In The Funnies: Comics About An Unlikely Couple And Their Canine Companion

By Aakash M April 24, 2022

When people think about IT guys, they think about desk jobs, people sitting in front of the PC for hours, and doing all program-y and math-y stuff. It seems like there’s nothing too creative about people in this field. Well, we are about to find out that stereotype is wrong because we have an artist for you who’s from Hong Kong with a charming IT boyfriend. Her name is Bonnie Pang, and she lives with her boyfriend and their pet dog. Their relationship has had a lot of funny moments. There have been so many of those that it inspired Bonnie to make a whole comic series about it. So, here are 45 of her best comics for you to see and enjoy!

Dance party!

If you are at your home by yourself, it is highly recommended that you have a dance party, just like Bonnie did. It’s actually a pretty liberating thing, and it’s also a fantastic way to express what you feel about your favorite songs. Also, you’re alone!

Image Credits: Bonniepangart/ Instagram

If you ask why you should do it alone, we’d say that there’s nothing better than that because when you’re by yourself, you can do whatever you want and nobody will judge you! That’s the biggest reason as well. Step aside, we’ve got a dance party for one to attend.


Returning to your home after a long working day feels pretty good. It is an excellent stress-reliever in itself. Upon returning, some people like to get a good night’s sleep, while others think of watching a movie or reading a book. 

Image Credits: Bonniepangart/ Instagram

But, Bonnie’s boyfriend falls in neither of those categories. He prefers snuggling his pet and his girlfriend weirdly. Nonetheless, getting a hug from your loved ones is the best thing, and it’s the best way to reduce your stress levels after a long day of work.

Listening skills

When you are looking for a person to get in a relationship with, you should always look for a person who has good listening skills. It’s great if you can find somebody who could just listen to all your problems without judging you for anything!

Image Credits: Bonniepangart/ Instagram

Just like Bonnie’s boyfriend here. We are delighted that her boyfriend is someone who will listen to all her problems and won’t judge her for anything. Well, it looks like these guys have a fantastic relationship. But, always remember that the listening thing should be two-sided!

Milky the cutie

After seeing this comic, we are convinced that Milky is one of the cutest pets we have ever come across in our lives! He is a fluffy little guy with a cute little face! The name Milky suits him amazingly! What a precious little fellow!

Image Credits: Bonniepangart/ Instagram

The name Milky suits him so well because he actually looks like a sweet glass of fresh milk! Well, since we’ve established that Milky is fantastic, we’d also like to appreciate Bonnie’s art style, particularly in this comic. It’s unique!

The worst question

If you are or have ever been in a relationship, you must be familiar with this feeling of fear that Bonnie has captured so perfectly in this comic! Honestly, nothing can terrify or annoy a couple more than being asked about having kids. 

Image Credits: Bonniepangart/ Instagram

That, friends, is a big-time conversation killer! Therefore, if you ever feel like asking a couple about their plans for having babies, here is our advice. Don’t do it. Let them be. It’s frustrating for them since almost every other person is asking them that.

Support system

We always want to support our loved ones in any way possible. It’s a fact. That’s what it is. So, say you don’t like sweets. But, your other half designed the packaging of the sweet box. What would you do? This comic portrays the emotion quite beautifully.

Image Credits: Bonniepangart/ Instagram

Irrespective of the reasons, we won’t ever get tired of engaging in something of importance to those we love. Apparently, Bonnie’s boyfriend won’t either, which is why they have such a beautiful relationship! Her boyfriend is a great support system!

The fear of aging

Given that we’re young enough, most of us start freaking out upon seeing gray hair. It’s a sign that you’re getting older, and most people are terrified of getting old! But, it’s only life, and it’s good to not worry about it.

Image Credits: Bonniepangart/ Instagram

So, whenever we see a gray hair strand, many of us start screaming, just like Bonnie did in this one. But, it’s important to remember that no matter how many gray hairs you have, it’s just hair. It doesn’t mean anything!

The fear of aging part – 2

Now, for many, it might not be the color of the hair that’s a frightening factor. Instead, what scares them is hair falling out! That’s when it becomes a cause for concern. Take a look at Bonnie’s boyfriend in this comic. Most of us have been there!!

