If You Are Considering Owning A Cat, Check This Illustration Before Making A Decision

By Stephen M

Owning a cat means you should be ready for the entire baggage they come with. They are playful, and sociable, but can also be very naughty sometimes. Vernessa Himmler, a Hamburg, Germany-based illustrator has taken time to share some insightful illustrations on the life and habits of her two pet cats. If you are a cat owner, you have obviously, had some of these experiences.

Vernessa’s two cats Mikosch and Koschka, like any other cats, have some crazy sides best described as silly. Their owner, as an artist, decided to adopt the innovative way of creating fun comic drawings to show their life story. Having a master’s degree in illustration from HAW Hamburg, she has been drawing since childhood and perfected it with time.

Phot credit: vernessahimmler

Vernessa, has through her years of drawing developed a style in creating illustrations, as seen in her fun comics. Her cat comics describe the fun and weird side of living with her adorable pets. You may be very familiar with most of the depictions if you have a cat. If you are yet to adopt one, the illustration gives you an idea of what to expect.

Phot credit: vernessahimmler

As an illustrator and sand painter, the artist works in the areas of editorial illustration, informative illustration, and non-fiction illustration. She sees her drawing style as versatile, which combines realistic fine drawings with modern coloring.

Phot credit: vernessahimmler

According to her, most of her works are by imagination and she tries to present real-life problems in a comic way to make people happy. Her cat comics are true events, but she admits that she sometimes exaggerates some for fun reasons. For more of such beautiful works, follow her on Instagram on vernessahimmler.