Every Woman Is Different, But There Are Some Things We Can All Relate To

By Liezel L

Never in the history of the human race have all girls been the same. Despite this fact, some people still insist on setting expectations for women — everything from clothing to behavior has some expectations associated with it. When women don’t comply, they’re deemed “not normal” which is completely absurd. We would think that such things wouldn’t exist today, and although the judgment isn’t as outright as it used to be, we can still feel the pressure to dress right and act just the right way. Unshaved underarms, no eyeliner, and loud burps are just a few of the things society has yet to get on board with. Some women, like the comic artist Cassandra Calin, prefer to have a laugh rather than suffer in silence. With her comics, she turns these annoying problems into refreshing and comical sources of laughter and people love her for it. She has over 2.4 million followers on Instagram and is still growing. Check out her comics, and you’ll see the reason why.

All images in this article are courtesy of CassandraComics on Instagram.

A Delicate Balance

Experts usually recommend 8 hours of sleep, and when we get it, we can understand why. A lot of us do usually feel fantastic after 8 hours in bed. Strangely enough, though, there’s a delicate balance with hours of sleep, and if you want to get the most of it, you have to maintain it. 

Image Credits: CassandraComics / Instagram

Getting less than 8 hours of rest per night, we’re understandably haggard and we don’t feel our best. Getting more, you’d think we’d feel better, but in truth, we feel the opposite. After around 10 hours, we feel sluggish rather than rejuvenated. So, find your balance.

That Sudden Trip Down Memory Lane

Sometimes, it seems like our brains just love messing with us. We’ll be out and about doing all the stuff we’re usually doing with no thoughts in our head, and then suddenly, out of nowhere, our brain will attack us with this recap of all the embarrassing things we’ve said or done. 

Image Credits: CassandraComics / Instagram

We know it has already been said and done, but that feeling of horror or cringe we feel for ourselves at that moment never really leaves us. It can be months or years since the incident, but those are just the things that our brain chooses to remember in total clarity. 

Why Can’t We Just Get Them All At Once?

Doing dishes is an inescapable part of life. If you’re living alone, it’s a necessity, and living with a partner, you should share the load. You know what’s annoying, though? Not getting all the dishes that need to be washed in one go. 

Image Credits: CassandraComics / Instagram

It’s more infuriating if it’s because other people left them lying around instead of putting them in the sink. Who likes finding a dirty dish on every available surface of the house? Unfortunately, though, there are some times when we were the culprits, so we can’t feel guilty for doing this extra work.

Bye Bye Lipsticks

We know the masks protect us and everything, but we’ve been encountering a few problems with them. One, they cause maskne. Two, they make it harder to breathe in some cases. Three, eyeglass fog. And last but not least, they waste a good amount of fantastic lipstick. 

Image Credits: CassandraComics / Instagram

Many women right now are left with untouched tubes of lipstick because of this whole mask situation. Sure, we can wear them to feel good, but we’re definitely going to feel better about them if they’re not going to be hidden all day long. Why waste effort, right? 

They’re Never Perfectly Clean

Girls who are born with little to no armpit hair are blessed. They wouldn’t have to go through the frustration of never getting perfectly shaved or perfectly smooth armpits, unlike the rest of us who constantly have to check each day if it’s safe to bare our armpits to the world. 

Image Credits: CassandraComics / Instagram

It’s annoying too because we don’t really need to shave our armpits. It’s just that we’ve been conditioned by society for far too long that smooth, shaven armpits are what we should have. Now, we have to deal with the additional stress of keeping our armpits as smooth as a baby’s butt. 

It Never Goes As Planned

You know all those moments when girls laugh in movies or TV shows, and they still look so effortlessly gorgeous? Yeah, that’s a huge lie! Nobody can look that polished or pretty when you’re having the time of their life! 

Image Credits: CassandraComics / Instagram

When you find something funny, it’s wide-open mouths, squinted eyes, maybe even flaring nostrils, and everything that generally makes us a little less attractive. Laughing pretty is just for the TV, sadly. The same goes for crying, too. No one is ever that composed in real life. 

Old Selfies Deserve A Special Box That Should Never Be Opened

We’ve all taken those selfies when we were younger, which we thought were pretty or cool. We might have even made them our DPs or even showed them off to friends or a special someone. At that moment though, we didn’t know how much our future selves would be cringing at it when they see it again. 

