40 Comics Of The Trials And Tribulations Of Motherhood To Comfort Any Stressed Parent

By Ana

Babies, toddlers, and kids in general are adorable. However, they cause a lot of CHAOS! While children are trying to understand the world, they can’t be left alone for 10 seconds without causing trouble — keeping them alive, happy, and healthy is no easy task. This experience is true for parents everywhere, and the Internet has a way of making us all feel less alone. We compiled 40 pictures from the artist Inna Sacali who turns these parental struggles into hilarious comics. She turns her everyday life as a mother into comics she posts on her Instagram @inna_s_art. So, without further ado, because we know you parents are busy folks, here are 40 comics about parenthood to brighten your day!

All images in this article are courtesy of @inna_s_art on Instagram.


When you have a new baby, the urge to spoil them is almost impossible to resist. You just want to give them every baby item you find. A simple trip to the store for diapers becomes a shopping spree, and online shopping makes it even harder.

Image Credits: @inna_s_art / Instagram

The temptation grows even more when you spot a sale at the store. Your baby can look adorable while you save 5%? Please, yes! Spending any significant amount of money is never enjoyable, but look at all these lovely clothes!


Babies are fascinating. They seem to be able to see and do everything despite their small size. It’s as if they can predict the exact moment that you will turn your back, and when the opportunity comes, the little monster is released.

Image Credits: @inna_s_art / Instagram

This comic is a perfect example of that. This mother was changing her baby and had to turn around for a second to grab a clean diaper, but came back to a stinky mess and a baby already halfway out of the room! How do they move so quickly?!


Children like repetition. If they like what you did, they will want you to repeat the same thing consistently for the rest of your life. Get ready to play peek-a-boo or read their favorite bedtime story for a few more years.

Image Credits: @inna_s_art / Instagram

This comic is a perfect representation of what it’s like to spend hours playing peek-a-boo. At first, it’s cute and enjoyable for both you and your baby. But then, they can’t get enough! How long do you need to keep this up?


When you want your child to do something, you must be creative. This includes using reverse psychology, making a game out of chores, or even implying that it’s a competition that they must win. Of course, it doesn’t work every time…

Image Credits: @inna_s_art / Instagram

There are numerous tricks that parents learn over time. As shown in this comic, the mother was having trouble getting her kid to brush their teeth. She barely had to do anything and he immediately took it as competition. Genius! Run, mom, run! Make the little devil work for it!

No routine

When a woman becomes a mother, it feels like her entire world has been turned upside down. We don’t mean this in a negative way, but her previous routine has been thrown out the window. Adapting to this new normal is not easy.

Image Credits: @inna_s_art / Instagram

For instance, the pick-me-up cup of coffee that used to be the start of her morning is now a reward at the end of the day. And mornings are reserved for composing yourself after being up all night with the baby. But if your baby doesn’t keep a consistent schedule, then forget about establishing a new normal.

No Means No

No matter how many times you tell your child not to do something, they will still want to do it. It’s as if saying no is a challenge to them to do it. Is it even worth saying no sometimes?

Image Credits: @inna_s_art / Instagram

The mischievous look on the kid’s face is enough to make us want to make a mess in frustration. However, this mother knows it will get us nowhere, so she is resigned to cleaning the mess. It’s time to play the eraser game and clean the walls.

Don’t Panic

It’s not possible to maintain a constant vigil on your children when you’re a parent. Accidents do happen, and we must be prepared to deal with them as soon as they occur. It’s important to remember not to panic and to keep a level head.

Image Credits: @inna_s_art / Instagram

Don’t get too worked when they cough; that doesn’t mean that they’re choking. Just like with adults, coughing is okay. There is air coming through, so there is no immediate danger. Stay calm and see if they are actually in distress. They probably just need some water.


Parents will occasionally experience self-doubt and anxiety. No matter how well you believe you are doing, there is always the nagging feeling that you could be doing better. It’s hard to keep that confident attitude when anxiety keeps getting in the way.

Image Credits: @inna_s_art / Instagram

It’s important to remember that parenting is a difficult task. It’s something that you are undertaking for the rest of your life, so every day is something to be proud of. Enjoy small victories and treat each day as a new opportunity to do better.

Horror Story

After a few months or even years of parenting, you gain experience that you can share with other current or expecting parents. This is a time to come together with your community and share what you’ve learned. As the saying goes, “it takes a village to raise a child.”

Image Credits: @inna_s_art / Instagram

Instead of providing helpful advice, this person is frightening the new parents! For some planning to be parents, the thought alone is enough to cause anxiety. The responsibilities that come with caring for and raising a child are not for everyone and can be especially overwhelming for first-timers.


