40+ Adorable Animal Comics Sprinkled With A Little Dose Of Love

By Jana I

Love is a beautiful thing. It’s what makes the world go round. Love, as an emotion, has sparked an interest in all areas of life, including art and marketing. It is everywhere. And one thing is certain. We all need love.

We over here at ComicSenz believe everyone is deserving of love and everything that comes along with it, like, the butterflies, laughter, commitment, and support. And, it doesn’t need to come in the form of grand gestures. Sometimes, it’s the little things and instances someone does for us that truly reveal how much we are loved.

That’s why today, we’re bringing you 40+ special comics from that_doodleguy on Instagram. The artist creates different types of collages under the name of Divyansh Sikka Comics. His adorable comics portray typical everyday situations sprinkled with a little dose of love. Get ready to laugh (and blush)!


Having second thoughts and anxiety before approaching someone new can be exhausting and traumatizing. So much so if you’ve had a bad experience in the past. You don’t want to be disrespected or ignored. Yet, if you succeed, it could be the beginning of something incredible.

Image Courtesy of that_doodleguy / Instagram

Imagine, a few decades down the road, your significant other admits that, at one point in time, only a split second would make both your lives completely different. You must feel so grateful and happy that everything turned out as it was intended.

A Love Card For Mom

This article talks about a love between two adults who want to create a life together. We will also tackle love between children and their parents, like in this next comic. The seal is so grateful for its mom, but since it can’t express it, it kisses it daily.

Image Courtesy of that_doodleguy / Instagram

We can talk about love languages for all eternity and explain how and why all the five love languages differ. All of them have individual qualities. Physical touch is a very common display of love. Hug and kiss your loved ones. Don’t be shy. You might regret not doing it enough.

Making That Special Place Even More Special

If someone shows you their favorite spot in town or invites you to their table at a café, just know that you mean a lot to them. They are introducing you to their comfort zone, chill area, and intimate sanctuary, and they are sharing it with you.

Image Courtesy of that_doodleguy / Instagram

“Coming here alone used to be great…but somehow you made it even better.” Imagine someone actually says that to you. We would simply fold! That is so romantic and special. Small things like this should be appreciated and done more frequently!

Brother From Another Mother

The saying ‘”blood is thicker than water” is true, yet, “blood doesn’t make us family” is also true. Loyalty, friendship, love, kindness, and honesty are what make a family. You can’t choose who you are related to, but you can always choose your friends.

Image Courtesy of that_doodleguy / Instagram

Look at these three friends. They are so adorable. Seems like the two hamster brothers adopted a third brother, their brother from another mother and best friend Bobby. They refer to him as a family member, as they should.

Happy Birthday, Cub!

Who said tigers and lions can’t be friends?! Whoever said it first has got it all completely mixed up. They can, and they are. Take a look at this pure comic we discovered by Divyansh Sikka Comics. We almost teared up when we saw it.

Image Courtesy of that_doodleguy / Instagram

The tiger and lion cub are cuddling. It is supposedly the lion’s birthday, and the tiger was its only friend. It just goes to show family isn’t everything. Even in the loneliest of times, a friend will be your light and only support.

Bear’s Little Wisdom

Do you think bears are wise because they have those pointy, sharp teeth? We know that question is kind of strange. However, getting your wisdom teeth means you are all grown up, right? It also means you are a bit wiser, doesn’t it?

Image Courtesy of that_doodleguy / Instagram

He must’ve already removed his wisdom teeth because he is making incredibly wise connections. This was all just a joke that became too long to be funny anymore. Nonetheless, the bear is absolutely right. Love should be comforting.


It’s so easy to get lost in thought when daydreaming about someone new in your life, especially a new love interest. It is so exciting that it’s actually difficult to control. So, with that in mind, we fully relate to this sweet iguana.

Image Courtesy of that_doodleguy / Instagram

He’s so in love that he can’t help but think of her. All he can do is daydream. We’ve all felt this at one point. Sometimes, we forget to eat or drink water. Those things are completely ordinary and are a great indicator that you are crushing on this person hard.

Infinite Cuddles

Winter is never as cold as it used to be. Now that you have a partner, all the colors become brighter, and the crisp breeze is not as freezing as you remember. Your partner is cuddling you first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Image Courtesy of that_doodleguy / Instagram

What more could you wish for? These two pandas, both sweet and chubby, are definitely keeping each other warm, fuzzy and comfortable. All you need from life is someone who can provide you with this. Then, your love story can finally commence.