Image Credits: CassandraComics / Instagram

See, taking selfies is an art, and for you to master it, you need tons of practice. Those cringy ones with the duck faces, emo bangs, and weird, awkward poses were part of the journey. Not everyone may become a master at it, of course, but at least they tried, right? 

“Seem” Is The Right Word Alright

There are some people out there who have a decent job, know how to pay their bills on time, know how to socialize right, know how to cook, and generally seem so put together. “Seem” is the keyword there, however. 

Image Credits: CassandraComics / Instagram

See, even if we do seem like we’re doing all the right adulting things, nobody really has their life all figured out. Some of us don’t even know or aren’t really experts at setting our own dentist appointments, for example. We just know how to keep ourselves alive up until this point. That’s it. 

A 70-Year Old Stuck In The Body Of A 20 Something Year Old

Whether it’s because of the back pains, the occasional grumpiness, or the love of unbroken morning routines, there are moments when we feel like a frail old woman stuck in a young body. And it can’t be just us with this one, right?

Image Credits: CassandraComics / Instagram

Who cares, though? Peaceful mornings and not allowing anyone’s nonsense to come into your life is pleasant. It’s freeing, and it lets us live our best lives. If we could only remove the back pain and joint pains, it would be perfect. 

They Just Never Stay Put

There’s just something about that sleek ponytail that makes people seem so put together and chic without any effort. While we’d like to have that look ourselves, sometimes our hair just doesn’t want to stay put. Sure it might last for five minutes, but that’s about it.

Image Credits: CassandraComics / Instagram

This is especially true when the weather works in tandem with it; humidity is the true enemy of perfect hair days. It won’t let your perfect ponytail remain perfect for too long, even if you’ve sprayed it down with tons and tons of product. 

Sometimes, Even The Reviews Are Hard To Trust

In a perfect world, we’d see clothes we like online, choose our size, and get a dress that is exactly as the description says. But it’s not a perfect world, and buying clothes is even more complicated for girls. It seems like women’s clothing never comes in enough variety for every body type.

Image Credits: CassandraComics / Instagram

So since we really can’t trust seller descriptions because, of course, they’d say the best about their products, we rely on reviews which are supposed to be actual thoughts of actual people who already bought the item. Sadly, it seems we can’t trust that either.

The Type Of Self Love We All Need

Watching all those films, seeing people happily growing old together, and hearing sweet stories from our friends also makes us want a partner who will make us feel special, maybe sometimes give us flowers, and make us feel giddy inside. But, you know what? We can also do that for ourselves.

Image Credits: CassandraComics / Instagram

Frankly, we don’t need another person doing all those “special” things for us. If we want it, we can just go get it. No one’s stopping us, and honestly, it’s something we all need. We also need to love ourselves, right?

The First “Getting Up” Is Just A Dupe

Have you ever seen anyone crack their eyes open in the morning, tell themselves it’s time to get up, and get their butts off the bed immediately? Well, neither have we. It’s almost impossible to do that! And good luck getting out of your warm sheets on a cold morning.

Image Credits: CassandraComics / Instagram

For us, when we wake up, we spend a good five to ten minutes debating our existence. Then, we spend another five to ten minutes trying to convince ourselves to wake up. After that, we spend a few more minutes getting up and then slumping back down to bed. That’s how our mornings go.

A Very Hard Decision To Make

We can all agree that there are some disadvantages to working at home. It may have been fun at first, but the novelty has very much worn thin. While working from home means PJs all day and snacks every hour, it also means distraction at every turn, even in our very own PCs. 

Image Credits: CassandraComics / Instagram

In this instance, we think we can all agree on what is the more enticing option. It’s so tempting, but we must resist. For the sake of adulting, for the sake of money for our snacks, and for the sake of not feeling guilty, we must. Even if it hurts.

We Hope For The Best

Our hair is a wild beast, and it is not an easy thing to tame. That is why we seriously have mad respect for people who have mastered their hair. Most days, we struggle to even keep at least all our strands in one place. 

Image Credits: CassandraComics / Instagram

We try our best to take care of it. We buy the best products we can find and we treat our hair like a royal princess. After that, though, we leave it to the hair gods and pray that we have at least a decent hair day. 

