Life With A Fiancée And Four Cats Comically Portrayed By Artist

By Liezel L

This article was originally published on FunCatz

More often than not, we overlook the small moments in life. We don’t really savor them, and we just let them pass without a second thought. Comic artist Sarah Graley is reminding us to cherish those moments with her bright and fun comics, though. Her comic diary Our Super Adventure features cute little moments with her fiancée Stef and their life with their four cats; Pesto, Toby, Wilson, and Pixel. Besides her comic diary, Sarah is also the creator of books like Kim Reaper, Glitch, and Pizza Witch. She and Stef also wrote the story for a Spider-Man comic series titled “Marvel Action Spider-Man.” She has also written and drawn for a Rick and Morty mini-comic series. Keep scrolling on and check out her sweet comics of life in the Graley/Purenins household.

All images in this article are courtesy of @sarahgraley on Instagram.

Ice Cream Telepathy

When looking for the person we want to spend our life with, one of our biggest hopes is to find someone who truly understands us to the core of our being, especially when it comes to our favorite food. And, most importantly, our favorite snacks!

image courtesy of sarahgraley/ Instagram

Now, we know that having soulmate telepathy can be too much to ask for, but if it’s there, oh, we’re taking it. How sweet is it for your partner to know exactly what kind of food you’re craving at the right moment? That’s a soulmate right there!

They Rarely Come For Love

Cats are notoriously independent creatures, and they can survive well enough on their own without our help. They just love that we do everything for them, aka serve them. So when a cat comes to you, it’s not because they’re there for affection. 

image courtesy of sarahgraley/ Instagram

More often than not, cats will come to a human because they want something from them, and we’re not talking about affection. Sure, they’d ask for love or attention from time to time, but don’t be fooled — it’s still just us serving them like the royalty they are. 

They Do Look Too Good

A lot of people would turn their noses up in the air at the mention of fake plants. Why get those when you can get the real ones, after all, right? Aren’t those better for your home anyway? The problem is, not all of us are great at taking care of real plants. 

image courtesy of sarahgraley/ Instagram

In addition to that, not all of us have the perfect home conditions for live plants. Some of us have very destructive pets that would shred those poor things or lack in windowsills with enough sunlight. So if a fake plant comes along that looks as good as a real one, oh, we’re taking it.

Well, It’s Not Bad To Try

Some people really can’t stand horror films, and we completely get it. There’s blood, there’s a ton of creepy stuff, and a lot of these things can also happen in real life. That’s why, when someone who’s not really into those films tries them out, you have to be proud. 

image courtesy of sarahgraley/ Instagram

Even if they end up sobbing or crawling under the couch after the first minute, you still have to give them props for trying. They faced their fears. That’s a great thing! They can take it little by little, and maybe soon they’ll be able to stand at least half of the film. 

It’s Never Coming Back

For some reason, men’s sweaters are a lot comfier and warmer than women’s sweaters. It’s like there’s some kind of magic that happens when you put them on because you never want to take them off once you’re wrapped in the fuzzy warmth. 

image courtesy of sarahgraley/ Instagram

That’s why when men give women their sweaters, they should expect them never to come back. In women’s minds, those sweaters are not “borrowed,” they’re given. So they’re going to stay with them until they’re rotten to the last thread. 

There’s Always Going To Be Some Kind Of Crashing In The House

Cats can be very secretive with their activities. One second, they can be right beside you, and then the next, they’ll disappear like a popped bubble, and you might even have to think twice whether you just imagined them there or not. 

image courtesy of sarahgraley/ Instagram

More often than not, some kind of crash or loud noise somewhere in the house will alert you of their location. And most of the time, you’d be too late to prevent any damages they might have done, so you can only watch as they saunter off in the aftermath. 

All Fur Parents Know

Whether you’re a cat parent or a dog parent, the fact remains that their fur will get anywhere and everywhere in the house. It’s just part of having them in the family, and there’s no escape from it…no matter how often you break out the lint roller.

image courtesy of sarahgraley/ Instagram

If you have pets, you can always expect to have fur on your clothes, your hair, your food, your laptop, and, well, pretty much everything else. No amount of cleaning would get rid of it, so you might as well just learn to live with it. 

