40+ Wholesome And Humorous Comics About Life Told In Relaxing Pastels

By Jana I

You already know we are obsessed with comics and researching new and interesting ones whenever we have the opportunity. That’s why today, we are bringing you webcomics by Irregular Galaxy Doods (ig_doods on Instagram) and their intriguing outlook on life. With its relatable and honest bio: “✨ I have no idea what I’m doing ✨,” it gained more than 100k followers on Instagram, and it grows in popularity each day.

At the end of the day, who can say they know what they’re doing?! We certainly don’t. The content is not only relatable but very pleasant for the eye since everything is in beautiful, pastel colors. We are excited to share some 45 comics we’ve found and thought were interesting. Buckle up! Let’s start.

Ravioli? Ravioli.

We all have those people in our life that are obsessed with food. If you don’t know who that is, we hate to break it to you, but you’re that person. There’s nothing wrong with loving food so much it ends up in your jokes, too.

Image Courtesy of ig_doods / Instagram

We adore this one! It is so simple, yet cute and wholesome. Notice how all the food referenced is Italian. Well, who doesn’t like Italian food? We’ve never met that individual. Give us all the ravioli, fettuccine, spaghetti, cannelloni, and pizza all day every day!


If there is something we get easily irritated by, it’s bad grammar and spelling mistakes, mostly when we make them. However, when we saw this sweet animal, we couldn’t stay cold and true to our standards. Nah, forget about it.

Image Courtesy of ig_doods / Instagram

These two friends are everything we want in life and more! Firstly, we would love to know what this animal is, so we can get it and keep it in our house. If we had to guess, we’d say it’s a red panda. Those critters are adorable!

Truly Insensitive

Always make sure you have understanding for others. It’s not that difficult to extend some courtesy, share a nice word, and show love and care. Some people need it much more than others. You will feel better about yourself, too. We promise.

Image Courtesy of ig_doods / Instagram

Nobody understands this little, chunky baby. The reason is not important! Its mouth is full of food. So what?! That is no excuse! IG Doods really captures the moment of unbearable cuteness that makes us go crazy. We would squish this mouse with our love soooo hard.

Pokémon Intervention

What we forgot to mention is that IG Doods love to use Pokémon in their webcomics. It’s something of a staple at this point. Since we love Pokémon, we thought this was a perfect addition and bonus point for relatability and fun. We hope you agree.

Image Courtesy of ig_doods / Instagram

Here we have Eevee and Pikachu! These two were among our favorites back in the day; what about you? Instead of talking about their latest adventures, the topic of discussion is yet another major big franchise—Star Wars. We agree with Eevee; Pikachu makes the perfect baby Yoda!


Sometimes, being too honest with the wrong crowd can be kind of bad for you. Trust us, been there done that, ya know. Although we preach the truth all the time, it’s seldom better to stay quiet and keep your secrets to yourself.

Image Courtesy of ig_doods / Instagram

This duck, for example, shouldn’t have shared that it’s not a therapist. That information is not helping this poor peacock fight for its mental and emotional life. It’s pondering whether it’s moral to lie about some minor things on your job application, and now it has a completely different problem… Poor peacock.

Snails’ Philosophy

There is nothing funnier than a couple of snails competing with each other in terms of who is faster… and both of them failing. Sorry, we just love to see comics that portray animals as kooky and silly. Take a look at this dilemma.

Image Courtesy of ig_doods / Instagram

So, one snail got tagged and it has some stickers on its shell. The other one is rejoicing how, since it’s quick, it can escape the vandals. Little did it know what’s right there on the shell. We think the snail he was laughing at has much better stickers, too! Yes, we are taking sides now!

Wow, Spooky

We were big fans of Casper the Friendly Ghost when we were younger. Basically, we love to think that some ghosts, if there are any, are just good, sweet, kind, and childish. That is why we liked this comic in particular.

Image Courtesy of ig_doods / Instagram

Imagine there are some people that are afraid of cubes. This would be the ultimate spookfest! Boo! It is a cube now. Be scared; fear it! It is so wholesome. Tell that little ghost it’s spooky right now. How dare you hurt its feelings.

Wouldn’t You Like to Know

Eevee and Pikachu are making a comeback! This time, Eevee is the one pulling the tricks, and Pikachu is left, well, disappointed and pranked. There is nothing worse than when someone is keeping something from you, but you are itching to know what!

Image Courtesy of ig_doods / Instagram

We think this was all pulled by Eevee, that little trickster! But, in the box was exactly what Eevee said: a piece of paper saying, “wouldn’t you like to know.” Isn’t that just weird and curious? We are suspicious of this fluffy, tricky Pokémon. Pikachu, you will uncover the mystery; we are certain!

