40+ Adorable Cartoons Of A Human-Like Dino And His Friends

By Louise P March 30, 2022

Millions of years ago, dinosaurs roamed the earth, but there was no TikTok or YouTube to document their every move. “Hey, I’m a Brontosaurus, and welcome to my channel. Don’t forget to like and subscribe!” Alexander Fridlin is a German illustrator who has captivated our hearts and minds with his adorable dino comics. He has reimagined a cute little T-Rex and his friends in all kinds of quirky situations. Dinosaurs sharing gum, flying high, watching TV, eating pizza, and playing games; you know, nothing out of the ordinary. What other crazy situations would you like to see these reptile friends get themselves into? Alexander has a Patreon page where fans can get sneak peeks of his latest comics as well as behind-the-scenes insight into his sketching process. Have a look at some of his best comics, so far…

All images in this article are courtesy of @fossilfoolscomic on Instagram

Reality Saurus-Rex

Humans are quite a terrifying species. Our daily activities differ greatly from the animals around us. While they hunt, we order pizza. While they observe their surroundings, we stare at a screen all day. It makes us wonder if evolution was such a good idea after all… 

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @fossilfoolscomic

Reality TV highlights the human condition well, and helps us see that we’re still animals at our core. From catfishing to cat fights, watching the ins and outs of human living really is an excellent choice for a horror film.  

Time Travel T-Rex

Sometimes you just don’t know what you got till it’s gone! As these disappointed dinos discovered, the grass is not always greener. Maybe it’s time to appreciate what you’ve got and hold on tight. Also, don’t forget to pick up your trash.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @fossilfoolscomic

If we had a time machine, we’re not sure which direction we’d travel — the future or the past? The future holds the unknown which is always alluring. However, you know exactly what you’re going to get with the past. Decisions decisions… Where’s our DeLorean?!

Digging Dino

Such an inopportune time to dig for that golden nugget! We’ve all been there. That school trip when you thought everyone was looking elsewhere. Or when your date steps away for just a moment. It happens to the best of us. And apparently, even to the best of dinosaurs. 

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @fossilfoolscomic

Some things you just can’t live down. Especially if they’re frozen in time — quite literally. This was not one lucky dino. Not only was he caught in the act, he will forever be in that act thanks to the unfortunate meteor directed straight at him.

Fossil Fuels

Well, that plan backfired on them. Silly apes. Not only are they killing themselves with all of the pollution, but they’re also running out of resources. Wait…aren’t they supposed to be the smart ones? It seems the joke’s on them.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @fossilfoolscomic

Humans really are a “monkey see monkey do” culture. With all our abilities, surely we would have figured out how to do things right by now. It seems like we might be headed on the same path as our Tyrannosaur rex predecessors…


Oh no, Alberto! Did you go for a bike ride with your mouth wide open again? There’s nothing like swallowing a couple of flying creatures at thirty miles per hour. We just hope they don’t get too cozy in there.  

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @fossilfoolscomic

Flitter flutter…pitter-patter…the feeling of butterflies in your stomach sounds like a good one. However, in reality, it’s a little bit of nausea mixed with nerves. We’re not sure what’s worse — being in love or actually having some real butterflies in our stomachs.

Dirty Dino

Things really are pilling up. It’s hard to know where to begin when you can’t see the top of the mountain. And if this is just the laundry pile, we don’t even want to see the dishes in the sink. We’re going to need an army to make it out of this mess.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @fossilfoolscomic

No wonder this dino doesn’t wear any clothes. Here we thought they just didn’t suit him, or he couldn’t find his size. Now we know the truth. They are all filthy and have always been so, even at the beginning of time. Literally.   

Sleepy Saurus

Please tell us this is just a bad dream! Alberto spends a long day in the sun with fresh air and crystal clear water but wakes up to a world in disarray. Fossil fuels and concrete skyscrapers for homes; it’s a dino’s nightmare. 

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @fossilfoolscomic

What do you think might happen if he goes back to sleep for another 65 million years? Will there be nothing left? Will he wake up on a different planet? Or will the world have reverted back to dinosaurs roaming the earth? There’s only one way to find out…

Weather Watcher

Now there’s some positive news for you! Boy, the good ol’ times were really, really old, we guess. Have a great day, watch the weather, go to sleep, wake up, and repeat. It may sound boring but it sure does sound easy.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @fossilfoolscomic

The weather report is sometimes the worst report of the day, though! When those clouds start rolling in, you never know what to expect. With snowstorms, earthquakes, and tsunamis all around us, we wouldn’t count our eggs before they hatch, Alberto! 

