Dennis Goris: Bringing Humor To Everyday Moments

By Kanyi M

Comic artists are known to make comics about almost anything and everything. Whether it’s a comic about their favorite superhero or a comic about the silly situations we all find ourselves in every day.

One artist who does the latter is Dennis Goris. Here are some of his silly comics.

1. The anti-vaxxer and the anti-masker

If the COVID-19 pandemic taught us a thing, it must be the importance of vaccines in preventing the spread of viruses. The “brave,” however, feel that face masks are a violation of their freedom and shouldn’t be forced upon them.

Image Credits: dennisgoris / Instagram

The issue of the masks never really heated up until it was illustrated. Notice how the blue and red elephant with the white stars represents the USA. 

2. The dog that meditates to food

We’re taught to think of a calm place when we want to meditate. Apparently, a bag of treats is of a similar comfort level to the dog below. That is – if the artist is correct in his summation of the situation at hand.

Image Credits: dennisgoris / Instagram

The dog is focusing on the bowl of treats while his master is absent at this moment.

3. Ice cream is the secret to making “healthy” detox smoothies

Wheatgrass is known as one of nature’s best detoxifiers. It’s also a terrific way to get your day-to-day amount of fiber. It’s the ideal drink for whoever wants to eat healthily and detoxify their body. The only negative thing is that it has the same taste as grass.

Image Credits: dennisgoris / Instagram

However, if you don’t mind sabotaging your weight loss goals, toss a pint of ice cream into the mix. The smoothie won’t be effective for detoxification, but it will taste better.

4. When we spend money on stupid stuff

We’re pretty certain sure that most of us have spent money on something stupid at least once.

Image Credits: dennisgoris / Instagram

How about those times when you’ve thrown away $20 on a game of chance? Here, we see people paying for a sign reminding them not to be sheep. How gullible!