Jokes On You!

If you thought you would never see a friendship between a moth and a spider, there is IG Doods to prove you wrong (as usual). We thought Eevee was the trickster of these webcomics, but the more research we do, the more we learn that honor goes to someone else.

Image Courtesy of ig_doods / Instagram

The fact that this simple—and somewhat boomer—joke had us laughing and giggling says a lot. Whether it says a lot about the artist or us, we will leave you to decide. But the cuteness is almost too much to handle.


One of the things we like most about IG Doods is their transparency and honesty toward the consumers of their content. They seem to be much more down-to-earth and humble than the rest. Take this simple yet honest comic, for example:

Image Courtesy of ig_doods / Instagram

Can you imagine a very popular, well-known artist saying something is too hard to draw and publishing it?! Probably not! However, there are artists, usually digital ones, that don’t mind sharing their difficulties and troubles with the audience. We stan!

Say What You Mean For Once!

Irregular Galaxy Doods love to use two characters, mostly animals or Pokémon, and create some absurd, silly, and kooky dialogues. We are all in for it. We wanted to share this next one with you, and these two are guests in our article for the very first time.

Image Courtesy of ig_doods / Instagram

You wanna go out somewhere tonight? “Bingo.” This answer can be understood in at least two different ways: as yes, or as I want to go to bingo tonight. Both are plausible, yet, how can one be sure. We love the little detail on the turtle’s cap.

That is Smart

We have to give it to the artist; not only do they create amazing, aesthetically pleasing content, but they are often witty with it, too. There is nothing we appreciate more than art that has value and purpose. This one is a good example of that.

Image Courtesy of ig_doods / Instagram

The Moon and the Earth are talking, and, it seems like they are fantastic friends. The Moon shows the Earth its old photo, and it seems like the Earth lost its Polar Ice hat. Where could it be?! How did it disappear?! The questions are piling up.

Shrek Being Shrek and Doing Shrek Things

The thing about Shrek is, even decades after its release, it’s still hilarious and entertaining. However, not only children enjoy it! Nuh-uh. One could say that Shrek is both for kids and adults; it’s suitable for all ages, to be frank!

Image Courtesy of ig_doods / Instagram

IG Doods managed to copy Shrek, capture his essence, and make him cute at the same time! Like, whaaat. This Shrek looks like a tiny, pixie dwarf, with a feisty personality: “n wod are ye doin’ in ma swamp?!” If you don’t know the reference, it’s about time to rewatch Shrek right after this.

Positive Affirmations

We are all up for good ways to ensure success, good vibes, and prosperity. That includes affirmations as well. Although we are natural skeptics, we are still up for a challenge. Let’s hear some good affirmations that might just change our minds.

Image Courtesy of ig_doods / Instagram

This mouse seems to have the wrong idea about what affirmations are. However, we prefer this version instead, if we are being honest. And these affirmations seem to work! It has all the things it wanted. He said it and it became a reality.

Asking Da Real Questions

We all have those friends that seem to ask all the wrong questions and focus on details that are not important to the main story you are retelling. We wanted to highlight these kinds of people. And animals. Take a look.

Image Courtesy of ig_doods / Instagram

This freaking giraffe thinks getting a job is a more important detail than getting through a crack in reality?! What the heck?! We want to hear more from the chicken. Like, how did it happen, and what did it see. It’s so interesting.

Being RAD

Sometimes, something aligns in the universe, and you get to meet the people you’ve been searching your whole life for! We all need friends, love, and company. It’s only natural; we are social beings, after all. That’s why it’s important to surround yourself with positive people.

Image Courtesy of ig_doods / Instagram

When someone tries to set you up with new people, it can get kind of awkward. More often than not, it is awkward. However, in those slight, rare instances, it creates an inseparable bond, and you have the time of your life!


Think about this: you just came back from a week-long holiday, and you need to start work tomorrow. Would you mind going on another week-long holiday right away? Of course not! No holiday is long enough once you become an adult.

Image Courtesy of ig_doods / Instagram

These two peas (we have no idea what they are, so let’s call them peas, shall we) are having a conversation. The one with a tiny sombrero wants one more holiday. Si, si signor. There is nothing unusual about that. We can totally relate.

Love Story

There are still some people who use icebreakers and jokes to get your attention. These can sometimes be cringey and unsuccessful, but when done properly, they can honestly catch your attention and make you want to give them a chance.