As a parent, you are constantly learning how to improve yourself for the sake of your child. Whether it’s technical or logistical issues or methods for raising a child, your brain is simply overloaded with information and advice. What do you do with all of it?

Image Credits: @inna_s_art / Instagram

It can be challenging to sort through all the information you’ve been given from books, classes, and fellow parents. In the end, what matters is what works best for you. You shouldn’t feel obligated to use what others tell you.

Victoria’s Secret

You probably wondered why girls go to the restroom in groups? To be honest, girls aren’t entirely sure either. There’s an instinct to keep each other company and provide emotional support if it’s that time of the month. This comic tells us that there is another reason…

Image Credits: @inna_s_art / Instagram

They’re just bracing themselves for the neverending interruption from their own kids. No one warned us about the lack of privacy that comes with parenthood. Your child will observe you doing anything, whether it’s washing dishes or just sitting on the toilet.

Maternity Clothes

It’s almost impossible to find nice maternity clothes that fit the style you had before pregnancy. Often, they can look old or make you look older. They also never seem to be colorful enough. Clothes are essential for self-expression, especially at a time in your life when so many changes are happening.

Image Credits: @inna_s_art / Instagram

This is most likely what the design process for all pregnancy wear looks like. It’s created by people who should not be in the fashion industry. Maybe that’s why maternity clothes are so dull and colorless. Why can’t pregnant women be fashionable, too?

Little Joys

Babies can become constipated at times. It’s just something that happens, and while it’s usually not a cause for concern, it’s natural for parents to be worried. So it’s a cause for celebration when the baby finally does the deed.

Image Credits: @inna_s_art / Instagram

Yes, it may appear strange or creepy to others that you are so excited about something so disgusting. However, with poop comes relief and confirmation that your baby is now fine, and all your worries are lifted for a brief moment.


Kids can indeed be a handful. However, when they are sick, their already poor judgment is clouded. It’s hard to keep a child healthy and alive when they have an aversion to all things sanitary! Also, it’s hard teaching them…

Image Credits: @inna_s_art / Instagram

… how to keep themselves healthy. When the boogers and snot start appearing, it’s unavoidable. You’re in for a week of less sleep, louder wailing, fever, and a depleted tissue supply. And when the kid is sick, the parents usually become ill soon, too.


During pregnancy, your body is so focused on growing another human being that it can feel as if it is neglecting your own body’s function. Women complain of having a “pregnancy brain,” which causes them to be sluggish or disoriented at times.

Image Credits: @inna_s_art / Instagram

Take, for example, this mother. She needed to iron her shirt, so she took out the ironing board, plugged in the cord, and was prepared to fix the problem. However, she somehow ended up plugging in her hairdryer instead of the iron. How did the hairdryer get there?


When you become a parent, you learn quickly that you have to prioritize wants and needs. The needs of your children come first. This entails postponing gratification more often than not. You only rest when your child does, and meals only happen once they’re fed.

Image Credits: @inna_s_art / Instagram

And when there is a limited supply of a favorite snack, your kid always gets top priority. Even if you want that bar of chocolate, your kid will enjoy it more. Parenting is full of sacrifices, and foregoing snacks are unfortunately included.


When your child begins to write, draw, and make crafts, you can bet that no surface is safe until further notice. If necessary, plaster newspaper over every surface that your child can reach; that way, when they do color outside the lines, it won’t ruin your walls.

Image Credits: @inna_s_art / Instagram

However, of all the surfaces you can protect, your child’s skin is the only one that cannot be covered with newspaper. Yes, when they’ve exhausted all other options, children will draw on themselves. We hope those markers are not permanent.


When you have a toddler at the table, there is no such thing as eating in peace. It’s challenging to get your child to eat, much less to do so neatly. And don’t even think about making time to eat your own food.

Image Credits: @inna_s_art / Instagram

Toddlers will throw their food around, splash water all over you, and sometimes just flat out refuse to eat. And when you put them down in a high chair and set a yummy plate in front of them, they just throw a tantrum.


Which test is scarier; a pregnancy test or a Covid test? While many couples try to have a child, it can be scary to suddenly have symptoms when they weren’t planning to raise a kid yet. Having to take an emergency pregnancy test can be just as nerve-wracking as taking a Covid test.

Image Credits: @inna_s_art / Instagram

Nowadays, “getting tested” usually means only one thing. However, comparing pregnancy symptoms to Covid symptoms is like comparing apples to oranges — they’re nothing alike. Pregnancy is often compared to a coming period, so it can be difficult to tell at times!

If Only

No matter how much you try, nothing can completely prepare you for parenthood. While the books and classes may help, there will still be problems that you weren’t ready to face. But wouldn’t it be great if you could somehow download all of the information and skills right away?

