Men Can Relate: 45 Cartoons That Prove There is Never A Dull Moment In A Married Man’s Life

By Ridwan S

This article was originally published on BetterManly

While no two marriages are strictly the same, many men out there will agree that there are certain things they equally experience in every marriage out there. What we are trying to say to say is that you are not alone! When you see couples having issues similar to yours, it relieves and reassures you that you are not doing something wrong. Yehuda Devir, an artist from Israel, has created some comic renditions from the diverse ups and downs he’s faced so far in his marriage with Maya. These comics portray the daily experiences couples face in their marriage. Starting from the honeymoon phase to trying to be parents, to the expectancy phase, and then becoming parents together, we have compiled the most relatable comics that will help you breathe a sigh of relief!

The Shy Guy

You might feel your husband is a charmer, but even stunning men can have self-esteem issues. From time to time, he might need some encouragement, too. In some cases, you may feel gorgeous while he feels dull. Try to be his cheerleader. He needs it more than you know.

Image Courtesy: Yehuda Devir

If he isn’t feeling like a charmer, you shouldn’t pressure him to be like other guys at the beach. Avoid places that further increase his insecurities if you know he feels uncomfortable. Finally, ensure you remind him that he will always be the apple of your eye!

The Trickster

Nothing keeps couples together better than sharing laughter. However, adding weight and changing body shapes isn’t something to laugh at. Your woman might look flawless to you. Yet, she might be worried about adding a few pounds throughout your relationship.

Image Courtesy: Yehuda Devir

The best thing to do in this situation is to make her see how much you love her. Remind her that she will always be the most beautiful girl in the room to you. Hopefully, she accepts that adding a few pounds isn’t something to fret over and shouldn’t affect your relationship.

The Angry Sleepers

Fights are sometimes inevitable and, resolving them might make you angrier than the issue itself. Such wrath could overpower other emotions, making it difficult to obey the “never go to bed angry” scenario. Try to remind each other of your undying love, even in the face of anger.

Image Courtesy: Yehuda Devir

When the day breaks, revisit the issue when you both will be much calmer. Don’t draw a veil over any issue. If it was big enough to have caused a fight, then you should talk about it. These issues have ways of coming back up if you don’t hash it out.

The Shredder

Just like death and taxes are constant in life, so is hair shedding for ladies. As if losing millions of strands every day isn’t enough to annoy you, you will realize that the more hair she has, the more places it will end up, including in your food sometimes!

Image Courtesy: Yehuda Devir

True, this can get you angry, but try not to complain. Be patient. Us men would have found a way out of this if there was any solution. See, these strands of hair serve as a security blanket they need to protect their feminine nature.

The Other Double Standard

Weight gain may be a big issue in a relationship. Bulging stomachs in women is generally frowned upon in many societies around the world. However, men definitely don’t receive as much criticism. A protruding belly and tight-fitted pants may be a normal look for some men.

Image Courtesy: Yehuda Devir

However, a little weight gain by the ladies raises more than eyebrows. People start talking and advising her on why she should lose weight for health reasons perhaps. This can be daunting. Ensure you appreciate your spouse in whatever form she takes. It’s not something to fight over.

The Proposal

The power of two coming together to become one is immeasurable. The picture below illustrates what you go through when you are about to make such a decision. Asking someone to be your life partner requires courage and a lot of planning. You need to get it right.

Image Courtesy: Yehuda Devir

We wonder if guys ever think about getting “no” as an answer. Well, Maya looks like she had been longing for this moment since the day they met. In our opinion, private and intimate proposals are the best. It keeps you in control of the event.

The Morning Face

After the honeymoon, you will see your girl in her natural elements. She is not a movie star. So, there is no need for her sneaking off to look like one before you wake up. It is time to get real, see her morning face, and smell that wonderful morning breath.

Image Courtesy: Yehuda Devir

Someone needs to find out the secret behind guys waking up as fine as ever. They do this with minimal to no effort. One thing you should know is that, as married couples, you will experience each other in your most unfiltered elements.

The Secret Eater

We all have things we do when we think no one can see us. These are called secret habits. For Yehuda, he sneaks off to eat when his wife is asleep. Now that Maya has found out, we hope Yehuda stops sneaking around; there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Image Courtesy: Yehuda Devir

As a couple living together, you need to let go of some of your singlehood habits. You have to be conscious and considerate of your partner. Let go of anything that might stress your partner out. Use a plate instead of eating from the fridge!

