Girl Power: A Funny Look At The Trials And Tribulations Women Deal With Daily

By Liezel L

This article was originally published on withmyladies

Oftentimes, when we’re faced with challenges or difficulties in our lives, especially as women, it may feel like no one understands us. But honey, trust us. Someone out there understands and feels exactly the same way as you do. When it comes to us women, we all stand in solidarity over the grand and trivial challenges we encounter in our daily lives. Just take a look at the comics of artist Bella Sriwantana. They represent quirky moments in her daily life, but thousands of women and even many men who have experienced living with women can relate to them. They also remind us that although living as a woman can be quite complicated, one of the best things we can do is to laugh at what we’re facing and then go back to being the powerful beings we are. 

No Matter How Old We Are

As kids, we’ve all had this fear of something lurking in our rooms, whether in our closets or under our beds. And whenever it’s dark, we stay clear of those places. As adults, though, we now know that those monster stories were just tactics our parents used to finally get us to sleep. 

Image courtesy of bella_illustration/Instagram

Still, the fear hasn’t completely left us. No matter how much we claim we’re brave, independent people, we still wouldn’t look under the bed unless all the lights are on and only if it’s necessary to do so. We also think this doesn’t just go for women but everyone in general. 

Why Do We Even Start

We think we all have these moments when we’re suddenly so motivated to do something, and then when we actually do the thing, we question our entire being why did we even think about doing it. That’s how we feel most of the time with running. 

image courtesy of bella_illustration/Instagram

See, the first few minutes can actually go by great. Maybe even the first few songs would be bearable. Once our lungs start screaming out for help and our heart starts begging us to please stop aiming too high, we really have to lie on the ground to think about our decision. 

How Is This Fair?

Seriously, this is one of the most frustrating things for many women out there. How is it that the boys who use the same soap they use on their butts and their face can have better skin, better hair, and better lashes than us girls who pay hundreds of dollars for tons of products?

image courtesy of bella_illustration/Instagram

How in the world and where in the world is that fair? Why were they the ones blessed with the things most girls covet? They don’t even appreciate it enough, nor do many of them take care of it enough. Can they just magically transfer it over to us, please? 

Surely, Just One Decent Picture Isn’t Too Difficult?

We know that everyone can’t be a great photographer. That needs talent and a lot of learned skills. Sometimes, though, especially when we compare the photo that we took of our partner and the one that they took of us, we wish the world blessed them with even a gram of photography talent. 

image courtesy of bella_illustration/Instagram

We’re not sure if they just really don’t appreciate our gloriousness or if they have lousy eyesight when it comes to looking through a camera lens, but it can be a little disappointing sometimes, you know. You get all glammed up for them, and then you get this kind of picture. Gee, thanks. 

All That Wasted Effort

See, women weren’t just born with the ability to put on makeup. We all spent countless hours on YouTube and in our rooms doing trials, testing out products, and seeing what looks best on us will different make-up looks. 

image courtesy of bella_illustration/Instagram

Add that to the actual time we spend putting makeup on and making sure it looks alright, and you’ll get why this is so frustrating. Just when you’re done and one little thing ruins it all – that would make us really lose our cool. 

That Coveted Pretty Ponytail

We don’t know how all those models and other girls manage to make that pretty sleek ponytail look so easy to do. Even after countless tutorials and hacks, we just look like an egg with a wig when we try to do it. 

image courtesy of bella_illustration/Instagram

It’s frustrating because we also want to look pretty, sexy, and like we’re some kind of boss woman who just stepped out of a gala. What is the secret? Is it some gel, some kind of hairstyling tool, a team of hairstylist elves? We need to know. 

Suddenly, Everything Becomes Interesting

We don’t know how we came from entertaining ourselves in the bathroom with a newspaper, a magazine, or comics to laughing our butts off from cat videos and memes, but it happened. And now, it’s challenging to stay in the bathroom without our phones. 

image courtesy of bella_illustration/Instagram

In the rare instance that we don’t have our phones or that our phones die on us, we’re forced to turn our minds somewhere else. And what can you do in such a tiny room, right? So, we just have to force ourselves to think that everything in there is interesting to avoid getting bored. 