Get That Tushie

See, girls work hard to get those nice plump peaches. We torture our bodies with endless gym workouts and gross healthy foods, all on top of managing our daily lives. A lot of boys, though, seem to already have those coveted butts ever since they were born. 

image courtesy of sarahgraley/ Instagram

Sometimes, we get jealous and wish we could just switch bodies with them. Other times though, this strange urge to use their cheeks as drums just overtakes us. They’re irresistible, and they look like they’re always asking for the pats. 


Telling your partner how much you love and appreciate them is really nice and all that. It gives us these warm fuzzy feelings, but at times, we just have to be honest about our basic human needs. After all, it can’t be all romance all the time…

image courtesy of sarahgraley/ Instagram

Plus, sorry not sorry, food is the first love for many of us. Nothing and no one can match up to it so well, and they just have to deal with it. At least we know the right priorities, right? That’s a great quality for a life partner.

No One’s Special

It feels nice when your special someone compliments you; it makes you feel special because they notice those details about you. So when they tell someone else the exact same thing, it doesn’t feel good, if we’re being honest with ourselves. 

image courtesy of sarahgraley/ Instagram

In fact, you feel a little bit of rage because “how dare they make you feel special only to repeat it to someone else,” right? Just look at that kitty in the last panel. We can definitely feel its rage in being betrayed. 

It Just Comes Out Sometimes

No matter how patient or mild-mannered you are, there is that one thing that will bring out your inner Hulk. For some people, it’s people chewing with their mouth open, and for others, it’s games like Mario Kart or Monopoly.

image courtesy of sarahgraley/ Instagram

In all fairness, though, games like Mario Kart can bring out the competitive side of anyone, and yes, sometimes we can go a bit overboard and become enraged. We can only hope to find a partner who loves us despite that, like these two love birds.

There Is No Favorite

If you own more than one pet, you’d know that the word “favorite” can be very dangerous. You’d like to tell people that you love them all equally and that there are no favorites in your house, but we all know there’s one winner.

image courtesy of sarahgraley/ Instagram

We have to admit though, that it is hard to give anyone the title of “favorite” when it comes to having multiple pets. Each one has its own quirks that we love, and you just can’t compare them. They’re each your favorite in their own way. 

Picture Buddy

Getting a great picture of your pet where they’re perfectly still and they’re with a cute expression may take a miracle sometimes. Even more so, though, when you’re in the picture with them. You have to be stealthy and even cunning to get that great pic.

image courtesy of sarahgraley/ Instagram

Unfortunately, for some people, it’s like their pets do everything in their power to avoid having a great picture with them. Maybe they don’t think their owners are as pretty as them? We’ll never know. Hopefully, we just caught them at a bad time. 

The Ultimate Holiday Treat

If there’s one thing we always miss about the winter holiday season, it’s the comfort and warmth that a hot cup of choco with some marshmallows brings. Those things are just the best, and when we drink them, it really feels like the holidays. 

image courtesy of sarahgraley/ Instagram

We know that this isn’t a limited drink option, and we can find it all year round, whether at a shop or in our own kitchens. It’s just different drinking them, knowing the season’s getting colder and twinkly lights are starting to get set up everywhere. 

The Sweetest!

We’ve got to admit, sometimes, we cringe at these corny lines that couples use on each other, but this one is pretty sweet. “That bug doesn’t want you, but I do?” Oh, come on! How can that not be the sweetest?

image courtesy of sarahgraley/ Instagram

We hope those of you in a relationship are taking notes from these two because they definitely have the mushy kind of love that all of us kind of crave at one point or another. Ants could just eat them all up with all that sweetness!

No Spoilers!

We think we can all agree that most people hate spoilers. Sure, you’d get to know what happens earlier than a lot of people, and you also get the chance to do the spoiling once you’re in the know, but is it really worth it?

image courtesy of sarahgraley/ Instagram

Spoilers prevent you from getting that full experience and range of emotions that come with watching/reading it first-hand, one bit at a time. Sorry, but even if it is our partners spilling the beans, they’ll get a pretty good smack if they spoil anything for us. Let us go through the experience nice and clean, okay?

