45 Simple Yet Relatable Comics About Fatherhood And Relationships

By Jana I

Chronicles of Us is a series of comics by Guy Elnathan. As you might have already concluded from the title of the series, and of our article, this will be a run-down of Guy’s best works and comics when it comes to fatherhood, parenthood, and marriage. He loves creating funny, witty, and humorous content, and we are here to dissect it with you.

While we scoured the internet, most of the inspiration and content can be found is on his Instagram page, guyelnathan. Counting over 150k followers, this artist has climbed to the top of our list when it comes to our favorite comic creators, artists, and writers. He is amazing! If you are interested in what he has to offer, keep on scrolling.

Do Dogs Understand Us?!

One of the biggest questions in life is: do dogs understand people? We are itching to know! Could they talk all along, and only pretend they can’t get the upper hand? Is that what this is all about?! To be frank, we would kinda love it if dogs could talk.

Image Courtesy of guyelnathan / Instagram

We love Guy’s art style. It’s super simple and easy to follow. He chooses clear, strong colors, and the lines are thicker than we are used to in comics. But that’s a good thing! We love diversity in all art forms.

Classic Conditioning

Whenever we remember college and psychology classes, we recall that foul experiment with Pavlov and the dogs. He tricked dogs into thinking they’d receive food, just to prove a point. This whole process of dog learning is called classic conditioning.

Image Courtesy of guyelnathan / Instagram

It seems like the artist’s wife (or wife of his cartoon-self) applied some classic conditioning on their dog and her husband. At the mention of cookies, he is suddenly super attentive, sweet, and loving. We don’t know if it’s classic conditioning, but we know it’s classic male behavior.


Napping or sleeping during the day feels like a crime. You know when something is so pleasurable that it must be a sin! That’s how curling up in bed on a rainy day feels like: sinful, wrong, but oh so right!

Image Courtesy of guyelnathan / Instagram

When we saw the first panel, we thought the comic was going in a different, and naughty, direction. Oh, how the artist surprised us. The couple went for the big snooze, the big Z. Phew, we got away with it.


Sometimes, you just want to vent and rant about your partner’s wrongdoings. And sometimes you want to directly talk to them about the issues at hand. You prepare an elaborate presentation, but then they surprise you with the “I’m sorry” before you even start!

Image Courtesy of guyelnathan / Instagram

This feels like such a lost battle at that point. You wanted to argue and for them to get defensive. You got all the points covered, all planned out. But, oh lord… Did they just apologize in advance?! Now everything is for nothing! God dammit!

Well, That’s Weird

We all love using emojis, but there are a few of us who are obsessed with using just the right emoji at the right time. Going to the cinema? Send it to your friends with the video-recorder emoji and a film reel emoji. Eating noodles? Send it to your mom with a bowl of noodles and two chopsticks emoji.

Image Courtesy of guyelnathan / Instagram

This man loves his orange heart emoji! Red is too romantic and intense, while blue and purple are too cold; okay, we get that. Yellow and green are just weird, but the orange one, in this man’s eyes, is just perfect! We like his philosophy. It makes sense.

Not a Bad Idea

Sometimes, people do little tests and experiments to see if they are ready to have a baby. First, they get a few plants. If the plants survive their first year, they are all good. Now, phase 2: getting a pet, like a cat.

Image Courtesy of guyelnathan / Instagram

The third phase would be getting a dog. Dogs need more work, attention, and care than cats. If you go through all three phases and come out as a winner and a capable plant and animal parent, then you are ready for the real deal, friend.

Community Guideline Violation

This man practically violated community guidelines by liking his own post on social media. That is rule number one on what not to do. For some reason, it is embarrassing and awkward. It looks like you are desperate for likes.

Image Courtesy of guyelnathan / Instagram

Sometimes people, especially those born before the ’80s, have trouble understanding these concepts and get lost in the social media jungle. Help them out, be kind, and don’t embarrass them. It’s important to follow these rules. Come on, people… it’s not that hard.

Compliments are Hard These Days

Nowadays, if you tell a woman she is thick, or her bottom is big, she will feel on top of the world! If you said that a few years ago, she would probably be really sad, offended, or angry. You can’t win, it seems. Beauty standards are wild.

Image Courtesy of guyelnathan / Instagram

He tried to give his wife a compliment, and he almost got divorced for it. Fellas, you must be careful. We advise you to be in on the trends, so you know exactly what to say about your woman’s body and looks. Work smarter, not harder; aka, download TikTok.