The Messy Non-Messy Look

There are moments when hair matters more, and then there are also moments when the brows matter more. Most of the time, at least nowadays, it’s the latter because we can always go for a messy, party girl hair look but never a messy brow. 

Image courtesy of bella_illustration/Instagram

For some strange reason, the brows have now become the standard for looking put together in everyday situations, no matter what you’re doing. You could probably go out wearing pajamas with fixed and proper brows, and people wouldn’t blink an eye. 

That Summer Sometime In The Future

Seriously, this should be everyone’s go-to comic, especially for those who are always pressured to get that summer bod like all those other girls are doing. It’s the perfect response, and you can even become the idol of any other girl who’d hear you. 

Image courtesy of bella_illustration/Instagram

There are so many summers in our lives, and honestly, driving ourselves crazy just to get that bikini summer body for each one of them is just bonkers. Plus, who even said that there’s just one kind of summer body? Everybody is a summer body!

That Panic. Every. Single. Time.

We women love it when we get purses that aren’t so uselessly tiny, and that can actually hold all of our stuff. What’s annoying, though, is when we actually lose sight of the things we need because of all the things that purse can accommodate. 

Image courtesy of bella_illustration/Instagram

It’s probably our own fault since we stuff so many things into our bags anyway, but still, it’s not fun. That panic every time we lose our phone or our wallet in our sea of things is one of the worst feelings. 

Dinner Fit For A Queen

Traditionally, people always said to eat breakfast like a king, with portions getting smaller and smaller as the day goes on. For many of us ladies, though, dinnertime is when we really get time to think about what we want and have time to prepare or buy it. 

image courtesy of bella_illustration/Instagram

Breakfast needs to be quick, and lunch needs to be easy with our lifestyles. Dinner is our time for ourselves. It’s when we get to cut loose from the day and do things that we want. So, don’t judge us if we kind of turn the recommended food intake around, okay?

Girls, Always Remember

With all the noise around us and everything that’s trying to bring us down, it’s easy to forget that all women are powerful beings who aren’t made to please other people. But we should never forget that, ever. 

Image courtesy of bella_illustration/Instagram

We can eat whatever we want, wear whatever we wish to, chase after any dream we want, and be who we want to be without anybody’s permission. We don’t need to please anybody but ourselves. So girls, don’t forget that, okay? 

The Wait Is Torture, Okay? 

We know that it’s a stereotype that girls love shopping and we can’t deny it. Shopping does bring us a different kind of joy, and it relieves our stress like nothing else unless we don’t have the funds to do the shopping, of course. 

Image courtesy of bella_illustration/Instagram

So, don’t judge us when we seem like we’ve overdosed on happy pills after placing our orders. Also, don’t judge us if we act like our order is going to be at the door minutes after we’ve placed it. It’s the excitement, alright? 

The Bills Dilemma

Every girl can’t wait for that time of the month (if you think we’re talking about periods, you’re crazy). All of our hard work finally pays off. We open that check and start to think about all the things we need or want we should say!

Image courtesy of bella_illustration/Instagram

But then reality sets in, and the doom starts to form a dark cloud over us. We almost forgot we have to pay rent, water, electricity, and all that other adult stuff we never want to deal with. We start to think, what’s the point if we can’t buy that purse we’ve been dying for!

That’s The Only Reason We Drag Them Along With Us

When it comes to makeup, you can’t just pick up one and go. You have to see it all on the skin to know if it’s the right shade for you or not. Unfortunately, sometimes, there can be a little too many to swatch that we’re going to need an extra hand, literally. 

Image courtesy of bella_illustration/Instagram

That’s why we bring along people with us whenever we go makeup shopping. They can provide us with an extra arm to help us out. Sadly for our partners, they’re always the victims of that position. At least they’re being incredibly helpful, right? 