The Game-Plan

Getting pregnant is not as easy as we see in movies. The older a woman gets, the smaller her window for conceiving gets. Hence, as a couple ready to start a family, you need to have a solid plan. The plan will help you stay focused.

Image Courtesy: Yehuda Devir

It looks like Yehuda and Maya have this under control. They have employed charts and militant discipline to stay on track. The situation is such that a lot of couples can relate to it. To avoid getting crushed by the pressure, ensure you make the process fun-filled.

The Baby-Making Cookbook

When it is time to start a family, women go the extra mile. Who the heck knows where they find out about all the potions and lotions they claim will help the process move along smoothly. Sadly, we might never be able to find out which one of these tricks work.

Image Courtesy: Yehuda Devir

Husbands, even if you think it is just placebos, don’t ever tell her the concoctions won’t work. You will only get her mad. Avoid asking too many questions, also. If it makes her happy, let her do it. After all, her happiness is all that matters to you.

The Man Flu

One of the things that can bring your loving champ of a husband down is the man flu. Although you consider this a little storm that he should be able to weather, it is more than that. At least to him, this is a life-threatening illness.

Image Courtesy: Yehuda Devir

When this happens, make sure you give him all the attention he needs and desires. Remember that once he is healthy and agile, you might also need some deep tissue massage, so treat him right. Let him feel loved. Consider it a love deposit for your future demands.

The Over-protector

Many new moms and dads-to-be take things too far during pregnancy. There are numerous rules they need to obey, such as how to eat, sit and even sleep. As expectant mothers, these rules might feel restrictive and frustrating, especially if they are things you used to do before.

Image Courtesy: Yehuda Devir

Yehuda is such a sweet husband, ensuring that his wife has a stress-free pregnancy. Maya’s comfort is his priority, so he doesn’t want her to do anything strenuous. However, this doesn’t sit well with Maya, who wants to do some things independently.

The Big Bump Stage

Baby bumps are so admirable: it is a sign that a human is growing inside of you! The baby bump entices some strangers to want to touch or rub your belly. You may probably hate this. The problem is not you hating a belly rub. It is the strangers who think they can touch you.

Image Courtesy: Yehuda Devir

You enjoy belly rubs, but not from strangers. The baby-daddy is the only one allowed to rub the bump. Such moments are forever sweet and meant to be kept alive in your memory. Hence, we prefer these situations to a planned and cliché pregnancy photo session.

The First Kick

Feeling your baby’s kick for the first time is one of the keepsake moments of parenthood. It remains one of the most important memories in pregnancy. Although no one knows when this event will be, everything comes to a standstill the moment it happens.

Image Courtesy: Yehuda Devir

The notable moment requires undivided attention, so no one must move. Yehuda must have had the fright of his life when he heard the “nobody move” phrase. We hope nothing disturbs this moment, not even the apples Yehuda bought or Maya’s precious stuffed toy.

The Bathroom Battle

Pregnancy is such a beautiful gift of nature. As attractive as pregnancy looks on the outside, it comes with different body changes for the women. Some of them make the women never want to experience it ever again. It’s a wild rollercoaster.

Image Courtesy: Yehuda Devir

One of these changes includes frequent urination that sends you to the bathroom more often than ever. The best option for anyone in the bathroom before to leave as soon you hear them knocking. Pregnancy gives you the right to everything you want.

The Big Day

You will think you are fully prepared for the delivery date until the day comes, and boom, you start panicking. The moment your water breaks, the fear takes over, especially when this happens unexpectedly. Thankfully, there is usually some warning before this.

Image Courtesy: Yehuda Devir

Once you allow fear into your mind, everything becomes confusing. You might even forget the simplest things, like how you will get to your clinic. Yehuda is trying his best to stay on top of the situation but, her panic might eventually get to him.

The Miracle

Who else has noticed how adorable newborn babies look? They are a breath of fresh air to the new parents. All they do is eat, sleep, and love. Occasionally, they let out their cries for attention and mess up their pants now and then.

Image Courtesy: Yehuda Devir

As new parents, you desire to be in every of your new bundle’s moments. You are new to this, and every action or reaction from your baby is significant to you. We can’t blame you for feeling this have; you have put in so much work to get here.