Just Nod

We know we’re not deaf and we know that we clean our ears religiously but there are just some moments when we get stuck in these awkward situations when our ears decide to take a quick break without informing us. 

Image Credits: CassandraComics / Instagram

There’s an unspoken social rule that you can only ask once, maybe twice, for someone to repeat what they’ve said. After that, it’s just rude. If you’ve hit your limit, it feels like the only thing to do is to nod or just say yes and hope for the best. 

When Your Eyebrows Don’t Stop Punishing You

There should be a class in high school for girls to learn the tips, tricks, and hacks of being a woman so that we can avoid embarrassing accidents. Plucking our eyebrows take a lot of trial and error, and if not done right, we have to suffer until the hairs grow back.

Image Credits: CassandraComics / Instagram

Once you’ve over-plucked those babies, they never stop being mad at you — they never grow back. Instead, the hair that should be in the proper area goes to places that it shouldn’t be, so now we’ve got them all over our faces.

That One Bra

No matter how many bras a girl owns, there will always be that one special bra that will always hold a special place in her heart. It’s her comfort bra and her go-to piece in every situation. There’s something about it that we just can’t explain, either.

Image Credits: CassandraComics / Instagram

It’s hard to find a bra that fits well and feels great, so if we do find one, we wear it until it’s hanging on by a thread. Full disclosure, though, we might not wash it as frequently as we should, but well, nobody will know.

Learning Something New Everyday 

All of us women are different, and all of us should be proud of those differences. It’s what makes us “us.” Unfortunately, after centuries of being subjected to standards that others have created for us, we’ve developed insecurities that shouldn’t even be there at all. 

Image Credits: CassandraComics / Instagram

What’s worse is that new things to be insecure about keep popping up every day. We didn’t even know hip dips were a thing to be ashamed about until the internet started telling us that there’s something wrong with it. Can people try to contain their judgment? Please?

That Little Check-In Message Makes Everything Feel Better

One of the best feelings in the world is getting that little surprise care message from the people you love. Those messages can make any gloomy day brighter, and there is no substitute for that warm feeling of being so loved.

Image Credits: CassandraComics / Instagram

So, if you have someone, whether it’s a friend, a lover, an acquaintance, or a family member who does this to you, keep them. These people are the ones that genuinely care about you no matter how far apart you are and no matter how much time has passed since you last talked. 

This One Hurts

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that we’re unique and unforgettable. One group of people that will always make us question ourselves is college professors. They have so many students to deal with each day, and the list expands with every semester of fresh faces. We get that, but it still makes situations like this one sting a little.

Image Credits: CassandraComics / Instagram

We don’t blame them, of course. After all, we’re not their only students, right? It just makes us reflect on the reason why we’re so forgettable. Are we not outspoken enough? Are we just too dull to be remembered? Did we not put in enough effort in class? Oh, the spiral this interaction makes us go through.


They say that keeping your stress to yourself is bad for your health. One “cure” for that is venting aloud to a loved one or confidant. Just make sure that whoever you choose to be your support doesn’t make it worse instead… 

Image Credits: CassandraComics / Instagram

Telling someone who’s stressed that stress is bad for them is the opposite of what they need to hear. Of course, it’s bad for us. Why do you think we’re venting? Now that we’re reminded, we get stressed about being stressed. Thanks a lot.

We Can Never Replicate That Salon Magic

There’s a reason most women make so many plans to go out after coming from the salon. It’s because, after that day, we can never really replicate whatever magic they did to make our hair look great, so we make the most of it while it’s still fabulous.

Image Credits: CassandraComics / Instagram

No matter how many YouTube videos we watch, and no matter how perfectly we copy what our hairdresser did, we can never really get the same effect. That’s why a part of us thinks that our hair just hates us, and well, after everything we put it through daily, we get it. 

They Have The Audacity To Call Those Pockets

Fashion designers can’t be clueless as to the existence of pockets, right? Guys’ pants have deep, secure pockets that we just envy! For some reason, these designers think that women don’t need to carry anything, and they insist that those thin slits on our pants are pockets.

