s easy to get in and out of. What do you think?

#14 They would rather sleep on your bed

How many times have you bought your cat a nice bed that’s not only comfortable but also expensive? Only the best for our fur babies! We are sure you have done this more than once but your cat still sleeps on your bed.

Image courtesy of lingvistov/Instagram

They seem to have that favorite spot that they come back to time and again. It doesn’t matter if you are tired or not, comfortable or not. You can’t do anything but accept the fact that you can depend on the company every night.

#15 Cats play a huge role in your life

Along with being a bit mischievous, cats also play a huge role in our lives. They help keep us warm when we’re cold, they lick you to show love, they help you exercise, and they wake you up in time for work.

Image courtesy of lingvistov/Instagram

Seriously though, they bring us so much happiness and keep us company and make sure we’re not lonely. They are more than just pets; they are confidantes and beloved family members who we love and value. We would go to incredible lengths for our cats!

#16 I’m just coming through

Do you feel the need to pet your cat every time you see it? We totally understand the desire and impulse to touch them as soon as they come close. Sadly, there are times when they just want to be left alone to their own devices.

Image courtesy of lingvistov/Instagram

See them approaching you? Most of the time, they’re just passing through and don’t want to be disturbed. Usually, they will approach you when in the mood for pets and love. Those moments are pure magic nd never lose their power to make us emotional.

#17 You have too much screen time

How do you know when you have too much screen time? A good indication is when your cat wants you to leave your phone or tablet alone, such as the one you see in the illustration. Human has probably been on the phone for hours.

Image courtesy of lingvistov/Instagram

Why spend your time watching funny cat videos when you can spend it with the real thing that has more attitude and sass than the one on the screen? Sometimes we can see it when our cats don’t understand us, or disapprove of what we’re doing.

#18 Wash your hands first before you touch them

If you think you’re the only one who’s fickle about cleanliness, think again. Nowadays, you have to wash your hands thoroughly and regularly to stay safe and healthy. Your cat thinks the same too, so wash your hands before you start touching them.

Image courtesy of lingvistov/Instagram

They want to avoid sickness just as much as you and can tell when your hands are dirty. They also have their own determinations about what is clean and dirty, so keep that in mind. But they’re still cute so we’ll forgive them if they forgive us.

#19 Need protection? Get a cat

In ancient Egypt, cats were revered and they were widely represented in religious and social practices for thousands of years. They were considered by Egyptians to be the guardians of the underworld, so we’d naturally think of them as brave.

Image courtesy of lingvistov/Instagram

If you need something to protect you from all the bad things in this world, you could get a cat. However, they are not all that courageous. This illustration is a good representation of many people’s cats. They like to hide under the bed as soon as they hear strange noises.

#20 You’re too comfortable human

Just when you think everything is fine and dandy, your cat does something to snap you out of things and disturb you from your daydream or your restful sleep. Does this sound familiar? It probably does because most cats do this.

Image courtesy of lingvistov/Instagram

Just when you’re comfortable lying down on the couch, watching your favorite show, your cat jumps in and startles you. They seem to have a knack for sensing when you are at peace so they can disturb you. We can relate to the lady’s surprised face.

#21 Hello, I’m here!

If there’s one thing we noticed about most cats, it’s the fact that they like to burrow under the blankets. They do that because it makes them feel safe and secure. Although they are domesticated animals, they look for dark and safe places where they can hide from predators.

Image courtesy of lingvistov/Instagram

It is also a good spot from where they can conceal themselves and attack their prey, which in most cases, are their humans. So, if this happens to you, it’s normal. Consider yourself lucky that your feline likes to burrow under the blanket with you.

#22 Can you take a better picture?

Humans just love taking pictures of their pets, regardless if it’s a cat, a dog, or a tarantula. We think our pets are just too precious, they deserve all the camera time they can get, and we want to showcase them on social media.

Image courtesy of lingvistov/Instagram

But have we ever considered how our pets feel if we take their picture? Do they love it when we do that? Of course, they don’t have the power of speech and they lack the capacity to tell us to delete the photo because they don’t look cute.

#23 Hmm, which water tastes better?

Cats make life more colorful and entertaining. Without them, it sure would be boring. One of the most important things a cat owner must do is ensure their pets have adequate water and food. After all, a healthy cat is a happy cat.

Image courtesy of lingvistov/Instagram

But cats don’t seem to care, and they will drink water from whichever container tickles their fancy. Never mind if it’s not intended for them. Water for plants? Doesn’t matter, if it looks interesting your fur baby will drink from it.

#24 In our out?

There are times when cats can’t seem to decide if they want to do one thing or another. One such example is they can’t effectively decide if they want to be in or out. They will sneak into a bag and make noises as if they want to be left out.