Don’t Judge Us And Our Full Wardrobes

There are just those days, okay? No matter how full our wardrobe is of the most beautiful clothes, nothing will seem right. Everything will just seem we’re trying to make us feel a little sadder for ourselves no matter what. 

Image courtesy of bella_illustration/Instagram

It’s not like we want it either. Trust us. If we can just throw on a sack and be happy with ourselves, we’d do it in a second. As it stands, though, it’s one of the many complications of the female mind that we have to deal with. 

No Matter What

Beauty standards? Those things should burn to the ground. Nobody needs them, and no woman deserves to feel bad because of them. No matter the age, color, or size, every woman out there is beautiful in their own right, and nobody can say so otherwise. 

image courtesy of bella_illustration/ Instagram

Seriously, if the Greek goddess of beauty can have flab and forever be immortalized with them in her sculptures, then we can be proud of it as well. Flab or no flab, we are all gorgeous, and we shouldn’t let anybody make us feel otherwise. 

We Just Love Cuddles, Okay? 

We girls love having a lot of space in bed, okay? We need the freedom to roll around or simply just spread our limbs. Sometimes, especially when we’re with our partners, and especially when we’re in that certain kind of mood, we just want to be physically connected to something. 

Image courtesy of bella_illustration/Instagram

Unfortunately, this means that sometimes, we will invade our partner’s space in our quest for that connection. A limb or two might even go flying in their direction, and other times, we might even ‘accidentally’ push them off the bed.

Why Deny The Truth

If you don’t want to see your world or at least day getting decimated to smithereens, don’t anger a woman, especially one that you know can turn into the Hulk when you make her angry. It takes a long time for her to calm down.

Image courtesy of bella_illustration/Instagram

We’re not saying every woman out there becomes a green savage monster when angered, but trust us, anger us enough, and we all have our different monsters to unleash, especially when we know we’re right and you keep on nagging us! 

They Don’t Understand

It’s absolutely annoying when people downplay our monthly bloody visits or when they use it as an excuse to make fun of our cranky mood. To them, the pains, mood swings, and general suckiness of it all is us just being a baby about it, but they truly don’t understand! 

Image courtesy of bella_illustration/Instagram

We didn’t want this. We never asked for it. We were just made to suffer through things we didn’t want for some absurd reason. If we had our say, we’d either totally remove it, or we’d have everybody experience it as well. That way, it would be fair. 

That One Naughty Cutlery 

We have no problem with doing dishes. It’s a normal part of life, and it’s just one thing we have to get through every single day so people would think we’re decent human beings. What we have a problem with, though, is getting wet along with the dishes. 

Image courtesy of bella_illustration/Instagram

No matter how much we take care to not get wet or how many aprons we wear, there is still something that happens that manages to get us sopping wet. On cold winter nights, it’s the worst thing that can ruin our night. 

Can’t They Make A Remedy For Jumpsuits? 

Jumpsuits are freaking adorable, plus they’re so comfy. In addition to that, any girl of any size or height can wear them and feel good about themselves. The only problem is when we have to go to the bathroom. 

Image courtesy of bella_illustration/Instagram

Why is it that whoever invented jumpsuits didn’t have the time nor presence of mind to think, “Oh yeah, women pee, too. We should do something about that.” Seriously, did they just want to make a stylish straightjacket for us or something?

We Love ‘Em, We Hate ‘Em

No matter what kind of trends come or what trends rise back up from the dead, we can never really let go of skinny jeans. The right pair of those jeans can hug our curves and lift them up like no other. 

Image courtesy of bella_illustration/Instagram

The only problem is that skinny jeans require a truckload of effort for all the benefits it gives. Jumping, pulling, so much sucking in, and even a bit of screaming – pretty much all those are needed to get ourselves into a pair of skinny jeans. Sometimes we wonder why we even go through all the trouble. 