Enemies to Friends

Sometimes, we find friends and life companions in the strangest of places. It’s not that we don’t want to find them. It’s that we are not expecting to find them there if that makes any sense. It will in a second. Take a look at this comic.

Image Courtesy of that_doodleguy / Instagram

If you feel like no one cares about you, let your significant other spoil you a little. We know you all need it sometimes. Look how peaceful and loving these two look in the photo picture. We are melting. Next time your partner needs some extra loving, remember this photo.

Dealing With Loss

Losing someone you love is never easy. You miss them, feel sorry for past mistakes, start second-guessing your every move, regret not spending more time with them, or feel lousy that you didn’t show your love… But, that won’t take you very far.

Image Courtesy of that_doodleguy / Instagram

Although everyone grieves in their individual way, trying to remember all the good and positive memories from a past relationship might help along the way. This pup is holding tightly onto their shared toy. We can’t help tears from forming in our eyes…

Unexpected Liaison

As we already said, you can find friends in the most unexpected of circumstances. All you need to do is keep an open heart. This seal learned that even penguins can be their friends. If you feel picked apart and bullied, you will find your crowd. Trust the process.

Image Courtesy of that_doodleguy / Instagram

No, you are not fat or obese. Don’t listen to those high school bullies. You are a wonderful creature! There is simply more to love. As long as you are healthy and thriving, no one should have the right to torment you. Penguins, protect this boy at all costs!

Grandpa’s Got Groove

Grandparents’ love is unmatched. Yes, your parents love you, but they also discipline you harder. Your grandparents love you but don’t discipline you as much and, therefore, love to spoil you rotten. This comic is a reflection of exactly that.

Image Courtesy of that_doodleguy / Instagram

This grandpa knows how to grind the gears of its grandbaby kitty. Don’t all grandparents know all the magical words and ways of making their grandkids feel secure, comforted, loved, and welcomed? Sure they do. That’s their job.


Flying too high at the beginning of a relationship is something that happens to a lot of people. Rushing into things and moving quickly is not so strange, especially when people know what and whom they want in their lives.

Image Courtesy of that_doodleguy / Instagram

Well, we don’t blame this rodent at all. This mouse on the right does look super magical. The way its eyes glisten in the sunlight and how it chomps on a hazelnut is so adorable and irresistible. We love Divyansh Sikka Comics’ art style so far!

Anger Issues

When a partner gets angry at you, it could feel like the worst thing ever. You’ve either done something wrong, or something you did triggered them. Sometimes, they can’t convey their feelings, so they turn them into anger, causing a mess for everyone.

Image Courtesy of that_doodleguy / Instagram

This doodle represents how to calm the storms of someone that had a little outburst. Approach calmly and carefully. Avoid direct eye contact. Move slowly and lovingly. Finally, place your head in between their neck and shoulders. Their anger will melt away immediately.

Dog is a Man’s Best Friend

Wolves were domesticated thousands of years ago and are what we today refer to as dogs, our lovable house pets. It’s no wonder we say dogs are a man’s best friend. They have been with people through thick and thin and still decided to be loyal.

Image Courtesy of that_doodleguy / Instagram

Although we are cat lovers too, we can’t deny that dogs love unconditionally and loyally to a fault. They would never, ever leave their owner’s side. If you are in desperate need for some love and companionship, a dog won’t let you down.

All I Want For Christmas is Youuu

As long as Christmas lives on, everyone will remember Mariah Carey’s Christmas bop, All I Want For Christmas is You. Even just thinking about it makes our hearts dance. If anything, the song will always be the first telltale sign that Christmas is coming.

Image Courtesy of that_doodleguy / Instagram

These cuties are unbearable. Get it? Because they are adorable and bears at the same time? No? Okay…Sorry. We know our puns can get out of hand sometimes. They are professing their love to each other, and we think it’s the cutest thing ever.

Daddy Issues Who?!

In recent years, the internet has been going on and on about mommy and daddy issues. Almost everyone has convinced themselves that they have problems with their parents. Allegedly, the parent that scarred you the most left you with either mommy or daddy issues.

Image Courtesy of that_doodleguy / Instagram

This little lion cub was lucky enough to have the most amazing dad that loves and supports him indefinitely. No matter how severe childhood trauma is, we must remember: this is our parents’ first time living, too. They don’t know everything.

