44 Comics Chronicling A Couple’s Daily Challenges As New Parents

By Jana I

Marriage is about companionship, love, devotion, and partnership. You should marry a person you truly adore, and someone you can see yourself spending the rest of your life with. If not, it leads to heartbreaks and disappointments. Although marriage is awesome, we should be careful not to romanticize it too much. Married couples have their struggles; let’s not lie to ourselves. All families have issues, even the happiest ones. It’s making light of those problems that make them bearable, funny, and memorable. Artist Joy Lin was inspired by her little family, and she started creating comics that represent her marriage and everyday family life. She goes under the name of Alloy Comics. Today, we’ve compiled 45 of the best and funniest comics she created. Keep on scrolling for some wholesome goodness.

All images in this article are courtesy of alloycomics on Instagram.

Baby Face

Babies are cute, and the thing is, they know they are. If you’ve ever watched a baby closely, you’ll notice they are first-class manipulators. Depending on what they want or need, they can start crying, laughing, or snuggling on command.

Image Courtesy of alloycomics / Instagram

Although Lin calls her son a demon nugget, she loves him deeply. This little nugget knows it very well. Once she had to leave for work, he made this well-known pouty face babies make when they need something from you.


Getting a baby and an animal to trust you might be one of the best feelings in the world. Letting them curl up in your lap or fall asleep in your arms is extremely heart-warming and cute. It creates some core memories.

Image Courtesy of alloycomics / Instagram

However, there come intrusive thoughts. All of a sudden you must do everything at once. Go to the bathroom, eat, shower, study, work, cook, go grocery shopping, clean the kitchen, visit grandparents in another country — feeling trapped like this is no joke.

Priorities Change

When you’re younger, your parents and friends are the centers of your universe. When you become an adult and meet your “special someone,” that person is your priority. This is natural. Priorities change, and so do people. It all depends on the circumstances.

Image Courtesy of alloycomics / Instagram

It might seem to you that your significant other will always be the most important person in your life. Well, that is until you have a baby. Then, that baby becomes that special person in your life. It’s someone to care for, educate, love, and watch grow.


Being addicted to something is not naive. People can get addicted to a lot of things: alcohol, drugs, video games, gambling, etc. But, have you ever experienced cuddle and snuggle addiction. It’s a real thing! Ask any parent from your immediate family.

Image Courtesy of alloycomics / Instagram

We feel like parent newbies are especially prone to this addiction. It must be something hormonal; biology doing its thing, making sure caretakers will stay and take care of the newborn. Whatever it is, we need more of it. Give us snuggles, demon nugget baby!

Valentines Forever

Valentine’s Day is a nice holiday to express your love. But, you shouldn’t wait for this day to show your partner how much you love and appreciate them. We are not saying, “shower them with love every day”! Just show you care once in a while, not only on Valentine’s.

Image Courtesy of alloycomics / Instagram

In this particular situation, both of them had a surprise for one another, yet both of them managed to spoil it at the same time. It’s kind of hilarious when you think of it. These small yet cute marriage traditions are what make it so special.


Have you noticed how some people can pull off being corny, and some just sound cringe? It’s mind-boggling. Well, we assume it just depends on how much you love that person, or whether you love them at all. If there is love, you can take a corny joke or two.

Image Courtesy of alloycomics / Instagram

Joy Lin understands this all too well. Her white devil husband (as she calls him) is the one to make these, otherwise cringe, jokes when they are in a restaurant. All she can do is give him a nice kiss. She loves this man, after all.

Baby or Cat

We don’t know how we haven’t seen the resemblance before, but babies and cats are one and the same. They are both spoiled, yet completely unpredictable. They are manipulative and extremely sweet one moment, and then in full-devil mode the next.

Image Courtesy of alloycomics / Instagram

The artist shares her little nugget and his daily shenanigans and concludes that he must be a cat. He knocks things over and breaks them; he plays with strings, scratches their faces, and is, of course, pure evil. How fortunate.

Stains Everywhere

If you have a baby, a kid, or an extremely clumsy animal, you’ll experience stains, indents, and holes all around the house. There are a lot of factors that can cause this: play, potty accidents, misbehavior, etc. The options are endless.

Image Courtesy of alloycomics / Instagram

Joy Lin found one positive thing about her baby exploding liquid all around the house: at least all of his holes are working. And we must agree. The baby is healthy and kicking. It’s up to the parents to clean that mess up — and not lose it, themselves.

