What The Pug?: 45 Cartoons Illustrating Life With A Doggo

By Arvyn B February 22, 2022

Any dog owner out there knows the sheer joy and entertainment that having a dog brings to your life. There are just some things that you get from living with a dog that you do not get from living with humans– or with any other animals! Dogs are such adorable and affectionate pets, and they often have a funny way of expressing themselves. Getting a dog is the first step into a completely different life for many. A dog is not just an animal that lives with you – it quickly becomes a part of your family, and you see your puppy as being no less than any other member of the house. That is why Gemma Gene, aka @157ofgemma, an artist from New York, felt the need to document some of her personal experiences. Gene is a cartoonist who enjoys sharing her journey living with her “chubby and opinionated” pug, Mochi.

Bye, Stress

It can be pretty easy to become stressed out quite quickly in a world as busy and hectic as ours is today. Between work, news, family, friendship – there are just so many things to worry about. That’s where a dog comes in handy!

157ofGemma (Instagram)

Dogs are the perfect way to relieve this stress that seems to pile up, especially before bedtime. Just from giving them a pat on the head, and a quick squish, it feels as if all of our stresses just melt away.

Focus On Me

If you have a dog at home, then it is very likely that this pup is the center of your world. If not – why not?! Dogs certainly know how valued they are, and they’ll make sure you know it, too.

157ofGemma (Instagram)

They will stroll up to you every few minutes and just sit as close as they can, if not actually on you. Usually, it’s so that they can get some kind of petting from you. Other times, they just want to be near you and enjoy your company.

Helping Out

Having someone over to your house can be a little complicated when you have a dog, especially if that person is here to fix things for you. Just take a look at this very real experience that Gemma’s plumber experienced.

157ofGemma (Instagram)

He came round to fix her sink, and Gemma’s doggo would not stop getting in the way! Of course, it might have been not very pleasant at first, but we reckon that the pup was just trying to help out. We thought curiosity killed the cat, not the dog!


There are also other times when we could swear that our dogs are just little kids, like this example below. Any dog owner has experienced their dog trying to jump out to scare them, as Gemma’s beloved pooch did one night.

157ofGemma (Instagram)

Unfortunately, it ends up not working out most of the time. Why? Because the dogs are just too loud and not at all subtle with trying to hide! At least Gemma played along, though, which probably made the dog happy.

No Ignoring

It is easy to forget sometimes just how much we adore our dogs. They are such cute balls of fluff! When we walk past them, all of these feelings of love seem to keep flooding back immediately to us, reminding us that our dog is the best boy out there.

157ofGemma (Instagram)

So, the only obvious course of action is to give them cuddles and love as well! We hope that they enjoy it because we know that we certainly do. In fact, it helps to build loyalty and respect for your pet.

All Alone

Of course, loving something so dearly makes it even more difficult when you eventually have to leave them. Even if it is just for a short trip into the store, it can be so heart-breaking leaving our doggies behind outside.

157ofGemma (Instagram)

But no matter how hard this feeling is for us, you can be guaranteed that it is extra tricky for the doggies themselves! We can imagine that they feel so hurt inside. Don’t worry – we will be back soon!


Of course, it goes without saying that not everything is great about having a dog. There are plenty of problems that they bring, too, like expensive trips to the vets. Often times they will also bark very loudly at night.

157ofGemma (Instagram)

And let us not forget the mess that they can cause around the house. But we happily deal with all of these irritating details because dogs are still nonetheless such a massive improvement to our lives. You just cannot beat them!

Big Chonky

There is nothing quite as cute or funny as seeing a doggy walking down the street that is on the slightly larger side of life. We are not sure what makes them so adorable, but we have to admit that we love them!

157ofGemma (Instagram)

Naturally, there are quite a few health problems related to having a larger dog. If your dog is looking like they’ve piled on the pounds, you should definitely take them for a trip to the vet to see what’s up.

Caught in the Middle

Having one dog is enough drama alone, but having two or more dogs? That is just so much stress that we cannot imagine it! It will undoubtedly make for some exciting bedtime routines if you sleep with them in your bed.

157ofGemma (Instagram)

To start with, there is absolutely no way that you will be able to get into a comfortable position with all of those puppies around. Secondly, imagine all the gas that would be coming from them – it’d be so gross!

I See You

One of the many things that we love about having a dog in our lives is the fact that they always appear to be there for us. No matter where we are in the house, they will run to find us.

