Dog Owner Shares Glimpses Of His Life In Cute Comic Series

By Amanda G

One thing pet owners have in common, no matter what species their companion is, is the stories of life with their animal friend. Dog owner James Stewart had plenty of stories to tell, but he couldn’t do it alone. As much as the internet loves text-only stories, sometimes pictures are needed to get a full appreciation for the writing itself. That’s where K Roméy comes in; they gave James’ comics energy and brought them to life in a series called Hey Buddy Comics.

Who doesn’t love a good (bad) pun? Okay, maybe it’s not for everyone but we couldn’t help but laugh at this one. Dogs may be great listeners, but judging from this comic, they might not always want to be there to listen.

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Dogs don’t smile or frown as we humans do, but it’s hard not to read their facial expressions as human emotions. A furrowed brow and a low stare might not mean that your dog is disappointed in you, but it certainly feels that way.

We all have that one friend who is late because they couldn’t resist petting a dog. Of course, sometimes that friend is us, but we’re not ashamed of it! After all, who wouldn’t want to take a break to show love to and be loved by a furry companion?

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Sadly, our bosses never seem to accept dog petting as an excuse as to why we’re late. If you find yourself relating to this comic, maybe schedule some extra time in the morning for some dog-lovin’ so your boss doesn’t get too mad.