Fear of Old Age

We all fear aging, and eventually leaving this planet. However, that is an inevitable destiny for all of us, and accepting that as a part of this whole life experience is essential. The artist felt the struggle, and he wants to share it with us.

Image Courtesy of guyelnathan / Instagram

He felt that kick while he was talking with the old repairman. Apparently, he was working for a few decades already, but the times caught up to him, and what he knows how to fix is already outdated and antique. That is kinda depressing, huh?

What You Need

We all need to find someone that will make our struggles and manic episodes calmer, better, and more positive. Someone to bring a flashlight when the road gets too dark. Someone to bring in a realistic perspective we desperately need it.

Image Courtesy of guyelnathan / Instagram

Conceiving is not an easy task. It requires a lot of things to align for it to work out properly. The couple wants a baby so badly, and the woman got really sad once she found out they won’t have it. The man is doing God’s work of consoling her. So sweet.

World’s Best Husband

Doing little things for each other is what makes marriage, or any kind of relationship, so precious and worthwhile. She does little things for him, he does little things for her, and they create an amazing dynamic that improves their overall relationship.

Image Courtesy of guyelnathan / Instagram

He deserved this number 1 medal! He is number 1 in her life. We should all make gifts like this, to show our love, happiness, and gratitude to the people that care about us daily. Never forget those people, and never take them for granted.

Pooping Spectators

As pet owners, people have to pay really close attention to what the pets are eating, how much they are eating, what is their toilet behavior and schedule… Well, basically, everything. What goes in and out can even turn into a trip to the vet.

Image Courtesy of guyelnathan / Instagram

We understand this couple’s struggle. They want to make sure their dog is fine, so they are represented as pooping spectators. Pets have to go to do the deeds regularly. If not, that could indicate some health issues you might want to check.

When You Want to Complain…

Sometimes, people just want to vent and complain. It doesn’t matter if the problems are easy to solve, no matter if they are too dramatic or melancholic… just let people rant and rave. That is exactly what Guy is talking about here.

Image Courtesy of guyelnathan / Instagram

In these situations, we don’t want you to listen in order to solve our problems. We just need you to listen for the sake of listening and acknowledging our situation. That’s all. We think it’s really healthy to do that regularly. Talk, people, talk!

Babies Don’t Smile Controversy

When you tell parents that their babies are not actually smiling at them, at least not at the beginning of their life, they don’t want to believe you. They think their child is different, and their child is smarter than others; therefore, it smiles.

Image Courtesy of guyelnathan / Instagram

The truth is, at the beginning stages of their lives, babies don’t smile as a response to their parents. It’s some sort of reflex, or something created by nature, so the baby gets the care it needs using a smile. Whatever it is, parents won’t listen…

Parents are Children Too

Even though parents ended up becoming, well, parents, that doesn’t mean they are not going to be childish at times. They still love to goof around, be silly, say stupid things or play pretend. That’s exactly what Guy thinks, too.

Image Courtesy of guyelnathan / Instagram

He loves drawing and writing about fatherhood, and how he understands and views it. He is not alone, of course. There is his wife, who understands him and helps him grow into the father he wants to be. What a dream team!

Online Shopping Damage

Sometimes, you can’t help but shop online. It is so addicting and fun, even more so when what you ordered arrives in a box. It’s almost like a gift. A gift you paid for… Oops. Nonetheless, people who say they never shop online don’t know what they’re missing out on!

Image Courtesy of guyelnathan / Instagram

As for this couple, the husband is obviously the “guilty” party. He is addicted to online shopping. Yet, he can’t let his wife know. So, he is trying to cover his tracks and soften her up a bit, before telling her. Good strategy!


There’s nothing better than ordering take-out for dinner! Especially after a busy day, when you don’t feel like preparing anything to eat. So, the simple solution is to order food delivery. What if your partner and you both decide to order, but make it a surprise?

Image Courtesy of guyelnathan / Instagram

In that case, you end up with a pizza and burgers on the same night! And she says that’s a problem?! But how? We don’t see the issue here. If she doesn’t eat it, we are always available. Put us on speed dial!

Dogs FTW

Dogs always make things better. How can one pet a dog and still feel grumpy, sad, or moody? There is no way! The woman has it right this time. When her husband came back home in a bad mood, all she said was: pet the dog.

