Dark Animal Comics

By Stephen M

Chuck Ingwersen, an artist, webcomic, and cartoonist, is gaining popularity on Instagram for using animals to address challenging human topics. The complex reality of life is hardly discussed for several reasons. However, this Chicago-based cartoonist uses comics to drum home some of these dark issues. His artwork explores daily issues like putting food on the table, making decisions, and finding a job.

Photo credit: captainscratchy /Instagram

Being a lover of animals, the webcomic has decided to feature them mostly in his works. He uses bears, cats, dogs, sharks, beavers, horses, among others, to send messages you can easily relate to. That aside, he also creates funny greeting cards that would get you smiling all day.

Knowing More About Chuck

Chuck is from Chicago; he started drawing in his childhood and developed his love for art at an early age. He started making greeting cards for family and friends and drew whatever came to mind. “I constantly drew as a kid, and I’ve hand-drawn countless funny greeting cards for friends and families ever since I was very young.” All he wanted was to become a cartoonist one day. His career started in journalism where worked as a page designer, editor, columnist, and reporter. His love for art, however overcame that of journalism; hence, he left. In 2008, he started work as a freelance cartoonist and never looked back.

Photo credit: captainscratchy /Instagram

He first came out with the webcomic, Words And Toons, which featured humor writing and cartoons. Later, he started “Captain Scratchy” to post his uplifting comics and cartoons every day. He also explores some seriously dark topics by confronting them funny but touchingly.

In an interview, the artist said he uses one to four hours to complete an artwork depending on its complexity. However, he ensures that he finishes at least one art daily. He mentioned The Far Side as the source of inspiration and influence for his work.

Photo credit: captainscratchy /Instagram