Even Superheroes Have Moments Of Mediocracy As This Funny Comic Strip Shows

By Sachin P

This article was originally published on bettermanly

Reading comics is a great way to read, look at pictures, and have a great laugh at the same time! We enjoy exploring different and creative comic artists who are talented in what they do! And today, we are proud to introduce Andrew Nadeau, writer (@theandrewnadeau / Instagram), and Phil Thompson, illustrator (@wonder city studio / Instagram). The duo collaborated to produce the comic strip series, The Mediocre Superheroes. It portrays amusing spin-offs of classic superhero stories that depict the other side of daily life beyond protecting the planet and being a hero to thousands of people. They are also just ordinary people, capable of being clumsy, misjudged, or mismanaging their powers from time to time, but we all know that is a far cry from the ideal image we see in comics and on the big screen. Let’s take an entertaining comic strip stroll through the mundane and relatable world of superheroes!

Well If You Put It That Way…

For every evil, there’s something good. Life should be balanced, which is more clearly explained in the Yin and Yang concept. There’s always a little bit of good in the bad and vice versa. Some believe that these dualities create a necessary balance.

Image courtesy of mediocreheroes / Instagram

That’s what we see here. Santa Claus is the embodiment of the “good,” and the Krampus is the embodiment of “evil” in this aspect. The good kids get an orange from Santa. But if they’re bad, they get eaten by the Krampus. Seems even, right?

Marketing Level: Over 9000

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s Superman! This happens to be one of the most famous quotes associated with the man of steel. The sheer number of times people have used it in pop culture is a testament to its appeal.

Image courtesy of mediocreheroes / Instagram

But what is happening here? A clever marketing ploy is what we’re seeing. Using the dubious nature of the statements (They could mean a certainty or an uncertainty), this optometrist has the perfect sales pitch in his marketing arsenal.

Cultural Appropriation?

Technically, Dracula is the original Batman. We all know turning into a bat is one of his supernatural powers, right? But in that context, it raises a fair bit of questions than answers. Let’s take a werewolf, for example, just to put things in the clear.

Image courtesy of mediocreheroes / Instagram

Now, you can call it a ‘wolfman’ because it is bipedal. Also, it has full use of its hands rather than paws. So essentially, it’s a supernatural human body with beastly characteristics. If we are talking about a regular bat, then no, Dracula isn’t a ‘bat-man.’

Rudolph The Rational Reindeer

Well, that aspect in his anatomy is what led Santa to put Rudolph in the front of the sleigh. So, his nose will be like a beacon of sorts. He’s not wrong here, actually. That’s what he’s primarily known for.

Image courtesy of mediocreheroes / Instagram

Nobody ever touches upon the fact that somehow nine reindeers are capable of pulling a sleigh with millions of toys. They pull it all over the world in a single night. The real theory is that Santa is a competent physicist who built futuristic devices.

Missed Opportunity

Aw man! This kid defintiely lacks the knowledge when it comes to the affairs of genies! Nearly everyone who’s given the chance knows to wish for an infinite number of wishes from the genie. That’s like genie wish 101!

Image courtesy of mediocreheroes / Instagram

But if you think about it, a trillion dollars may be turned into an infinite number of wishes as well. A trillion dollars would mean that you’re five times as rich as Elon Musk, whose net worth is 241 billion. Your imagination is the limit with that kind of money.


It looks like this rhino is out for vengeance. An animal won’t seek retribution unless it has been driven to the point of desperation. If we were provided with a bit of background information on this, that would’ve been great. Or, there’s another explanation.

Image courtesy of mediocreheroes / Instagram

It’s quite simple, and it’s just that this rhino likes to stir up some mayhem. Just because they’re big doesn’t mean that they are not smart. Plus, to add to their bizarre nature, they seem to have a bit of a potty mouth.

What Have You Done?

This is why Batman likes to work alone, all by himself. It might sound pretty corny to us, but he seems to value the advice of only two people, Alfred and himself. This has apparently kept him out of a lot of trouble.

Image courtesy of mediocreheroes / Instagram

The relationship between the caped crusader and his team of young sidekicks is a somewhat strained one. There are moments where they all get along pretty well, but moments like those can be quite rare. You can see why when you read this comic.

My Name Is Jeff

Many of you might remember the hilarious scene between Channing Tatum and the gangsters in the movie 22 Jump Street when he says, “My name is Jeff.” Man, that was classic. The chemistry between Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum is a winning combination.