Image Courtesy of guyelnathan / Instagram

Dogs are the best kinds of animals out there. They are super loyal, cheerful, playful, and loving. They are almost out of this world! We suddenly have a huge urge to get ourselves a little pupper. Goodness gracious, help us all!

Beauty is Subjective

Beauty is subjective. So, what makes us think ugly isn’t subjective, too? Next time you think you look gross, remember that that’s how you see yourself at that moment. Your partner, friends, or family think you are beautiful inside and out.

Image Courtesy of guyelnathan / Instagram

What is amazing is that these two are always there for each other. Even if one is feeling awful about their looks, bodies, or moods, they are constantly there as a support system. This is, as they say: relationship goals!


People love food. And it’s no wonder why! It’s delicious, and it satiates the hunger and stomachache you feel. It raises sugar levels, and it hits the spot. What is there not to like? However, we should be careful not to overeat.

Image Courtesy of guyelnathan / Instagram

If it’s just with that one favorite snack, it’s fine. But, if you start abusing food in all forms, maybe slow down a bit. Don’t emotionally overeat. It will lead to some serious health issues down the line. Hey, you; comic wife, say something!

Don’t Blame the Dog, Blame the Owner

Some dog breeds are believed to be more aggressive than others. There is probably some factual truth behind that belief. However, we should never dismiss a dog just because they are genetically more likely to be aggressive. After all, they didn’t choose their breed.

Image Courtesy of guyelnathan / Instagram

A lot of dogs’ behavior depends on their owners. If an owner is condoning and encouraging aggression, the dogs that are genetically more prone to being aggressive will probably, you guessed it, become aggressive. It’s not the dog’s fault. It’s the owner who’s responsible.

Poop Shy

Sometimes, people get shy when it comes to pooping. We believe it’s something that stems from childhood. If your parents taught you it’s inappropriate or embarrassing to talk about it, you grow up being all shy when you need to go number 2.

Image Courtesy of guyelnathan / Instagram

This is especially obvious when it comes to women. People say, “you are a girl, girls don’t talk like that! You must behave nicely. Be nice. Be like a lady, etc, etc.” So, the same goes for the comic boy’s wife. She has to do a big pee!


Women do have it harder, when you think about it. There are period pains, cramps, pregnancies, births, and all that comes afterward. Women are born and destined to be in pain. But that’s why they are much more resilient and have a higher pain tolerance. Woohoo!

Image Courtesy of guyelnathan / Instagram

This woman felt so empowered at that moment. She was the only one awake; taking care of both of them, let’s be honest. She is the night. How bada**. No one can tell us that women are not queens for enduring everything they do!

Sleepin’ On the Couch Tonight

Be careful what you say to your significant other. One wrong word and you are sleeping on the couch, friend. Don’t tell her that her bottom is not fat, and definitely don’t joke about her skin or her hair. Didn’t we teach you anything?!

Image Courtesy of guyelnathan / Instagram

That’s how the comic boy ended up. No, the world is not ready for gray hair humor, and it will never be, according to science. Yes, absolutely! Science has proven that joking about hair and its inevitable grayness, will never be funny.

It’s a Gift and a Curse

Every superhero’s superpower is both a gift and a curse. In movies and comic books, the writers and directors always make it so that the superhero has to endure some trials and errors with their powers in order to use them successfully and beat the bad guys in the end.

Image Courtesy of guyelnathan / Instagram

It’s always the same thing, a similar trope, a cliché of sorts, though we don’t mind watching each time. What can we say? We are quirky like that. From now on, cleaning the toilet will be a reoccurring hustle for this man here, and we can’t say we feel sorry for him. He’s got this!


How quickly do you change your mind; on a scale of “zero” to “a woman on the first day of her period”? This should be a measuring unit in itself. It’s crazy how frequently they change their minds once in this state of being. It’s difficult, though. We get it.

Image Courtesy of guyelnathan / Instagram

She changed her mind super quickly once she realized this freaking period pain won’t go away so easily. Our advice: take ibuprofen, put a hot bottle of water on your lower abdomen, curl up under a blanket, and watch a favorite TV show.

The Perfect WEH

We already mentioned how people tend to think their babies are more special than the others. That’s completely normal. Parents love their children the most out of all the children in the world. It’s how parenting, hormones, and nature works.

Image Courtesy of guyelnathan / Instagram

That’s why, when they are first born and in the first few years of their lives, babies affect their parents in a way that ensures they will be taken care of. Look at how silly the comic parents act; as if their baby is so much better than the rest. What a realistic representation! Well done!