157ofGemma (Instagram)

It is almost like they are watching our every move! Of course, that could not be true, at least we hope it is not! It would be a little creepy if our puppers were just watching us all of the time.

Slow Down

Dogs can teach us so many life lessons, and we think that one of the most important ones is about slowing down. Dogs do not have a particular schedule to follow, and they do as they please, whenever they please.

157ofGemma (Instagram)

It is nice to get a reminder to slow down and enjoy the small things sometimes in our human life that is constantly busy. Things do not always need to be go-go-go; sometimes, we can just rest, relax and enjoy the flowers.


One of the biggest problems with having a dog is when trying to eat a meal by yourself. No matter how quietly your open that packet or how silently you try to cook some food – your dogs will smell it.

157ofGemma (Instagram)

As soon as they hear it, it is game over for you! Your doggos will come rushing around and will be eager to try some of whatever delicious food you are preparing. Say goodbye to any privacy or dinner for one!

Hygiene Hijinks

Another issue that every dog owner will recognize is when you try to keep your dog clean. Of course, we do not just mean taking a bath – we are talking about cutting their long nails or cleaning in between their ears.

157ofGemma (Instagram)

There is something about each of these things that puppies all around the world seem to hate. As soon as the cleaner goes inside their ears, it becomes like a scene from The Exorcist! Take them to the groomers; they are trained for this!


In the olden days, dogs worked as guards for people’s houses as they had such sensitive ears. Today, with so many fancy gadgets and gizmos, that role is not as important anymore. Who will be the one to tell that to the dogs, though?

157ofGemma (Instagram)

No matter what time it is, if you get out of your bed during the night, you can be sure that your dog will follow you and try to protect you. We’re not sure what they are protecting us from, though.

The Reality

On social media, we are often bombarded with videos of how cute doggies are and how gorgeous they look when they are taking a bath. They look so innocent and friendly when they splash around in the water! We see right through those influencers!

157ofGemma (Instagram)

The reality could not be further from this, as there is absolutely nothing cute or friendly about washing your pooch. Water always gets everywhere, the dogs are whining, and you end up super stressed out. It is such a hassle!

Side to Side

There are some things that dogs do that are downright cute and adorable. Take this head tilt, for instance. You know precisely one we are talking about – when a dog turns its head slightly to the side. It’s even trending on TikTok.

157ofGemma (Instagram)

There is just something so adorable when this happens, and it feels like our heart bursts into a million pieces! It is likely because the dogs look almost human when they do this, and we love it way too much.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Any dog owner will know the sheer trouble that comes when it rains outside. It does not matter what you do; your dog will always seem to blame you for the weather, even though you cannot change it in any way!

157ofGemma (Instagram)

They will want you to do something to fix it and probably whine until you do. The best course of action is to put on a raincoat and head out into the rain. They want and need to go out regardless, even if you don’t!

No Sharing

Another pretty darn cute thing about puppies is how possessive they get, which every dog owner will experience the first time they go to a doggy park. Your puppy will act selfish and refuse to “share” you with the other doggies there.

157ofGemma (Instagram)

Of course, we have zero plans to ditch the doggy anytime soon, but we cannot help but smile when we see our dogs being so possessive. They think that they own us, and we are their property! They are always so concerned that we might take another dog home instead of them.


If you have never stuck your puppy in front of a mirror, now is undoubtedly the time to give it a try. Their reactions are absolutely hilariously clumsily! Some dogs bark like crazy, thinking another puppy invades their territory.

157ofGemma (Instagram)

Like Gemma’s dog, other puppies fall in love with the other dog and cannot draw themselves to move away from the mirror. Unfortunately, it is just a reflection – but we sure do love the puppy’s confidence and self-love for himself!

Making the Bed

Another tricky part about having a dog is that they will always find a way to make things dirty no matter how hard you try. Even something as simple as making the bed turns into a massive chore that they assume a game.

157ofGemma (Instagram)

You try and take off the sheet with the puppy on top. You try to put the new sheet on top, but the puppy is somehow underneath the sheet. It is such a mess – but we cannot help but love it!

Tail Wagging

One of the easiest ways to check how your dog feels is by looking at its tail. If you see it wagging a lot, you can be sure that they feel happy. And that makes us happy, too!

157ofGemma (Instagram)

Seriously – is there anything better than seeing your doggy wag his tail at you? This sight fills us with so much joy. So, it is certainly enough to put a smile on our faces for the rest of the day!

