Cyanide and Happiness the Webcomic Platform Making People Smile

By Stephen M

If you are a lover of fan comics, then it’s time to check out Cyanide and Happiness (C&H). The artworks, published on the website, comprise interesting and relatable comic arts and animated shorts that address various issues. Also, on Instagram as happinessandcyanide, the comics have no taste boundaries and addresses topics including controversial subjects. There are varieties of stick graphics to explore and enjoy on both the website and Instagram page.

happinessandcyanide /Twitter

How it began

A group of cartoonists, Matt Melvin, Dave McElfatrick, Rob DenBleyker, Kris Wilson, started Cyanide and Happiness in 2005. Before that, Matt and DenBleyker worked together in 1999 and 2000 on various stick figure movies. DenBleyker went ahead to create a website that hosted games and animations of stick figures. The other members later joined the team. Kris Wilson later started the Cyanide & Happiness concept, and the rest is history.

C&H has been putting smiles on many faces through art comics and animated shorts contributors. Matt left the team in 2014, but the remaining guys are pushing hard to keep the dream moving.

C&H uses stick figures in portraying its graphic concepts accompanied by humorous words. The contents range from dark and surreal humor subjects, which many people often find uncomfortable discussing. However, how they are presented makes even the most serious issues lighter.

Cyanide and Happiness has won several awards, including the Streamy Award. In 2009, a columnist for The Telegraph named it one of the best webcomics. Aside from the usual web content, they had the animated TV show called, The Cyanide & Happiness Show, which spanned four seasons. There have also been two tabletop games of Cyanide and Happiness!