Have A Smiley Day With These Fun Comics By Chuck

By Stephen M

If you are having a slow and problematic day, these three fun comics by artist Chuck Ingwersen will surely make you smile. Amidst our troubles and desperations, we try to look up to something to give us hope and keep us going. Such are the artworks by this Chicago-based cartoonist and webcomic.

Chuck has gained internet fame for his wide range of fun comics that explore humankind’s dark issues. The artist uses animals in place of humans to highlight some of our daily struggles.

Photo credit: captainscratchy /Instagam

He tries to serve his numerous Instagram followers with at least an artwork a day. Let’s learn more about this talented cartoonist.

Who is Chuck?

Chuck’s love for drawing started as a kid. According to him, he used to draw and make funny greeting cards for his family and friends. “I constantly drew as a kid, and I’ve hand-drawn countless funny greeting cards for friends and families ever since I was very young.” However, he had to start a career in journalism as an editor, page designer, reporter, and columnist. His desire to become a cartoonist was so strong that he left journalism.

Photo credit: captainscratchy /Instagram

In 2008, he started his first webcomic on Words and Toons, where he posted cartoons and humorous writings. He creates what he terms uplifting comics along with dark content that explores human life conditions. According to him, The Far Side and other comics influence his works. He works on one or two art pieces in one day, spending one to four hours on each. He always wants to get his characters’ compositions and facial expressions right to send the right message.

Photo credit: captainscratchy

Chuck likes using sharks because he says they are easy to draw and developed a special affection for those animals after watching Jaws.