Image Credits: Bonniepangart/ Instagram

Well, of course, there’s another human living in the house, so that hair could be Bonnie’s as well. But let’s just hope that it’s not because it’s a pretty unclean thing. Always remember to clean up after yourself! Hygiene first.

Washing the clothes

There are people in this world who are good at washing their clothes, and then there are those who are just terrible at it. These people end up shrinking their clothes and also get the wrong color. A proper wash isn’t so complicated!

Image Credits: Bonniepangart/ Instagram

All you need to do is ensure that you follow all the instructions on the label. It could end up in a disaster if you don’t do that, just like it did in this comic. Also, a tight shirt like that doesn’t look good on anybody!

Let’s watch it again!

Now, certain people in this world can’t stand watching something more than once, and then those who would love to rewatch their favorite shows for the hundredth time more than anything. Sometimes it’s a movie that continues to make you laugh, or it’s a sense of nostalgia.

Image Credits: Bonniepangart/ Instagram

It feels like both people are from different worlds, but they’re really not. While watching something for the first time, we focus on the story. So, we ignore secondary details. However, when you give the movie a second go, you can pay attention to every little detail.

Keep it clean

Honestly, we can’t deny that we all have been here before. As a teen or as a student living on your own, it’s okay to have a house that’s a bit messy. But you don’t have an excuse if you’re an adult living with someone else.

Image Credits: Bonniepangart/ Instagram

With that being said, clean your fridge regularly and get rid of all the old junk! Also, not only the refrigerator, but do your best to keep your house as clean as possible at all times! Although it might be a tedious task, it will make you feel happy.

The sheer envy

Those in a relationship, and even those were previously in a relationship, are familiar with the feeling of jealousy when your beloved showers your pet with love. It’s stupid, but it’s cute too! Take a look at this comic.

Image Credits: Bonniepangart/ Instagram

It always feels like no matter what you do, your pet is the one who’s going to get all the compliments and the positive messages. That’s not fair now, isn’t it? On that note, we can say that this comic is a highly relatable one.

Massages for the win

Irrespective of where you’re coming from, you won’t be able to deny the fact that getting a massage is one of the best feelings in the world. It feels even better when someone you love offers to give you a massage!

Image Credits: Bonniepangart/ Instagram

Well, if you’re about to do that, make sure that you’re applying the right amount of pressure. If that’s still not working, maybe your other half needs to get a shiatsu massager or something like that. The body needs to loosen up.

Pay attention to the little things

We really like how wholesome this comic is because you can see how much the couple cares for each other. It’s incredible how something as small as putting sun cream becomes a cause for celebration! Take a look at the image.

Image Credits: Bonniepangart/ Instagram

Honestly, it is how things should be. Also, a very wise person once said that the smaller things in life make the most significant difference. We’re glad that Bonnie reminded us of that quote. So, take some time out of your day to be thankful for the smaller things!

Woof woof

If you have a friend or a relative who has a dog, you’ll most likely be able to relate to this one on a deep level. Whenever you visit the dog, you’ll always be greeted by the barks before your loved ones, and the barks are loud!

Image Credits: Bonniepangart/ Instagram

That is the case, but if your dog has been barking excessively, it could be a severe problem. So, make sure that you take your dog to a check-up regularly to be aware of any potential issues and take the necessary steps.

Home salon

During the lockdown, we were all in a similar situation. Everybody wanted to get a haircut, but nobody could go to the salon! Some people thought of taking matters into their own hands, while others thought of letting their hair grow!

Image Credits: Bonniepangart/ Instagram

There were many people who got a haircut from their beloved, just like Bonnie’s boyfriend. Trust us, things could’ve been worse in this situation for the boyfriend, but we think that he’s grateful for his girlfriend’s work, so it’s a-ok!

Really helpful

Here is one more example of how amazing this couple is. Bonnie’s boyfriend carries everything for her, no matter where they are heading! Well, we wish every girl had a boyfriend like Bonnie’s because that would make things easier, right?

Image Credits: Bonniepangart/ Instagram

But, that’s also not the only thing or the only quality that one needs in a relationship, because it’s also about having somebody who’s there to listen to your problems and having somebody who helps you deal with those situations! Keep looking. They’re out there!