Must-Have It All

Sometimes, we girls immediately know what specific food we’re craving. Other times though, we can become the most indecisive people in the world no matter how hungry we are. We kind of just want it all sometimes. Can you blame us? 

Image courtesy of bella_illustration/Instagram

However, when thinking logically, we’re really just thinking about what to eat carefully, which is a good thing, right? It means we are trying our best to make the right decisions in our lives, and we think that’s always a good thing. 

We Love It When They Serve Us Okay? 

When we’re out about and alone, we can be every bit of the independent woman everyone admires. We can handle all our stuff, and we can definitely carry multiple bags of heavy loads from the car in one trip. 

image courtesy of bella_illustration/Instagram

Sometimes, though, we also want to be babied, especially by our partners. So sometimes, we act like we’re basically weaker so they will treat us like the princesses and queens we are. If you say you’ve never done it before, you are lying.

The Mark Of The Red Lip

There is just something about the red lipstick that brings out the fierceness in any woman. We love how bold and sexy it makes us all look. Sometimes, we also want to share this feeling with our lovers, you know. 

Image courtesy of bella_illustration/Instagram

We also want others to feel as bold and powerful as we do, so what else to do but share this red lip, right? Of course, since we love them so much, our partners would be the first victims. Plus, we think it’s a great look on them as well. 

Road Trip Sing-Alongs

Singing along to the greatest hits of all time at the top of your lungs is probably one of the best parts of a road trip. It becomes even better if you’re singing it along with people who love the same jam as you. 

Image courtesy of bella_illustration/Instagram

Time flies by so quickly like this, and it makes the long hours of sitting down and flattening your butt a lot more enjoyable than it really is. You won’t even notice that you’ve arrived. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is a sore throat. 

Soft Fluffy Pillow

Getting those perfectly shaped buns is not easy. It takes so much time, dedication, and effort to get them, and if they’re not going to get the appreciation they deserve, well, that’s a huge bummer because our hard work needs appreciation, okay? 

Image courtesy of bella_illustration/Instagram

So when our partners decide to use it as their own personal pillow, why not? It means they’re plump enough and soft enough for the head to rest on, and well, that’s a gratifying enough compliment to satisfy us.

Back Pains All The Way Through

Okay, people can attest that even though they have the body of a 20-year-old, 30-year-old, or 40 year old, their back feels like the back of a 70-year-old person, and we get that so much that it actually hurts! 

Image courtesy of bella_illustration/Instagram

Whenever we stretch even the tiniest bit, our back sounds like hundreds of fortune cookies getting cracked all at the same time. We don’t have to wonder much, though. If you only see how we sleep, how we sit, and our general day-to-day posture, you won’t have to wonder as well. 

Automatic Panic

All women know that it can be one of many things if your period is late. It may be your body just messing with you. It can be stressful. It can be the effect of the meds you’re taking. Or, it can be that one thing that would send tons of women into automatic panic mode: pregnancy. 

image courtesy of bella_illustration/ Instagram

See, when it comes to that, we don’t just think about the next week or the next month, no. We think months and months ahead and even years. It will send us into a spiral of worries for days to come. 

Their Baggage Is Just A Whole Lot Different

Seriously, it’s amazing how minimalistic a lot of people are when it comes to packing for vacations. If it’s us, we have to think about what outfit to wear each day, to each place, and even to each meal. Not only that, but we also think about all the things we’ll need on the trip. 

Image courtesy of bella_illustration/Instagram

We like to be prepared for all scenarios. Unfortunately, that means bringing bag after bag of luggage that’s far too heavy. We might not even get to use everything we’ve got packed. But hey, it’s better to be prepared than sorry, right? 

The Horrible Truth

Lip gloss has so many benefits. It makes our lips look plump and juicy, plus it hydrates them and keeps them soft despite all the makeup they have to endure each day. The only problem? It doesn’t get along well with our hair. 