Mummy’s Boy

If you share your puppy with someone else, you will already know that your dog has a favorite person. Some dogs love their “mother” more, whereas other pups prefer their “father.” There is no denying that it is accurate and comes with consequences!

157ofGemma (Instagram)

As soon as your puppy sees their favorite person, they will immediately get very clingy and try to attach themselves to this person’s face. The first time it happens, it’s cute. But after that, it can be annoying, and soon your partner’s jealousy comes forth too.

Dog Selfie

With the rise of selfies and mobile phones, it has become pretty common to take a picture with your pup. After all, why would the world not want to see how adorable they are?! However, there is only one problem.

157ofGemma (Instagram)

Your dog will always look so adorable, and they end up outshining you! Seriously, how do they do it? They do not even understand the concept of a photo, but so many pups look stunning in the pics leaving us with a bruised ego.

That Smell

If there is one thing that we absolutely love about our doggies, it is not their cute tails, huge eyes, or fluffy fur. It is their smell – we just cannot get enough of it. They smell so darn good!

157ofGemma (Instagram)

We really do not know what it is about dogs that makes them smell so wonderful, but we really cannot help ourselves from giving our puppy a whiff every time we walk past. We wish we could smell it forever!

Uh Oh

If you are a dog owner, we can guarantee that you have experienced this absolute horror of a situation before. Picture this – you are at the park with your dog when you realize you have only one poop bag.

157ofGemma (Instagram)

Somehow, it is like your dog knows this, and they decide to be super poopy – leaving you to deal with the consequences! We wonder if they enjoy seeing us struggle so much and sincerely hope that is not true.

Just Keep Sleeping

Is there anything more adorable than seeing your dog sleeping on your bed? They look so cute and quiet…it seems almost sinful to wake them up. But somebody has to be the one to do it, as they cannot sleep forever!

157ofGemma (Instagram)

Whenever we try to wake our puppies up, they always seem so irritable, as if they want to go back to sleep immediately. It is almost like we can hear them saying, “just five more minutes, mom.” We can relate to that!

Best of the Rest

Even if you have a super stressful day at work and come home in a foul mood, there is always that one family member who we just cannot get angry at. For some people, that person is their significant other.

157ofGemma (Instagram)

For others, it is their child. But for us? We cannot get angry at our little doggy – and boy, do they know it! They love being the favorite thing in the house and get away with just about everything.

Just For Me

We have already spoken about the dogs who insist on guarding you whenever you leave the bed at night, but there are also the pups who decide to take it easy. Good luck trying to get your bed back should you ever need to leave.

157ofGemma (Instagram)

…because as soon as you have turned your back, you can guarantee that they will have taken your spot! Dogs like this have super quick reactions, and they will not hesitate to claim your place as their own in the bed.

No Privacy

One of the less fun parts about having a dog is the fact that privacy is just a completely foreign concept to them. You can try to go to the bathroom by yourself, but your doggy will soon follow you!

157ofGemma (Instagram)

You might think that shutting the door will give you some space – but no. They will just pound on and scratch the door until you let them in again! We guess it’s sweet, as they just want to see us.

The Best Medicine

If you are having a tough day, you definitely should not suffer in silence. The best cure for one of those long, miserable days is having some cuddles with your canines. It will make you so much happier!

157ofGemma (Instagram)

It is also great for helping you fall asleep and remember that not everything in life is so difficult. Your doggies will love you through thick and thin. No pain lasts forever, and dogs will help you through it all.


We have to admit that we are guilty of doing this one to our dogs! Sometimes, we end up treating them too much like little children and not the wild animals that they are. They are technically wolves, after all!

157ofGemma (Instagram)

So, crossing a bridge like this shouldn’t be difficult for them at all – if anything, it is probably easier for them than for us. Let them be an animal for a bit and cross the bridge in their own way.

Never Listening

Sometimes, your dog can get on your nerves with some of the things they do. Sneezing in your face is an excellent example of this! You can try telling them not to do that…but what is the point since they never listen anyway?

157ofGemma (Instagram)

It is not like they will listen to you! In fact, if your dog is anything like Gemma’s pup, they will try their hardest to do the opposite of what you tell them to! We love them for this anyway.

My Dog Ate It

The excuse “my dog ate my homework” seems like quite a silly one…until you get a dog, that is! Then, you will realize just how much of your essential documents they chew up and eat. It is just insane and unbelievable!

157ofGemma (Instagram)

Of course, if you are lucky, they will not chew it up entirely but instead rip it to shreds or crush it by sleeping on it. We do not know which one we prefer, and we wish our dogs would not do it!