Image Courtesy of ig_doods / Instagram

How many moths does it take to change the lightbulb? How many? Only one. That is so cute! We are screaming! The moth and the lightbulb are in love. But be careful little moth. Don’t get too close to your new lightbulb friend…


If there is something we can’t stand, it’s the people that are always doing half the job and leaving the rest as is. They are superficial, selfish, and unmotivated. Come on, wake up! You have a life to live, don’t phone it in for once!

Image Courtesy of ig_doods / Instagram

However, we can sometimes be dramatic, and that’s important to note. We can overreact, and often, people are not at fault for that. This lady snail got angry at Mr. Snail for not taking her picture. Hmph, no hands; as if.

The Clichés

Everyone is prone to using clichés and saying whatever just to fill the dead air, or sound more intelligent or informed than they actually are. We are guilty of this, too. Everyone does it once in a while, but some do it all the time.

Image Courtesy of ig_doods / Instagram

This is like when someone says: the weather today seems nice. And then the other one responds: yeah… And it’s usually in an elevator or with a neighbor you have nothing in common with. IG Doods really knows how to encapsulate people through animals and Pokémon.

Danger is My Middle Name

When someone says: danger is my middle name, it’s a figure of speech. They want to say that they thrive in dangerous situations. Danger is so close to their hearts, it almost seems as if it’s their sibling, or even themselves.

Image Courtesy of ig_doods / Instagram

However, that’s not what this turtle had in mind when it said that infamous quote. No, no, no. It was literal. Its literal middle name is danger. The “It’s” and “now” undermine the legality of the paper, but we love it anyway.


We love our fellow bookworms! There is nothing more wholesome and sweeter than an individual that loves to read and gets drawn into fantasy worlds that seem so real. It is the best hobby you can have. The one that will teach you something and heal you from six-second TikTok videos.

Image Courtesy of ig_doods / Instagram

We were so ready to love this lizard, even though we are not big on reptiles. However, the dragon quickly burst that little bubble we had. The lizard doesn’t even know how to read. If that’s not a true representation of life and people not knowing anything and still being successful, we don’t know what is.

Onion vs Potato

This is a life-long philosophical question: onion or potato? Which one do you prefer, and why? We can’t tell you the definite answer; we are just too weak. We don’t know; both are super delicious and so good. How can one even decide, we wonder.

Image Courtesy of ig_doods / Instagram

This moth was apprehensive for a moment, cause it realized it hurt the onion’s feelings by choosing potato. Well, he wouldn’t be hurt. But, contesting with potatoes, you have to be realistic and honest with yourself. Not many can beat them. Potatoes are superior.

Nap Time

This reminded us of those two peas, and the one that wanted to go on a holiday, after just returning home. We were not judging the pea, and we are surely not going to judge this snail. We feel it to our core. After all, we relate.

Image Courtesy of ig_doods / Instagram

This snail needed another nap after the first one, and what’s wrong with that?! Like?! It was tired. We are pretty sure it works two jobs to make ends meet. Don’t be so harsh on it! We know the feeling. That nap can make you even more tired, man. It’s no joke.

“Royal Flush”

Have you heard of the term: poker face? Essentially, it’s when someone is so good at hiding their emotions and intentions, they have a good face for poker, since that game is all about deceiving opponents and trying to fool others and not giving away what’s really at stake.

Image Courtesy of ig_doods / Instagram

However, this toilet is like us when we play poker for real. We can’t, for the life of us, remember the rules, the hands of the cards, and the combinations. It escapes our minds almost immediately, and maybe that’s why we are not filthy rich. Go figure.

Issa Me, Pikachu!

If you haven’t had enough of our favorite duo, Eevee and Pikachu, here they are again, with another silly joke and their usual shenanigans. We can’t decide whose jokes and pranks we enjoy more. We will let you decide for yourself.

Image Courtesy of ig_doods / Instagram

This time, Pikachu is a magician, and it wants Eevee to guess what is under its hat. Is it a pigeon, a dove, or a rabbit?! Nah, none of that. It’s actually Pikachu. Yeah, no magic there—unless Pikachu shows us his electricity trick! We would love to see it.

Double Offense

Hear us out: either no one is special, or, everyone is special. You chose your own destiny and attitude. We are more so supporters of the second claim—the first sounds too much like Syndrome from The Incredibles. That being said, we would love to remind you of the most savage animal in these comics. The chicken.

Image Courtesy of ig_doods / Instagram

This chicken is being so rude for no reason whatsoever! It managed to offend two beings (is the yellow ball a being, a sun, an entity??? we have no idea) in one sentence. We love it for its savageness. However, it’s not for everyone.