It’s Cat Approved

Sometimes, it can be hard to discern if a cat likes something or if it’s just tolerating it. One sign that they have approved of the item is if they stay on it or play around with it longer than usual. That’s when you know it’s got the pawprint of approval. 

image courtesy of sarahgraley/ Instagram

Even with cushions, cats can be a little bit picky so if you take a cushion home and they actually interact with it instead of just ignoring it, take that as a sign that your cat loves that cushion, and now, it’s their property. 

Anti-Noise Guard

As with dogs, cats can sometimes have those moments where all they seem to want to do is meow into the night and not allow anybody else to get a good rest. Luckily for this couple, though, they have an anti-noise guard. 

image courtesy of sarahgraley/ Instagram

Pesto is also probably sick of his siblings’ noise and would want to get some proper rest himself. It’s either that or that he doesn’t want to share the bed with anyone else, so he scares them away. Either way, it works for his owners.

It’s His Sweater Now

When you start living with your special someone, your wardrobe will get mixed up, trust us. His sweaters will be yours, and the shirts or jackets you don’t want might become his. It’s just the way of things unless, of course, you really don’t want anyone else touching your clothes. 

image courtesy of sarahgraley/ Instagram

There are times though when the clothes that we bought for ourselves look way better on our partners. It’s kind of unfair, but well, at least we still get to see it on a regular basis even if we’re not the ones wearing it. 

It Always Tastes Better When It’s Not Yours

Getting the wrong order at a restaurant is bad enough, but when the mix-up is between you and your partner, it might actually be worse. For some reason, most of the time, when our orders get exchanged with the person we’re with, their order tastes a lot better. 

image courtesy of sarahgraley/ Instagram

What’s with that? Why is it that food always tastes better when it’s not yours? It stinks when you’ve had a taste and know that whatever you eat won’t live up to what’s on their plate. Maybe you can sneak an extra bite when they’re not looking.

Thigh Pillows

Some girls want skinny legs like all those models on the runway have. Others, though, are so content with their thick thighs. And why not? Not only are they sexy, too, but they make great pillows for pets and partners alike.

image courtesy of sarahgraley/ Instagram

Sadly, no matter how thick or comfy your thighs are, cats will always have their own preference on whose lap they want to sit on the most. They likely don’t even know that they’re missing out on an amazing pillow. 

The Best Kinds Of Blankets

Nothing beats a nice, soft, fluffy blanket on cold nights unless, of course, you have pets around. They’re the best sources of heat and the best cuddle buddies you could ask for. The real best blanket, though, is the human blanket. 

image courtesy of sarahgraley/ Instagram

Seriously, cuddles are amazing. They make you feel warm and fuzzy both inside and out. Plus, it’s a great way to spend quality time with your partner (and pets) without spending money or even leaving the comfort of your own home.

Every Time

If you’re a cat owner, you’re probably perfectly familiar with this situation. One moment you think you’re alone, and then the next, you have a cat watching you or sitting beside you, silently waiting for you to notice them. There’s no noise to indicate their presence, only the unnatural feeling of being watched.

It can easily creep people out, especially if you’re a first-time cat owner or you’re just a guest, but in the long run, you kind of just get used to it. There’s no more questioning of where they came from or why. You simply accept that they’re there.

Once They’ve Sat On It, It’s Theirs

Cats may not be able to speak, but they have a way of letting us know their thoughts. One of those ways is plonking. Once they plonk on something, whatever they plonked on is theirs, whether that’s a frying pan or even your head. 

image courtesy of sarahgraley/ Instagram

More than the plonking, though, once they make it clear they are comfortable in their new spot, there is no hope of you ever getting it back. They have claimed it, and they don’t care who it supposedly belongs to.