Mask to mask

For many of us, seeing people stare at us while we’re out with somebody does kick in the nervousness, right? But there are some people, like Bonnie’s boyfriend, who don’t get so nervous because of these things. Have a look.

Image Credits: Bonniepangart/ Instagram

It could be challenging to identify, but it is actually because he is incorrectly wearing his mask! So, we really hope that Bonnie didn’t tell her boyfriend the truth because there isn’t anything wrong with being confident with your looks!

The carrier

Till now, we have seen a lot of ways in which Bonnie’s boyfriend is helpful to her, so seeing another way won’t be that surprising for you as well, but it is all the more wholesome! Take a look at this comic!

Image Credits: Bonniepangart/ Instagram

This time, he’s carrying things again, but the only difference is that he isn’t carrying stuff for Bonnie. Although it’s all just a joke, we know that Bonnie appreciates her boyfriend a lot in reality! They do so much for each other!

Sauce or no sauce?

Here is another post that divides people into two broad categories – those who prefer sauce and those who don’t. Some people literally saturate their food with sauce, and then there are those who stay as far away from it as possible.

Image Credits: Bonniepangart/ Instagram

For the first kind of people, there’s no such thing as “too much sauce!” The sauce could be a topping on anything for them, and Bonnie’s boyfriend is undoubtedly one of those people. This comic is genuinely hilarious, isn’t it!

It’s raining

Although this comic is slightly on the cheesier side, we still love what’s happening here! Bonnie’s boyfriend is the perfect guy for her because he lifts her up when she’s down, and of course, he’s always there by her side.

Image Credits: Bonniepangart/ Instagram

These kinds of lines would either make you go “Awwwww,” or they’d make you cringe. But, you won’t be able to deny the fact that it is a really wholesome moment. Everybody deserves a special someone like Bonnie’s boyfriend! Cuties

Holding hands!

Going for a walk when it’s cold outside can be a killer, and it could be all the harder if you’re living in chilly countries like Scotland or Canada! In such situations, the best thing to do would be to hold hands with your beloved on a walk! 

Image Credits: Bonniepangart/ Instagram

Not only does holding hands warm you, but it also helps lift your spirits! Also, we don’t think anybody needs gloves when you can hold hands with somebody who loves you. That feeling is more than enough to make you feel warm on the inside and the outside!

In the moment

We seriously can’t get over how funny this comic is, and also, we are sure that everybody has been here at some point in their lives! There is something about serious situations that actually make us go ROFL, isn’t there?

Image Credits: Bonniepangart/ Instagram

Bonnie should be grateful that it was only a raspberry that she made. It was just a little slip. If it were a colossal laugh or something like that, the situation would’ve been different! Well, it’s good that people see the funny side to things.

Love for pizza

Every dog owner in this world must be familiar with this situation. Dogs know very well when we are about to eat something tasty, and at that very moment, they’ll do whatever it takes to be a good boy and get a bite!

Image Credits: Bonniepangart/ Instagram

It’s no surprise that dogs love pizza because we are yet to meet a person who doesn’t love it. Pizza is a love language. Stopping at one bite or stopping at one slice is just not possible. Do you share food with your pets?

Little things

Although small things make a huge difference, a few minor mishaps in a row always feels worse than a severe problem? For example, a paper cut. They hurt really bad, and they could ruin your day as well! It sucks!

Image Credits: Bonniepangart/ Instagram

Many little things could ruin your day if you let them—for instance, getting your pants stuck on a door handle, or even when your toes hit the bottom of a cupboard or table accidentally! It hurts, doesn’t it? We’ve all been there and come out the other side unscathed.

Weighted blanket

If you feel stressed or anxious about anything in life, investing in a weighted blanket can be a good option, as we can see Bonnie benefitting from it. Wrapping a weighted warm blanket around yourself can be a good stressbuster. 

Image Credits: Bonniepangart/ Instagram

We don’t know the exact science behind it, and a lot of research continues about it. But, many people say that weight blankets make us feel as if our mothers are holding us, and what could be more of a stress-reliever than that?

Stay safe

This comic made sense yesterday, it makes sense today, and it will make sense forever! There are a lot of people in this world who have such important jobs that they had to keep on working physically even during COVID-19.