Image Credits: @inna_s_art / Instagram

This could solve so many problems! The stress of parenting drops to zero and the child’s needs are always met without fuss. Of course, there are downsides to every new technology, but this one might be worth it. Do you think we’ll get this in the future?


Consider this. Your child is born and you finally get to go home to start your life as a family. Then, before you even reach your car, anxiety hits you like a ton of bricks. You’ve been caught off guard.

Image Credits: @inna_s_art / Instagram

This comic is the perfect metaphor of what it feels like to be hit by a ton of bricks. All of the responsibilities, the onslaught of parenting advice, and the terrifying possibility of something happening to your precious little baby! It crushes all hopes of peace.

No Chill

New mothers who are constantly tending to their babies rarely leave the house unless it is absolutely necessary. They usually don’t care or have time to check what they’re wearing or how they look as long as the baby is happy.

Image Credits: @inna_s_art / Instagram

When they do decide to treat themselves, the joy does not last long. Why? Because they know the baby will get its dirty hands on it as soon as they get the chance. Pulling on the fabric is a surefire way to ruin any clothes.

No Sleep

There is something about bedtime that children despise. They may yawn and fidget nonstop, trying to keep their droopy eyes open, but they will not sleep. They should value sleep while they can have as much of it as they want.

Image Credits: @inna_s_art / Instagram

The paradox is that as we all get older, we realize and regret how we took naps and bedtime for granted. Sleep is one of life’s greatest pleasures, but kids are squandering it all by running around the house, keeping their parents up, too.

Maternity Bra

It’s incredible how maternity clothes can make you feel so unattractive. It’s as if these items were created with little regard for the wearer’s self-esteem. Take this comic, for example, that shows the distinction between a regular bra and a maternity bra.

Image Credits: @inna_s_art / Instagram

The regular bra reveals a lot of cleavage. Meanwhile, the maternity bra is an unflattering design and shape. Do these designers not realize that the breasts are bigger during and post-pregnancy? For ladies who have always dreamed of that shape, that’s the only chance they have to flaunt it!


It goes without saying that pregnancy wreaks havoc on your hormones and your mind. Sadly, this is used to cast aspersions on pregnant women. In reality, this is most likely how it appears inside the system. Hormones and emotions take control.

Image Credits: @inna_s_art / Instagram

It’ll be a roller coaster for the next nine months as you attempt to deal with the changes in your body and constantly fluctuating hormones and emotions. But women are strong and can only they can handle it for that long. Men certainly couldn’t do it. They wouldn’t last a week!


Parenthood will knock the wind out of you. Whoever says otherwise is lying! You’re not getting enough sleep, you’re not eating well, and you’re spending all of your energy trying to care for, feed, and entertain your bundle of joy.

Image Credits: @inna_s_art / Instagram

It’s a good idea to pay attention to your body and what it’s trying to tell you. Nap when you can, even if it’s only for a few minutes. If sitting down for a full meal isn’t an option, eat a small amount several times throughout the day.

Puppy Eyes

Take a look at the following illustration. Who could say no to those eyes? We certainly couldn’t. Although this look is usually associated with dogs, children are guilty of it, too. Those shimmering wide eyes gazing back at you, pleading for just a few more minutes of play before bedtime.

Image Credits: @inna_s_art / Instagram

All of your plans to become a stricter parent are suddenly dashed. Your heart melts and you can’t help but give in. “Five more minutes won’t hurt, right? Then it’s bedtime for sure! No more excuses.” Oh, the lies we tell ourselves.

Favorite Toys

As your child grows older, they will discover that one toy they will defend with their life! They’re going to bring it with them everywhere. Whether it’s a blanket or a toy, they can’t sleep without it. They’ll be looking for it more than you.

Image Credits: @inna_s_art / Instagram

There can be a toybox full of favored toys, but none will ever compare to their ultimate favorite — the one that doesn’t belong to them. It’s no wonder why kids find sharing to be a difficult concept. This is why it’s so important to teach about sharing them when they’re young.


If you have a baby, it can be a terrifying experience to leave for work. They want you to stay and play with them all day. And you might, too. But, alas, adult responsibilities await. You must leave to provide your child with the things they need.

Image Credits: @inna_s_art / Instagram

It’s all right, little guy. Your daddy will return home in 6 to 8 hours, and you will have him all to yourself. And admittedly, your kid isn’t the only one upset in this parting. A few tears are being held back by the parent who is leaving.

Instagram vs. Reality

Many parents on Instagram make raising a child look easy. We see dozens of photos that have been carefully curated with beautiful filters and lighting. A perfect family! Everything seems a little too good to be true. However, behind every perfect shot…

Image Credits: @inna_s_art / Instagram

…there are hundreds of failed attempts. Baking with your child is never going to be easy. Those smiles are fake because they are stressed about the mountain of whipped cream and flour spilled on the counter just out of frame.