Making Smooches Thrilling

Some people like nice, soft kisses. Others prefer a more passionate kind of smooch. There is that moment, though, when you just want to smother your partner with smooches to show them how much you love them, even if it means you’ll run a few minutes late.

image courtesy of sarahgraley/ Instagram

We don’t really understand what triggers this urge, but when it comes, you can bet that it will be one heck of thrilling smooch. It’s one of the many ways we show our partner how explosive our love can sometimes be. 

Their Quirks

When you get a partner in life, you accept them fully as they are, weird and sometimes annoying quirks included. You have to admit that it’s what makes them who they are, even if it is something as goofy as acting like they’re in a musical when you’re trying to sleep. 

image courtesy of sarahgraley/ Instagram

Their quirks might get annoying sometimes, but you can’t make them get rid of it unless, of course, it’s a harmful habit. You just have to find a reason to love it, or at least see the humor in it and accept it. 

It’s Just Them Being Cats

It’s a known fact that cats think of themselves as the superior species to us humans. In fact, the reason they bring us dead animals is not that they’re giving us a gift. It’s more out of pity because they think we can’t fend for ourselves. 

image courtesy of sarahgraley/ Instagram

We think this behavior also applies to cleaning. They probably think we’re like some kind of abandoned helpless kitten who can’t clean themselves, so they do it for us. In a weird way, it’s sort of a kind thing to do.

Cat Preferences

Cat preferences are serious things. When they don’t like something or someone, it’s hard to change their minds. Plus, they’ll just do about anything to avoid those things like this kitty right here. He simply has a touch preference, we guess?

image courtesy of sarahgraley/ Instagram

Cat owners know this very well. Sometimes, it might even feel like a betrayal, such as when cats like the touch of a stranger or a partner more than their owner’s. And we get it. That has got to hurt, especially after you’ve spent all your time and money taking care of them. 

Sometimes, Doing Nothing Just Feels So Good

Sure, it’s nice doing all the work celebrating your special day — eating out, partying, going to see new places, dressing up, and having a fancy dinner. It’s your day, after all, and you deserve to celebrate it however you want.

image courtesy of sarahgraley/ Instagram

Sometimes though, nothing beats doing absolutely nothing and not having to come up with anything special to do. You just lay down, not work, or not even go outside. It’s your day to be a couch potato and not be obligated to do anything — whatever it takes to make the day feel special.

Some Days, It’s All We Need

They say to never depend on another human being for your happiness or confidence, but sometimes, it’s nice to take the burden off of our shoulders. It can be pretty heavy, you know? It’s not easy maintaining that on top of our sanity.

image courtesy of sarahgraley/ Instagram

If you have someone who is willing to shower you with compliments, then please learn how to take those compliments. Even learn to request them when you feel like you need a morale boost. Take it in, feel good, and show them how much you appreciate it. We all need it sometimes, okay?

Halloween Love

There are just some people out there whose love for Halloween is just too much. Even as early as June, they would be thinking of costumes, decor, or what movies to watch. But honestly, can we blame them? After all, what’s not to love about that special spooky season?

image courtesy of sarahgraley/ Instagram

Halloween is one of the best seasons out there; there are all of the amazing costumes and fantastic and elaborate decorations people put on their houses. It’s like a creativity explosion every year, and everyone gets to partake in the fun.

The Magical Hug

There are days when life can get to be too much. Work can get too exhausting, chores can get too tiring, or life, in general, can get too overwhelming. In those moments, it can be hard to find something that will cheer us up. 

image courtesy of sarahgraley/ Instagram

One thing that never fails in those moments is a wonderful hug. One hug from someone you love can put the cheer back in your day and make you feel better, but a hug from a pet? Nothing beats that in making a sad day a lot better.

Heavenly Scent

Believe it or not, there are plenty of people out there who can have multiple slices of pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner…plus snacks. And you know what? It’s pretty understandable. (We may or may not be guilty of that ourselves every now and then.) Pizza is so freaking delicious!

image courtesy of sarahgraley/ Instagram

Just the scent of it can send our stomachs rumbling and our mouths salivating, giving us happy thoughts of munching down on our own pizza. So if we smell it on someone else, you can bet a part of us would already be giddy. 