Image Credits: Bonniepangart/ Instagram

We have nothing but the utmost respect for people with such jobs. Considering that, what these guys ask from us isn’t a huge thing. They’re working outside just for our safety, so staying home for them and following the rules should not be a problem.

How much is that for?

Let us show you another advantage of being in a long-term commitment. It doesn’t matter how expensive things are, but your other half offering to buy you something as a gift is always really sweet and thoughtful. It gives us all the feels.

Image Credits: Bonniepangart/ Instagram

It is a really special way to make someone’s day, and we bet that Bonnie is happy to return the favor when the time comes. Whether it is a cup of coffee at Starbucks or a favorite book, little gifts to go a long way.

Can’t get cuter than this

Some people say that opposites attract in a relationship. Still, there are also those who believe that we need to be identical to our partners to be more compatible. There isn’t a sure-shot answer to this question, but we know one thing for sure…

Image Credits: Bonniepangart/ Instagram

We know for sure that Bonnie and her boyfriend look the cutest together! Also, we can’t get over the fact that their wardrobes are so similar! It almost feels as if the two are destined for togetherness! Both of them are lucky to have each other.

Glasses problems

Have you ever thought about how a person who wears glasses would look without them? If you want to see that in reality, it would be best to ask the person trying to take their specs off because it could be annoying.

Image Credits: Bonniepangart/ Instagram

Those who don’t wear glasses have no idea how annoying it is when somebody removes your glasses and invades your personal space. But it’s good that Bonnie’s boyfriend was okay with taking his specs off when Bonnie asked. Those who ask shall receive.

Anger issues

Sometimes, the people you love get angry for no real reason, and in those times, you never know what you should do. But, we have a solution for that! It would be best if you keep out of their way and be there to make them feel comfortable when they need you.

Image Credits: Bonniepangart/ Instagram

Often, your loved ones prefer not to share certain things with you because they might not feel comfortable, and in those times, it would be best if you keep on supporting them until they feel comfortable, just like Bonnie’s boyfriend.

Unspoken love

If you have a pet, this question might have crossed your mind at some point. That question is, “Does my pet really love me, or does it only love the food that it’s getting from me?” Cat parents can relate to this sentiment even better.

Image Credits: Bonniepangart/ Instagram

The answer to that question is undeniable. Milky loves Bonnie’s boyfriend and treats him with all the love. Although he won’t be able to express his admiration in obvious ways since he’s a dog, he surely adores Bonnie’s boyfriend a lot.

Two years ago

Let’s be honest. 2020 was an intensively challenging year, and there were many reasons behind it. 2020 helped us remember that we should never take good things for granted. Therefore, we should never forget the good things that we have.

Image Credits: Bonniepangart/ Instagram

For instance, although being stuck at home felt terrible, it gave us a lot of time to develop new skills and master the existing ones. Also, it taught us the value of many things! Therefore, Bonnie here has the right attitude towards things!

Focus on what matters

Continuing from what we talked about earlier, it’s crazy how much the image of our futures has changed after 2020. All the worries about jobs, money, and other things seem secondary because 2020 taught us to focus on our loved ones.

Image Credits: Bonniepangart/ Instagram

It’s good that we realized that genuine happiness only comes from people who love you instead of something materialistic or physical. So, instead of stressing about your future or trying to perfect your plans, celebrate what you have right now!

Snuggles or no snuggles?

The idea of snuggling your loved one is fantastic, but there’s only one thing that feels better than that. It is the idea of snuggling your loved one in the winter! Things are really different in the summers, aren’t they?

Image Credits: Bonniepangart/ Instagram

Instead of all the wholesomeness, it starts feeling all gross and sticky! Here’s some advice. If you’re snuggling, feeling hot, and want to remove your shirt to feel less warm, don’t fall for the trap. It will only make things more sweaty and sticky.

Coconut problems

Everybody has that one food, or maybe multiple foods that they simply can’t stand. If you ask us, it’s many different things—dates, jackfruit, bananas, and of course, coconuts. Speaking of coconuts, here’s another person who despises coconuts. Take a look.