Like Father Like Son

They often say daughters resemble their mothers, and sons resemble their fathers. Throughout our lives, we’ve come to the realization that that’s not always the case. But, in this situation, the artist claims her demon nugget is like her white demon husband.

Image Courtesy of alloycomics / Instagram

Her son, just like his father, cannot resist a beautiful lady’s embrace. Some babies are extra careful, whereas others are more open and tiny, little social butterflies. To be honest, we as well would probably appreciate a good snuggle session.

Sneak Attack!

Marriage is great and all, but sometimes you have to let your inner child have some fun, too. Sneaking up to your partner and scaring them or being super annoying is top-tier comedy in marriage. That’s what we’ve heard, we promise we don’t do that…like…ever.

Image Courtesy of alloycomics / Instagram

You can see in this comic she just loves torturing her husband in the best way possible. Sure, he was relaxing, he was enjoying his time, but nothing lasts forever, right?! So she thought, let me ruin this sweet man’s day.


There are some food chains that have a chokehold on certain people, like McDonald’s, In-N-Out, KFC, Chipotle, etc. These are highly successful franchises for a reason. Their food is, although not healthy, extremely delicious and nostalgic. This couple knows what’s up.

Image Courtesy of alloycomics / Instagram

How often does it happen to you? You’re tired as heck yet still stay up late binging your favorite TV show, or, like them, driving to the nearest KFC to chomp on some spicy chicken legs?! To us, it happens too often — more often than we would admit.

Mama’s Boy

There are certain phases in a child’s growth. They will prefer one parent over the other throughout their lives, and we’ve heard that that’s completely normal. But parents love to use this and rub it in the other partner’s face, and we think it’s hilarious.

Image Courtesy of alloycomics / Instagram

At this point in time, the little demon baby prefers its mama over dada. Mom loves all the attention, and the dad is, we would say, a bit agitated. Soon, the tables will turn, and it will start imitating its dada, following him around and doing whatever he does. You just wait…

The Perfect Crime

Never trust your wife/girlfriend too much. They will always try to trick you in some way. When we say this we are not talking about cheating, lying, or going behind your back. We are talking about making elaborate plans just to annoy you.

Image Courtesy of alloycomics / Instagram

When you are at the spa, you expect to relax and have a good time, darn it! Yet, your wife might have a different idea in mind. She is there to create chaos. Joy Lin presented how she loves to annoy her husband at the spa. It’s the least she deserves for putting up with them all!

When You Love Someone So Much…

Sometimes you love someone so much you’d prefer their happiness over yours. It’s usually when you have your own children. However, it can happen with a partner, too. This artist just instructed her husband to cheat on her rather than hurt himself doing housework.

Image Courtesy of alloycomics / Instagram

The husband seems super confused. We are, too. We hope he won’t take it to heart and have an affair. That would be tragic. We recommend being more careful or getting some pads for his knees and ankles. And maybe a helmet, too.


Life seems unfair. Especially if you are a girl and half the boys you know have better eyelashes than you do. How is that fair, huh?! Girls have to get lash extensions to look half as good as guys do for lashes. This woman felt the same.

Image Courtesy of alloycomics / Instagram

She experienced all it means to be a woman and feel the lack of justice on your skin. Little demon nugget got all the long lashes gene in the family. When we think about it, mascara could be why women lack long and luscious eyelashes; besides genetics, of course.

Like His Mama

When born, babies rarely look like either of their parents. They look like wet, reddish socks, if we’re honest with you. It might take some time until your baby starts looking like you or your partner. And even then, that can change pretty quickly and end up looking like neither of you.

Image Courtesy of alloycomics / Instagram

She is a proud mama once her baby started to look more like her: chubby, fluffy, and adorable. Her friend, we assume, said breastmilk caused the baby’s neck to disappear. We think that’s one of the best and wittiest comebacks in the comics so far. We love it.

I See It, I Eat It

Babies have this phase in their development when everything they see goes in their mouths. This is due to the fact that their little teeth are growing, so they need to massage the gums and ease the pain. Poor things.

Image Courtesy of alloycomics / Instagram

This nugget child is adorable. It doesn’t matter he is sticking his feet into his mouth. We love him to bits. Although it’s not the most hygienic thing one can do, it’s better than putting remote controls or random blocks in its mouth, right?