Teary Pterodactyl

Even dinosaurs need BFFs. Thank goodness Alberto has found his in Steve. There’s nothing like a nice bromance to make the skies seem bluer and the grass greener. We hope their friendship lasts a long, long time. One could say even eras.  

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @fossilfoolscomic

“You’re my shelter from troubled winds. You’re my anchor in life’s ocean. But most of all…you’re my best friend.” Even the lyrics of Queen’s famous song were applicable in the dinosaur age. Don’t worry, pterodactyl; you’ll find your BFF one day!  

Two-Legged Terrors

Ewww, gross mammals! That image is a sight for “saur” eyes! Those hairy, eared, two-legged creatures are never up to any good. They are really the stuff of nightmares. Good thing it was just a bad dream and not reality…

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @fossilfoolscomic

You better laugh about it now, dinosaurs! Because in millions of years, you won’t be around to joke any more. Those two-legged beasts will be destroying the planet all on their own; they don’t even need any help to do it. 

Dad Joke Dino

This joke is a classic. You could say it’s timeless. We can see dad jokes are as old as time itself. As corny as it is, it had us laughing along with…all-osaurus-es! Okay, that one might have been a bit too cheesy.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @fossilfoolscomic

We now see even dinosaurs aren’t the best spellers. Is it deserts or desserts? Which one do you think these dinos like more? Well, they don’t need to pick between the two. Now, they can have their cake and eat it too…in the desert! 

Sober Saurus

Alberto is really feeling the heat here. It looks like peer pressure was a thing even in dinosaur times. Remember to stick to your guns — or, well, rocks — and say di-NO. Maybe D.A.R.E. originally stood for Dinosaur Alcohol Resistance Education. 

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @fossilfoolscomic

We didn’t realize they had beer in Jurassic times. We thought for sure IPAs weren’t invented until the Pale-olithic era. Don’t worry, just pour yourself a sparkling water, squeeze a lime, and pretend it’s a gin and tonic. That’ll keep ’em quiet. 


If all dinosaurs had drunk soda like humans do, we wouldn’t have any fossils to explore! Their bones have survived millions of years, but that soda will cut right through them in a few cans. We wouldn’t recommend it to herbivores or carnivores! 

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @fossilfoolscomic

We all know practical wisdom says sodas are just plain bad for us. But how can we say no? They are everywhere these days. Sometimes they are even more available than water. Orange soda, lemon-lime, cola…the list goes on and on. 

Flintstones Phone

It’s not old, Alberto; it’s just retro! That model is coming back in style. Trust us. Fashion is just recycling the old again. Grab your old record player and that rotary phone, and you’ll be the hipster of dinosaurs in no time.  

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @fossilfoolscomic

This takes us back to those days when we held onto the old phone. Unless they were offering a free upgrade, we weren’t going to budge. Then the apps stopped working, and we couldn’t update anything. This dinosaur will have to change it, eventually.


Boy, that pterodactyl really is a bully. He may fly high, but he sure knows how to pter another dinosaur down. Personally, we prefer TRY-cero-tops. They always give it their best shot no matter what. Maybe that pterodactyl can learn a thing or two. 

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @fossilfoolscomic

Sometimes, it’s all about appearances. Fake it till you make it, right? Grab that beret, slap on a striped shirt, and call yourself an artist. Or if you want to go all out, maybe cut a slither off your ear-oh wait, dinosaurs didn’t have ears, did they? 


Look at the dinosaurs. They are already getting into the spirit of humankind. It seems like filters were a thing long before Instagram and Tik Tok were. We wonder if dinosaurs were even scary at all…or was it just the right filter? 

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @fossilfoolscomic

Put down that videogame controller and lift up some real rocks already! You’re better than this and you’ll never achieve your goals via a silly simulator. Can you be the dinosaur hulk? The only correct answer is, “You bet Jurassican!” 

Flying Friend

We relate to the author, here. Some creatures were just meant to be loners. It’s good to see even dinosaurs can be introverts, too. We come in all shapes and sizes and species! There’s no shame in needing to be alone. 

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @fossilfoolscomic

Poor guy. It seems he went from saur-ing high to just feeling a bit down. Don’t worry, that airplane will run out of fuel eventually. Especially if it’s made from fossil fuels, unfortunately. Yeah, you dinosaurs know what we mean. 