A Hugger

There are people that love hugging, and then there are people that LOVE hugging. We are the latter. We fully understand what the woman wants in this comic. Now, we will show it to you, and you tell us if you get this, too.

Image Courtesy of guyelnathan / Instagram

When we hug, we want to hug. For real. It must be tight, long, and full of fluffy love. If it isn’t, then what’s the point?! Patting someone on their back while giving a hug is for acquaintances or someone you don’t know that well. Patting your wife on the back is simply unacceptable.

Mind Reader

Sometimes, you have to spell it out to your significant other. They might not pick up on the clues and insinuations. Nah, they need it direct and brutal. Communication is key in every relationship. We can’t expect all the men and women to be mind readers like he is:

Image Courtesy of guyelnathan / Instagram

We are impressed at how he knew exactly what to say and at the right time. He recognized what his dear wife needed, and instead of, ya know, turning on Nintendo or PS4, he wanted to cuddle her as soon as he entered the house. Wow, what a gentleman.

Nope, Not That One

We still have yet to find out why men have nipples. They don’t need them, right? So, our question is: why do they have them? For women, it’s quite clear and apparent. No wonder babies get confused and mess it up from time to time.

Image Courtesy of guyelnathan / Instagram

To make matters worse, rumor has it that men’s nipples are extremely sensitive as well. The baby biting on it must have been terrible. It’s the least men can endure, while the wife carries and delivers their child. You’ll be fine, comic husband. There, there.

Perfect Husband Doesn’t Exi…

Yes, he does. Perhaps it’s not like this one, but it’s yours. You chose it for a reason, now, enjoy the fruits of your labor, or whatever they say. We want to show you how your husband/wife should treat you, and we hope you’ll get what you deserve.

Image Courtesy of guyelnathan / Instagram

This just showed what we said a perfect first day of a period day should look like. He made it all possible for her. No wonder she married him, loves him, and had a baby with him. He is more than deserving of that. Everyone deserves this treatment. It’s wonderful.

It’s Not What It Seems

Married life is not what a relationship once was. It’s more relaxed, chill, and comforting, albeit less exciting, dynamic, and crazy. Well, most of the time, it’s like that. That is exactly what Guy strives to represent in his comics.

Image Courtesy of guyelnathan / Instagram

Showering together is not cheeky anymore; it’s probably just an attempt to save water and money. It’s economical and good for the planet. Don’t dismiss it right away! Marriage is all that, but most importantly, it’s beautiful in its simplicity.

When Gaming is Life

Playing computer/video games can be so much fun! However, it can grow into an addiction. It comes suddenly. One day, you’ll realize you gamed until sundown, and you lost a full day to a virtual reality. It’s a bit scary.

Image Courtesy of guyelnathan / Instagram

That’s why it’s good to live with someone that doesn’t have those tendencies, or at least doesn’t enable you to become an extreme addict. We should all be grateful for partners like that. They might pull you out of your comfort zone, but it’s for your own well-being.

Pregnant Lady Ideas

Truth be told, pregnancies are scary. Yes, you are practically creating life inside your own body, and it should be beautiful, but man, those pregnancy hormones and cravings are out of this world! It takes you on a wild ride.

Image Courtesy of guyelnathan / Instagram

That’s why she got this crazy idea to “smoke out” her own baby, since it didn’t come out yet, and it’s past its due date. Some babies do that — just stay for a while longer. Who could blame them? They are comfy and don’t want to give it up yet. Poor mama.

Late Night Overthinking Session

Nighttime can be the best time — you get to sleep and rest. Or, it can be the worst time — you start overthinking life and getting anxious all of a sudden. This comes as no surprise. People are flooded with information and notifications during the day, so when everything calms down at night, thoughts start rushing in.

Image Courtesy of guyelnathan / Instagram

Our task is to not let those thoughts haunt and torture us. We must stop ourselves from overthinking and indulging in our anxieties, especially late at night. It will get us nowhere. If they are too difficult to bear; please talk to someone. They will help you get through it!

Fashionably Late

If you are anything like us, you’ll hate being late to events, parties, birthdays, or any kind of celebration. We think it’s inconsiderate, selfish, and disrespectful to someone’s time and schedule. It’s not that difficult to start prepping an hour early, is it?!

