Helping Friends

By Kanyi M

Have you seen sloth videos on YouTube where people try to lure them out of their trees with food? Even though they’re taking their time, seemingly in no hurry to eat, they do show that they are aware of what’s going on. Chris Yang has a humorous comic on the same theme.

Image Credits: loffyllamacomics/Instagram

Loffy, the blue llama is walking with a sloth but the sloth is having a hard time keeping up. We can’t blame the sloth though; in the wild, they travel 41 yards every day, which is less than half a football field.

Loffy has a solution to help Mr. Sloth keep up: give him roller skates! The smile on the sloth’s face and the heart emoji says it all. He seems to be having a great time going so fast, which is something he’s certainly not used to. The sloth is happy as he adjusts to this strange way of traveling.

Loffy has so many friends he’s happy to help. We wish we could be like him, coming to rescue his friends from sad situations.

Image Credits: loffyllamacomics/Instagram

Compassion and a helping hand are not to be lost on us. Help others however you can. Even gestures that may seem small to you could be a huge help to others. By doing so, we’ve given them more than they could have expected. It is about creating a culture of positivity, where we all try to help each other out. Besides, who doesn’t want a more light-hearted way of viewing the world?