Smooth Operator

Hide and seek was our favorite game childhood game. We loved playing it with siblings, cousins, and children from the neighborhood. However, years caught up to us, and now, we haven’t played that classic game in a decade or two.

Image Courtesy of that_doodleguy / Instagram

This bird apparently knows much more than we’ll ever know. He is so smooth with his pick-up lines that the female bird is just folding next to him. He will never play with her feelings or risk losing her. Isn’t this relationship goals?!

All For One – One For All

As we stated previously, friends got your back no matter what! Never underestimate the power of friendship and true bond. The friends that stayed with you through thick and thin are the real MVPs. The world needs more people like that.

Image Courtesy of that_doodleguy / Instagram

This peacock offered its help to his good friend rhino. Rhinos can seem intimidating, so the peacock’s beautiful and colorful feathers will soften their look just perfectly. It kind of looks like a rhino in a too-too dress. It’s hilarious and endearing.

Making Dreams a Reality

When you find that special person, whether it is your friend or your partner, you will realize how easy it is to make your dreams come true with them by your side. They might not have the money to help you out, but they will definitely provide the support.

Image Courtesy of that_doodleguy / Instagram

These two lovely squirrels love each other so much so, that the one on the tree made the branch tremble, so the one on the ground can look at its dream come true. Isn’t that just perfect? We are so happy for anyone that experiences this in their life.

No Matter The Odds

Sometimes, the universe might give you a sign when it comes to love, such as stumbling on someone in the middle of the bread aisle. However, you still fight for one another against all odds if it’s genuine true love.

Image Courtesy of that_doodleguy / Instagram

People get caught up in timing and trying to look for signs, asking themselves, “Do I feel anything?” They fail to realize that the only place they need to look is in those eyes staring back at them. The two swans make a perfect heart, which is THE symbol of love.

Dogs and Butterflies

If you didn’t know already, there is a whole compilation online of dogs and butterflies becoming friends. The pairing is so random yet so heartwarming, that it will melt your icy heart right away. If you don’t believe us, take a look at the next comic.

Image Courtesy of that_doodleguy / Instagram

This doggo became friends with a beautiful Monarch butterfly. Although these butterflies are endangered, scientists have seen a spike in growth in the past year. We are really happy about this, as is this pupper. Look at them! Too cute!

Mom First

When their young, children are extremely clingy to their mothers. If you look at the biology of our past, it doesn’t come as a surprise. Mothers give birth and produce milk for their young ones. In the wild, mothers protect their babies.

Image Courtesy of that_doodleguy / Instagram

There is no one like mom. This lion cub reminded us of that. Dads are cool, amazing, and loving, yet mothers are something else, aren’t they? Children don’t know how to show affection that well. Making those cute Mother’s Day cards is their way of showing love.

Mouse Poet

If you didn’t know, mice can be poets, too. All they need is to fall in love, and everything comes out naturally. Wouldn’t that be the cutest thing ever?! We stumbled upon this comic while scavenging for more adorable ones. Bingo!

Image Courtesy of that_doodleguy / Instagram

“Here I sit, looking at you, knowing deep inside that this love is true.” Although there are just a few lines, we can feel them in our hearts to be true. The mouse in the last picture looks super impressed. Is it because of the berries or the poem? We will never know…

No Words Were Said

Oftentimes, it’s better not to say a thing and express your love with kisses, hugs, and acts of service. It all depends on what kind of love your partner appreciates and craves. This is how a standard physical touch love language couple works.

Image Courtesy of that_doodleguy / Instagram

These two prairie guard dogs look so in love. Just take a look at the left one, placing a gentle kiss on the left one’s cheek. We could burst with joy. Did you know that prairie dogs actually greet each other with kisses? Well, now you do!

She’s Got Some Game!

Nowadays, when someone knows how to flirt and seduce a person, we say: they got game! As in, they are really charismatic, witty, and playful. They attract people with their energy. This green fish has some game, too. She got them moves!

Image Courtesy of that_doodleguy / Instagram

Not only that, but the blue fish seems to be super impressed by them! Good job, green fish, keep it up! Although those first impressions are important, it’s the quality of the conversation that keeps the relationship going. Make sure to have what to offer in the long run!