Image Credits: CassandraComics / Instagram

The thin pockets barely hold a few coins, at best. And what’s worse are the pants with fake pockets; those that have the line and seam of a pocket but are totally sealed shut. Yeah, we have bags, but some of us want to have the convenience of using those pockets once in a while, you know?

The Long Hair Dilemma

One of the perks of having long hair is that there are so many ways to style it. You can change your looks every day and have a different vibe or every occasion. That’s why many people miss it after chopping the length off — there are fewer options with short hair.

Image Credits: CassandraComics / Instagram

Of course, girls with long hair know that this is just a lie we tell ourselves. Although there are many ways to style long hair, we all know that it’ll end up in our go-to style. Besides, making the effort to style long hair is actually time-consuming and tiring.

Hold Up On That Thought

When we see old couples enjoying their time together, watch realistic romance films that have happy endings, or read stories about true love, we also yearn for that kind of love. When we remember that we have to go through dating before all that, though, it kind of puts a halt to our plans.

Image Credits: CassandraComics / Instagram

The dating scene nowadays is just not something a lot of us are looking forward to. Can’t we just find the person we’re meant to be with, the one who can understand us without needing to suffer through the small talk, ghosting, and everything in between? 


“Can I be honest?” Oh, we can’t tell you how much those words absolutely terrify us. Yes, we want honest feedback. It’s for the improvement of our work, after all; but no, we don’t want the anxiety and insecurity that inadvertently pops up because of it. 

Image Credits: CassandraComics / Instagram

It’s not like we can answer “no” as well because that would defeat the purpose of asking. If only we could shut off the part of our brain that has our anxiety skyrocketing and let ourselves just be logical, feedback wouldn’t be such a big deal.

We Dress The Way We Feel Comfy

We all have our own way of dressing, and that can change from day to day, too. Sometimes, we feel like being more stylish, and other times we just want to be comfortable. It’s difficult, though, when we see others looking fabulous when we’re going for casual.

Image Credits: CassandraComics / Instagram

No matter what it is, whether they’re rocking it out or just trying their best in their comfy clothes, everyone deserves to feel good and comfortable in what they’re wearing. Just live life in whatever clothes make you feel your best.

When Your Leg Hair Won’t Cooperate

This one is so funny because it’s so true; we girls try so hard to always look our best. We shave our legs, but sometimes it feels like too much effort, and we want a shortcut — unfortunately, our leg hairs like the freedom of skipping shaving day.

Image Credits: CassandraComics / Instagram

And sometimes, tights aren’t enough to cover them up. They’ll just stubbornly poke out like thorns on our legs. It’s not the chicest look out there, but if it works enough, then we prefer to do that than go through all the trouble of shaving.

Too Brave

Online size charts are tricky tricky things. Sometimes, they will be on your side, and you’ll get a shirt that fits perfectly. Most of the time, though, you’ll simply have to pray that your money won’t be wasted or that you’ll be able to make it work somehow. 

Image Credits: CassandraComics / Instagram

Size charts are just too confusing. Even if we have our measurements on hand, it seems like the product never fits as it should. And of course, we need to check for every shop because a medium might be a large somewhere else. Is it too much to ask for a chart that is accurate and that everyone understands?

Double The Anger

Menstruation sucks. Period. (Get it?) They turn us into raging monsters or bottomless pits of hunger. Our hormones get thrown out of whack, our emotions are all over the place, and it’s just overall an uncomfortable and inconvenient experience. Nobody likes them.

Image Credits: CassandraComics / Instagram

Getting them twice in one month is just plain betrayal from our bodies. No one, not even mean girls, deserve that kind of torture. This is something all girls need to suffer through, and no one should have to deal with it more than necessary.

Comfy Socks Are A Must

Stereotypes are horrible, but we have to admit that sometimes, they’re true. Men always complain that women have cold feet, and as much as we wish to argue, there’s no denying that fact. That’s why we’re addicted to warm, fuzzy socks. 

Image Credits: CassandraComics / Instagram

Those things are lifesavers! The fuzzier and the softer it is, the better. Not only do they prevent our feet from becoming ice blocks, but they also make us feel nice, relaxed, and comfortable. Couple it with some warm tea or coffee on a cold night, and we’ve reached nirvana.


See, this is a confusing statement. When people tell you that you look like your parents, what are you supposed to say or feel about it? We know people mean well about it, but it’s an observation, not an insult or compliment.