Image Courtesy of guyelnathan / Instagram

It is usually women that take longer to get ready, probably because they put on make up, do their hair, nails, and a full skincare routine before going out. Being a few minutes late is fine, but anything more than 15 is too much.

Cuddle Monster

We already realized this woman loves her cuddles. We feel like, if she could, she would plaster her husband’s body and wear him everywhere all the time. There is one problem, though: her body temperature is about 20 degrees higher than his.

Image Courtesy of guyelnathan / Instagram

She probably loves the way he cools her down, but we don’t think he is particularly fond of her heat. Maybe she just likes torturing him. Her face in the last frame indicates that might be the case. Do you have your chilling or heating partner?!


Oof, this one is too relatable. If you’ve never experienced migraines, you are so lucky! Migraines make you feel like an absolute piece of human excrement. The headache and the nausea are too much to bear. It is a nightmare.

Image Courtesy of guyelnathan / Instagram

He is so precious, worrying about his beautiful wife. He wants her not to have a migraine, and to drink her coffee. He is such a sweetheart. The man is probably doing it for himself, too. Dealing with a person who has a migraine is a struggle.

Giving Birth

This comic is probably a bit TMI, but it is what it is. The artist wanted to give us an inside scoop into how giving birth looks like — from his perspective. He wasn’t the one birthing a child, but he was, hopefully, next to his wife the whole time.

Image Courtesy of guyelnathan / Instagram

He describes it as an angry volcano eruption, that’s besides that, really loud. The Chronicles of Us are really teaching us about life right now. If this is how it feels and looks like to give birth, who would want it, like, ever?!

Message to the Younger Self

They love to ask this question online: if you could, what advice would you give to your younger self? And it should be a very touching moment of people realizing how small their problems were, and how they didn’t matter in the long run, yadda, yadda.

Image Courtesy of guyelnathan / Instagram

The comic man had another idea in mind when he appeared in the past. He wanted to let know his past self not to bother going outside his house. Not because of the virus, but because he doesn’t like people all that much, and should stop pretending. Wow, how touching.

Sharing is Caring

Oh how often have we heard this sentence, and still, we love it. It is so true, though. If you share your snacks, food, life, home, love, and time with another person, you must care about them deeply! Share people!

Image Courtesy of guyelnathan / Instagram

You can share worries, too. Share doubts and anxieties. That is caring about the other person, as well. You are trusting them with that vulnerable side of yourself that you’d prefer people wouldn’t see. It’s precious, and it’s so adorable.

Emotional Wreck

Phew, we gotta say, we’ve never seen such an emotional guy before. Pun intended. Get it, because his name is Guy?! Dang it, okay… Sorry. However, the truth stays the same. He is super emotional and clingy, but at least he doesn’t try to hide it.

Image Courtesy of guyelnathan / Instagram

We actually appreciate and like him even more because of his transparency and lack of insecurities. Men tend to suppress and hide their emotional side, but not this guy. He is like an open book. He wears his heart on his sleeve, and we adore him for it.


Doubting your relationship is, well, we can’t say normal because no one should make you feel doubtful. But, let’s say, it can happen sometimes. People tend to over-analyze and overthink things that aren’t even there. It’s a natural part of the human psyche.

Image Courtesy of guyelnathan / Instagram

Her first thought was, “are you cheating on me?!” But how could she have guessed he was not cheating but simply embarrassed that she saw him in his hobo clothes? We are struggling to believe this man really exists and behaves like this. If he does, he is a saint, and he is a perfect husband material!

The Brownie Breaking Point

If it comes to a breaking point in a marriage or a relationship, it’s not a big deal. People separate because of cheating, mistrust, different lifestyles, or goals. That’s completely fine. It’s better to separate than to live in an unhappy marriage.

Image Courtesy of guyelnathan / Instagram

This is another breaking point. How could he take one last brownie out of the container?! Didn’t he think she, perhaps, wanted to eat it?! What a monster! If we were her, we would leave him, or at least make him sleep on the couch! How insensitive…

Caramel Nougat to the Rescue

Caramel is the best of the flavors; let’s keep it clear and honest here. The flavor is simply unmatched, and no one can convince us otherwise. Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry… what are you, twelve?! We need strong flavors, and we need them now!

Image Courtesy of guyelnathan / Instagram

Whenever you feel angry or agitated, find a chocolate bar with your favorite flavor. It is said it saves the day. We’ve heard it from a trusted source. Just look at the comic, it further solidifies our claim. Yeah, go ahead, we know you want to!