Master Manipulator

The immense cuteness and adorableness of babies and baby animals must be somehow scientifically proven to boost people’s hormones and protective instincts. When you hear a crying baby, it is really difficult trying to ignore it. How can you move on when someone is in distress?

Image Courtesy of alloycomics / Instagram

This baby has learned the ropes quickly. As we previously discussed, little children are master manipulators. They know exactly what to do or say or how to smile to get what they want. Parents know this too, but they love it.

A Well Deserved Smack

If you live with a partner or a roommate, it can be extremely hard watching them do absolutely nothing while you bend over backward to make ends meet, clean, cook, and keep the apartment presentable and fresh. Isn’t cohabitation all about sharing the load?

Image Courtesy of alloycomics / Instagram

This man, in our opinion, deserved the smack. If not one, even two or three smacks. If your wife is struggling, get up and help out! Working as a team is essential in partnerships and relationships of any kind. Be a better man, sir, please. Thank you!

Asserting Dominance

Back on the topic of babies. Babies are funny and sweet, well, maybe 20% of the time. The remaining 80% is them throwing a tantrum or fussing about the smallest perceived problems in the world. If not fussy, they are straight-up mean.

Image Courtesy of alloycomics / Instagram

This demon baby is staring his mother down and throwing broccoli on the ground, all with a straight face, maintaining eye contact the whole time. What a brave little man he is. He’ll probably regret it in a few seconds. We’ll let him enjoy it while he can.

Another Toddler Shenanigans

So, one situation of sitting in a highchair results in food being thrown around. That is annoying and infuriating, and it means more cleaning to do afterward. However, there is another viable option when putting a baby in a highchair.

Image Courtesy of alloycomics / Instagram

The poor fellow could fall asleep. What’s more interesting is that some babies can eat and nap at the same time. This boy seems to do just that. So, next time you eat lunch and feel drowsy, just fall asleep on your plate of baked beans; it’s fine!

Momma, Pick Me Up, I’m Scared!

Young children seek parental comfort often. It’s important that, as a parent, you recognize when your baby really needs you and when it’s being a spoiled little brat, screaming for attention for no reason than to make noise. And even then, it’s best to comfort them, rather than leave them hanging.

Image Courtesy of alloycomics / Instagram

If babies are left unsupervised and uncomforted for long, they may start self-soothing, which creates complicated attachment styles. You don’t want that. So, next time your toddler starts screaming at the top of its lungs for you, be there for them. At all times.


Some people just love technology! It makes their heart skip a bit; they feel butterflies in their stomach when buying a new gadget for the house or a new phone. They get all flustered and excited; it’s adorable! We love our tech-savvy people!

Image Courtesy of alloycomics / Instagram

Lin’s husband seems to be of that sort. He is obsessed with their new cleaner; he even speaks to it when he thinks no one is listening or looking. It’s super wholesome. It’s not like we are not all addicted to our phones and laptops. Come on now!

Boring?! Nah!

Until you have children of your own you might feel like your friends or family talks about theirs too much. But, we imagine, once you have them yourself, you’ll understand. So, we don’t judge. We can be aunties and uncles to all of them!

Image Courtesy of alloycomics / Instagram

We will spoil them, and mommy and daddy can discipline them. Leave us to bring presents and candy, and you do the dirty work. Thank you! Although, if you talk about your child 24/7, we just might start pouring you more drinks to shoosh a bit.

Murder Mystery Lover

If you know a woman in your life, she probably enjoys hearing about various murder mysteries and crime documentaries. We love it too! It’s just so good. You pour yourself a tall glass of wine, get a comfy blanket, pop some popcorn, and have a lovely night.

Image Courtesy of alloycomics / Instagram

You won’t need anything but some horror movies, crime dramas, and murder mysteries. Well, once it’s time to sleep, maybe you’ll need someone to sleep in the same bed as you. At the end of the day, it’s a scary world out there. Ghosts, boogymen, bills, diapers to change. Scary stuff.

Stinky Madness

We know so many men that refused to participate as equal parents to their children. They were there to play, have fun, entertain the child and leave at one point. All the feeding and diaper changes were for their wife or partner. We find that insulting.

Image Courtesy of alloycomics / Instagram

We are proud of Lin for standing up for herself! Yes, dad, you should also act as a parent to your child. Moms deserve a break from being the caretaker. Take the dirty diaper, clean the baby, and put the new diaper on. It’s not that frightening. You can do it, big guy!