Child-like Wonder

When you become a parent, you have long, exhausting days. And when the day ends, you still have to deal with the hassle of bedtime. After a tiring day, sometimes it’s impossible to resist the call of sleep as you lie there with your child. But they’re wide awake…

Image Credits: @inna_s_art / Instagram

The patterns of the light projector fascinate and thus overstimulate the baby. Meanwhile, the parents were clearly captivated by the show, to the point of falling asleep! They’ll have a peaceful morning because the baby will tire himself out if he stays up all night.


When a baby comes into your world, you quickly realize that you won’t have much time for yourself. Everything revolves around the baby, such as ensuring that they eat and sleep properly. You’re too tired to do anything else once your baby is tucked in for the night.

Image Credits: @inna_s_art / Instagram

How great would it be to catch up on all the series you missed? It would be nice to work on your hobbies or mindlessly scroll through Instagram. But you can’t stay up all night because you need your energy for the next day.


It’s true that mothers will stop at nothing to give their children the best life possible. The nonstop exposure to new experiences and toys is just to expand their child’s mind and broaden their horizons. When there is a baby crawling around…

Image Credits: @inna_s_art / Instagram

…moms know that there will always be countless things scattered around the house at all times. But no matter how many toys they own, their favorite activities involve dressing up with our wardrobe! The same is true for our jewelry, glasses, purses, and so on!

Boys Will Be Boys?

Most struggles of parenthood are the same for all genders, but having a baby boy comes with an extra problem during changing time. Baby girls may pee during changing time, but it is unlikely it will launch into your face. Meanwhile, with the boys…

Image Credits: @inna_s_art / Instagram

Mothers sacrifice their energy and time and forego their body’s needs in order to care for their children. And during that time, there’s the mess of changing diapers, burping, drooling, and more. Motherhood is not for every woman on the planet. It takes an endless supply of patience.


On bad days when your children aren’t cooperating at all, you’ll wish you had superpowers. Perhaps the cone of silence will help when they can’t stop arguing. Or maybe shooting a Spidey web from your wrists would work to keep them quiet.

Image Credits: @inna_s_art / Instagram

What about Spiderman’s superpowers? His webs could surely keep children apart long enough until they make up and learn to play together. Bonus points for instilling fear in them, discouraging them from ever fighting again. One can only dream, right?

Watch out

When your baby reaches a certain age, they begin to notice their surroundings and get curious. At this age, parents need to be on constant watch around their children. They’re sitting still one moment, and then they’re bent over their crib, attempting to climb out the next.

Image Credits: @inna_s_art / Instagram

This is why parents keep a baby monitor in their bedrooms. It lets them watch their child, even from another room. Even so, it cannot prevent all accidents from occurring. It all comes down to an adult’s attention at the end of the day.


You eat for two when you’re pregnant, so it makes sense to increase your food consumption — the baby requires it! However, there are times when you feel as if you’ve consumed the entire contents of your refrigerator in a single day.

Image Credits: @inna_s_art / Instagram

Pregnancy cravings can be pretty intense, and random, too. Midnight banana sundaes, pickle juice, and giant turkey legs that you can only find at Renaissance fairs — every day is unique! Never judge a woman for what she eats while pregnant. She can’t help all the changes her body is going through.


Every parent understands how difficult it is to navigate your child’s bedroom floor. Books, stuffed animals, and toys are almost always around. It’s like walking on glass, trying not to trip over anything. But the worst thing is stepping on a Lego.

Image Credits: @inna_s_art / Instagram

Nothing compares to the agony you feel when you step on those tiny plastic bricks. It’s a wonder how something that little things can cause so much pain and a reaction strong enough to even hurt the Hulk. It’s important to clean up after playtime.


It’s a physically demanding task to feed your baby. It hurts, you need to constantly check to see that they’re drinking, and you need to wake up at odd hours to fee them. It seems like you can’t go a few hours without needing to feed your baby.

Image Credits: @inna_s_art / Instagram

With all those midnight feedings, your body’s clock is thrown off. Let us take a moment to thank all of the mothers who have gone through or are still going through this stage of parenthood. We need to thank them for their energy and time spent to ensure the safety of their kids.

Bottomless Bag

Remember how Mary Poppins was able to pull an entire world from her bag? Well, mothers all have that same bag, too. It may look regular-sized, but it is fully stocked on the inside. Whatever you need is in there.

Image Credits: @inna_s_art / Instagram

Nobody knows it all fits in there. It’s most likely a superpower you acquire when you become a mother. And that’s it. We came to our 40th comic in the collection. We hope you enjoyed it and that it made you feel less alone.