Enemies No More

They say that cats and dogs hate each other, but we are yet to see that in real life. Our dogs and cats growing up always got along swimmingly. It’s a trope everyone loves to use, but did anyone ever see it play out?!

Image Courtesy of that_doodleguy / Instagram

Look at these two cuties. They look like a poster-perfect family. We bet the owners are super proud of their pets. They raised them so well. This just goes to show that it doesn’t matter what breed, species, or animal you are. Love is love.


We talked about partner’s love, parent’s love, grandparent’s love, friend’s love, and even children’s love, but we haven’t mentioned self-love. Self-love is just as important, if not more. It’s the only form of love that you must work on your entire life.

Image Courtesy of that_doodleguy / Instagram

If you lose your family, friends, or partner, you will always have yourself to come back to. It’s important to nourish the love you have for yourself. You should take care of your mind, body, and soul because no one else will. Be gentle.

Easter Cuteness

When you think of Easter, what is the first thing that pops into your mind? For us, it’s the colorful eggs and flowers, baby chicks, and bunnies. If you thought of the same things, you will absolutely adore this next comic.

Image Courtesy of that_doodleguy / Instagram

Whoever came up with the idea of combining yellow chicks with adorable, fluffy bunny rabbits, here is a message for you: we love you, and we thank you! Doesn’t this image just look soft and cuddly?! It’s super cute and irresistible.

No Need to Say Goodbye

Death is something truly inevitable. It’s the only guarantee in life. You are born, and you will, unfortunately, cease to exist one day. It’s best not to dwell on it too much. Try to find peace with that information. Now, when someone leaves us, it’s never a goodbye.

Image Courtesy of that_doodleguy / Instagram

We never have to say goodbye forever. That person will forever be in our minds, hearts, and memories. We will have their pictures to go through, and their gifts to re-open and recall. They will continue to live through us, and if that’s not beautiful, we don’t know what is.

True Friendship

Sometimes, a bad hair day might have you struggling to find your self-confidence. In a world where everyone on social media seems to have the perfect body and the perfect face, it can be difficult to see yourself as anything but inadequate.

Image Courtesy of that_doodleguy / Instagram

However, if you are lucky enough, you might find some friends that’ll help you overcome your insecurities so you can feel beautiful again. This adorable alligator found some butterfly friends who have made his day. Life is easy when you have friends like these!

Treat Yourself

Flowers have been a symbol of romance for hundreds of years. Poets and writers have been waxing lyrical about the beautiful blooms for just as long. So, it makes sense that being gifted flowers by your sweetheart would make anyone happy.

Image Courtesy of that_doodleguy / Instagram

However, if you thought that you need to wait to have a partner to experience the joy of flowers, then you would be very wrong. There is nothing wrong with romancing yourself with some beautiful flowers. In fact, in can be quite liberating. This little squirrel looks pretty happy with its bouquet.

Smelling the Roses

When we said that flowers spark joy, we weren’t kidding. Just look at the ecstatic expression on this little dude’s face. He couldn’t help but stop and take a moment to smell the roses (so to speak). We can almost hear his content sigh.

Image Courtesy of that_doodleguy / Instagram

This seems to be a regular occurrence between these two friends. The other mouse doesn’t seem too surprised that his friend has rushed off to bury his face in a bunch of flowers. He knows that it is to be expected when hanging out with his buddy.

Warm Fuzzies

Have you ever sat outside on a frosty winter afternoon? When everything is still and all you can hear is the soft rustle of the leaves as the icey wind brushes against your face. At that moment, the bright sun feels as if it warms you from the inside.

Image Courtesy of that_doodleguy / Instagram

If you’ve ever experienced that feeling, then you know how incredibly sweet this cat’s compliment is. To have a friend or partner that thinks of you that way is so special. And we must say, the cat is right. His kitty companion gives us the warm fuzzies too.


We all need a little pep talk from time to time. It is great to have a friend that will look you straight in the eye and tell you what you need to hear. And when you can be that friend for yourself? Well, even better!

Image Courtesy of that_doodleguy / Instagram

Daily affirmations can be great for helping you get rid of insecurities and reach your goals; because, sometimes, you just need to let yourself know that you are a sexy lizard with a fabulous fuzzy pink carpet. What’s cooler than that?

Lion Pride

Don’t hate when you argue with someone, and you are too frustrated to express yourself but then afterward you think of all the words you should have said? Yeah, we hate that feeling too, because all those unspoken feelings have to live in your brain forever.