Crow’s Feet

Let us explain what crow’s feet refer to in a metaphorical sense. It refers to those fine wrinkles around your eyes, as known as smile lines. We prefer the term smile lines, don’t you?! They sound much finer and nicer.

Image Courtesy of ig_doods / Instagram

The savage chicken strikes again! This time, the victim is a crow, that took this offense to heart. You need to be careful. We’ve heard that these birds hold a grudge and are capable of revenge. Make sure you watch your head next time you’re passing a murder of crows.

SLYTHERIN!!! Oops, Sorry, Wrong Movie

We are not huge fans of snakes, we’re sorry to say. We can’t change it. However, we’re not ophidiophobic, and we still think snakes are one of the most majestic, legendary animals out there. No legs, yet so vicious. Sometimes even poisonous. Woah!

Image Courtesy of ig_doods / Instagram

Who wouldn’t travel the whole world for a gorgeous, thick, and juicy caramel oat latte?! This snake has some good taste. What we loved most about this is that the snake has a lisp. It’s random, yet so funny. SLYTHERIN!!! Dang it, not again.

When You Forget Who You Are

We all sometimes forget who we are and what we’re made of! That’s why we need friends and family to remind us and get us back on the right track. There is no shame in that. No shame, don’t worry. This flame can relate.

Image Courtesy of ig_doods / Instagram

Did it try to flirt, and failed since it literally is hot, because of it? We don’t know. If this was a flirting attempt, it’s even more wholesome and hilarious at the same time. If we were that purple blob, we would fall for it, to be honest.

True That

Pretty privilege is real. The ones that are more beautiful and attractive often have it sooo easy. They get special treatment, they get out of trouble more easily, etc. However, sometimes, those people often complain: oh, it’s so difficult being this pretty. What?!

Image Courtesy of ig_doods / Instagram

Like: “guysss, stop talking about my perfect, beautifully-colored, feather tail! It’s not cool! Note my crown, too. It needs your attention, as well.” Ohhh, peacock, shut up! You are gorgeous, okay, we all see it. You don’t need to show off your feathers every second.

Supportive Chicken Failed

You know we love our savage chicken. However, we aren’t opposed to seeing the growth in character. We would love to witness a wholesome, supportive, friendly, and kind chicken. We believe anything is possible. Let’s see if our optimism paid off…

Image Courtesy of ig_doods / Instagram

It’s not like it didn’t try… It failed, but nonetheless, the giraffe at least had the courage to show up like this. It will pass, dear giraffe. And you do look rather dashing with that turquoise tie. We like it! However, we still wonder, how do you wear pants?!

Work Smarter, Not Harder

It’s time for a comeback of our favorite duo: Eevee and Pikachu! We missed them, and we can sense you did too. So, that’s why we found another comic from IG Doods including these two adorable characters. Let’s check it out!

Image Courtesy of ig_doods / Instagram

We love the way Eevee is working smarter and not harder. In order to remember something, you need to be exposed to it, so you don’t forget. Easy. This is a smart idea. We need to buy some sugar cubes to remind us to buy sugar next time. It’s an expensive lifestyle; what can we say…

It’s Our Holiday Tummy

Over the holidays, no one is immune from gaining a few pounds. Let’s be honest; how can anyone resist that holiday cuisine, though! It slaps. Although, it is also usually high in calories and fats. Oh well, now, it’s time to lose it.

Image Courtesy of ig_doods / Instagram

This rodent-like creature is super concerned about its chubby physique. However, its friend knows exactly what to say to make it feel better. It has a point! If they were stranded, the chubby one would probably have much more energy stored than anyone. Good for you, chubster!

Pun Absolutely Intended

Let us ask you this question before you see the comic: which planet of the solar system has the best? Before we saw the comic, we always thought Venus is kind of cool. Or Neptune. Now, we say Saturn, and this is why.

Image Courtesy of ig_doods / Instagram

First of all, this is one of the best puns/dad jokes, we’ve heard in a while. Second of all, the expression on this doodled Saturn makes it even better. It’s so sweet and wholesome. Saturn does have a nice ring to it. Hehe.


The mice are back at it again. Are they mice? We don’t know. But are they cute? Heck yeah! We wanted to include this little incident they had since it reminded us of humans so much. The excitement for ice cream, man, we all have it.

Image Courtesy of ig_doods / Instagram

The way the first mouse remembered it so suddenly and raised an alert that frightened the other one so much is way too relatable. However, it managed quickly and asked for some immediately after. That’s so funny. Good comedy timing, too.