Image courtesy of mediocreheroes / Instagram

The same goes for this comic here. This green alien was unaware that the people on earth use the sound “J” in their languages. It’s a good thing he didn’t meet a German speaker or a Spanish speaker as they pronounce “J” in a completely different way.

Well That Didn’t Go Out As Planned

Well, being a hero isn’t always about having special powers. You might cite Batman as a reference. Well, get this straight, first. Batman is a billionaire, and he has the genius-level intellect and determination to be ten steps ahead of his super-powerful teammates.

Image courtesy of mediocreheroes / Instagram

So, he builds these fancy gadgets and conditions his body to peak human strength so he can continue his operations without a hassle. So, not having powers is okay, but you need to have certain devices to compensate for that lack of them.

Know What To Say And When To Say

Remarks about their size can strongly trigger individuals. Usually, it’s better to keep these remarks on somebody’s size to yourself. It has the power to spark an unhealthy relationship with food or induce self-consciousness in someone that never had it in the first place.

Image courtesy of mediocreheroes / Instagram

Basically, what we’re trying to say is it’s never a good idea. That’s why Superman, the man of steel, is pretty bummed out here. These artists may have come up with this comic for the laughs, but it carries an important message with it.

Well, He Does Have A Point There…

So, the snappy, snarky, sarcastic robot we see here is called Robolt. The way he speaks, we won’t be wrong in assuming that he is a relative of the legendary bender from Futurama. Both of them have the same characteristics, in a way.

Image courtesy of mediocreheroes / Instagram

So, what Robolt is saying here actually makes some sense. If the leader of this outfit is inept, that will reflect on the whole team. That’s how it works. They should always lead by example, as that’s what makes them adequate for the job.

Oh, Get A Grip!

It’s perfectly okay and natural to be sensitive about the things around you. That’s part of the experience of being a human being. But it would be pretty hard to make your way through life if you are overly sensitive about everything.

mediocreheroes / Instagram

This doesn’t mean in any way that people have to de-sensitize themselves. There should be a balance when it comes to everything. If we can attain that balance, then we have succeeded as human beings. We won’t become weak like this!

Somebody Call For A Medic!

Man! Robolt doesn’t hold back on the burns, now does he? He goes straight for the kill and doesn’t take any hostages while he’s at it. But, we have to side with the hero on this secret identity debate.

Image courtesy of mediocreheroes / Instagram

Dolly Parton once lost to a Dolly Parton look-alike in a contest. Charlie Chaplin was unable to even secure a place in a Charlie Chaplin look-alike contest. So if anyone says the secret identity thing doesn’t work, they need to get their facts straight.

Rookie Mistake, Riddler! Rookie Mistake!

The Riddler is one of the most iconic villains in Batman’s coterie. Of course, the most infamous would be the Joker, but the Riddler enjoys the position he has today, thanks to his intelligence and also his wit, lest we forget.

Image courtesy of mediocreheroes / Instagram

Riddler takes time to study his opponents before he performs his crimes, and he strives to be a step ahead of Batman at all times. But if he makes a rookie mistake like this, sheesh. Even his wife knows that he messes up pretty badly.

What In Yarnation?

We’re not going to lie. These guys had us in the first half. We were like, dang Clarence, you go, boy! Live your dream and carpe diem! Seize the day! It’s always good to manifest how your future might turn out.

Image courtesy of mediocreheroes / Instagram

There’s no harm in this at all. You will be all the more motivated to do something, that all. But what happens here is like something out of a James Wan movie. That’s a ghost in the mirror, not one of Clarence’s thoughts!

Don’t Tempt Me

Most fans used to mock Aquaman for his ability to talk to fish. But when James Wan’s interpretation of Aquaman hit theatres in 2018, people were taken aback by the stellar performance by Jason Momoa, who played the titular character.

Image courtesy of mediocreheroes / Instagram

Talking to fish telepathically is a gift he received from being half Atlantean and half-human. Now, since he has the trident of Atlan, his powers are amplified. That still doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t communicate when there’s an issue.

Mind Your Tongue!

So, this guy kind of looks like the father of Beast Boy. You know, the member of Teen Titans? The green-hued boy with the ability to turn into any animal on the planet? That’s him! That’s the famous Beast Boy.