The Exhaustion

The baby has been around for a while and knows how to cry for every little thing they want. The cries are now becoming endless and annoying. As if that is not enough, the baby now stains their clothes within seconds, and you guys are the only ones that can help.

Image Courtesy: Yehuda Devir

Take a look at the couple. “Tired” does not fully describe how they feel here. We can only imagine how powerful a baby must be to have exhausted two grown adults. Hopefully, things will get easier in a few years.

The Separation

In the first months of a baby’s life, the parents never let them out of their sight. They are always with their baby, spending most of their time cuddling with them. Although this is adorable, it has to stop, even if it is just for a few hours.

Image Courtesy: Yehuda Devir

Initially, you might think all you want is some alone time. Not until you let your baby out of your sight and you start missing them immediately. Thankfully, the babysitter will bring your bundle of joy back soon enough for you to get everything to need done!

The Interruption

If anyone had said you would be back in the game so soon, you might have argued. However, look at you now, trying to get your grown baby a sibling. Luckily, you know how to go about this, but there might be an issue.

Image Courtesy: Yehuda Devir

The cute little human screaming “mommy” and pounding at the door each time you get under the duvet might cause some problems. If needs to loving time, it must be as fast as possible. Otherwise, you will hear the cries of your attention-loving little human in no time.

The Errand Boy

Agreed, women are better at multitasking, but it doesn’t stop them from delegating tasks. Now, as a delegate, you should be able to think and make simple decisions on your own. Be diligent with your assigned task because irrelevant questions and details are not allowed.

Image Courtesy: Yehuda Devir

Remember, she believes in your judgment! It is admirable that Yehuda is trying to run things by his wife but maybe not decisions like pasta choice. As much as you are trying not to disappoint her, your numerous calls from the supermarket might get to her eventually.

The Human Backpack

We all know about the honeymoon phase. It’s the time you both cling to each other and become inseparable. You may spend all mornings in bed without a care in the world. No one wants the honeymoon phase to end, except your boss, who wants you back at work.

Image Courtesy: Yehuda Devir

The only thing that brings it to an end is your work duties. We have to request a utopian society where we are paid to enjoy in unity. If that is too much to ask, maybe a 4-day weekend will be acceptable, providing us enough time to laze around with our love.

The Messy Girl

The school of thought that believes that women must be chained to the house in a relationship needs to be overhauled. The concept of the 50s housewife is outdated. However, we all need to make little sacrifices to accommodate this way of thinking and living.

Image Courtesy: Yehuda Devir

We find some house chores more stressful than the others, one of which is dishwashing. Nevertheless, piling up unwashed dishes is not hygienic. The best solution to this is washing your plates immediately after each use, even if it is just your cereal bowl.

The Nutella Nut

Even in marriage, you retain your original characteristics that made you fall in love with your woman in the first place. These goals might differ from that of your partner. When this is the case, don’t be hostile. It is alright if you enjoy the gym and your partner prefers the library.

Image Courtesy: Yehuda Devir

Consider each other’s comfort levels and preferences before choosing something to execute as a couple. When planning on how to spend quality time together, decide on activities that both parties will find interesting. It will involve compromises; an evening walk instead of a treadmill race isn’t a bad idea.

The Thoughtful Guy

As the relationship ages, you might develop more dates to celebrate together. You have to remember every notable date in your relationship: first date, wedding anniversary, first kiss, and so on. Except for some tangible reasons known to your partner, you shouldn’t forget or mix them up.

Image Courtesy: Yehuda Devir

You can get some help. After all, that’s what reminders are for. Save your relationship and set reminders for important dates. How do you decide on which dates are more important to celebrate? Discuss it with your partner. They might prefer to celebrate your first kiss over your first date.

The Grey Hair Chronicles

Our society is biased when it comes to beauty and what is acceptable. Females have to conceal their age in every way possible according to society’s standards. For example, it makes them feel like they shouldn’t have grey hair as a woman.

Image Courtesy: Yehuda Devir

Whereas for the men, the appearance of peppering grey hair makes them even hotter. Surprisingly, they don’t get any negative comments about this new stage. We all need to agree that grey hair makes everyone hotter. Therefore, when men become silver foxes, women become glistening vixens.

The TV Cheater

After being in each other’s air for a while, things like catching up with on a TV series becomes routine. You stay true to one another, even in the face of temptations. However, not everyone can refrain from watching a few episodes of their favorite series even when it is available.