Image courtesy of bella_illustration/Instagram

It’s fine when we’re indoors, and there isn’t a fan or anything, but when we go outside where all the wind is, oh trust us, you might get to see us as a monster walking out in the streets with all the hair sticking to our lip gloss. 

It Just Becomes 100% Better

We know that cleaning is an essential part of life. We like to keep ourselves healthy and our homes neat after all, right? Sometimes, though (or most of the time), it can get quite tiresome real quick, and our “break” might turn into a 3-hour rest period. 

image courtesy of bella_illustration/ Instagram

The solution? Some great speakers and some good old bops. For some reason, having good music on actually motivates us to get the cleaning done and in the best way possible. It makes us feel like the wonder woman of cleaning. 

Sorry Not Sorry For The Fake Sadness

A lot of us people who like staying at home still want to be invited to get-togethers. We still want to feel included, you know? That doesn’t change the fact though that nothing would make us happier than canceled plans. 

Image courtesy of bella_illustration/Instagram

Yes, we’ll act regretful and sad, and maybe a part of us will be, but in all honesty, our inner selves would just be dancing and twerking in glee. Sorry, but moods change, and sometimes, the call of home is just too strong. 

Better To Leave The Past Alone

Sometimes, it’s fun to go back down memory lane and revisit moments that made you so happy. Other times, though, it’s just better to leave whatever your past self did before alone once and for all. Bury it somewhere deep, girl.

Image courtesy of bella_illustration/Instagram

We know that we’ve grown and we’ve changed from who we were in the past, But, seriously. If you want to save yourself from all the cringe from the past, don’t go around digging for things you don’t want to see. Save yourself!

Shorts Can Be So Good And Yet So Bad

Shorts could do some pretty amazing things. They can keep us cool in the hot summer months. They can also level up our style game. How they appear on us in our minds and in reality, though, can be vastly different. 

Image courtesy of bella_illustration/Instagram

If you don’t get the right pair or the right size, you have to suffer through pulling them down every five minutes to avoid looking like you’re wearing denim panties. Oh, and did we mention thigh chafing? We can do without that!

Watching Them Already Tires Us Out

We always make the same promise to ourselves time and time again: We’ll get fit. We tell ourselves that we’ll make the effort to finally get fit, even if it’s just with simple youtube exercises at home. Are we right?

Image courtesy of bella_illustration/Instagram

The problem is after we hype ourselves and go through all the trouble to prepare, we fall into this black hole of just watching and not doing. We tell ourselves that we’re going to get up and do it sometimes, but we’re probably just kidding ourselves. 

It’s Just Regret 

By now, we should all know that cutting your bangs at home is just not advisable. It’s like doing an operation on yourself on your own. It’s that dangerous! There is just no good reason to touch your bangs at home. 

Image courtesy of bella_illustration/Instagram

No matter how good a job you think you did, it won’t just ever be the cut you think it will be. Trust us. It’s a big gamble, and if you’re willing to take it, you must be prepared to go rushing to the salon if it fails in the end. 

Must Decide What To Watch First

Imagine this: You’re already parked in front of the TV. You’re with the food you made or ordered. You’re ready to roll with movie night. And then, you just can’t decide on what to watch. Sucks, right? And who can eat in that situation? 

Image courtesy of bella_illustration/Instagram

The movie that we’re going to watch must be decided first. That way, you don’t end up eating all your food before the movie even starts. That way, you can enjoy both the food and movie at the same time in perfect unison. 

Our Phones Can Also Hurt Us Physically

Our phones have been hurting us ever since the day they were created. For one, there’s the blue light coming from our phones that is harming our eyes. Then, there are the contents of social media and the internet in general. Did you know, though, that phones can also hurt you physically?

image courtesy of bella_illustration/ Instagram

While you’re lying in bed, enjoying all the things you are enjoying online, one little slip can have your phone making a crash landing on your face and pulverizing whatever it lands on. Sadly, this happens a lot more often than all of us would like to admit.