Feminist Baby: Artist Uses Humor And Comics To Fight For Gender Equality

By Kanyi M

Feminists have long been a controversial topic, with some people continuing to oppose their views while other people support them. In recent years, the feminist movement has made some amazing strides in becoming more acceptable and finding its way into cultural conversations.

Amusingly, comic artists and writers have taken notice of feminism’s popularity and have put their artistic talents to work in creating a new kind of comic series that portrays feminism in an entertaining light. Loryn Brantz is one of those artists.

With her “Feminist Baby” series, the artist portrays the movement in a fun and cute way. Here are some of her comics.

1. The Gender Reveal party where anything goes

Gender reveal parties have been getting a bad rap lately. They’ve been seen as elitist and rude, where you “show off what you got.”

Image Credits: LorynBrantzBooks/Facebook

But there is a new twist on this adorable celebration that is about to make it the party everyone is talking about. And no, we don’t mean the piñata! We’re talking about preferred pronouns!

2. When beauty and brains are thought to be opposites

An annoying stereotype that exists in society is that ‘nerdy’ people are not attractive, and ‘attractive’ people aren’t smart. The truth is that the two qualities are not mutually exclusive. This comic hilariously illustrates this new reality!

Image Credits: LorynBrantzBooks/Facebook

Traditionally, blondes are known for being dumb, but the saying “blondes have more fun” doesn’t mean they are unintelligent.

3. When the baby wants to speak about equal rights to santa

Equality is a big word, and it isn’t often that a child this young is brought into such an important topic of conversation. This comic highlights the importance of equality in the eyes of not only women and femmes but also children.

Image Credits: LorynBrantzBooks/Facebook

By wanting to speak to Mrs. Claus as well, this child is exhibiting the same gender bias that we have today, but hopefully, this comic will help to foster a change in young minds.