Hamburg-based Artist Illustrates the Daily Life of Her Pet Cats

By Stephen M

Do you own a pet cat? What’s life like for you with a feline companion? Cats always look charming and adorable from afar. But, it seems the situation is different when you get closer to them, I mean when you actually own one. Hamburg-based illustrator Vernessa Himmler has used outstanding illustrations to share some interesting daily life activities of her two pet cats Mikosch and Koschka.

A master’s degree holder from HAW Hamburg, and lover of arts since childhood, Vernessa, says cats are adorable to own, but they come with other sides you need to tolerate. According to her, cats get their appeal from resembling stuffed animals. However, in reality, they are not always cuddly, as many cat owners would attest.

Photo credit: vernessahimmler

Vernessa, who has now developed her own style of modern illustrations, has decided to create comic illustrations of how her cats behave on a normal day. Her bright illustrations depict what to expect if adopting a cat is the next step in your life. For cat owners, you may be familiar with the following traits.

Photo credit: vernessahimmler

In an interview, Vernessa reviewed that it takes an hour to complete a comic illustration. She was however quick to add that, coming up with an illustration concept can be challenging. Aside from making it relatable, it shouldn’t be complicated in any way for her followers to understand.

Photo credit: vernessahimmler

Aside from being an illustrator, she also works as a sand painter in Hamburg. Her area of expertise includes non-fiction illustration, informative illustration, and editorial illustration. She sees herself as a versatile artist, as seen in her drawings. The artist draws satisfaction from making people laugh by portraying real-life issues comically.