Image courtesy of mediocreheroes / Instagram

Seriously though, shaming this guy for his ability to talk to animals is so ‘ungentlemanly.’ He could be a great asset, like the Ratcatcher in the Suicide Squad movie. She dealt the last blow to Starro in this film.

Is There Any Aloe Vera Available?

Dang! Robolt has no chill whatsoever when it comes to being snarky and snappy. It’s like he won the sarcasm championship for a record-breaking eight times and is the current undisputed champion of sarcasm. Are we being sarcastic? Go figure!

Image courtesy of mediocreheroes / Instagram

But it takes skill to master the fine art of snobbery and sarcasm. If you don’t do it well, you will end up in what we call a “sar-chasm,” which is a portmanteau of sarcasm and chasm. Like, pay attention, man!

You Got To Rest To Digest

This is something we can all relate to here. Thanksgiving usually entails a gigantic feast, and who in their right mind could say no to all that food? We totally get you and support you if you are dieting, though, or have any other reason to not participate.

Image courtesy of mediocreheroes / Instagram

Speaking of Thanksgiving feasts, as you can see with Thor and Loki here, they have indulged to the point where they can’t budge. Even the normally extremely jacked Thor is sporting a beer belly. We guess Freyja knows how to cook a mean turkey.

No Capes!

This superhuman right here, judging from his green tint, must either have nature-based powers, intangibility, or super strength. Or, it’s a rare case, all three. He might be a superhuman, but wearing a cape so close to a plane engine is “plane” stupid.

Image courtesy of mediocreheroes / Instagram

At launch, the engine’s 9-foot-diameter fan revolves 2,800 times a minute. This engine could pull in just enough air to suction out all the air inside a four-bedroom house in much less than 500 milliseconds. Even the thought of it is scary. So, no capes!!

You Have No Power Here!

This is just like what a Saruman-possessed Théoden said to Gandalf the White when he entered Edoras. You might be a powerful villain, but if a Starbucks barista gets your name wrong, you own up to it. You just accept it as it is.

Image courtesy of mediocreheroes / Instagram

Well, that’s how things roll in the domain of the Starbucks empire. See, they got him even owning up to the mistake that they made. What power! What influence! And it was all based on the simple coffee bean. Impressive.

Now That’s Funny!

You get what is happening here, right? It’s a simple case of dyslexia that led to this misunderstanding. It doesn’t even have to be dyslexia. In our haste, we also read and hear things written down or said by another person quite differently.

Image courtesy of mediocreheroes / Instagram

This is what has happened here. Due to a miscommunication, the other party heard “Hit Man” as “Hint Man.” The most hilarious thing in this situation is the existence of such a person and his outfit. He has the word “hints” all over him.

Bad Move, Flash!

The Batman from Batman Beyond is old. He may be in his seventies, but he’s still as capable as he can possibly be. This is probably some version of Batman with some sort of a longevity serum pulsing through his veins.

Image courtest of karloferdon / Instagram

Otherwise, how can he survive this long? Well, he’s Batman. His backup plans have backups. But the main point here is the Flash being the joker as always. He might be old, but he’s still as fast as ever.

Mutants Will Be Mutants

Wolverine and Deadpool are a fantastic duo in comics, cartoons, and movies. The unforgettable portrayal of the characters by Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman in the movies is something to marvel at. Ryan was perfect for the role of Deadpool, and his performance is class!

Image courtesy of karloferdon / Instagram

Well, we could wax poetic about Hugh until the cows come home. But the main thing is here that both Deadpool and Wolverine have a regenerative healing factor. So, if they lose a limb, they can regrow it like an Axolotl.

Aw Come On!

Carbon dioxide is an element in carbonated beverages, causing the gas to mix in the fluid beverage. Nevertheless, if the can is agitated or the fluid is rapidly emptied into a container, the agitation creates bubbles that make it easier for the gas to exit.

Image courtesy of karloferdon / Instagram

Now, taking into account how fast the Flash can move, it means that the beverage in that container is shaken to the extreme. It reminds us of that Simpson’s episode where Bart set up Homer with the exploding can.

Pros And Cons

Combine one tablespoon of liquid dishwashing detergent and two cups of chilled water in a mixing bowl. Blot the stain with the cleaning solution to get rid of it. If the discoloration persists, use hydrogen peroxide with an eyedropper, followed by a dab or so of ammonia.

