Heartwarming Comics That Will Lift Your Spirit Courtesy Of Loryn Brantz

By Nelson M February 14, 2024

Comics are an underrated form of entertainment. And as you may know, there is nothing we love more than putting you on to awesome artists doing awesome things in the realm of comics. Today, that artist happens to be Loryn Brantz.

Courtesy of Loryn Brantz/Instagram

Loryn is nothing if not a superstar. Aside from being a truly gifted illustrator, she is also a best-selling author. Cool, right? The collection we’ve prepared today is a series of comics meant to cheer you up. They are all inspired by day-to-day situations, so we hope you’ll relate to and enjoy them immensely.

To start as off, Loryn created a heartwarming collage that speaks to our interactions with pets. Some people like to define themselves as either a cat person or a dog person. However, if you’re like us, you can’t choose because they are all so adorable! That said, you can’t deny that both animals have different temperaments.

For example, Loryn’s illustration shows how it feels to have a pet come up to you and lie on your lap. When it’s a dog, your heart immediately warms up as you give the adorable doggo some sweet rubs. However, when it’s a cat, in addition to making you feel warm and fuzzy, you also can’t help but feel kinda privileged because, as you know, cats are super selective, almost to the point of being downright rude, when it comes to interacting with humans. Kitties may be tiny, but they will humble you!

The next one we picked was something that we are sure so many will see and say, “Story of my life!” Funny because ‘life’ is actually the center of the illustration. Many times, we have so much going on in our lives that needs our attention, but we end up looking for distractions.

Sometimes, it’s a task that will take less than five minutes, but instead of dealing with it, we choose to ignore it and do something we consider more fun, like watching an episode of a random show or finishing that chapter of your current read. When it comes to procrastinating, some of us are bona fide champs! We’d rather scroll through Instagram than answer that pressing email.

Courtesy of Loryn Brantz/Instagram

Finally, we picked one about love and relationships because those are always fun. In the illustration, our main character is seen wearing her boyfriend’s shirt. Her expectation was that she’d be swimming in it and feel cute and delicate like we see in movies. Sadly, it fit! So disappointing. We blame Hollywood.