Staying Home

When it is pouring rain outside and freezing cold, we honestly cannot think of anything better than just crawling up under a blanket with our dogs. Sticking on a movie and relaxing – it is truly such a great feeling!

157ofGemma (Instagram)

The best part of it is that you do not have to deal with any people that you do not like, nor will you have to act “sensible” around other people. You are free to be your silly self in your pajamas all day!

The Force

As clever as our dogs are, there are times when they are not as bright as we may think. Take, for example, when you have a tickling match with someone. You laugh your head off and eventually tell them “stop”…

157ofGemma (Instagram)

…but your dog seems to think that you are being attacked, so they jump in and try to defend you! We cannot blame them for it, as they are just trying to help you out. They’re doing the right thing!

It’s mine!

Another funny thing about having a dog is that they seem to think that everything in the house belongs to them – especially with food. They even want the food they’re not supposed to have, such as chocolate, for example!

157ofGemma (Instagram)

If dogs eat chocolate, there is a chance that it can kill them, as there are certain chemicals that their bodies cannot break down. But that does not stop them from wanting a bite of it! If only they knew the truth of the matter.

Professional Model

Having a phone is essentially the same thing as having a photo album of your kids. Except in our case, instead of using it for photos of our children, we use our camera just to take snaps of our beautiful dogs!

157ofGemma (Instagram)

We almost feel like we have become stalkers with the number of snaps that we have of our pup. Just one photo is not enough, and we constantly find ourselves trying to get the best and cutest angles of them.

How Long?

When we are stuck at work, having a long and busy day, the only thing that we can think about is returning home to see our dogs. After all, they are the leading cause of joy and happiness in our lives.

157ofGemma (Instagram)

We just hope that they feel the same way as we do and that they also cannot wait for us to come back. Judging by the way our dogs run to greet us upon our arrival, we are sure that they do feel this way.

All For Me

All dog owners have been here before. It is essential to try to create some boundaries with your puppy. You put down a pillow so you can go to bed, but somehow your puppy ends up on top of it!

157ofGemma (Instagram)

You could always try pulling the pillow away from them, but that just feels so cruel. Instead, the only thing you can do is just agree to share the pillow with your puppy. That way, everybody wins, and at least your head will be kept warm!

Don’t Forget Me!

The worst feeling in the world is when you are at home and cannot find your puppy. You have looked under the living room couch, in the kitchen cupboards, and below the stairs. Just where on earth could they be?!

157ofGemma (Instagram)

Do not worry – we have the perfect solution for this problem. Just act like you are having a ton of fun, and your doggy will suddenly appear out of the blue. They never want to miss a moment of joy!

Always Good

Many of us have a highly favorable view of our pets, and sometimes this can end up being a bad thing. We think that our pets cannot do any wrong and that they are always the best pets in the world.

157ofGemma (Instagram)

Obviously, this is not always true – they can sometimes be little terrors! However, that does not stop us from thinking that they are the best thing ever to exist, and they never will. They will always be our little angels.

Food, Food, Food

Every dog owner will know that there is a straightforward way to get to your dog’s heart or get their attention – food. It absolutely rules their life! It does not matter what food it is; your dog will want it.

157ofGemma (Instagram)

Most dogs are lactose-intolerant, which means that they cannot digest any dairy products, but that does not stop them from eating all of the cheese. You just have to deal with the stinky farts afterward, which are never a pleasant thing!

Me and My Friends

If you have a petite doggy that can fit in your purse, then you will know how cute they look compared to some of the other dogs at the doggy park. They look almost like a kid’s toy instead of the real thing!

157ofGemma (Instagram)

It is especially funny when the other dogs try to play with your little doggy, as they do not seem to notice the small size. We love this attitude to life and wish humans were so carefree about many things!

Too Cute!

Even the simplest things about our puppies can make us feel so full of joy and happiness. Something as normal as taking a nap looks so different when a dog does it – it seems so much cuter than people sleeping!

157ofGemma (Instagram)

It is so cute that we cannot help but let other people know just how attractive we think our doggies are. Most of the time, other people understand it – but sometimes, they do not get it at all and think we’re insane!

Above All

Living with a puppy might have its ups and downs, but there is no denying that they bring so much to our lives. We cherish every moment that we have with our dogs and are so happy to have them.

157ofGemma (Instagram)

Sure, things might be more expensive, and there might be more problems to deal with, but we would not have our pups any other way. That is what makes them our adorable doggos, and we will always love them for it!