Image Credits: CassandraComics / Instagram

Sometimes though, it can feel like a little bit of both, doesn’t it? It’s not that our parents don’t look great, but when it’s a situation like the one in the comic, we can’t help but question where they’re finding the resemblance. So do we say thanks? Yay? No, thank you? 

The Oversized Shirt

If you think girls love oversized shirts because we look cute in them, think again. We don’t just wear those things for the look. We wear them for the ultimate nestling comfort that we can take shelter in anywhere in our own homes. 

Image Credits: CassandraComics / Instagram

It’s like taking our bra off when we finally get home. Wearing oversized shirts gives us so much freedom. Everything jiggles inside, but who cares? We’re comfy. We’re free. And we have our own little cocoons. And, of course, every girl has her favorite oversized shirt or sweater!

Shedding Everyday Everywhere

Women and dogs have two things in common: we’re all adorable, and many of us shed a lot. We leave evidence of our lengthy hair all over the place, no matter the season. Even though we can’t control it, it seems like guys think we do it on purpose.

Image Credits: CassandraComics / Instagram

Every day, we just lose hair for a lot of reasons. It’s not like we like it either. It’s not refreshing or anything. More often than not, it’s stressful to find so much hair falling out because we don’t know why it’s happening. 

Instant Plant Parents

People have been taking care of plants inside their homes for decades already, but it’s during the pandemic when being a plant parent really blew up. What may have started off as one measly cactus or a few fake plants is now a full-on jungle.

Image Credits: CassandraComics / Instagram

It’s one good thing that actually came out of this pandemic — as long as they keep taking care of their plants, of course. Now, those plants have a home, and plant moms’ homes are a lot greener. It’s a win-win for everybody!

Well, It’s Better Than Not Being Safe

Everyone has different reactions to vaccines. Some are symptom-free, others only experience a sore arm, some others get fevers, while a few experience all the side-effects listed for the vaccine. If you’re one of the last category, you have our sympathies. 

Image Credits: CassandraComics / Instagram

Although there are the rare few with no symptoms, most of us can be guaranteed to have a side effect one way or another. But a little pain here and there is better than actually getting sick, right? And while it may feel like we’re suffering, herd immunity is literally a lifesaver!

Don’t See A Problem At All

People laugh at all the girls who seem basic and wear all the same things but really, what’s the problem? They’re not committing murder, stealing, or engaging in some kind of human rights violation. They’re simply being comfy and going with what works for them.

Image Credits: CassandraComics / Instagram

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be comfy. And if it means dressing like almost every other girl out there, well, then so be it. It’s what we feel comfy in, and we’re not going to force ourselves to dress differently just because we’re twinning with someone.

The More Garlic, The Better

We don’t know what it is with garlic but it just makes almost everything better. In fact, the more there is of it, the better a dish tastes. That’s why when a recipe tells us that it only needs one clove of garlic, we never believe it. 

Image Credits: CassandraComics / Instagram

Also, when there’s the word optional anywhere near the garlic, we completely ignore it. Garlic is never optional. It’s essential. It’s what makes a meal come alive, and it makes all those flavors bloom in your dish. Sorry to all you garlic haters, but you can’t change our mind on this one.

Oh, That Was A Mistake

There are a lot of things that happened in 2019, and while it was a great year for some, a lot of us expected 2020 to be a better year. In fact, some of us expected it to be the year.

Image Credits: CassandraComics / Instagram

Unfortunately, 2020 left us very disappointed. It crushed so many dreams, hopes, and aspirations. It even forced a lot of us to rethink priorities and our life flow. Now, we’re just hoping for the best for the following years and not placing any expectations, lest we be disappointed again.

It Never Looks Like In The Pictures

Joggers (sweatpants) are an essential article of clothing in our wardrobes. They’re so comfy, and you don’t have to worry about anything with them. You can wear them around the house, and every girl has a pair that’s perfect for outside use, too. The only problem is that they don’t always seem to fit right. 

Image Credits: CassandraComics / Instagram

In the pictures, they have this perfect lose fit that falls at just the right places. When a lot of us get them, however, they’re a little too tight around the thighs and a little too long. It sounds passable but they can look awful. That won’t stop us from wearing them though.