Rules Were Made to Be Broken

We kind of agree with the title we chose for this comic. However, there are some rules that should never be broken, ya know? But, that’s just common sense, so we won’t spend our time educating you not to break the law.

Image Courtesy of ig_doods / Instagram

There are some rules, though, we are willing to break every time. Like this little crustacean is willing to eat the whole jar of “Nutzilla”—aka Nutella—in one sitting. We can’t judge, since we’ve done just that a few times in our lives. No regrets there.

No Shoulder to Cry On

What we find the funniest about these comics is the artist’s constant usage of expressions and idioms, but in situations that make them absurd and inapplicable in a way. Let us elaborate by showing you this picture featuring everyone’s favorite exotic animal—an axolotl.

Image Courtesy of ig_doods / Instagram

Like, the expression “a shoulder to cry on” doesn’t make any sense if you don’t have shoulders. Well, of course, all people have them, but doodles, cartoons, and comic characters don’t necessarily have shoulders. Nor do certain animals, but that won’t stop us in our time of need.

How Dare You?!

There is nothing better we’ve seen today than a stuck-up, sensitive duck. We kind of think it goes super well with their appearance and personality. Ducks can be kind of dangerous if they want to be. Or, is it geese? Ah, whatever.

Image Courtesy of ig_doods / Instagram

We hate to break it to you, duck, but we think hanging out with that bird is not good for you. It is like that toxic friend that’s always making you the butt of the joke. That kind of dynamic is not for everyone. Duck seems to be taking it to heart…

Dragon With Asthma

If you thought the good comics are coming to an end, oh, how wrong you are! They just keep getting better the more we go through. Just when we thought IG Doods couldn’t make us laugh any harder, we found another comic that makes us want to read them forever.

Image Courtesy of ig_doods / Instagram

This dragon can’t breathe fire; it can’t even breathe normally sometimes. Thankfully it has a handy inhaler. What kind of sorcery is that?! The expectations on dragons are so high; let the little one live. Stay healthy and let the inhaler help you out, friend.

Uno Reverse

Has it ever happened to you that you made fun of something and critiqued it before realizing and learning it was meant for you as a gift, or it meant a lot to someone? Yeah, it can be pretty awkward. That’s why you should never jump the gun.

Image Courtesy of ig_doods / Instagram

This little cub just roasted its snake friend with this comment, and it turned out the shirt was a gift. It is so heartbreaking! Poor snake. We feel bad for it. The phrase on the shirt makes us think the snake knew what was coming.

The Real Treasure

Here is yet another stereotype about dragons: they not only breathe fire, but they also sleep on top of a big pile of treasure. At least, that’s how they portray them in literature, legends, and movies. Now, IG Doods dragon changes that.

Image Courtesy of ig_doods / Instagram

Well, not necessarily changes it. But, breaks the belief of gold, diamonds, and crystals. Its treasure is its stuffed, plushy toys. It looks so blessed and grateful to be sleeping in the middle of them. So heartwarming. Still, we wouldn’t want to wake him from a comfy nap.

The Best Type of Wrong

Give this rabbit a break! It is trying its best. So what if it makes something wrong each time it’s cooking. You should still support it and eat it! Come on. What happened to friendship and tolerance, and community? Pfft.

Image Courtesy of ig_doods / Instagram

When we heard it say it’s always getting something wrong, we thought it meant something like making foul-tasting food, burning the whole kitchen down, etc. We didn’t expect it to make a completely wrong/different dish! Who wouldn’t like a cake instead of a pancake?!

A Napple A Day…

What we learned throughout reading through these comics is that these creatures, beings, animals, and Pokémon all love their naps! Without exception! That’s why we wanted to add this next one to the mix of wholesome and sleepy creatures. Enjoy!

Image Courtesy of ig_doods / Instagram

Now we’ve discovered that dinosaurs also love their naps. A napple a day keeps the doctor away. If you are confused with what is a “napple,” it’s like a small nap that’s good for ya—words of a green dinosaur, truly. So cute.

Cactus – Cacti

We decided to leave this one as the last since we would love if we could leave you reading this article with a new thing to ponder on and think about. Why do we say cactus as singular, and not cactuses as plural? Or even worse:

Image Courtesy of ig_doods / Instagram

If I is me, and us is us, why do we say cactus for one, and cacti for more?! This is so mind-boggling. The truth is it all comes from an ancient language that’s not used today. We will leave you to research the rest. Good luck!