It’s Fun And Games Until…

No matter how old you are and no matter how much you get of it every year, snow can still be pretty amazing, and it can bring out the childlike feeling of wonder. When you get outside though and into the cold, you’ll remember why you wanted it gone before. 

image courtesy of sarahgraley/ Instagram

While snow can be pretty to look at from the warm indoors, it can be a hassle to get through outside. Not only do you get cold, but you also get wet. In addition to that, you run the risk of injury with all that slippery ice. Magic’s going to be gone at that point.

Tech Crash

We think we’ve all been in this position, whether it’s your laptop crashing before a big project submission for class or an important presentation at work. We all know how awful and nerve-wracking it can be when the status of your work remains unknown behind a blue screen. 

image courtesy of sarahgraley/ Instagram

What makes it worse is that, although most of us are tech users, not all of us actually know how to properly troubleshoot and fix the problem. We just wait for other people to fix it while we come up with exceptional explanations for the delay in whatever we’re doing.

They Have Their Ways

Our pets may not be able to talk like us or give us hand signals to show us what they want, but they definitely have ways to let us know their thoughts. This is especially true with cats who aren’t particularly always expressive.

image courtesy of sarahgraley/ Instagram

Cats may not always shower us humans with attention, but there are definitely times when they miss us, and it shows in small actions of theirs. Like, say, maybe sitting on our laps for too long or actually allowing us to cuddle them for once without objection. They just have their ways.

Don’t Ruin The System!

Having a partner means that you get someone to share household chores with, and that’s a big relief because we all know how tedious chores can get. Sometimes though, certain tasks ought to be left alone to be done by our partners. 

image courtesy of sarahgraley/ Instagram

For some people, there are certain things that they do with a system or process. They can’t let anyone else do it unless they do it with the same process because it will just ruin everything, and frankly, most of the time, the result of other people’s processes just isn’t good enough.


Is it just us, or does anyone else also get the urge to nip or bite their partners? We don’t know what it is, but there’s just this urge to show our affection by giving them a little bite here and there in random moments of the day. 

image courtesy of sarahgraley/ Instagram

We know it may sound weird for others, but these two just make it a lot sweeter. For a lot of us, though, the biting part doesn’t come with any sweet cheesy lines. It’s just one big bite that makes our partners remember just how weird we can be.

They Miss Their Human Chairs

Although we’ve had cats for hundreds of years already, we still can’t really understand how cats think sometimes. We don’t know if they think we’re dumb or how long it takes for them to have some semblance to missing us. 

image courtesy of sarahgraley/ Instagram

It’s still nice to wonder though and most of the time, well, we just take what we can get from them. After all, not all of them are as affectionate as the kitties of this couple, so we treasure what they can tolerate to give us.

Cat Knows The Good Spot

A lot of cats have this boop thing that they do in random moments. It’s adorable and it makes them more endearing to us, though they have this knack of doing it in certain spots. For some, it’s the tummy; for others, it’s the face; for a special few, it’s the butt. 

image courtesy of sarahgraley/ Instagram

We’re not sure why they do it, but we think they’re looking for the soft spots. Maybe they think some parts of our bodies are cushions or pillows. Who knows? It’s really cute when they do it, and we don’t really mind it even if it does remind us of those soft spots, too.

The Best Kind Of Love

A lot of people say that when your relationships get longer than most, it becomes boring, and well, there is some truth to that, but it doesn’t always have to be. There are so many ways to keep the spark alive and burning bright.

image courtesy of sarahgraley/ Instagram

It doesn’t take much, and it doesn’t need to cost much, either. To keep a relationship strong and happy, you don’t need diamonds, cars, or all that. You just need to know what each of you would appreciate best and do your best by it.

That Special Trick

All pets out there have that one special quality that is unique to them. For some, it’s the ability to do tricks like walking on their hind legs for long periods of time. For others, it’s lifting their butts high up in their air when we touch a certain point on their butts, like this kitty.

image courtesy of sarahgraley/ Instagram

No matter how many times our pet does it, we can never get over it. It still amuses or amazes us every time, and we can’t help but show it to others, too. Sometimes, we can even sneak it into jokes or party trick times.