Friday Night Things That We All Understand

By Kanyi M

To most of us, Friday night is the time when we relax and unwind with a glass of wine and some good TV. We take our time to catch up with our reading list and listen to our favorite tunes. But some of the stuff we do to unwind isn’t actually good for our physical and mental health.

These comics perfectly illustrate how Friday night isn’t supposed to be spent.

Binge-watching Netflix, chilling with the cats

You know that you shouldn’t be binge-watching Netflix or anything like that, but we all do it. Finding yourself unwinding on the couch with three episodes of a TV show or movie isn’t as bad as drinking and partying, but it’s still not good for your health.

Credit: Zoë Burnett / Buzzfeed

Our cats love when we do this because they can get the attention they want whenever they want it. Still, we shouldn’t do this every Friday night. Going out with friends at least once a month does wonders for our health.

That beautiful feeling!

All of us who work hard all week can’t help yearning for Fridays. We start the countdown on Monday morning the second we wake up to go to work. But some weeks are just so long and exhausting that we can’t help forgetting to count the days until the weekend.

Source: Adam Ellis/Buzzfeed

It has happened to all of us. We lose track of the days of the week, and Friday comes around before we even realize it. When we think that we still have another work day to get through and somebody tells us that it’s actually Friday, we feel like we could cry tears of joy!