Hilarious Comics That Perfectly Describe Our Days

By Kanyi M

Once you have grown past the age of 18, you have to do things on your own and build your own future. Unfortunately, we all have to stop relying on our parents one day and become adults. But that doesn’t mean that things will be easy.

Growing up is tough, and you have to overcome obstacles on a daily basis just to live. Luckily for us, we’re not alone in these struggles. Everyone goes through these tough moments, and some of these people are artists who are kind enough to illustrate the hardships everyone deals with daily.

Here are some relatable comics from the talented Brian Gordon.

When there’s so much to do we don’t know where to start

Those who don’t ever procrastinate should skip this comic right now. You won’t relate to it because only procrastinators can understand this feeling.

Credits: Brian Gordon / fowllanguagecomics.com

Well, procrastinators and maybe anxious people as well. If you’re an anxious person and you have a lot going on for you, you might put so much pressure on yourself to get everything done on time that you end up doing nothing at all!

When we can’t find something when we need it

You probably noticed how your things keep hiding from you. We totally understand the feeling. We put our keys on the table, and when we go look for them, they’re somewhere else!

Credits: Brian Gordon / fowllanguagecomics.com

If adults have a hard time finding things, imagine how hard this task is for teenagers! It’s like they can’t see what’s right in front of them.

When we’re terrified of something from a horror movie

When it comes to movies, every person has their own preference. Some people love watching rom-coms, while others prefer to spend their free time watching horror flicks.

Credits: Brian Gordon / tinyview.com

There’s nothing wrong with being scared. It’s good for your body and soul but bad for those who’ll be reassuring you that monsters don’t actually exist.

When we overthink everything

These days, it’s rare to meet someone who doesn’t overthink things. Overthinking is just another unsolicited bonus that comes with anxiety!

Credits: Brian Gordon / tinyview.com

Kids are easily scared, but it’s important for parents to help them realize that monsters aren’t real, or else they’ll grow up to become scared adults who are frightened of their own shadows!