Anti-Social Alberto

How could Albertosaurus not act strange? With a name like that, he sticks out like a saur thumb! If only his dinosaur buddies knew it’s not easy being the different kid on the block. What’s a herbivore to do other than keep on eating grass? 

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @fossilfoolscomic

They say you are a product of your environment. And they also say you are a reflection of the company you keep. So that would mean if Alberto is a little strange, all the dinosaurs are right? At least they have each other!

Petrified Pals

Someone had to test the volcano first, right? Thanks for taking one for the scientific team, dinos! We can rest assured knowing that active volcanos are, in fact, dangerous. And if you start to see ashes, you should probably just lava-it alone!

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @fossilfoolscomic

Look on the bright side. At least these two cute creatures get their own featured display. They are the top models of the Triassic era. It was a high price to pay for such a position, but they’ve gone down in history!


It appears even dinosaurs love pizza. It looks like it’s the favorite vice of all creatures, old and new. We’re not surprised either. What’s not to love about pizza? Hot, soft dough with that yummy sauce, extra cheese, and toppings. Yum, yum, yum!

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @fossilfoolscomic

We wonder if they have a veggie option for those herbivores as well. After all, if they want to make more dough, they gotta cater to a wider market. Vegan cheese, treetop delight pizza perhaps? Coming right up! Sounds delish! 


We’ve heard politicians are one of the oldest professions. This appears to be true, and maybe some things just never change. It seems even dinosaur diplomacy is loaded with greed, unfortunately. If money is what he wants, maybe our little dino should run for office.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @fossilfoolscomic

We wonder how politics would look in the dinosaur days. Do you think Tyrannosaurus rex would rule with force? Would the velociraptors by the overlords flying overhead or running through the brush? Or maybe all the herbivores would create a different kind of green party.

Hay Fever Homosapiens

The domino effect works in very mysterious ways. Who knew that one little action could create a chain of events that ultimately led to the creation of the human species? We bet he’s highly regretting that sneeze right about now. 

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @fossilfoolscomic

If it took 65 million years for humans to appear after dinosaurs, what do you think may happen in another 65? Will we become bigger, stronger, or be able to fly? We don’t know if it went so well the first time. Why else would we have invented the handkerchief?


Aww, that’s a cute attempt, but Alberto is not fooling anyone. Who says you can’t be a predator AND cute? Look at cats and dogs, or kittens and puppies, for goodness sake. Sometimes an element of cuteness can work in your favor. 

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @fossilfoolscomic

Looks like the tough-guy image has always been a thing. These dinosaurs look far too sheltered and wholesome to pull it off, though. Don’t worry, dinos! There is nothing wrong but just being yourself. Tough or gentle, you got this. 

Prehistoric Prospectors

This one looks like a collector’s item. And a scary one at that. Hopefully, this stressed human will be a warning to them not to work themselves too hard. It appears to have worked as well; they seem to they seem to have called it quits for the day.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @fossilfoolscomic

They skipped right over those shiny diamonds! Well, diamonds are just rocks. Dinosaurs are clearly not impressed by some rocks catching light in the sun, obviously. They go for the more fascinating, cultural item. It appears these dinos are actually pretty evolved.

T-rex Tips

This dinosaur has nailed the mantra, “Work smarter, not harder.” It’s all about efficiency, so you can enjoy the rest of your life, right? One way to avoid toxic productivity is not to be so productive…and mic drop. Well said, Alberto, well said. 

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @fossilfoolscomic

Well, Alberto seems to be doing something right. He leads a pretty charmed life. He’s got friends, hobbies, and snacks. He’s time-rich, which is more than most people can say for themselves. Maybe we should be taking lifestyle tips from him. 

Spidey Senses

It seems like this little dinosaur has a bit of a superiority complex. Must be nice at the top of the food chain. But watch out; it’s the small critters that can kill. The invisible jellyfish, that little poisonous spider, or a buzzing bee will get you without you even seeing it coming.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @fossilfoolscomic

Most humans, and apparently most dinos, are afraid of them, but there’s always that one person we can call to take care of a spider. We’ll be backed into a corner, terrified, and they’ll swoop in with a wadded-up newspaper or empty cup to save the day. Those people are crazy, but thank goodness they exist. 

Healthy Herbivore

There’s what we do; then there’s what we tell our doctors we do. There may be a multiplication rule in there somewhere. “I have two drinks a week” might be doubled to 4. “I exercise 4 days a week” might be halved in reality. Hmmm. No wonder doctors have to be decent at math. 