Image Courtesy: Yehuda Devir

You need to have strong determination to stay away from the television after the last night of suspense. Therefore, we understand Yehuda’s anger when he learns about his partner’s unfaithfulness – he has the right to vent. Hopefully, he will calm down and listen to the excuse his lady came up with.

The Diet Phase

Usually, the new year comes with new resolutions giving up all the bad habits and ways of the past year. For couples, these decisions involve healthy living – they may either decide to exercise or cut out the bad foods.

Image Courtesy: Yehuda Devir

However, we suggest that you give room for some “cheat days.” Dragging your partner into your resolutions is also not a good decision. Allow them to decide. They may either choose to join you or be the best cheerleader – either one is lovely.

The Apologies

One thing that is common in all relationships is fights and disagreements. Some of these fights might make you feel more down than the others. Whatever the cause of the disagreement was, it feels impossible for you to handle it. It may throw you into a dark place.

Image Courtesy: Yehuda Devir

Although it sounds little, the solution to this issue might be a genuine apology. You also need to realize that the fact that you said, “I am sorry,” doesn’t take away the hurt immediately. Give them some time to heal. These little steps solidify and strengthen relationships.

The Broody Bunch

Relationships proceed in phases – you move from being lovers to marriage, then the desire to be parents starts to surface. The moment a woman begins desiring the warmth of her child, you best believe she won’t stop. So, once she makes her request known, work towards granting it instantly.

Image Courtesy: Yehuda Devir

Once you get married, the next thing becomes starting a family. For this couple, the wife has shown her interest in becoming a parent and, her husband welcomes it with open arms. It’s not like he has a choice, but still, it’s a good thing he’s into it.

The Bed Marathon

Agreed, you have the plans in place on how to make babies, but are you ready for the drills? The process of making a baby is not as easy as what you wrote in your strategies – there is more to it. Hopefully, you will find the strength you need.

Image Courtesy: Yehuda Devir

For example, look at them! The husband looks exhausted and needs to refill before the next try. However, the wife is ready and willing to try all the positions on their list. She has the strength for it all. We only hope she will save this strength for the morning.

The Red Moon

For a married woman, having a period when trying to conceive comes with an extra jolt of disappointment and sadness. Every drop of blood and pain you feel reminds you of your failed attempt at motherhood. No matter how you think about it, the presence of the period irritates you.

Image Courtesy: Yehuda Devir

Especially when you are trying to conceive, your period becomes a sign of a failed attempt. After all the work you put into implementing your strategies, the last thing you want to see is your period. However, seeing your period shouldn’t stop you from trying again.

The Big News

As couples, there will be many memorable dates, one of which will be the day the test kit is positive. Your joy will be overwhelming as you have achieved your baby-making goal. The two lines on the strip will make you happy and erase all the sorrows it took to get there.

Image Courtesy: Yehuda Devir

This day marks the beginning of a new phase – you are about to become parents. You can no longer pack your bags for a romantic getaway for two or go to the club all night. At this point, you realize that you have signed up for a new responsibility.

The Next Phase

Even in the face of all the challenges they’ve experienced together, this couple decided to make their family bigger. It’s such a bold and admirable step if you ask us. From the look of things, Yehuda’s feeling is on top of the world, and the soon-to-be sister is confused.

Image Courtesy: Yehuda Devir

We are sure the couple knows that they are in for another world of surprise. All the interruptions and emotions they felt and more are on their way for a second and stronger visit. The bigger the family gets, the more changes your lives experience.

The Hormone Stage

Pregnancy comes with different changes to the woman’s body, the biggest of which is the pregnancy hormones. These hormones are responsible for the admirable and noticeable glow everyone talks about in pregnancy. But they are also the cause of some issues like the acne on your face.

Image Courtesy: Yehuda Devir

Sadly, Yehuda thinks his wife’s concerns are laughable as he has decided to make jokes about them. Agreed, a good sense of humor is one way to get through this stress-filled life. However, you will only get into trouble when you laugh at your wife’s raging hormone concerns.

The Big Boob Stage

Of all the changes in pregnancy, we dare say this is the one that excites the husband the most. Well, happy sir, the result of this is in preparation for the coming baby and not you. However, we agree that this is an exciting development.