Blood Circulation

Usually, you and your partner have differing blood circulation. More often than not, one person is always hot and the other always cold. From our experience, the cold, shivering ones are mostly women. Men have some kind of a heating system installed. Or something…

Image Courtesy of alloycomics / Instagram

She loves to be warm, that’s why she lives in Texas, yet she still has to be bundled up inside their house. Her husband, on the other hand, chills in a shirt and shorts. So does their baby. If she’s a camel and he’s an arctic penguin, does that make the baby a polar bear?!

MILF Approved

When women become mothers, they are called MILFs. That is, if they look conventionally attractive. Men are called DILFs. If you don’t know what it means, you are either too young or haven’t watched American Pie. We don’t know which is worse.

Image Courtesy of alloycomics / Instagram

Lin qualifies as a MILF, still. She feels good about it; almost proud, in a way. Well, we would be, too, if we looked that cute and sassy after giving birth to a tiny human. Now, does he qualify as a DILF? We’ll need to see him strut his stuff as well; it’s only fair, isn’t it?!

Drama King

Have you noticed how men are much bigger drama queens than women? And yet, we still call it a drama queen, not a drama king, which is a more appropriate title, if you ask us. Take a look at this comic, and it will all make sense.

Image Courtesy of alloycomics / Instagram

When men catch a cold or a virus, they pretend like it’s their last day on Earth, and they can’t do anything but lie in bed and ask for tea, massages, food, and water. They are such drama kings; we’d give them an acting gig in Hollywood.

Rolling With the Punches

Besides being a liability, children can bully you, for real. They can punch you, pull your hair, bite your arm… They are ruthless out there. You gotta be careful. The thing is, it’s kind of painful, not a silly little kick and a silly little punch.

Image Courtesy of alloycomics / Instagram

This baby punched his dada in his crotch and his mama on her C-section scar. He practically kicked the areas which created him. Not only ruthless but inconsiderate as well. Someone speak to that baby ASAP! Let him know the ground rules of men and women.

Sleepy Baby

Besides being master manipulators and MMA fighters, when they need to, babies are very awkward sleepers. We’ve seen they can sleep in a highchair while eating. Now, if you didn’t know, this next one is a very famous sleeping position for toddlers.

Image Courtesy of alloycomics / Instagram

The parents are worried. How can he sleep with his little cheeks in the air like that? He looks like a caterpillar. Hungry, little caterpillar. “How is that even comfortable,” they ask themselves. We are asking the same question. Looks cute, though.


To be honest, when it comes to raising children, men have it sooo easy. Women are the ones that carry the baby, give birth, recover after the delivery, and have to breastfeed or draw milk for some time after the baby’s arrival.

Image Courtesy of alloycomics / Instagram

So why is it that men always need some help or assistance? We’ve concluded that it’s because they are, actually, giant babies and want to be cared for. We find it adorable; although at times it’s annoying, they are still cute.

Nap and Sleep Time

If there is one rule out there, it’s that babies never want to sleep during nap or sleep time. This is extremely apparent in toddler age when they want to explore the world and play with toys all day long.

Image Courtesy of alloycomics / Instagram

Lin experienced this, and she knows it all too well. Her son loves to sleep during story time and playtime, but when it comes to actual naps and sleeping through the night — it’s a big no-no for him. That is the time for opera singing, right?

Time Jump

Sometimes twelve hours with your bestie seems like a second and a minute can seem like an eternity. Time is relative, and so is our perception of time. When we have fun, time flies by, but when we are bored to death, time is not our friend.

Image Courtesy of alloycomics / Instagram

Seems like watching over a baby is one of those ‘time flew by’ moments. What do parents do while watching their child, and what is so fun about that at the end of the day? We really want to know. They are adorable, no one is denying that. But dude, you need some sleep.

One Lie Goes a Long Way

If you say you never lie, you are lying, friend! People are prone to lying here and there, and you know what, that’s okay. As long as your lie is a white lie, we can understand it. Sometimes, it’s better not to be honest. It’s for the greater good.

Image Courtesy of alloycomics / Instagram

What Lin is lying about we haven’t done before. However, nothing is out of the question at this point. Sometimes there is an anterior motive, and our girl is just finding her way through life by eating cake. The cake is life; let’s be honest now.