Image Credits: Bonniepangart/ Instagram

Maybe the nutty flavor is the main problem is in this situation. If not, then perhaps the fact that coconut is not a nut could be bothersome for Bonnie’s boyfriend. Fun fact, coconut is a fruit! Sorry. That fact wasn’t as fun as expected.

Tight jars

We don’t know why the manufacturers of these products make them so hard to open, because people only want to open the jars and eat the pickles! It could be an easy experience, but nope, these jars are too tight.

Image Credits: Bonniepangart/ Instagram

Here’s some advice if you struggle to open a jar that way. Hit the top of a pot on a countertop. Don’t be too harsh, but don’t be too soft. It will loosen the lid and make things easier for you.

Remember to exercise

Since COVID, so many of us got to experience how it felt to work from home regularly. Firstly, the idea of not leaving your homes was pretty tough to deal with, but we all got accustomed to it later on.

Image Credits: Bonniepangart/ Instagram

Relaxing at your home in your PJs is comfortable, and Bonnie’s boyfriend relates to that comfort pretty well. But, always remember that you need to get up from time to time and walk around. Stretch your legs a little and exercise as well!

Cleanliness all the way

Are you someone who loves cleanliness? Also, are you someone who loves cleanliness but lives with somebody who’s always messy? It’s weird, isn’t it? Bonnie has a solution for you for all of those in this situation. Check it out.

Image Credits: Bonniepangart/ Instagram

All you need to do is tell your partner that you are having friends over because that is undoubtedly going to get the cleaning started. And, of course, we aren’t living in the 50s, so it’s the responsibility of both partners to keep the house tidy!

Impressing the parents

Taking your beloved home to meet your family will always be a difficult task because, firstly, you don’t know how your partner or your family will react. So, we love this comic since it is so cute yet so realistic!

Image Credits: Bonniepangart/ Instagram

It is true. Parents always seem to approve of everything else with ease, but it’s a huge issue when it comes to a new partner in your life! So, we hope that Bonnie’s mom comes around and approves of her boyfriend!

Weird tan

If you are one of the fortunate people who live in places where it’s hot during the year, many people are jealous of you. By looking at this comic, we can say that we are thankful to live in a country with rain and gray skies.

Image Credits: Bonniepangart/ Instagram

Because we live in a city with rain and gray skies, there’s no chance of getting an unexpected mask tan on our face, and it’s a fantastic thing! Also, Bonnie’s expression in the last frame is just too funny! We wonder if it actually happened to anyone.

Easy fix

We have another solution for the messy roommates that many of you guys might be living with. Instead of only waiting for them to clean their mess, try chucking all the stuff at them. It will surely make them react! Well, only throw the dirty clothes.

Image Credits: Bonniepangart/ Instagram

We said that you should only throw filthy clothing because launching something like a soiled plate would obviously be disastrous for everybody. Clothes are light, and they aren’t really going to injure a person if thrown toward your target!

Always there for you

The next comic we have for you is wholesome because it shows that Bonnie’s relationship with her friends is just as wonderful as that with her boyfriend! Her friends are always aware of what’s happening even when they haven’t talked for a long time.

Image Credits: Bonniepangart/ Instagram

We feel similarly because these comics have given us some fantastic insights into Bonnie and her hubby’s lives. On that note, you should always ensure that you’re checking in on your friends and loved ones regularly because it’ll always make them happy!

Another easy fix

There’s nothing more embarrassing than going to the store only to realize that you’ve run out of shopping bags. It’s true that you could always pick a bag from there, but it makes you feel very different and unprepared, doesn’t it?

Image Credits: Bonniepangart/ Instagram

But, you shouldn’t fear, because a boyfriend is here! Boyfriends always pack up the leftover food, even at restaurants, so you’ll never have to carry a go-to box! Bonnie’s boyfriend is practical for a lot of things! Who knew!

All by myself

A good thing about working for a huge company is that there are many people who are always there to support you. The saying “teamwork is dream work” is true! But, those who are self-employed know how different things are.

Image Credits: Bonniepangart/ Instagram

Especially for a fantastic artist like Bonnie, working can be pretty lonely at times because you need to do everything yourself. Therefore, one needs to make sure that they have a good network of people outside of work to get their support.