Image courtesy of lingvistov/Instagram

If you let them out, they will act as if you are disturbing them. So, which is it then? This is just one of the more interesting things that come with owning a cat so if you’re thinking of getting one, you should be prepared.

#25 That’s such a big face right there

Have you ever wondered how humans look from a cat’s perspective? How do cats see us? Are we the giants who constantly supply them with food but disturb them if they want to be left alone? Are we friends with them?

Image courtesy of lingvistov/Instagram

Aren’t you curious to know exactly how your cat sees you? It would be neat if someone in the future could invent something that would give humans a better understanding of their pet’s perspective. We bet it would make life a lot easier.

#26 They like other cat’s food better

If your cat steals food from your other cats, you’re not alone. This is not a phenomenon; it’s a common occurrence. Just ask any cat owner out there and they will tell you the same thing. What is the reason for this?

Image courtesy of lingvistov/Instagram

Even though cats are now domesticated, they haven’t lost their survival instinct and their fear of hunger. It’s embedded in their DNA so they want to demonstrate their strength by eating another cat’s food. Some cats will fight over food while others will just back away and let the bully have their food.

#27 I want to be warm and cozy too

Cats, just like other animals and humans, want to be comfortable and warm. Nothing beats the feeling of being snuggly and cozy. They are known to seek out warm spots so you will often find them next to boilers or on the window ledge sunning themselves.

Image courtesy of lingvistov/Instagram

If you’re feeling cold, there’s a big chance that they are too, so don’t be surprised when they crawl under your blanket and try to get warm like you. One of the best places for them is right on your lap.

#28 You won’t even know they have a cat bed

Knowing how cats act, it doesn’t even matter if you buy them an expensive cat bed that cost half your salary because they surely won’t use it. They like to lie down in all the most unexpected and inappropriate places.

Image courtesy of lingvistov/Instagram

They like to lie down on your laptop, in front of the television, on top of the mantelpiece, on top of your pile of newly laundered and neatly folded clothes, and even on your face. Yup, they don’t have a care in the world.

#29 They like to play

Playtime is an essential part of a cat’s life. If you want a happy and healthy cat, you must allow it to play and you must be part of that too. Play relieves boredom and provides an outlet for their predatory instincts.

Image courtesy of lingvistov/Instagram

However, they seem to prefer playing with things in the home that are not supposed to be played with, such as your toilet paper. Try telling your cat that it is essential and not to be used as a toy and hope it understands. Good luck.

#30 The let me in cat

Some people let their cats out of the house once in a while, especially those that have been trained to find their way back home. Experts say it’s only best and safe to do this 4 to 6 weeks after bringing your cat home.

Image courtesy of lingvistov/Instagram

How can you tell that your cat has had enough of the outside world and want to get back in the house again? Well, they will start scratching the door and making noises. They will make you feel guilty that you left them outside for so long.

#31 They like to win

By now we can say with conviction that we love this illustrator so much because she really gets cats. This is the perfect example of how competitive they can be. They won’t let anything beat them, even if it’s cardboard.

Image courtesy of lingvistov/Instagram

To humans, they are just giving the cat something to play with but to them, it’s a contest and one they need to win at all costs. This cat gave it all he had and acted as if he achieved something phenomenal! Funny creatures!

#32 I want your bed too

We talked about cats wanting another’s food. Well, most of them also want other cat’s, or sometimes dog’s, beds. We have all seen the videos on YouTube of them taking possession of things that are not theirs in the first place.

Image courtesy of lingvistov/Instagram

It doesn’t matter if their beds are cozy and brand new, they want what doesn’t belong to them and they are not afraid to fight for it. You could buy 20 beds for all they care; they’ll want that 21st bed that belongs to someone else.

#33 How do I look?

We’ve been laughing at this illustration for some time now because it’s as funny as it is true. Cats love to do this! Perhaps they want to check if they look presentable? It’s like they are asking their humans, “How do I look?

Image courtesy of lingvistov/Instagram

If they could understand, we would tell them that they look funny, that’s for sure! But they remain adorable and the cutest creatures in our eyes, no matter what they do, and even if they get on our nerves sometimes.

#34 Living the high life

There you are working from home, trying to meet your deadlines, having conference calls with your colleagues, and speaking to your boss and your cat is having the time of its life, lying on the couch rolling over and purring.

Image courtesy of lingvistov/Instagram

Why does your cat get to live the high life and you don’t? Well, because it doesn’t have responsibilities and it doesn’t have any mouths to feed. It just needs to wait for you to give it food, water, and all the love in the world. It’s good to be a cat sometimes.

#35 Lick that bowl clean

Cats have different attitudes when it comes to food. Some ignore their food for the most part while others love to lick their bowls clean. Why does that happen? What can you do to ensure your pet eats all its food?