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @fossilfoolscomic

It looks like these do-gooder activities are really just for the gram. Alberto is no different than the rest of us. He takes a photo when he’s about to work out, then maybe changes his mind. Poses with an apple, then goes straight for the pizza. We see you…

Salivating Species

It looks like Pavlov’s theory proves true. If we even mention the idea of food, this dinosaur will cause a flood with his mouth-watering response. We wonder what food he was hoping for. Could it be his favorite pizza, perhaps?

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @fossilfoolscomic

This all makes a bit more sense. Here we thought dinosaurs died out gradually. Maybe it was a large asteroid causing destruction. Perhaps it was a bunch of volcanos turning them into future fossils. According to this theory, it was a self-inflicted flood from mouth-watering hunger.


Alberto must think he’s really tough. Everyone cries when they see him karate chopping those onions to pieces. Onlookers start to tear up in fear…or so he thinks. Little does he know it’s just the onion’s sulfuric acid hitting the air and irritating their eyes. Should we tell him? Nah…

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @fossilfoolscomic

Whatever gets Alberto eating his veggies, more power to him. Maybe this could work with all kids. Let them play ninja in the kitchen and chop all the veggies for a salad. On second thought, this could go badly. Very, Very badly. We’ll stick to forcing kids to eat veggies.  

Timing T-Rex

If Alberto had any superpower, we think it would be to freeze time. It’s a good one to choose, no doubt. What would we do with 24 extra hours in a day? Would we sleep, go wild at night, or eat breakfast for hours? So many options, so much time.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @fossilfoolscomic

Alberto sure does have some creative life hacks. If we were him, we’d write a book or start a YouTube channel for this stuff. His ideas are a little unconventional, but he might find just the right niche. He could call it “Dinos Get Things Done.”  


We know why herbivores can’t be friends with carnivores, unfortunately. Alberto would have wold out his friend sooner or later, right? Should we tell Steve what he’s in for? Or let him find out on his own? We wouldn’t want to get in the middle of it…

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @fossilfoolscomic

Can you ever trust a carnivore? Fad diets are becoming a thing amongst humans, too. Omnivores and herbivores have other options. How do you know you aren’t just a piece of meat to your carnivore friends? Would your BFF sell you out if push came to shove?

Ignorant Iguanadon

It really is armageddon in the land of these dinos. Good thing they are able to capture their last dying words — and bites. We have to love Alberto. Ignorance is bliss. The world may be ending, but he’s more concerned with a little snack.  

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @fossilfoolscomic

To be fair, armageddon has been predicted several times. The Mayans’ prediction wasn’t what we thought. And what about Y2K? We don’t remember anything happening to our computers and our society other than massive panic. Maybe Alberto is onto something. 


Alberto is obviously a newbie at controlling humans. Little does he know that you can leave them to their own devices, and they’ll do the exact same thing. Just sit back, grab the popcorn, and watch those two-legged maniacs self-destruct.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @fossilfoolscomic

That addictive rollercoaster is real — the sugar high from sweets, the dopamine rush from TV and social media. Humans don’t stand a chance. They even gave us a top position in the animal kingdom and the food chain with such large brains. It seems we needed that advantage.  

Hungry Hungry Hippo

Aren’t all buffets really just eating competitions? Nobody goes there to feel satisfied. If we did, we’d go to a normal restaurant! We go there to stuff our faces and our bellies until we can’t fit a single morsel of food more. Then, we look around to see how much others ate.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @fossilfoolscomic

Alberto has a lot of life skills. A bottomless stomach is also one of them. We wonder how he’d do if he knew it was an eating competition. We’d sponsor him for the chicken wings competition, pie-eating contest, and maybe even the hot chili competition if we’re feeling evil. 

Ego Boost Echo

Alberto knows what’s up with the positive affirmations. He’s really doing that inner work. Yes, you are handsome and smart! But maybe he should break up word by word. I don’t think that echo is sophisticated enough to remember an entire sentence. 

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @fossilfoolscomic

If this is what he’s like with an echo, we can only imagine him in front of a mirror. “Mirror, mirror, on the wall… who’s the fairest of them all?” Of course, it’s you, Alberto. It’s good to talk yourself up every now and again. Be your own hype man, Alberto. 

Karaoke Kritters

It looks like no planets are immune to gentrification, unfortunately. The dinosaurs thought they found a shiny new planet with beautiful, habitable land. Next thing they know, the karaoke bars start popping up. What comes next? Starbucks? Overly priced avocado toast? 