Image Courtesy: Yehuda Devir

For someone who hasn’t seen their assets this large, it’s something that fascinates them. There is no doubt that the husband is mesmerized by this endowing stage; his first-class looks say it all. Amazing how something this natural can be so enticing to watch from the man’s perspective.

The Sleepless Night

The bigger the baby bump gets, the more difficult it becomes to find a comfortable sleeping position. She spends hours finding the best posture to sleep while rolling from one side of the bed to the other. Sometimes, all she gets is a twisted position.

Image Courtesy: Yehuda Devir

In this stage, getting a pregnancy pillow would help. However, in the absence of that, she may use you as a substitute. You might be broken-hearted for a while like Yehuda here. But don’t worry, you will come to terms with the reality soon enough.

The Home Stretch

Victory is on its way; you are now in the last trimester. The ninth month comes with different struggles; you feel tired, bloated, and even find it hard to walk. You can’t even put on shoes by yourself. Sadly, you still have more years to do this.

Image Courtesy: Yehuda Devir

Thankfully, her husband understands his assignment; look at him offering to help with the cutest smile. Yes, her size has changed, and she knows this too but don’t mention this if you can’t bear the result. Prioritize her happiness, even the littlest thing like putting on her shoes for her.

The Delivery Room

Delivery time is usually a frightening period for most women since it comes with indescribable excruciating pain. Besides the pains, there is also the fear of the unknown, will you and your baby be fine? However, you are aware of the changes this phase brings.

Image Courtesy: Yehuda Devir

The husband seems to be unaware of the extent of what’s going on. He has this broad smile all over his face. We can’t blame him because he doesn’t know what it feels like to have a life develop inside of you. So, his actions are overlooked and forgiven.

The Bonding

The struggles and pains of the labor room are over; you now have your baby in your arms. Looking into the eyes, you realize that your child is the cutest thing God has ever created. Here is the truth that you are ready to contest with anyone.

Image Courtesy: Yehuda Devir

The feeling of the warmth of your baby’s skin close to yours becomes your main desire. Yehuda perfectly illustrates the beauty of motherhood with this image. Look at how adorable she looks in her element with her scars and marks – such beautiful shreds of evidence of victory.

The Doubts

Despite the number of parenting books available today, none of them can explicitly guide or prepare you for this stage. Parenting has its share of variations. It is difficult to tell if you are on the right path, and this gives rise to self-doubts.

Image Courtesy: Yehuda Devir

Thankfully, you are not alone in this. You have your partner, so let them know about your insecurities. As a partner on the listening end, make sure you encourage and provide help for them. Reassure them that they are doing just fine, and you will get through it together.

The Lockdown

The pandemic showed the 21st century a whole new way of living. Everyone was in their house all day and night. It gave families the time to bond and understand each other better. They literally had all the time in the word. Although it was a disaster, it had its blessings, too.

Image Courtesy: Yehuda Devir

What was meant to be weeks of staying indoors turned into months, and as expected, people started getting bored. The expression on their faces tells you that they want out. On the other hand, the baby has no idea there is a pandemic, or maybe she doesn’t care.

The Hideout

The mother will always have a task to complete. Fathers think of them as the one who understands the baby the most. However, even mothers are confused sometimes – it is not easy dealing with a human who can’t communicate their needs.

Image Courtesy: Yehuda Devir

If, as a mother, you need some rest, then you should get it. Leave the father and child to bond a little and find a cool spot to relax. Hey, daddy, you can handle it, so do it with all your strength and let your wife get some air.

The Fight

Parenting is a phase of battling with your partner on who knows what is best for your child. You both want the same things, but communicating it might raise some issues. Individually, you might consider your view to be the only solution.

Image Courtesy: Yehuda Devir

However, if you take a deep breath and think, you will see that both of you are right. After all, you are partners in this parenting thing – it’s a united battle. Never exchange words or scream at each other around your child; it might scare them.

The Truth

In this era, we battle spending time on the internet at the expense of building our relationships. Ironically, we consider online connections as equivalent to our physical interactions. It is easier and faster to send a love emoji on Facebook than to express it in reality.

Image Courtesy: Yehuda Devir

Sadly, they both look displeased with their loss of physical connection. Relationships require your time and genuine work. You need to both put in extra work to have a lovely and admirable relationship. Therefore, change the narration – tell your spouse “I love you” instead of sending them that emoji.