Image Courtesy of that_doodleguy / Instagram

Well, this brave lion finally managed to voice his frustrations in the moment. Way to go! We are so proud. No wonder you are the king of the jungle. We want to be just as brave as this lion when we grow up. For now, we’ll just keep on working on it.

Rock On

Do you know what the best concert venue is? No, it’s not Madison Square Garden. It is the shower. With our shampoo bottle as our mic and the walls as our audience, we can belt out our favorite ballads better than Whitney Houston or Beyonce.

Image Courtesy of that_doodleguy / Instagram

Okay, that might be a bit of a stretch, but it is nice to dream. This lizard knows exactly what we’re talking about. He also belongs to the group of individuals who dream about rocking out on a stage. Don’t give up hope, little buddy. You’ll get there one day!

Alone but not Lonely

Most of the time we prefer to stay home and cuddle up with a good book. However, on those odd occasions when we would like to hang out with some friends, it always seems like those friends are busy and unavailable.

Image Courtesy of that_doodleguy / Instagram

We have now decided to adopt the same stance as this squirrel. We will no longer depend on anyone for our happiness and a good time. We can make our own fun, even if that means going on solo dates or having a movie night for one.

First Date Jitters

First dates can be nerve-wracking. You have a million thoughts running through your head like, “will they like me? What if they think I’m ugly? I hope I don’t do anything embarrassing.” It would be nice to have a friend come along for moral support.

Image Courtesy of that_doodleguy / Instagram

This crocodile is the perfect wingman. He is there for his buddy but makes sure to keep out of the way. Turns out, the frog had nothing to worry about. The date looks to have gone well. We are rooting for this adorable couple.

Cloud Nine

There is nothing quite like a healthy imagination. With a good imagination, you are able to be anyone your want to be or do anything you want to do. The world is your oyster, and you can let that imagination run wild.

Image Courtesy of that_doodleguy / Instagram

Check out this tiny mouse. He knows that he will never be able to experience what it is like to truly fly. However, he has found a way to get as close to flying as possible. Now when he looks at the birds in the sky, he will know how it feels to be so free.

Like Magic

Have you ever met someone so cool that you were convinced that it could not be real, that there must be some kind of magic working to make them so awesome? Unfortunately, that magic just does not work for some of us regular folk.

Image Courtesy of that_doodleguy / Instagram

However, the magic definitely works for this dog, which is as cool as a cucumber. One minute your throat is dry from thirst, and the next, he hands you a fresh coconut filled with delicious coconut water. How is that possible? Mmhh…there may be more to this “magic” than you think.

Make a Wish

Apparently, if you make a wish while blowing the spores off of a dandelion, then your wish will be granted. That is all good and well unless you are too small to blow on the dandelion. How will you make a wish, then?

Image Courtesy of that_doodleguy / Instagram

This little guy found a way. He knew his tiny lungs couldn’t possibly get enough air to make the spores fly. So, with some motivation from his friend, he made another plan. Now, the mouse has made his wish, and the dandelion has a spiffy new haircut. Win-win!

Lady Luck

Another symbol of good luck is a ladybug landing on your body. Some cultures even believe that being touched by a ladybug means that you will soon be lucky in love or you might get some money. Sounds good to us!

Image Courtesy of that_doodleguy / Instagram

We don’t know if this applies to having a praying mantis land on you, though. Despite the lack of luck that will come from this situation, this doggo is just happy to have made a new friend. Look at the smile on that adorable face.

Squid Games

When the Korean drama Squid Games first hit our screens, it garnered worldwide attention. Despite it being filmed in Korean, people from all walks of life were tuning in to see what would happen next. It became a pop culture sensation.

Image Courtesy of that_doodleguy / Instagram

It seems that it is not only popular across the seven seas, but it is also popular within the sea; even otters are getting into it. This son is so excited to show off his Squid Games-themed Halloween costume. And the dad is more than happy to play along with the act. It’s an act…right?

King of the World

Another movie that has been watched by people all over the world is Titanic. The movie was so iconic that it even catapulted Leonardo DiCaprio into international stardom. Perhaps, in the end, he really did become the king of the world.

Image Courtesy of that_doodleguy / Instagram

Well, it seems like he is not the only one who would like to have a taste of what it is like to be royalty. With the help of his reptilian friend, this crab got to live out his dream.