She is Not George R.R. Martin

Oh, we remember the days when Game of Thrones first aired. Spoiler Alert: Ned Stark dies immediately. This was a shock for everyone. No one expected this script. It was a rare occasion to kill off an important character so early on.

Image Courtesy of alloycomics / Instagram

So, yeah. George R.R. Martin was extremely unconventional at the time. His storylines were not loved by many at first, but as people got used to it, they started to enjoy it. Lin is not George R.R. Martin, she doesn’t kill her husband in her scripts. Not always.

Baby Likes a Cushion

Chubby people are more comfortable to cuddle with; that is a given fact. They have more skin, soft bellies, and an overall comfy physique. If you could choose to cuddle with a chubby person and a skinny person, which one would you choose?

Image Courtesy of alloycomics / Instagram

This baby has chosen its mommy. Is it because his mommy has a bit more muscle on her, or is it because it’s a familiar person he sees every day? Who knows, really. She also has a scent he smells all the time. She loves to think it’s because of her cushion-like grip. Maybe she is right!


If you think about it hard enough, you’ll realize that babies are just deeply ungrateful, little, spoiled gremlins. You do everything for them! Cook, clean, wash, dry, care, sing, dance, and all they have to do is exist, smile, and cry.

Image Courtesy of alloycomics / Instagram

Sometimes, when they grow up, they become thankful and grateful and try to return the same courtesy by taking care of their parents. But, oftentimes they simply don’t care. You give them life, and they treat you like that. Unbelievable! Call your lawyers!

Before Work Kiss

One of the most adorable things a man can do is kiss your forehead or cheek before going to work. You are in that in-between state of being awake and asleep. You still remember the kiss, yet you are too sleepy to get up and kiss him back.

Image Courtesy of alloycomics / Instagram

One time, apparently, she woke up frantic about not taking off her makeup before bed. We know this is the worst nightmare for people that wear makeup. First of all, you ruin your pillowcas;, second of all, you clog your poor pores. It’s a nightmare.


Living with someone means going through groceries and toiletries twice as fast. If you use the same soap or shampoo, you’ll be buying it every month. The problem is when one of you two gets carried away and uses up almost all of it without replacing it or letting you know.

Image Courtesy of alloycomics / Instagram

That is what happened here. It’s something we went through before. The man knows he messed up, but he also has a sly look on his face. Maybe he was anticipating it all along, or he is playing cool, waiting for his wife’s wrath to come and get him. Be careful now…

On Womanhood

It’s fun thinking about the differences between men and women. Nowaday, we can see more women represented everywhere. It’s nice. We can get a grip and an idea of how an average woman lives and what struggles she goes through.

Image Courtesy of alloycomics / Instagram

Besides childbirth, periods, hormones, and overall fear they face, they also need their chest taken care of. If it’s too big, it’s heavy and tough to deal with. If it’s small then they are insecure and shy about it. The baby enjoys it nonetheless. Good for him.

How to Get Lean in a Minute

Every woman that had a baby says that pumping out breastmilk is the most satisfying thing ever. You are getting rid of the burden you feel inside your body for a whole day or night. It’s a natural thing and it must be done. Otherwise, it can get painful.

Image Courtesy of alloycomics / Instagram

Lin experienced it herself! She stated she feels almost 7 oz lighter from making one bottle of breastmilk for her newborn. It’s a tough time being a new mom. What’s important is finding those small, life pleasures in each and every moment.

Hair Everywhere!

Men and women are guilty of this equally. Women shed their hair everywhere, whereas men leave their body hair and beard all over the sink and the bathtub or shower. No one is innocent in this game, friends. Admit it, and we’ll cut you some slack!

Image Courtesy of alloycomics / Instagram

This man should be happy his beard is so thick and luscious. Yet, we understand his wife’s anger and frustration with all that hair in their bathroom sink. It must be disgusting looking at all of that and brushing your teeth. Clean it up, dude.

So Satisfying

If you never peeled off your own skin after a sunburn, you don’t know what is a fun time. This is one of the most satisfying feelings ever. You are removing dry and flaky skin, and uncovering a beautiful, baby, silky skin underneath. Amazing!

Image Courtesy of alloycomics / Instagram

Sunscreen is extremely important whenever you go outside. We know not a lot of people wear an SPF on an everyday basis. But, you can put it on at least when you know you’ll be doing some sports or activities outside in the blasting summer heat! Come on now!