Image courtesy of lingvistov/Instagram

Well, one of the reasons why this happens is that your cat might be saving its food for later. They want to ensure that they have something to fill themselves with at a later time. Another is that their whiskers are just too sensitive to burrow through a narrow bowl. See if a shallower bowl makes a difference.

#36 Let’s rummage through the clothes

Do you have newly laundered, neatly folded, and nicely piled clothes? Keep your cat away from it because if you don’t, there will be a disaster. Trust us on this, as we have seen this happen too many times to count.

Image courtesy of lingvistov/Instagram

Cats have this instinct of tracking organized things and once these things are found, they make it their life’s mission to disorganize them. So, keep your closet door and drawers shut if you don’t want to spend extra time arranging everything again.

#37 Even if I don’t fit, I will sit

These fluffy beings are likened to liquid because they just seem to take the shape of whatever container they are in. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bowl, box, or vase. However, there are times that no matter how hard they try, they just don’t fit at all.

Image courtesy of lingvistov/Instagram

That doesn’t seem to discourage them though, they still insist even if it means breaking things. This illustration is the perfect example of that. The big cat doesn’t seem to care at all but we know that the little one does.

#38 I’m still sleepy too

Ever heard the word copycat? Well, that applies to your felines, literally! Research shows that cats mimic the habits of their humans. They just don’t copy your eating habits; they also copy your sleeping habits, aside from those 2 a.m. sprints through the house.

Image courtesy of lingvistov/Instagram

So, if you sleep late, chances are they will do the same. Have you ever noticed them climbing to bed at about the same time you do? There you go, that’s copying right there. So be careful what you do and mindful of your habits.

#39 So you like that vase?

This illustration would be so funny if only we hadn’t been through it personally. If that wasn’t our favorite, super expensive vase that we had to order from Italy being destroyed by our cat. Why do they like dropping things?

Image courtesy of lingvistov/Instagram

Cats knock off items from shelves, tables, and counters because they want to get your attention. They want you to play with them or they are simply playing with the item in question. We wouldn’t mind if the item is not rare or expensive.

#40 No, I still want to sleep

Have you noticed your cat refusing to eat what you are feeding it or coming up with excuses not to eat, such as lying and pretending to be asleep? There are various reasons for a cat refusing to eat. It could be the texture and taste of the food you are feeding it.

Image courtesy of lingvistov/Instagram

However, it could be something more serious such as dental disease, digestive system issues, or foreign bodies. Your cat not eating is a cause for concern and the fastest way to find out the reason is to bring it to a vet pronto!

#41 Does this milk taste good?

We often see cats depicted in pop culture lying next to a saucer of milk, but do they love milk as much as we are led to believe? It turns out generally cats do not digest milk well. This was news to us too because we believed the cartoons we watched.

Image courtesy of lingvistov/Instagram

Kittens can digest milk better because they have enzymes that help break down the sugars in milk. Even if your cat can tolerate cow’s milk, there is no reason to give it to them. It’s better to give them cat food, but we still love this illustration.

#42 Don’t touch my nose!

A cat’s nose is tiny, pink, and very cute. Most of the time humans just can’t resist touching them. But do our cats like it if we do that? Well, think about this, how would you like it if other humans started poking your nose without your permission?

Image courtesy of lingvistov/Instagram

Would you like that? Just like humans, cats prefer to be “asked” before they are touched, but how do you ask them when they can’t talk? Experts say we can do that by offering a fingertip at their nose level. It’s akin to asking if we can pet them.

#43 Don’t kiss me

Most cats can be so darn cute and fluffy that you just want to cuddle and kiss them most of the time. Sometimes they will let you kiss, hug, and carry them but there are times when they will fight tooth and nail to be let go and left alone.

Image courtesy of lingvistov/Instagram

So, which is your cat? The cuddly and kissy type, the leave me alone type, or a balance of both? The balanced type would be good but the best type is the affectionate type if you’re a touchy creature yourself.

#44 Be prepared for hair everywhere

If you’re not committed to cleaning your home regularly or dealing with cat hair that manages to land itself in every crevice of the home, then a pet cat is not for you. Yes, it’s challenging but the rewards far outweigh the hardships.

Image courtesy of lingvistov/Instagram

Cats will love you unconditionally and they will stick with you no matter what happens. Your friends may leave you at some point but your feline will stay faithful to you and will love you no matter what. That’s how precious they are.

#45 So, this is water?

We’ve always been led to believe that cats have such an aversion to water. However, this isn’t entirely true because there are felines that love water and just can’t seem to get enough of it. It’s not that they don’t like water.

Image courtesy of lingvistov/Instagram

What they don’t like is what water does to their fur. They spend a great day licking and grooming themselves and they don’t want their fur to be ruined by water. They may like to dip their paws in the water bowl but that’s as far as most cats go.