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @fossilfoolscomic

If we had to create our own utopia on a new planet, we definitely would include a karaoke bar. We would also include an arcade, bouncy castle, bowling alley, self-serve ice cream…What are we missing? Let’s just say entertainment would not be an issue.


We feel the author on this one. Short people have it rough in some ways. If they need to stop, drop, and roll — yes, they’re closer to the ground. However, they can’t see anything at concerts or find friends in a large crowd. Hopefully, this little guy will grow taller one day. 

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @fossilfoolscomic

It appears things are getting lost in translation between these two. It’s not hard to see why. They are basically on different floors and even at different altitudes. We imagine this is how the game of Telephone got invented. We wonder how many messages have been distorted throughout time…

Dumb Dino

Ignorance really is bliss, and stupid people have a lot of it. If people don’t have the intelligence to look into matters deeply, they probably don’t know half of what’s going on in the world. Truthfully, it’s an enviable trait!  

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @fossilfoolscomic

Alberto really is a good friend to Steve. Not many friends would go to such lengths to ensure their buddy’s happiness. Would we smack our friends over the head from time to time? Maybe. But we doubt it would be for as wholesome of a reason. 

Repost Rex

Alberto is about to go viral with his meme! Welcome to the world of online media. It seems Alberto might be a natural. Although we wonder what he was posting about, to begin with. Could it be another cute cat meme? Would dinosaurs even get that?

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @fossilfoolscomic

When you see the type of memes that go viral, it makes you question the intelligence of any species. Maybe many were developed in dinosaur times. Creatures with short attention spans are never in short supply. Give them something brief and relatable, and they’ll be laughing for days. 


Alberto has an uncanny way of trusting in the universe. What an optimist. We guess it paid off this time. After all, even if something does go wrong, we have no control. We may as well enjoy the ride — even if it’s not so smooth sailing.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @fossilfoolscomic

“I think I can. I think I can.” This train conductor is also optimistic. He really lives by The Little Engine That Could‘s motto. What’s a little gap in the road anyway? There’s no bridge he can’t cross. Even the ones that don’t exist. 

In-demand Dino

We have all been there; the classic blow-off. It turns out, we have more in common with dinosaurs than we thought. As it turns out, ghosting has been around since the Jurassic Era. Poor Steve doesn’t know what he’s done wrong.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @fossilfoolscomic

We all have that one super busy friend. When we try to make plans with them, they bust out their calendar and say they can pencil us in for a coffee in a few weeks’ time. Who knows what will happen by then? For all we know, we may go extinct as well!


Alberto’s costume is just plain cute. From the looks of it, he couldn’t even hurt a fly. Godzilla, on the other hand, is real scary. And when we say real, we mean it. Unless they want to see some Godzilla’s dino-mite, we’d run for our lives.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @fossilfoolscomic

Oh God-zilla! Beware of this monster on Halloween. He doesn’t even need to go trick-or-treating. He just walks around the neighborhoods snatching up fun-sized treats. And they’re all fun-sized treats to him. Moms better keep their dino babies at home!

Ant Airlines

“Welcome to Dino Soar Airlines! Please make sure your seatbelts are fastened, and tray tables are in the upright position for take-off. It is a sunny 20 degrees outside. The weather at our destination is still unknown. We are headed straight for extinction. Enjoy the flight!”   

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @fossilfoolscomic

It’s true; ants have larger-than-life strength. They might not get the credit their due. In fact, they usually get walked all over, especially by dinosaurs. So take a look outside and notice just how hard these little workers are working. Give them the respect they’re due! 

Forgetful Fossils

We really relate to this one. There is nothing worse than that lingering question of whether or not you turned something off before you left the house. How are they going to be able to enjoy their trip with it weighing over them?

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @fossilfoolscomic

All heated electronics should have an automatic deactivating switch that turns it off after sitting idly for an hour or so. If this has been an issue for 65 million years, you’d think we would have invented it by now!  

Gum Gang

Oh no. You have to keep these things under wraps, Alberto! You know if one person sees it, everyone else will want it, too. What is this, amateur hour? He only has himself to blame with such a silly move. 

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @fossilfoolscomic

We dino what to tell you, Alberto. You’ve gotten yourself in quite the pickle. It looks like you will have to share with others this time. We wouldn’t risk the wrath of other dinosaurs. They all chew, but some of them might even bite.