Image courtesy of karloferdon / Instagram

Using chilled water and a sponge, clean it off, then let it dry. This is how you expertly remove bird droppings from your outfit if you happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. We think someone should let Batman know about this.

Sit Straight, Young Groot!

Maintaining a strong form as well as a tough back and spine involves adopting and practicing the proper sitting position. The essential portions of a person’s body are correctly aligned and sustained by the correct quantity of muscle tension in a perfect posture. 

Image courtesy of karloferdon / Instagram

That’s what Rocket is trying to instill in a young Groot. You might be strong and handsome-looking, but all that is worthless if your form is improper. This is one of the main things many people notice in others upon first seeing them.

It’s A Red World

If you didn’t know already, Cyclops had to use the ruby quartz lens-based spectacles throughout the comics because he had a brain trauma as a child that impaired the part of his brain that allows him to regulate his optic beams.

Image courtesy of karloferdon / Instagram

If we remember correctly, it was Professor X who gave him those glasses. So, no wonder he sees everything in red. We mean, it’s far better than living life in darkness, isn’t it? Always take optimal care of your eyes, guys!

Details Matter

So that’s how Peter Parker from the Raimiverse has the ability to generate organic webbing. Spider-man, portrayed by Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland, has to create his own web fluid chemically. It sounds like somewhat of a time-consuming process.

Image courtesy of karloferdon / Instagram

So now the secret is out. This is how he gets his organic webbing. Two dedicated spiders (looks like an adorable couple) working day and night to make sure he has enough webbing for his mission to ensure justice prevails.

Not So Loud, Dang It!

Daredevil’s perceptions have also “improved,” but in a unique manner. Hearing is his most powerful sense. He “perceives” everything with it as if it were sonar. And, his sense of smell is far superior to that of the typical person.

Image courtesy of karloferdon / Instagram

But, people have always assumed that it’s because of his inability to see. He can detect a person’s heartbeat from more than six meters away, as well as people murmuring from the other end of an insulated wall. That’s why fireworks bother him so much!

Eh, What’s Up Doc?

What’s up would be that his head is in the ceiling. The doctor didn’t pay attention to this small detail while he was doing a physical examination on the Hulk. He’s the strongest Avenger there is (Sorry about that, Thor. No hard feelings).

Image courtesy of karloferdon / Instagram

When a medical examiner hits the sweet spot below the kneecap with a rubber mallet, your foot jerks upwards. That’s to test the reflexes in a healthy human body. Well, if you factor in strength as well, it can lead to this accident.

Superhero Problems Require Superhero Solutions

This is what has plagued Bruce Banner for most of his life as the Hulk – loose clothes, especially pants. But there is one question that we would like to address here. For that, we need to turn to the movies.

Image courtesy of karloferdon / Instagram

He’s friends with Tony Stark, a genius inventor! Really, he couldn’t get an outfit that expands and shrinks back when he’s in Hulk mode and in Banner mode? Come on, there’s a permanent solution right there. Think through it, Banner! Think!

Contingencies Matter!

If you are a fan of DC comics, especially Superman, you might have seen the changing scene. When someone needs help in Metropolis, Superman comes to the rescue. While he’s getting there, he rips his shirt open to show his symbol.

Image courtesy of karloferdon / Instagram

In the early comics, he was seen using a secluded location to change into his costume quickly. But as time goes on, you have to improvise, adapt, and overcome any obstacle. Wearing pajamas underneath the costume saves precious time!

Sister Power!

Thanos’ adopted daughter and Gamora’s “sister” Nebula is a ferocious fighter. The Mad Titan trained his “daughters” in fighting as they grew up, frequently pushing them to fight one other. But the movies gave the two a redemptive arc.

Image courtesy of karloferdon / Instagram

Instead of resenting one another, they grew to appreciate one another as sisters. That’s why it is so heartwarming to see this as a cartoon. Look at how they used the Face of Thanos as a dartboard. They really are close!

Cry A River

The Soviet Union redirected the Aral sea’s principal freshwater resources, the Syr Darya and the Amu Darya waterways, to cultivate its cotton fields in the early twenty-first century. As a result, there are now just two bodies of water in the sea.

Image courtesy of karloferdon / Instagram

This could have been averted if the people handling this weren’t greedy or Aquaman was present. He could have literally found a solution for this. He could have cried to fill the Aral sea just like this comic. But that would be a bit salty, right?